Second 'Surprisingly Unsexy' Commander Shepard Statue Is Coming

I was surprised back in September when a new entry in Kotobukiya's line of "Bishoujo" figures — normally a little on the revealing side — played it demure when it came to Mass Effect's Commander Shepard.

Ditto for this second version of the piece, which changes weapons and haircuts. There will only be 2000 made available, and the front hand is interchangeable.


    "Surprisingly unsexy" = Tight, form-fitting armour. Ugh, just give chicks a normal breastplate, would you?

      That's an accurate representation of the armour in game though...

    This is a statue that I wouldn't be embarassed to own. Looks good!

    GDI Luke you'll write on a statue but you can't even return an email.

    Luke, less opinions in your articles please. Just post the news.

    Compared to the Square-Enix version, this is tonnes better though. Mind you, the S-E version is adjustable but still, I'd be embarrassed to own that one compared to this one.

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