Someone Made A Game In Which You Shoot The Head Of The NRA

Someone Made A Game In Which You Shoot The Head Of The NRA

A member of the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums has created a game called Bullet to the Head of the NRA, a rudimentary first-person shooter that lets you shoot NRA boss Wayne LaPierre.

Released yesterday, Bullet to the Head of the NRA seems to have been designed just to piss people off. “Share this everywhere, especially gun-nut and anti-game websites,” creator and forum user gizmo01942 writes. “Also see if you can’t send it in to the NRA somehow, like through the feedback on their website or something.”

ED forum user gizmo01942 is also developing a game based on the Sandy Hook shooting, he says, in which you’d go into the Connecticut school and shoot kids. This NRA game is a demo, he writes. It will be a bonus level in the Sandy Hook shooter.

Bullet to the Head of the NRA comes just a day after the NRA released their own gun game, NRA: Practice Range, an iOS title for ages four and up in which you can shoot targets on a set of practice fields.

I’ve played Bullet to the Head of the NRA, which you can download from the ED forums. It’s very basic: you can move around a sniper rifle and shoot three NRA members on a stage as they talk about guns.

Once you start shooting, the crowd starts to scream. It’s twisted. Made me want to take a shower.

Fox News ran a segment yesterday about the inevitable outrage to Bullet to the Head of the NRA.

Here are some more screenshots.

Warning: graphic images follow.






  • Warning: graphic images follow? Really?
    Day after day Kotaku posts graphic images and videos of violent games and never a warning. But you post a warning for this crappy Game Cube looking game?

  • Gee, that’ll show ’em. Just because the NRA are being a bunch of ignorant dicks doesn’t mean we should drop to their level.

  • One thing I’ve noticed over the last several years, is that in America, the left (liberals, anti-gun crowd, Democrats) always paints the right (conservatives, Republicans, a lot of southerners, Tea Party etc) as being the gun nuts likely to go shoot people. The reality of it is that most of the big shooters are left-wing, liberal types. (Breivik from Norway is a good exception to note) You’ll probably find the creator of this game is “left-wing”.

    NRA members generally aren’t the ones involved in mass shootings that make the weak-minded cry out to ban guns.

    • Well that’s a fucking dumb, inflammatory statement. To begin with, presumably the 30,000+ gun crimes a year committed in the US are done by people with a wide variety of political leanings. I also find it laughable that someone called “AussieSniper” is decrying gun bans as weak-minded, when Australia’s gun buy back has been one of (if not the) most successful policy of the hard right, culture warrior no dick Howard government. In conclusion, you fetishise violence and interpret your obsession with killtoys as education, when it just makes you look like a raving fucking loon.

    • Weak minded cry to ban guns… You mean weak minded cry to limit the amount, capacity and power of the guns people have. How is it weak to give up guns when the people who are hurt by them the most are children? What animal in this country do we even need guns for? Crocodiles? If you take the gun swimming it’s not going to work, wet powder won’t ignite. Dingoes? They avoid adults, don’t take kids near Dingoes.

      How is it strong minded of the NRA to ignore guns as a problem and push the blame onto others with the following view: Guns don’t kill people, People with guns don’t kill people, But people who watch Movies and play Video Games are the only ones who kill people.

      While you have the right to an opinion, do you really think it’s strong-minded to keep guns when the people dying are members of the general public going about their lives until some body turns up with a chip on their shoulder, a mental issue and a 30 round clip? Losing access to Semi-Auto weapons in this country didn’t see criminal gangs roaming the streets doing as they please but we haven’t had an issue where a person with a gun starts killing random people for no reason. We’ve had shootings, they are related to drugs and bikie gangs and they aren’t happening in our schools.

      What do we need guns for? In Australia if a guy breaks into your house and you shoot him, that’s manslaughter or attempted manslaughter if he survives. You do not have the right to defend your home with a firearm. You are not allowed to hit a guy who breaks in with a cricket bat.

      Do you Hunt? My father did, he was of the one shot mentality, he didn’t need a semi auto to do it.
      Target shooting, he did that too, never in his life did he need a semi-automatic weapon. Infact from the stories he told me nobody liked to go hunting or shooting with the guys who owned semi-automatics, they couldn’t hit anything and the things they could hit was your dog, a cow, the landowners sheep… anything but the roos and pigs they where hunting. And if they did hit a Roo, they hit joeys and females not the bucks which was the entire reason you went.

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