Surgeon-Simulator 2013 Is The Most Realistic Heart Surgery Game

If you're like me, you've played enough Trauma Center to know that open heart surgery is super duper easy. I mean, I'm practically a doctor over here! That's why I'm loving the ultra realistic Global Game Jam game Surgeon Simulator 2013 by Bossa Studios.

In the video above, I'll walk you through the basics of cardiac surgery. It's so easy, you could perform your own 'QWOPeration' in the comfort of your own home!*.

*(Please do not try this at home, seriously, guys.)


    Hahahahahahahaha, that was awesome :P

    Lol, pretty funny.
    Couldn't help but notice he left some tools inside. I seem to recall reading a few articles about people who have had surgery and then found out later there were still tools inside them.

    Tried it only a matter of minutes ago. I am NOT a qualified surgeon. Controls are super QWOPpy and I actually only ever managed to travel backwards on QWOP. Sadface.

    Thanks Kotaku, i just got home from late shift, i'm supposed to be quiet (as to not to not wake the 18 month old), but cant stop laughing.
    Seriously funny.

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