Rumour: Monster Hunter 4 Is Headed To The PS Vita

Oh boy. If this is true (big if!), the PS Vita could be poised for, ahem, a monster comeback.

According to Japanese game magazine Game Lab, Nintendo 3DS exclusive Monster Hunter 4 was delayed to mid-year for a reason other than "improving quality". That reason is apparently that the game is also being developed for the PS Vita. rumours say (via Game Lab) that the game's getting a simultaneous release on the 3DS and the PS Vita.

Why is this a big deal? In Japan, Monster Hunter is the reason why the PSP was so popular. Having it can make a system.

Game Lab's rumours certainly aren't always correct. It did correctly say God Eater 2 was going to the PS Vita before that was officially announced.

But to be honest, I do not believe that Monster Hunter 4 would get a simultaneous 3DS and PS Vita release. Nintendo, for one, would never allow it. But since Capcom does like multiplatform titles, I would not be surprised if Monster Hunter 4 made it to the Vita in some form or another. Eventually. Now that I believe.

Kotaku is following up with Capcom and will update this post should the company comment.

【すごい噂】 『モンハン4』 の延期はPSVita版も同発マルチになったのが原因らしい [オレ的]


    eeep!! I really hope this does happen :) :) :D

    If that does happen, what'll it say about their relationship with Nintendo?

      I really doubt it was a contracted exclusive seeing this news it shouldn't have any affect on their relationship.

      Than again this is just a rumour.

      Last edited 19/01/13 10:09 am

    Screw Nintendo, bring on competition Vita!!

      you do realise that until Tri was released, Monster Hunter was a Sony exclusive?

    Vita is already dead, plz put an HD version on ps3/xbox :P, hell, I will take a non-HD version on xbla/psn.

      Thanks for your informed opinion on the life of a console. There is already a HD version on the PS3, never made it to English.

        Thanks for your informed opinion on Monster Hunter. The HD Monster Hunter on the PS3 is of an earlier game, not MH4, which is yet to debut.

          Fine the HD version of MH4 will be on the WiiU. He didn't specify MH4 specifically, and seeing as one MH game is pretty similar to the next it still counts.

            Actually no, the WiiU version is a rehash of MH Tri, which isn't the same as 4. The HD version of p 3rd on ps3 was just a re-release of the vita game and I would be happy if it had made it to the western market. There's also a mmo on the pc/360, but heavily region locked to japan/korea only.

            Either way, my complaint still stands.

            Last edited 19/01/13 10:39 pm

    The Vita DESERVES to live... Let this be the release which punches it in the chest and reanimates it.

      Yeah agreed.

      Last edited 19/01/13 12:04 pm

    I still don't understand why Capcom just doesn't make Monster Hunter Freedom (portable) 4 for the Vita, that way Nintendo can have their precious Monster Hunter exclusive and the Vita can continue the portable franchise where the PSP left off

    If this news is true, between it and Phantasy Star Online 2, the Vita could have a strong chance of a revival in Japan.

    Last edited 19/01/13 12:41 pm

    that plus cross play, and capcom can put a gun to sony's head and demand for their unborn babies.

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