One Difference Between Pokémon Games In Japan And The West

In Japan, new Pocket Monster games means new logos. In the West, it does not. And that sucks!

As pointed out by a KnowYourMeme user, here's how the the logos for the Japanese versions and the Western versions of all the Pokémon games compare through the years.

That's right, the Japanese logos continue to evolve and flourish. The Western ones do not. (Perhaps, that is to keep the branding consistent for Western players?)

Chin up, it's not totally depressing. Western Pocket Monster fans will point out, the subtitles of each game do change. For example, check out the subtitles for Crystal, the ones for HeartGold, and the ones for Black. A lot of evolution there!

Evolution of Pokemon Logos [KnowYourMeme]


    Brand recognition is a powerful marketing tool, I'm not sure why you want to change it every year.

    It also means we miss out on some hints about the games... for instance the logos for X and Y include DNA helixes that aren't present in the English logos, which means the next game probably won't be Pokemon Z and instead they're heading down a chromosome related path.

      I'm sure nintendo could still release X,Y and Z as a science as complicated as genetics would surely use a "Z" structure, where as limiting this saga to just chromosomes would be sort of limited.

    Why would you source KnowYourMaymay with anything?
    This isn't original content.

      Because bashcraft that's why. Already reported his porn article to be removed from here.

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