'Take My Machete And Kill Some Damn Aliens'

Any game that reminds me, even vaguely, of Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion will get my attention. In the case of Take My Machete, a 2D platformer for iPhone and iPod touch created by South Australian Rhys Davies, it's not so much a haunted mansion full of zombies as it is a city overrun by aliens.

As you might have guessed from the name and video, Take My Machete involves slicing up green aliens using a certain sharp instrument, as well as a bow with flaming arrows. According to the game's website, it features "multiple" stages and an endless mode if you just can't put it down, collectible pets and a "retro-horror" soundtrack.

For a one-man effort, it's pretty slick, especially when you consider Davies does most of his artwork in MS Paint. At least, that's what his resume says. Looking at Take My Machete, I wouldn't be surprised if it was his art tool of choice for the game also.

Take My Machete is free on iTunes and while you don't have to shed any precious money-dollars, you can support Davies' efforts via an in-app purchases of credits.

Take My Machete [iTunes]

Take My Machete — Official Trailer [YouTube]


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