Playing As Bayonetta In Street Fighter

It's a move you'd only see in fan fiction or mods for the PC version of Street Fighter, so...the fact this is a mod for the PC version of Street Fighter x Tekken probably explains things.

It's just one of a series of great mods that have been under the spotlight this past week, some for SFxT, others for Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Below you'll see other examples, like Dr Doom replacing Sagat and Shinobi replacing Ken.

Sagat as Dr. Doom, Bryan as M. Bison, Shinobi Ken, Makoto's Casshern outfit and Denjin Sakura - SSF4 AE v2012 and SFxT PC mods [Eventhubs] Bayonetta, Denjin Sakura, & more in SSF4:AE and SFxT mods [Destructoid]


    All that first video did for me was illustrate just how manly poisons hands are. Big chunky man hands. Makes sense.

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