Superman And Wonder Woman Take Over The World In Injustice: Gods Among Us

The Injustice comic series, hitting shops and digital stores today spells out why Superman is fighting Batman (as they do from time to time) in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the fighting video game.

But if you're not picking that up, or just need the cliffs notes, this trailer above fills you in on a very different vision of the future, in which Batman is cooperating with Harley Quinn and, evidently, Deathstroke and fighting Green Lantern.

Injustice: Gods Among Us will release on April 19 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


    I always get so hyped for fighting games then i realise im really terrible at fighting games

      This. I spend 6 months going "man, I get to punch Batman as Wonder Woman" or whatever, and then I get the game, realise that it's intended for someone with far more time to spend learning combos than me, and away it goes.

    superman vs batman? batman does not stand a chance, cause he is a mere man...unless of cause he has kryptonite.

      of course he has kryptonite, in the post-crisis canon batman has the only real source of kryptonite on earth. In most other canons he always has had a stash just in case, mostly with the permission of superman because he knows there is a chance and ways to make him go bonkers

      Batman is Batman because he is prepared for ANYTHING. He's probably had Kryptonite since he first heard of it.

    Plot Summary, The Joker kills Lois, Superman gets angry and decides to preemptively take out all Villians before they do anything bad. Goes too far so Batman fights for freedom?

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      probably pretty close from the looks of things, though i dont know if its as straight up as superman going nuts over just lois

        She was pregnant with his kid, add in some colour of mind altering kryptonite and done.

          is red kryptonite still in the canon? (providing they are following the current canon) I know they ditched a lot of the different colours of kryptonite.

          But yeah red kryptonite plus lois death would probably do it

    I thought Green (Poison), Red (Mind Altering, depends on plot mostly) & Blue (Turns off Powers) where still canon some sort of special cocktail of Green/Blue and Red to weaken him and make him nuts sounds like a decent enough plot.

    It could be that 5th dimension imp guy, just screwing with everyone's heads as a massive joke.

    Edit: meant to be a reply to piat.

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      comics are confusing lol I know green is still around and in short supply, I don;t follow superman enough to know for sure

    Joker uses Scarcrows Fear gas laced with kryptonite and places a bomb dentonator to Lois' heart. The gas causes Superman to think Lois is Doomsday and he kills her causing a bomb to destroy Metropolis.

    Geez, I'm so tired of this premise in just about EVERY single story, game, animated movie, etc. that Batman is somehow ALWAYS capable of taking out the JL on his own, OR manages to save the day when all the other have been taken out. Honestly, if Superman and Wonder Woman wanted to take over the world and had the help of Green Lantern and the Flash, Batmans neck would have been snapped ages ago. He's such an annoying fucking character already! I wish they finally WOULD kill Bruce Wayne once and for all!

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