Raiden's Suit In Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Is Bloody Amazing

And here is proof — a trailer that goes over the things your suit allows you to do in Metal Gear Rising. There's slicing and dicing in blade mode (which involves... electrolytes??), you can ninja run and there's enhanced AI mode.

Basically, you have an arsenal of tools to be a total badass.


    why are they saying suit? its not much a suit when without it he would be a set of eyes with a brain attached

      YO DAWG I heard you like Cyborg Ninja suits, so I gave you a Cyborg Ninja suit to put on your Cyborg Ninja suit.

    Doktor with a K and a thick Russian accent. Yeah... I'm still not interested in this game.

      you mean German accent

    Blade mode energy is replenished by electrolytes - does that mean you unlock a limit break if you scull a Gatorade?

    Electrolytes. It's what plants crave! Seriously though, I had a good time with the demo. Though I spent most of the time messing around in the codec.

    Vanquish with swords.

    OH YES

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    If I could get it on PC, i would... uh... get it... on pc...

    I just can't handle 720p. Never could. Way too many jaggies.

    1. Why does Raiden have hooker boots
    2. Why is this not on PC
    3. Why doesn't this have a dedicated block button!!!!!!!!!! pressing square and forward for parry is homo
    4. no dodge roll, only sprint. >.>

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      Uh, there's a difference between block and parry. Most games link parry with melee and relate it to timing.

        i know the difference. This game it has a total absence of block, sure enough i'm successful in this game but in the end it just feels obtrusive and annoying. The only way to counter (parry) enemy attacks is to press square + forward and it fails, i'm sure alot of fanboys will be disagreeable with me and say the obligatory "this game is perfect day 1 blah blah"

        but while i like the art, the game and the MGS universe, the blocking mechanism is annoying. If it was good i wouldn't be here even thinking or writing about it. Not having dodge roll throws evasion out the window.

          Yeah I found the blocking/parrying to be pretty obtuse and difficult to do. Granted the demo didn't give you much indication you could even do that until the boss-thing that you fight.

            yep obtuse describes it, its not that i can't do it - its just that i didn't enjoy it, felt immediately wrong, i bet it'll be a common topic on reviews, i'm seeing responses saying "parry is better than block" but regardless if it's true block or parry - it just feels too weird.

      why does every game need a dedicated block button?, get used to it
      more over, parrying is more satisfying than blocking.

    The demo is on PSN now. I played it last night and was incredibly disappointed. I may give it another go to see if I can do a better job of it but I'm not keeping my hopes up. So far it's just a clumsy brawler devoid of the stealth that makes Metal Gear games so great. The slicing mechanic is nice but it's pretty hit-and-miss when it comes to using it in combat.

      100% agree

      Why do people keep bringing up stealth they do realize this is a spin-off and while stealth is in the game its more to pick off some enemies before you engage a bigger group.

    I wonder if raiden ever unlocks 61 pairs of scissors as a weapon?

    fantastic suit.
    oh! if anyone is playing the demo of this game, when you are in the VR training room cut down the bridge supports so the it makes a ramp up and follow the top of the edge to the back and you will find a reference to Solid Snake and his love of cardboard boxes.

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