Square Enix Will Probably Announce New, Original Final Fantasy iOS Game

So Square Enix has a new teaser up for a game that it will announce before the weekend. The most plausible theory: it's a totally new, original iOS game called Final Fantasy: All The Bravest.

Some have theorised that this is a remake or mobile port of Final Fantasy V or Final Fantasy VI, but the sprite outlines just don't support that. The images on the left are behemoths from Final Fantasy VI, yes, but the sprites on the right are mostly from Final Fantasy V. (And I can't recognise the bottom-left character sprite. Is that from FFIII?)

In other words, it's probably neither of those games. It's probably a new game that borrows sprites from other Final Fantasys much like the criminally underappreciated (and obscenely overpriced) Final Fantasy Dimensions.

So why "All The Bravest"? That name was originally trademarked by Square Enix a few months ago (and assumed by most fans at the time to be connected to the 3DS role-playing game Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, because of the word "Brave"). But Internet sleuths on Kotaku and elsewhere have found mentions of the name "All The Bravest" in the new teaser's source code. Also a link to iTunes.


I've reached out to Square Enix, but it won't comment. I guess a two-day wait ain't too bad.


    Wish android versions came out faster. I think prioritizing ios is about a year out of date now.

      Because developing and optimising for 5 different hardware configurations is easier and faster than developing for literally dozens.

      Android is not a good platform for mobile games, because they are supposed to be quick, cheap games at a low price point that maximise profit because the entry barrier is so low. If they had to spend months and months making sure the game worked on even half of the most recent Android devices, it'd add huge cost to the whole project. If they only develop and optimise it for the main android devices, the rest of you missing out would complain. Loudly.

      What would you suggest?

      Do you realise how much more work has to go into making an android game compared to an ios one? It would barely be worth their time even attempting a port at a later date.

    Meh... would've preffered All The Bravest to be Bravely Default and I would've preffered a new game to be on something other than mobile, I'm not too fond of touch controls.

    Last edited 16/01/13 1:17 pm

    Those character outlines strongly support the theory of Final Fantasy V...

    Assuming the left side is a Behemoth.

    Most probably FFV and VI announcements for iOS, if the FFIV trailer was anything to go by.

    1.17 it's gotta be a new Halo game hahaha F^#k final fantasy

    If it's bravely default on the iOS then God bless Apple.. for the first time in my life! :D

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