Scribblenauts Miiverse Board Is Like A Warm Blanket Made Of Good Times

We live in divisive times. The public discourse is rife with bickering and malice, and yet there is at least one thing we can all agree on: Scribblenauts is adorable.

Today's Miiverse Moment is a dose of sunshine and cotton candy from the most heartwarming place in the Miiverse: The Scribblenauts Unlimited community. It's a place jam-packed with devoted, creative fans of series that is cute-as-a-button. Below is just a small sample of what they've made. Enjoy.

Miiverse Moments is an ongoing series showcasing the best, the worst and the weirdest that the Wii U's Miiverse has to offer. If you stumble across something exceptionally amazing, foul or funny in the Miiverse, feel free to share it in the comments.


    The steam gamehub for it is also hilarious, full of screenshots and weird creations to download in the workshop, link >

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