One Man Can Sing A Hobbit Song As Well As A Whole Room Of Dwarves

When a house full of dwarves starts singing Misty Mountain, it's perhaps the saddest moment in the new Hobbit flick. Partly because of the effect of so many little dudes singing in such deep voices.

So nerd vocalist Peter Hollens — who you may remember from his Game of Thrones theme — does a good job here with just... himself, layering multiple a capellas to achieve the same effect.

The Hobbit - Misty Mountains - Peter Hollens Acappella [YouTube]


    It's not long forgotten gold, but pale enchanted gold!
    Silly movie song. =P

      was the song written for the movie or is it in the book (I havent read the book)

    I see at least 3 different shirts. Must be identical triplets.

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