Steam's New Built-In Game FAQs Are Pretty Good!

First announced last month, Valve today announced the formal release of its Game Guides Feature, adding the ability for users to compile their own guides to games (or parts of games), then have other users enjoy and rate them.

While there's not exactly a tome of reference material there now, what is there shows the service certainly has potential. The guides can be easily broken up into hot-linked chapters, and the use of images also makes illustrating points pretty easy.

This Team Fortress 2 guide is a good example of what the service is capable of, with images and even video dropped in where needed to really help get a point across.

Take a look at it, then go look at an ASCII-filled guide on GameFAQs, and tell me which one you would prefer to be using for the next 10 years.


    Best game guide so far is a list of all BL2 working golden key codes.

    Gamefaqs by far.

    Quick, easy, visible on my phone while gaming.

      I remember printing out some of GameFAQ's guides.... 100's of pages of text. So good. :)

      because shift+tab is such hard work isn't it

        It is if I'm using a Steambox.

        True, but Steam's in-built browser is pretty damn horrible. I find it faster to Alt-Tab out to Chrome. Unless it's one of those games that often crashes on Alt-Tab, but I haven't seen one of those in a while.

          I think this is going to be built into steam itself rather than being a webpage

      One of my ultimate 1st world luxuries is having gamefaqs open on my iPad next to me when I'm gaming. I feel so hedonistic, it's delicious.

    You're using the Enforcer, Luke? You noob :P

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