Professor Layton Chocolate Snacks Don't Look Puzzling, They Look Delicious

For a limited time only, beloved puzzle game series Professor Layton is getting its own chocolate treats in Japan. This month, candy company Glico is rolling out "Professor Layton's Riddle Solution Break Chocolate".

The chocolates come in two flavours: gateau chocolate or English tea sponge cake. The bite sized chocolates come with one riddle card per box (there are 10 cards total) and will only be available until this March when the next Layton title is released on the Nintendo 3DS. It will be the last one to feature Layton as the titular character.

「レイトン教授のナゾトキブレイクチョコレート」1/15から数量限定発売 [Gpara]


    But to get into box, you need to fit nine separate items into a suitcase in a specific order and pattern...

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