Path Of Exile Enters Open Beta, Crumbles Under Weight Of Interest

Path Of Exile Enters Open Beta, Crumbles Under Weight Of Interest

New Zealand-made Action RPG click-em-up Path of Exile enters open beta today, and while the beta is available to anyone, its servers are under “extreme load” at the moment and newcomers to the website will have to wait.

The beta went live in the last few hours, only to have their website replace their download link with a message asking excited players to wait patiently while they upgrade their server capacity.

For those who maybe didn’t completely get their itch scratched by Diablo 3, you now have another excuse to click on what you want to die until 3am. The developer’s name, Grinding Gear Studios, might not sound very encouraging, but all the promotional videos leading up to this point have showcased capable gameplay and a very interesting upgrade system, involving 1350 selectable skills. (see below).

Path Of Exile Enters Open Beta, Crumbles Under Weight Of Interest

You might have to wait a while, though, as Grinding Gear Games upgrades their servers. Interest in the game has spread worldwide, and it’s a little more than they were prepared for.

Check the game out here.


  • Pub trivia tonight, finish Walking Dead episode 4 and 5 tomorrow, then hammer PoE over the long weekend! 😀

  • been in the last closed beta, gotta admit im loving the gritty darkness of it, less shiney than D3, has a very oldskool feel.

    Its very linear so far, but it doesnt feel that way, there is no arrow directly to your mission, you have to explore a randomly generated area to find what your after.
    My only gripe so far is the inventory is 1 bar too small, and without the ability to rotate items and shops being to far from teh action you have to leave a lot of items laying on the ground.

    • Agreed.. the inventory being 1 bar too small and/or lack of item rotation has been an ongoing discussion since the early days of this game..

  • I love this game, it is everything i wanted that Diablo 3 didn’t offer me.

    The skill web is challenging to navigate and you really do have to plan where you are going and what path you are going to use (but that is a refreshing change from the complete lack of choice D3 gave you).

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