SimCity's Four-Day Beta Starts On January 25

The SimCity beta will be from January 25 to January 28, and registration is underway now on the game's official page, the SimCity Twitter feed said this morning. Here's the tutorial level.

UPDATE: It looks like the video has since been taken down. Sorry folks.

Perhaps not coincidentally, that video above showed up on YouTube around the same time. It showcases the game's opening tutorial.

The tweet said that beta users will get to play an hour-long slice of the game. It's a closed beta, with no word on how many registrations they're accepting. Players may replay the hourlong chunk as many times as they want during the four days. It's PC only, no Mac.

SimCity Beta [SimCity]


    Alright, signed up, we'll see how that process goes.

    Additionally the video above has been taken down :(

    Video is down. Website is just a constant loop between the beta registration and the main page. Bad taste in my mouth already.

      No. The sign up process works just fine.

        No it doesnt work 100%... it can be a bit fiddly as it can switch between the US site, the au site and the beta registration..

        im also not looking forward to having to pay $100 for it because Origin will most likely be the only site you can buy it from

        Last edited 19/01/13 11:29 am

          Yeah, I too was hoping that it'd at least be on Steam and maybe on an even less expensive marketplace such as GMG. You know, somewhere with (sometimes) reasonable pricing. I'm sure in North America this game will be around the US$60 mark but as usual it obviously costs the distributor(s) a lot to electronically transmit the game data across the Pacific to Australian consumers, hence the mark-up.

    yeah, I had no issues signing up to the beta at all?

    i put in my origin log in details to what looked like the beta sign up, and then it gave me the front page without any dialogue..... does that mean it worked?

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