Pokémon X/Y Is Already Teaching Children English In South Korea

The newest Pocket Monster games, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y aren't even 24 hours old, but they're already making learning English in Korea fun — and heart-meltingly cute.

According to Kotaku reader Justin, who teaches English in Seoul, South Korea, his kindergarten students are bananas for Pocket Monsters. Writes Justin: "I hyped them up with the announcement. I showed them the video today with the pictures of the starters. They were in awe. Afterwards, we did this assignment."

"Pardon my awful handwriting," continues Justin, "but it was pure chaos and I was rushing to get them started! After about an hour they finally calmed down from all of the excitement."

Not only are the children delightful artists, but for kindergarteners, their English is pretty darn good.

This one is Justin's favourite. According to him, the little girl said, "Mr Justin, it's singing." Love it.

"Everyone adores Fenniken, of course," adds Justin. "It's definitely the crowd favourite." No doubt everyone also adores these kids' schoolwork.


    Well that's good to hear. It's certainly better than the tongue surgery some Korean parents make their children go through in order to get them to speak English "better". So, an improvement.

    Bah, american english!

      Canadian I'll bet...Justin McIntosh?

      It might be all they're allowed to teach.
      And don't Canadians use 'ou' ?

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