Skills: How To Rambo XCOM With One Unit

When you lose a squad member in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you lose them for good. And one of the dastardly things about the game is that as you upgrade your weapons and armour, so too does the enemy. There's never a time when you feel comfortable with putting your veterans' lives at risk. One user found a way to circumvent that - beat the mission with just one unit!

I recently started an Ironman Classic run with most of the random settings released in the new update, and I've repeatedly had my entire squad wiped out as I work my way towards better armour. So this is... Inspiring.

As you progress in the game, you do get the ability to bring combat-capable robots in place of humans. But they're limited in what they can do, and I found their most useful feature was as mobile cover. Plus, they don't have the ability to pull off stuff like this. The secret? Psionics:


    I can't watch the video at work but I'm going to go ahead and bitch that when I did my playthrough of X-Com (I haven't had time to start my second round, but I WILL), the ONLY person in my entire organisation that was able to train as a psionic was the survivor of the tutorial who I guess became the central figure of the "story".

    I don't know if it was scripted that way and maybe it'll play differently if I go without the tutorial missions, but I must have tested 30 soldiers and only that one dude had the gift. :(

      Yeah same happened with my last play through (have finished it about 4 times now). Had a great squad full of colonels thru to sergeants, all up about 25 dudes, all tested and only one got psi abilities. I think it's just completely random. It claims that higher Will means more chance of getting psi, but I dunno.
      One thought I had was that there is an officer training school upgrade that gives more Will to your guys with each level up. Maybe to try and get more psi dudes, you could rush that upgrade, then basically start again with a group of fresh meat and they might get the bonus willpoints for each level up, and that might make them more likely to get psi skills when they are higher ranks. Dunno, just something I thought might work.
      Man it's a great game. So replayable, however I am eagerly awaiting an expansion pack with more enemies and locales and weapons etc.

        Yeah, I was thinking I might want to try and limit psi testing to anyone who's made it to captain or major so they have higher will. In hindsight, about 30 of the people tested were raw recruits, so if will is a factor in the game determining someone's psi potential, I can see why that was probably a waste.

          Definitely a waste of time testing raw recruits. I was only testing one of my my experienced guys at a time along with two rookie/squaddie types. Most of the experienced guys I tested before doing the final missions tested positive. I had no survivors left from the first mission by that stage (skipped tutorial)... the narrative about the one guy who survived the first mission and was my main man through two-thirds of the game got derailed on a large landed UFO when he got knocked unconscious by a berserker who busted through a wall to get him, and then the guy with the medkit ended up ONE SQUARE SHORT of being able to reach him on the turn before he bled out (right after a couple of people missed 75%+ shots that would have let me get there a turn earlier). Such is Ironman.

      For me, all my tutorial members died, so I guess if it's scripted that way, it switches to allow newer members to be psi capable :P I hard failed my first run anyway, it took a 2nd go to actually beat the game. I had only one psi capable member in that playthrough though.

        I'll have to do a non-tutorial'd playthrough and see what happens. I'm sure someone has already looked at the code to see how it all actually works but I'd rather just experiment through play instead of actually quantifying anything.

          Any excuse to start another run of XCOM :P

      So I had about 8 out of 30 people with the gift :|

        YOU SON OF A-


            Through two partial playthroughs I have one where I onyl have found 1 psionic so far and the other where I all 6 of my main team all had the gift.

            RNG is a harsh mistress

    If you get recruits that actually have PSI abilities it means they will be much better later on. Its very RNG however. I played 1 play through and out of 30 recruits i tested i only got 4 PSI capabe. then i played through again and out of 60 that i tested (went for a longer match because i wanted all the achieves that i could) and i got 17 PSI capable. You know they will be strong in the force as Colonels if they manage to be capable as recruits. (their will is obviously already better than that of those captains or higher that still cant be PSI capable).

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