Once Again, Japan And America Apparently Has Different Taste In Men

Last summer, Japanese love simulator Be My Princess was re-released for Westerners. It wasn't only the language that was changed. The princes were too.

Voltage Entertainment, the folks behind that game, is once again bringing one of their Japanese dating sims to the West. Nemuranu Machi no Cinderella (眠らぬ街のシンデレラ) is getting localised as Glass Stilettos in Manhattan.

This isn't the first localisation for the game. Last September, Nemuranu Machi no Cinderella was released in English as Seduced in the Sleepless City with the same art as the Japanese original.

Glass Stilettos in Manhattan was actually localised specifically with the North American market in mind.

Fans, however, do not exactly seem thrilled by the choice. On the game's Android page, another fan wrote that this game has "horrible art", adding, "This is the first one I cant get myself into. Which is sad because i bought everyone of there others and loved it."

Meanwhile, Commenter Yurara Shiraki on dating game fan site Fall in Love, Dear Maiden wrote that she was "trying to be open-minded" and understand that this kind of art might be more popular in North America.

"I'm also trying to respect the works Voltage Entertainment USA gave in making this game," continued Yurara Shiraki. "But... But... Turning my Ryoichi-sama into a kind of hobo-like man is an unforgivable sin."

乙女ゲームは国境を越える! が、同じ物語なのにイラストが違い過ぎる件 [Otajo]


    "Japan and America HAVE different taste in men"
    Quick! Before anyone notices!

    They actually managed to make the Westernised men look even less like the types who'd be inclined to date women than the bishonen anime art. That's quite an impressive feat.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    I love the way the new art style completely clashes with the backgrounds

    Japanese women and Western anime lovers are into men who look like women. Didn't they get the memo?

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