Sunglass-Wearing Polar Bear Signals WildTangent’s Move To Mobile

Sunglass-Wearing Polar Bear Signals WildTangent’s Move To Mobile

The company famous for making step one in setting up your new computer removing the WildTangent Games App takes its casual gaming show on the road with Polar Bowler 1st Frame, the iOS extension of the original inner tube polar bear bowling PC game.

WildTangent is the casual version of Steam, giving potential players access to a large library of puzzle, hidden object and family-friendly fare, along with the odd discounted hardcore title. It’s actually a rather nifty little service — I’m just not all that fond of its position as bloatware (unsolicited software) regularly loaded onto new brand name PCs and laptops.

Polar Bowler 1st Frame is WildTangent’s first mobile game, bringing the full power of one of its most recognisable characters to bear in an ad-supported pin-toppler, because fans asked for it.

“Our Polar Bowler fans have been asking us for a mobile version of the game,” said Matt Shea, executive vice president of product development at WildTangent, via official announcement. “Polar Bowler 1st Frame is a natural choice for our first mobile title. We think our fans will enjoy it and we look forward to bringing them more mobile titles in the future.”

I’m down, just as long as they don’t start coming pre-installed on my phone.

Polar Bowler 1st Frame [iTunes App Store]


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