Skills: The Hardest Job In Tribes Ascend

Capturing the flag in an online FPS is a skill, there's no doubt about it. And of course, it requires a skilled team to support a capper. In Tribes Ascend, a game with unique movement mechanics, flag cappers have to premeditate skiing routes to get in and out of an enemy base at great speed. But there's a job even harder — when a flag is capped, up steps the flag chaser.

In Tribes Ascend, there are very few hit-scan weapons, meaning most projectiles take time to reach their target. This means, even more than usual, speed makes you very hard to hit.

The chaser is responsible for either shooting the runaway flag capper, or using a grenade to force them to drop the flag. It's an almost unfair job, seeing as flag cappers already have an insane amount of speed built up, and it requires using a combination of shooting into the ground to propel you forward, using grenades in a similar capacity, and a special thrust backpack.

Here's an example of catching up to a capper:

And when you do catch up to that flag thief, it's not exactly easy to score a hit. Which is why the following video is so amazing. Enjoy!


    This was my absolute favourite part of the game (which I was pretty good at if I do say so myself). The only reason I stopped playing was that the character progression just wasn't there.

    If you want a montage of an actually chaser from Australia see these

    Routes aren't that necessary in small maps. I've found one boost and rocket jump generally gets you to home base from a standing start at the enemy base.

    If all the chasers abandon their home to chase, you can generally camp there until the flag returns. It's only a matter if not being seen for a bit. (All based on pub servers.)

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