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In the beginning, there was man. And then… he made VIDEO GAMES. And with video games enjoyment and fun. But man wanted more than just being able to play as Mario and Link… they wanted to be… GOD! And so yeah now there’s games about creation and being a god so whatever I guess.

Welcome to another week of Potaku! This week we talk about games that allow you to manipulate the world and it’s people and let you blow shit up! But we dragged along Lamboman and our lovely bearded comrade and editor AlexAndHisPants!

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    waht happened to the Podbean?

      Hey! We stiil have the Podbean at www.potaku.podbean.com, but we link the show through our own website, so rather than the clutter of having a bunch of links up, we just have the one. But the Podbean still exists if that's easier for you!

      Podbean used Wordpress. Potaku.com uses Wordpress. We thought the Podbean website looked a little crappy so went with our own site.

      Or do you mean the podbean player that is sometimes in the Podcast article?

    Yea was referring to the podbean being in this article above itself.
    I usually browse a Kotaku page and send all articles in interested to a new tab.

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