Real Racing 3 Wouldn't Be Nearly As Realistic Without Real Race Tracks

Witness Australia's Firemonkeys as they put more effort into the next instalment of mobile's flagship racing series than most console developers put into their $80 games. Not only are they recreating famous race tracks, they're imagining new race tracks in real world locations.

Firemonkeys and EA have been teasing us with footage of Real Racing 3 since last August, rolling out the console-quality graphics and polish every time Apple needed to show off some shiny new hardware. Now they're racing towards a February finish, and we've got the second in a series of videos you hardly ever see with a mobile game — the developer diary.

If they treat it like a console game and promote it like a console game, will the console gamers come? All I know is this is going to be one hell of a reason to have an HDMI out for your mobile device.

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