SimCity's Expensive Version Is $80, But...

Normally, the deluxe edition of a game withholds a few things, but EA seem to be going all-out with SimCity, throwing so much extra junk at the more expensive version (it's $US20 more than the regular) that they're basically saying "you are scum for buying the normal version and your friends will view you accordingly".

If you were wondering which new ways a publisher could find to squeeze more money out of you in 2013, to even think about spending $US80 on a PC game, you just found EA's.


    I'm already losing interest in this, and this just makes it worse

    EA are kings at this, absolute kings

    I understand they are a company

    But where did they lose their passion for their games and the gamers?

      They rip the guts out of your game, and sell it to you as sausages.

    So they're basically doing their first expansion pack as the deluxe edition? That's a truly bizarre move.

    It's gotten to the point where I don't even care anymore. I'm just not going to get it. Simple as that.

    And am I looking into this right that you only get a police station in the deluxe version?

      I think its just the french police according to the website

      I'd say Phlaiman is correct. I doubt even EA is crazy enough charge you extra for something you need for you cities to stand a chance at running decently. Well not yet. Maybe by the next sim city.

    So they sell you a deluxe edition for an extra $20 and entice you to do so by withholding a good chunk of the game... Sounds ethical

    For those of you playing at home, the DIGITAL deluxe edition is $99.99 here

    That's $100... for a downloadable game.. not a physical copy... $100....

    One. Hundred. Fucking. Dollars.

    It's gotten to the point where you can't even laugh at this stuff anymore...

      link here

      Screw. That. Shit.

      I refuse to pay anything over 50 bucks AU for a digital game, seriously. I hit up GMG then buy off there usually, or Steam. I get that this is on Origin, so I will not be getting this at all. Only a moron would buy this when all they've done is pull stuff OUT of the game to resell it later as DLC and 'deluxe'.

      89 bucks for the collector's edition at EBGames.

      I've currently got that pre-ordered, but now I look at it again, I see I only get the "English City Set"

      89 bucks and I only get the English City Set...

      I'm gonna cancel and get it for a better price on GMG or g2play

      I can't really justify paying more than $24.99 for a digital game, however I did it for Dark Souls at $33. That's still a third of SimCity Digital Deluxe. Wow.

    Looked good when they first announced it and since then it's been nothing but bad news. I hope it sells poorly, I had planned to buy it but not now, I will just wait until the always-on DRM is cracked and then torrent it.

      Yep. Same.

      I think a LOT of people are thinking that. Especially after the fiasco that was Diablo 3, this is apparently even worse with authentication servers.

    So for $100 you get the full game, and if you pay less you get the shareware version....

    price needs adjusting for aus post, site says 100 for deluxe

    I'll buy this when they realise how poorly its selling and price it at $29. If it doesn't happen, no sweat off my back.

    haha and you can ONLY get the limited edition via preorder (on the Origin site anyway)

    I haven't pirated a game, music, tv show, or movie in about 8 or 9 years.

    Huh. No idea why I brought that up. I mean the reason for EA's always-online DRM is because it's impossible to pirate.

      It seems relevant to me. I needed to remind myself what a good person I am to not go and pirate this. Even though EA really are pushing the envelope on this one…

      is that sarcasm? crackers will always find a way to pirate something.

    seriously? the deluxe version just sounds like day 1 DLC to me. withholding game assets, missions, and achievements for a extra $20?! dick move EA

    Doesn't matter how much it costs because half the time you won't be allowed to play it anyway, since you have to play online on EA's unreliable servers.

      yeah tried to play C&C4 with me me dongle would not work kept kicing me out after about 5 minets even though i can play swtor an MMO with it and it works fine

    It's amazing when first announced, I was all "yeah a new SimCity game I love those", but every time I hear something new about this game it kills my enthusiasm it's like they've invented a way to market a game that makes it less desirable, every time you hear about it.

      I'm the same, and since i'm not a serious gamer (the last PC game i bought was Star Trek Elite Force 2) and I am fiscally conservative, EA can shove SimCity where the sun dont shine.

      When it was announced, I was actually thinking sure id buy that, but i thought itd be around $50, but $80+ and drm up the wazoo, fuck it.

    I'm buying the game, (due to being very bored), but why the hell would I want real landmarks? I want to make MY CITY, not a shitty knockoff of Paris.

    based on that video.. you can only build police stations if you have the deluxe edition. For real??

    Just upgraded to deluxe edition, cant see what the problem is or maybe just can never make people happy.

      people like you are the reason EA keeps doing this crap.

        LOL. That's very true. The fanboys or idiots just keep buying their products. And the Company just keep ripping them off.

      Yeah, I was just going to use that 20 dollars to light my cigar. I dont get what the problem is with these peasants.

    I've gotten into the Closed Beta for this, and so far all I've been able to play is the training mission as the servers are always down. But, even in Beta, it is smooth as to play, the graphics, interface, and the options to interact within your city and other cities is amazing compared to the previous ones. Is it worth $100? I don't think so, not these days, but if you do pay $100, I'm pretty sure you're going to feel ok, and not ripped off like you would with a lot of other games coming out at that price point these days.

    I got EVERY Sim City since 2000 on release. I love the series to death.
    I was on the fence when I heard it was online only but gave the idea of being connected to others cities rather than AI controlled ones a chance.

    Now I just can't be stuffed. Overpriced junk stripped of content. My SimCity 3000 unlimited disc copy and SimCity 4 disc have all these other themes included for $60 on release.

    I have had enough. Bought SW:TOR - waste of money.
    Want Dead Space 3 - new crappy weapons dlc system. I bought the first 2 on release and love the series.

    BF4, Karkand maps are special edition then became DLC.
    Mass effect - always got on release, then 3 had day one DLC (free with my preorder but not the point) 2 had DLC for in between 2 and 3 that was overpriced rubbish.

    Enough of running gaming EA. Seriously it is not fun to play anymore. Same with Activision. No LAN on SC2 and always online for D3 - another two series I bought on release and have the fun sucked out of.
    I can't stand this! What happened to complete games?

    Last edited 30/01/13 6:25 pm

    I don't get why everyone is getting so worked up about a bit of DLC for 20 dollars... It's simple if you don't want to pay for it then don't... People seem to forget that it is just a game.

    I on the other hand will just buy the complete package and not stress about it.

    So when are EA going to announce their micro-transactions for the new Sim City game? Is it going to be a surprise on release following the bad press from Dead Space 3?

    That trailer by the way, every time I see MORE flash up on screen, I just think LESS content if I were to get this game. My EA boycott stands. I really can't see it changing any time soon.

    Origin only = no buy, simple as that.

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