Science Finally (Kind Of) Proves That Gamers Can Have Friends

Back in May last year, we asked if gamers could do their thing without being a total shut-in. It's an important conversation, especially given the stereotypes surrounding gaming and the type of person who games. It's important enough in fact, that scientists decided to research the answer according to a report by The Atlantic.

"They found their participants waiting in line for the midnight release of Call of Duty: Black Ops outside of video game stores in Pennsylvania this past November — if anyone was going to fit the model of the stereotypical gamer, they figured, it would be these guys," wrote Lindsay Abrams, editorial fellow at The Atlantic.

There were 150 people in all — not actually a sample size big enough to really determine something conclusive, but still. It's encouraging, even though I already knew what the answer would be.

Guess what? There was no relation between how much time or money was spent on games and how social the gamers could be. Though just the way they worded the result is telling.

"Not all video game players are destined for lives filled with failing relationships and dwindling friendships."

Geez. I'm assuming the hypothesis was that mouth-breathing nerds couldn't possibly have healthy relationships because of their hobby. Welp, now that science has kind of proven that that's not the case, maybe I can finally convince people that I have friends. Somewhere. I swear. Just like the people in the picture above, even.

Study: Gamers Have Friends, Healthy Relationships [The Atlantic]

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    Maybe that should try to cure cancer

    I play games, have plenty of friends

    There are entire gaming communities

    I find this study strange and unnecessary

    With these studies, you would think Gamers are a special breed, that there is nothing like them, that we to study and ask why are into games, yet, all those other groups like people who are swingers, have strange fetishes, dress in drag are not studied because they cant be as strange as those gamer people.

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