Ride An Enemy Mongoose In Halo 4 And Other Myths Confirmed

Defend the House keeps it coming with new Halo 4 myths confirmed and/or busted.

My particular favourite in this latest episode is that you can ride on the back on an enemy mongoose vehicle. Sort of. If you try to jump on the back when an enemy is at the wheel, it will shock you off of the ride. But if you're riding on the back with no driver, an enemy can hop in as a driver no problem.

Why you would ever want to do that? Who knows. We've done crazier things in games.


    Are these actual "myths" talked about and posted discussed frequently? or does this mob just make shit up to keep this series running?
    I have very rarely hear or read about any of these so called "myths".

    who knows? Still interesting to watch...

    Eh knew that already. did you know halo odst teased destiny 3 years before it was announced?


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