Sex And Violence In Far Cry 3 Edited For Japan

For its Japanese release, Far Cry 3 is getting a series of edits that will result in a slightly different experience for the country's gamers. According to Ubisoft, here's what's different in the Japanese language version.

• Wounded corpses have been cut • A sex scene as well as a scene depicting an open wound have been edited • Killing three civilians in succession results in a game over penalty

As Western players can already attest, the original version of Far Cry 3 warns players about killing innocent civilians and already has a game-ending penalty for doing so. However, some Western players reported that killing two or three innocent resulted in a penalty (and a meme), while others said it was higher at around five or more. For Japan, Ubisoft makes it very clear that the number is three.

Besides these changes, the Japanese language version is the same as the Western release, Ubisoft states.

With video games, Japan has traditionally had stricter regulations on bystander-related violence as well as how corpses or body parts are shown. In the past, this has resulted in edits in Western games like the Grand Theft Auto titles and the Call of Duty games (here, here, and here).

「ファークライ3」日本語版における,海外版からの変更点が明らかに [4Gamer]


    I love Japan but man that sucks.

      These things sound like such isolated or minor details, that I don't really see much of a problem here. Sounds like what they're getting will be pretty much intact. It's not like they're replacing takedowns with non-lethal versions or anything.

    I thought it was going to say the edits for the sex scenes were that the females had been turned into schoolgirls who cried while the act was taking place.


    Not that I'm for censorship, but I felt there was a lot of gratuitous content that should have been cut out.

    It wasn't that it was more extreme than things I've seen in other games, it just wasn't needed.

    It's a game about liberating an island from pirates. So why did it need rape, torture, and sex scenes?

    So why did it need rape, torture, and sex scenes?

    Why did Back to the Future have hoverboards? Why did Terminator have shotguns? Because that's the story.

    Lol wut, they have eroge with sex in it, i dont get it.

    So do they get to choose the "Citra" ending then?

    If you're going to be a baby and whine about torture, rape and sex, then don't play the game. The game contains that content because it can, its apart of the story line, so nut up or shut up. Thank god developers have the creative freedom that they do.

    BTW there is never any rape shown in the game, its briefly implied over the course of one small part of the game. Harden up sweet heart!

    On another note, this sort of censorship makes me laugh when they have legal kiddie porn, used pantie vending machines and some of the most messed up stuff ever seen in some local movies or TV shows. They just dont make sense over there lol

    Darn I was hoping it would say they removed the rape references and made the cutscenes skippable. Might of made the game passable to my stabdards since the violence isnt to graphic (ie AvP 3, Darkness II are items which I didnt play because of the in your face violence.

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