Pretend Dead Space 3 Is A Mass Effect Game With This Special Unlock

The Dead Space sci-fi horror games have nothing to do with the Mass Effect sci-fi shooter/adventure games, other than that they're published by the same giant corporation, EA. But now they're ever-so-slightly crossing over.

EA is letting people who have a Mass Effect 3 save file unlock special Mass Effect N7 armour in next month's Dead Space 3. We're checking with EA about whether the unlock works across platforms, if, say, you played ME3 on PC and will play DS3 on PS3.

Dead Space 3 - Mass Effect N7 Armor [YouTube]


    You hope that there is a great big logo on the back; because that is all you'll be seeing when you're walking around.

    Also, does this impact the storyline? Is it supposed to be in the same universe?
    I think the response from EA will be a resounding 'who cares'

      Well Dragon Age 2 had the Ser Isaac armour, and Mass Effect had the Blood Dragon armour, so my guess is that they'll make up a fluff just they like they did for the other games.

    So now instead of finding the easter egg and being suprised, we get told it's in there and they use it as a selling point?

      Didn't EA say that if Dead Space 3 didn't sell a set amount of copies they would end the franchise? If that's still true it makes sense for them to announce this ahead of time.

      Besides, as far as Easter Eggs go this is small time.

    I like the dead space franchise, but i can't help but feel this is going to be the weakest of the lot.
    Prove me wrong Visceral.

      I am a little apprehensive about this installment also. I am expecting something so far departed from the desperate horror ride that was Dead Space and the equally enjoyable Dead Space 2 that it all feels kinda cheapened. Action, action, action...

      I had the chance to play about 15 minutes of a level last year and it was closer to the original than the previews describe. Unfortunately however Visceral have for what ever reason injected the action orientated co-op feature which only serves to detach Dead Space 3 from the first two. Not a bad idea for another sci-fi monster slaying romp but not ideal for a game that did so well at immersing the player in the confines of rooms and tunnels amid legions of necromorphs and other unfriendly nasties. And add now other human AI enemies. They've tainted the pool.

      As for the Mass Effect injection, although probably purely cosmetic, I would prefer they just left it well alone. It really doesn't bother me unless it starts to effect the game but I see no reason to cross franchises in any way. Same publisher or otherwise.

      Being a Dead Space fan though, I'll be getting DS3 and will most likely enjoy it. If the co-op is fun I'll play it, if not I'll recover whatever satisfaction I can in the single player experience. If I was so worried about N7 armor then I have ME3 to play as well...

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