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Choose your fighter, grab your move sheet and ready your fighting stick and prepare to fight!

Welcome to another week of Potaku and this week we tackle the fighting game genre! What do we think Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter? Of Tekken and Soul Calibur? Of Shaq Fu?! These are the important questions we need to ask with special guests Beardy McMuttonchops and Neinhandle!

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    Hey Junglist, are you a permanent fixture around here now?

    They need to get you on some sort of Kotaku TV show!!

      Junglist is guest editor until Mark Serrels returns. Which is next week, I think?

        It's whenever the hell he feels like it. HE HAS THE POWER TO MAKE PEOPLE NOW! NO ONE TELLS HIM WHAT TO DO ANYMORE!

    SOOOOOOO, I don't know if I've misread any of the links but, is there an RSS Feed? I cant download this show on my Nexus 7 with an app. Does anyone know the link?

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