Pokémon Comes To Life In The Most Electrifying Way

Canadian street artist (and animator, and character designer) Aiden Glynn likes to take everyday objects on the street and bring a little life to them, turning them into characters from video games and cartoons.

So a power box becomes Diglett, and an old barrel out the front of a restaurant becomes a prop from Donkey Kong (which the place left up for two weeks!).

Glynn is promising to post more game-related art this week, so check back below for more over the next few days.

UPDATE - Scratch the whole "electrifying" thing. Looks like it's got to do with phones, not power. Canada!

Pizza and Pixels [Site]


    "Canada!"? They have phone things just like that here in Australia too.

    Also I like that DK pokemon he is the best.

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