Samus Aran Kisses Master Chief In The Video Game Crossover Of One Man's Dreams

Face it: we're never going to get a game where Thor, Optimus Prime Boba Fett and Commander Shepard team up to save all of reality. But deviantart user lonefirewarrior has given us the next best thing.

Using Garry's Mod, Photoshop and a whole lot of patience, deviantart user lonefirewarrior has created Vindication, a multi-franchise mash-up series of artworks where the heroes of a whole lot of video games team up, get depressed and smoke cigarettes. Oh, they apparently gamble and fall in love, too. Here's how he describes it:

A music inspired Garry's Mod series involving a monumental war set in a sci fi universe in which the depicted characters and their respective universes have always existed as one.

Stuff like this is why deviantart exists, right? Check out the whole gallery here.


    Why is every one else in their armour and samus in her zero suit?
    I hate what that suit has done to samus, she use to be the one main stream female character in video games that was not defined by sexuality, granted she didn’t have much of a character but what she did have was unique, now she is just another boring fantasy girl in a skin tight jump suit.

    The images in this gallery are amazing, albeit the lack of anti-aliasing on Lightning's hair irks me somewhat. One of these images is now my wallpaper on my PC at work. ;)

    And it's a shame Nintendo have let it become that too.

    ...I swear we've seen this before. Especially since I remember seeing the exact same comments about Samus being the only one out of her suit.


      Anyone remember Monty Oum's Haloid?

        I totally forgot about the previous, story I clicked on your link and to my surprise found a comment I made saying pretty much exactly what i said above

    Watching Kino's Journey years & years ago I remember one episode where Kino was forced into an Arena & the only way to escape was to kill her opponent before they got her. Since then I've always wanted a Game where all the Third Person Action Heroes & a few appropriate Anime Characters come together to battle it out in a bunch of arenas. The Sony Smash Bros. came close but I'm hoping the real deal will happen one day for the 3rdPerson Crowd.

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