Rhyme Of Ice And Fire: The Stark Kids Rap Over The Game Of Thrones Credits

I wouldn't have guessed Sansa Stark would be much of a rapper, but this clip from the DVD commentary for the second season of Game of Thrones proves me wrong.

This comes as something of a follow-up to last year, when the actors who play the Starks sang along with the intro music on the season 1 DVDs. Hopefully next year they'll do a dance number and/or break out some instruments.

Everyone else pumped for Season 3? Not just me? OK then.

[via Alan Sepinwall]


    wow really grasping at straws for dvd special features.
    Especially considering how much time they've had since the season aired to when the dvds came out....

    Fucking hell. That's actually going to be on a DVD/Blu-Ray that someone pays for? That's like a 12 year old's Youtube video.

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