Remember, Your Game Console Might Be A Cockroach Hotel

As many gamers can tell you, bugs can be a problem. No, like bugs — real bugs. Roaches. Gross, you say. That would be correct. But this is a friendly reminder that bug infested consoles are very much a thing.

This problem is not new. But during this console generation, there have been forum threads seeking advice on how to deal with this issue, whether it's console owners wanting to know the best way to clean out dead bugs or even if roaches can wreck havoc on game hardware wiring.

Apparently, they can, with videos showing how dead insects gave one Wii disk read problems and a PS3 Slim the infamous yellow light of death.

"IF YOU HAVE ****ROACHES LIVING IN YOUR PS3, I WILL SEND IT BACK," wrote a PS3 repairman on the PS3hax forum last week. "I DONT WORK WITH ROACHES! (I seriously have had two different PS3s that came with roaches in them)" Another repair service even made a not-safe-for-roaches video of what an infested Xbox 360 looks like, adding that it would not fix (literally) buggy consoles.

Game consoles get hot, making them an ideal nest for unwanted insect friends. As any PC owner (or DVD or stereo owner) can attest, this is not a game console only problem. What's more, it might not even reflect on how clean or dirty your living quarters are. It could, for example, be due to climate. Or you could just be a giant slob. So remember to clean your room too!


    I had a mate who had about 30 dead roaches in his PS3 Slim. It gave him Ylod problem too. All the steel plate on the mainboard has marks and rust from cleaning the suckers off too.

    PCs can have the same problem.
    Sometimes its ants.
    Sometimes its BEES.

    >_< Great, now I'm going to be freaking out about bugs in my consoles. I suppose it could be worse... Could be spiders. D:

    Sweet Jesus. I wish I could unread this. And continue to live in blissful ignorance.

    Snakes to. There was a picture getting around a few years back of a PC with a snake living inside it.

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