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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    Morning, folks. Hope this day's treating you well! Good to see you again, Alex!

    Also congrats, @markserrels in case you missed it on old TAY! So damn awesome!

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      It's weird seeing Alex's image at the top of the page, instead of the usual Serrels one.

    I need pictures of the wig and kilt, Mr. Kidman. For Science or something. :P

    Good morning everyone. I am still in bed. Someone tell my husband I'll love him forever if he brings me breakfast in bed, please.

      Strange, my friend! Hope you're feeling better?

        I will not know how I feel until I attempt to get up. Hence my avoidance of leaving my bed. :P

          Well? Did you end up feeling better?

    Back to work today :(

    Back to work does mean back to TAY though. So, balance! \o/

      That's too bad about the whole work thing, TAY will cure what ails ya.

        A lot of people should be back at work today. Which means a lot of people will be back on TAY. This is like second Christmas for you D.C.! :P

          There was a first? :P

            There could have been if you weren't such a liar pants on fire. :P

              Bah Humbug! Circling the wagons! Etc! :P

          Christmas wasn't 'Christmas' for D.C. because TAY was quiet :(

          He's a jerk who's more happier when everyone is working hard and miserable

      Good morning. I hope your workday treats you well. First days after holidays are the worst.

      My thoughts exactly.

      How's it all going, man? How was Christmas?

        Christmas was good times, a bit hectic having to see both mine and my partner's families, but still good times all round. I think just having a week off from work was more valuable than I had realised though, I feel much better about coming in this morning.

        How was Christmas for you*?

        *you = anyone/everyone

          Christmas was similarly hectic for us - started the Friday before with a trip to Sydney to deal with the first tranch of family. But from about 4pm Christmas day until yesterday, it was just me, wife and kids at home. And that was mostly great, and a much-needed week of nothing much. :)

            That's good to hear, my friend!




    I am back at work


    Hastily copied from the other this-week TAY:

    Kids slept terribly, which meant that so did I. On the plus side, got stacks of writing done yesterday and introduced my wife to The Walking Dead TV series. Apparently, zombies scare me more than they do her (one of those "who knew?" moments that keep things fresh)


    Mass Effect Trilogy set is $55 at MightyApe:

    Anyone know if this comes with all the DLC? Not a bad deal if so, especially if it includes forthcoming ME3 content.

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      My understanding was that it was just the basic games, no DLC. I could be wrong though. I frequently am. :P

        Well, it's not that good a deal then, because you can pick the individual games up cheaper than that :\

      It does not :(.

      I'm still holding out for one that does!

      Still not a bad deal and the only piece of DLC that is a must buy would be Lair of the Shadowbroker for ME2, in my opinion!

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        But those who are most likely to get this are the ones who haven't really played the series. If they've waited this long they might as well hold out for a superior collection with DLC. :D

        Well that's what I've been doing anyway :P. Finished 1, rushed through 2 but borrowed them from a friend. Would love to do that whole consistent playthrough thing!

        I think Javik is way more important than Shadow Broker, to be honest.

          The From Ashes stuff was included with my ME3, so I just consider it part of the core game. :S Party member wise you're right, but I wasn't particularly fond of the quest attached to that DLC.

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        I would also say Arrival as it's the bridge between ME2 and ME3.

          I liked it for the adrenaline rush, but content wise it was kind of short and basic.

          I've played the whole trilogy but none of the DLC.

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            You monster!

              What the hell? You bored today, dude? :P

                You and your stories! How's things? Family good?

                  All well, man, thanks!

                  Except the morning sickness has started. I think Mrs Shane has some, too.

                  @shane: Good to hear! (That all is well, I mean.) Hope the morning sickness eases up. Oh man! Orange is the New Black should cure what ails you! (And her!) Exciting time for the Family Shane!

    Back at work toda...

    Nah, still 2 months left of holidays!


    EDIT: but while you're all being productive members of society and earning money I'm just sitting here (well technically I'm still lying in bed) doing nothing :P

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      5 more days for me... Back to work on Monday.


        Are you going to do the thing you said you might do?

          Get back on the Minecraft server and dig tunnels for the next few days?

      Just rub it in why don't you?


        Muppets? That's my cue...

          @greenius and also DC

          Um, not sure about your respective states, but here in NSW on the Central Coast, Muppet is used a a derogatory term, because Greenius is a Muppet :P

            Muppet's not an insult! I refuse to believe that!

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              Editorial Edict: Muppet is not, and could not, be an insult.

              How could being in the company of Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie et al be anything but awesome?
              (once you get used to the hand discomfort part, that is...)

                You're a good man, Alex! You should IP ban Spaghett! :P

                We have editor contact in TAY - what is this madness!
                Also, totally agree with this statement. Someone calls me a muppet, I say thank you.

                On the other hand, being a moopet is a terrible thing.

            I made DC promise to link to that song every time the word Muppet was used :)

              Great Job :)

                I never promised any thing. I'm happy to play along... for now... :P

          That reminds me. I found out a few months ago that my wife had never heard The Rainbow Connection by Kermit The Frog.

          Thank god for YouTube ( or we might have had to get divorced.


          If I'm a muppet, then I'm a very manly muppet
          If I'm a man then I'm a muppet of a man

            Here I go again, I'm always running out of time, I think I've made up my mind. Now I understand who I am...

      Hahah! Was on my mobile so couldn't easily see up/downvotes but now I do :P

    Already TAY's more active than the last two weeks. :')

    And by that I mean, damn, it sucks that you guys are back at work... :P

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      It sucks royally man

      I am now on TAY more

      But, yeah, work

      I did not miss the train trip

        Haha! I joke, but it does suck that you guys are finished with your holidays. I've missed you all, but want you to be happy. I'd prefer to refresh in silence if it meant you guys got more holidays. :)

    I finally got to play more Tales of Graces f last night. Took me a couple of battles to get back in the groove of things after playing nothing but Xenoblade since Christmas, but by the end of my couple of hours with it I had the hang of everything again. When I started I was at the ruins under Wallbridge and it took me a while to find my way out and up into Wallbridge because it's been so long I'd forgotten which way I'd already been. Twas a bit frustrating but once I got out of there things were great again. At one point I thought I'd be stuck there forever, though!

      The Wallbridge Ruins are one of the most annoying dungeons in the game. Very disorienting. Also Wallbridge itself is a bit of a pain like that. Upside: you have Pascal in your party from that point. Pascal is the best character.

      Incidentally make sure you do everything you want to do with Richard before you finish Wallbridge because you won't have an opportunity to level with him again until the post-ending F chapter stuff.

        Aw man...too late. :(
        Finished Wallbridge and I'm inside the Castle now.

          Oh well.

          You can still get all the titles etc and get his trophies by building him up in the F chapter if you really feel completionist. I was just happy to get his awful reading-the-script-like-he's-in-primary-school-drama-class voice acting out of my game

            Haha, yeah he was exactly like that, now you mention it! :D
            I got the trophy for 20 of his titles just before he left my party so I guess I'd have a long way to go to get all his titles. :P

    Spaghett's last song played game *imagine that in capital letters*

    The Ruiner by Mastodon

    Great band, fantastic live at Soundwave last year

      Chinese Democracy (GNR), I think.

        I've had Axl Rose screeching the chorus for this in my head ever since I saw this post this morning. You're an evil man, Mr. W. Smith!

          I'd say oops, but I think we both know there's no genuine remorse here :)
          It's a pretty damn good song.

      I've been listening to the Deponia OST. This song, so much atmosphere!

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      Satorl Marsh Night Theme - Xenoblade

      Been there yet @Strange?

        I just fought that Talking Face Mechon and he ran off with JuJu the Stupidhead and told me to come to Colony 6. I don't think I've got very far but I've been playing for 10 hours. :P

      Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois - Sufjan Stevens

      'Prodigal Son' by Kamelot. I'm loving their latest album. The new singer is pretty great.

      Well I went to and watch Les Mis last night so the final theme from that

      As for the actual last sone I selected it would be the neverending story

        Turn around - look at what you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
        In her face the mirror of your dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaams.
        Make believe I'm everywhere
        given in the lines.
        Hidden on the pages is the answer
        To a never ending storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

        Do you hear the people sing! Holy damn, it's been stuck in my head for a week. :S

          I only have to see those words to get it stuck in my head. And I haven't seen the movie yet. I also haven't even heard the song for at least 10 years. Such a powerful song.

            Hobbit Meat!

              What on earth are you doing trawling old TAYs? If you're that bored go and play Dark Souls. We could talk about it here and nobody else would know you were playing it. :D

                I'm time travelling! I'm waiting for the right time to punch @shane in the face... when he least expects it!

                  Oh man, you just ruined our Dark Souls secret!

                  If you're really time travelling, you should go back to when Serenity Oz was a thing and punch him in the face there. He'll never expect that. :P

                  While he's singing karaoke in a Hawaiian shirt! Perfect!

      Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis. Kind of gearing up to see him tomorrow night ... should be a fun drunken adventure

    These mid-week TAYs are wrinkling my brain!

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      I'm just glad I found this one and wasn't refreshing the old one :P

        Thanks @dc.

          Nope! Saw it on Twitter first then was about to post it on the old TAY and D.C. had already posted! :P

            I'm thanking dc. You can do what you want :)

              Oh, sounded like you were telling me to thank him, similar to how he totally thanked Nova and Zetrox when he stole their (Nova's) hard work :P

                Grammar, man, grammar. I good at it. ok.

    Commence camping write-ups... now:

    (Though I hear @freezespreston and @sughly got food poisoning. :S Not good!)

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      Camping Write-up by Shane

      People were advised to take protection.
      Then shenanigans.
      I wasn't there.

      The End.

      Last edited 02/01/13 9:21 am

      I went camping.

      I was in a car a lot(though nowhere near as much as Faction), I drank a lot, I ate a lot of meat(not a euphemism), I slept on the ground, and my tent was an old school tent, which looked hilarious next to everyone else's.

    So Mr. Strange's family got the Wonderbook: Book of Spells for me for Christmas yesterday. I'll be checking it out with the kids later today. Should be fun.

      It should be, but possibly might not be. Time will tell...

    Nob's Late to the Party Far Cry 3 first impressions write up and long titled thingie!

    I've been playing Far Cry 3 a lot over the past couple of days (thanks @bish). I am really enjoying it so far and decided to do a little dot point thingie. So here we go:

    Things I liked
    - The whole skill point system is great. I always enjoy a little bit of RPG skill tree system in my games.
    - The hunting aspect is really cool. I should probably feel like a monster for murdering defenseless goats / deer for their hide to make an adults wallet but it is just too much fun.
    - The stealth is very simple, in a good way.
    - Capturing points can be very interesting, do I run in guns blazing? Stealth kill them all? or just get a caged tiger to kill them all?
    - So much to do! The game is an amazingly well made sandbox game.

    Things I HATTED
    - Animals are just too strong. I had a cassowary single handedly take out 5 guards and a guard dog. While I just sat in the corner, crying, fearing a cassowary was hiding in a bush waiting to kill me.
    - Enemies are to EASY! I have died 3 times; twice to falling and once to a tiger tearing out my throat. Not once have I ever feared for my life when fighting an enemy NPC.
    - The UI is horrible, atleast on PC it is. It is so horribly "console-ised" and it irritates me. Clicking on things just doesn't work sometimes and having to double click on everything is just annoying.
    - I have only done about 4 main quests in the game, yet I have crafted just about every upgrade you can in the game.
    - (As I said) I like the skill point system just too bad it was implemented so terribly. Forcing me to do the main quests and advance the story is such a jerk move.
    - Once you hit a point money is useless, I'm sitting on 3,000 NZ Dollars and I keep spending money on maps which reveal treasure which ... get you money. There is nothing to spend money on!
    - Driving is a damn nightmare, I have just completely giving up on it. I get the whole 1st persons thing is for immersion purposes but come on guys, immersion should never ruin game play mechanics.

    TL:DR (IT'S NOT EVEN THAT LONG YOU JERKS! (In Before "That's what she said"))

    Far Cry 3 is one of the best sandbox games I have played. Most of the stuff I have "HATTED" are small things that don't detract from the game too much.

    Last edited 02/01/13 9:21 am

      Yeah, my thoughts too!

      I love how they improved on so many little things that annoyed me in FC2.

      It's also weird how there's animals from all different parts of the world together :P

      Last edited 02/01/13 9:35 am

        Aha! That means it's all a dream.

        Ending successfully spoiled.

      You need to learn to embrace the derpness of Farcry driving mechanics.

      As a moderately seasoned player of both 1 and 2, I went into 3 and was immediately prepared for how the vehicles handled. It's still terribly, but I'm used to the terribibbleness, so it's okay.

      Also, I'm saddened by how pathetic the "burnt" things look. The fire looks fantastic, but then the grass is just a darker green once it's been burnt? Weak.

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        Yeah driving is so derpingly fun. Off road driving off cliffs!

        The driving is amazing because it feels rickety and unreliable. I LOVE IT!

        I feel the same way about the burning. Burnt dry savannah grass looks better than the green type :-)

    Morning everyone.
    i just want to thank everyone for the advice regarding my woodwork project.
    now I just need to get to a hardware store and find out prices.

    Kirk Hamilton's Tip For Playing Journey The Best Way is complete and utter bullshit. Just sayin'....

      I almost wrote a comment saying this is rubbish and you should ignore it but then that means I would've had to venture into the comments section.

        There's one comment and it's fine :D

        But I'm sure terrible ones will soon appear ._.

          It's a dark and terrible place...

          I'm scared.....

          Hold me.

      Didn't they do an article like this when the game first came out? I didn't read that one either...

      HAHA, I like how his one tip is the one thing I would suggest you don't do.

    I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed Friday morning...

    Any tips?
    Good food to eat while my mouth will be constantly bleeding and in pain? Things to avoid? etc.

    Ughh not looking forward to it...

      Ummm, I was eating chips the day after the surgery, so I really wouldn't be worried.

      I also didn't looks like a chipmunk, so it's safe to assume that I'm a wizard.

        I'm not sure what to expect so I'm just assuming the worst :)

      Custard, lots of custard. Not for any reason other than custard being awesome

      Good luck man. I'd take a dig, but I think the surgeon will take care of that for me.

      In all seriousness, I had my wisdom teeth out and it hurt my mum more than it hurt me (when she saw me after surgery, she fainted and hit her head)

        I'd take a dig, but I think the surgeon will take care of that for me.

        and that's the tooth

          You sure know how to drill down and extract the very root of humour from every situation. You have wisdom my friend.

      KFC potato and gravy, man. Lots of it!

      Baby food is kinda tasty. Although you have to eat, like, 16 little jars to get anything resembling a meal.
      Scrambled eggs.
      Rice noodles in soup go down pretty easily.
      I'm thinking Polenta might work as well.
      MAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'd potatoes (Which entails Masha punching the potatoes until they are of mashed potato consistency).

      PS I like mashed potatoes.

        Ha ha Masha'd potatoes sounds like something we should do. :-)

      Pureed mince. So tasty.

        Man. I would totally eat that.

        Reminds me of my younger years when I would buy three-star mince and just cook that and eat it, because it came with its own sauce (grease).

        Getting hungry.

      Go out right now and get yourself a big bottle of colgate mouthwash. I think it's still called Savacol, it's the one with Chlorhexadine in it. Very powerful antiseptic. Swish with that every 2-3 hours and it'll help your gums heal much faster as well as preventing infections. This was what I was told to do by my oral surgeon when I had mine removed.

      Avoid foods with chunky bits that will make you want to chew! I got a piece of carrot stuck in an empty socket for a day or two at one point and I couldn't understand why I constantly had this fucking horrible taste in my mouth. :(

      Generally speaking, assuming no complications you generally recover from it fairly fast.

    TAYbies! It's 9:54am and I feel like the work day should be over

    I had such a good break

    Why reality, did you have to crash back down on my head

      You'll be meeting us later today so it won't be such a bad day. And you know we want all the goss about the dates and basic Spaghett shenanigans :-)

    Watching through the Sopranos with my wife at the moment. We just started season 3.

    I watched it when I was a kid (when it first started, I was 14), and to say that I didn't get it would be an understatement. So glad I decided to give it another go - it is brilliant. Its impact upon the television landscape cannot be overstated.

      Got yourself a gun!

      Last edited 02/01/13 10:35 am

        That song will never leave my head now. I like the long version too, though I was surprised by its style when I heard it.

    We'll most likely be exploring Sydney again this arvo and tonight so if anyone would like to join us....

      Who is we? I work in the city :)

      *edit* I work in Sydney, on O'Connell Street, I catch the train from Wynyard at a quarter past 4, but I would be willing to hang out with some TAYbies, for a short period of time, as my train trip is two hours long

      Last edited 02/01/13 10:11 am

        Myself, Aleph and Masha. I have no idea where you're talking about. :P

        We just catch the train to Central and start exploring what's around. It's worked out okay so far.

          Why don't you all meet me at the McDonald's at Wynyard Station?

          You just take the George Street Exit, walk up the ramp and you will see the Macca's

          Email me at and send me your mobile phone number :)

          Edit* Wynyard Train Station :)

          Last edited 02/01/13 10:22 am

          Just realised I am having to stay back until 5

          So, I sadly withdraw my offer of spending time with some TAYbies, I get home much too late when I have stayed until 5pm

          I get home at like, 8pm, not the worst time, but I still have to get home, cook dinner, get ready for work the next day and all that bollocks

            Awww :-(
            One drink at least?

              I can't man, my apologies, it sucks and I am not happy about it :(

      Someone (@dc?) said you had food poisoning. I surmise that this is not the case... or at least that you're feeling better...?

        I did a few days ago. Well and truly past it now. Not sure I would have handled the century egg while under the effects of food poisoning.

          Glad you got the whole Sydney experience. Place makes me sick, too :P

    Alright, here's the trail of how I nearly died in a few pics. Gonna have to break this up to avoid mod sooo

    1 -

    Last edited 02/01/13 10:15 am

    aaand 4 -

    I didnt take enough pics, evidently.

    Ergh, so cant be effed fixing this reply up

    Last edited 02/01/13 10:17 am

      How you feeling today?

        I'm kind of in a nausea, extreme tired phase. That train trip was rough. Bought a magazine, realised reading it while on a train nearly produced vomit in under 5 minutes. Spent the rest of the ride holding back said vomit.

          Holy damn, man. Food poisoning? You go to a doctor? Hope you feel better! :S

          My first day in London back in 2007 saw me eat spaghetti and throw up over twenty times the next few days. Food poisoning? Ain't fun. Haven't eaten spaghetti since.

            Wow ._.

            We were forced to eat Stinky Tofu in China and guess what? It fucking stinks and tastes like shit... Pretty sure I got my one and only food poisoning from that, also in 2007 :P (the year of the food poisonings!)

    I installed Age of Empires II and played a little bit of it earlier (because I don't have enough games to play as it is :P).
    We need to have a Age of Empires multiplayer night sometime.

      If some bugger hadn't nicked my copy I'd be up for that. I'd love to see how I'd go now that I've played a ton of SC2.

    So, I saw the Annie musical when it was on TV over Christmas. Aside from a bootleg DVD of Wicked, it was the first (non-Buffy, non-Scrubs :P) musical I've ever seen.

    I wish I had money to go to New York. I would spend a week on Broadway.

      Not the manliest of posts. :P

      (Note: I've actually seen The Phantom of the Opera and The Lion King on Broadway. The Lion King again on West End. I suppose you'll be wanting a man card now? :P)

        Fuck man cards. And being a macho definition of "manly". :S

          That's true! I wouldn't have any left if they were a thing any way and would've missed out on some awesome stuff...

          But ... potential for Scrubs video linkage! :(

          Edit to add: I agree. Some of my favourite things are things that 'manly men' wouldn't touch. Gilmore Girls is the first example that springs to mind.

          Last edited 02/01/13 10:44 am

            Felicity! Even at the time Buffy wasn't considered manly to watch. People mocked me. :S

              First season of Felicity only.
              And Buffy? Really?

              When Farscape was big, it was touted as sci-fi for girls. True story.

              Last edited 02/01/13 10:50 am

                ALL of them. You missed The Twilight Zone episode in season two? :'(

          With that language you should be handing over your lady card :O

            I find expletives when used sparingly can emphasise how strongly I feel about something. A lady knows the right time to curse. :P

          Manliness is stupid. Being comfortable enough to express your love for musicals is manlier than marking all musicals as gay/girly.

          Side note: I fucking love musicals.

        No, but I'll snub you for a while because jealous.

        Edit: fuck, I've already replied to this comment.

        Last edited 02/01/13 10:48 am

      Have you not even seen Westside Story? D:

        I'm sorry! I know they click their fingers, does that count?

        My progress through entertainment canon is woeful. The games, books, musicals, TV shows and movies that I "should" have consumed, but haven't, is pretty epic.

        Last edited 02/01/13 10:46 am

          One thing at a time. Catch up on Musicals first. And start with Westside Story. This is your homework for the week. :P

      I was in Annie in High School. I was El Presidente.

        Blaghs was in Grease in high school. I know it caus his shirt said so.

          I was involved in the school musical throughout all of my highschool, 4 out of 5 years as a performer. Annie was definitely the most well known one we did.

        In high school I sang Tomorrow Belongs To Me from Cabaret and Three Little Maids from The Mikado. Both were great fun. We never did a whole musical though. :(

        Misread this as "I was Annie in high school". Certainly changed the tone of the post

      I've been in more musicals than I've seen. Had the biggest role in my Year 6 class' rendition of something-something-ghost-in-the-music-room-at-school, despite the fact that my singing was so bad (even by primary school standards) that they made me 'talk' in time with the music.

      Edit: TBH, not sure what that did for my confidence, because it was still lead role.

      Last edited 02/01/13 10:57 am

      Looks awesome, so does the Psychonauts movie and the...

        Grim Fandango movie.

        Disney owns Pixar AND LucasArts now. Coincidence? :P (Yes.)

        Last edited 02/01/13 10:48 am

          Haha, yeah I've heard about both of them. Really wouldnt be surprised if they are highly inspired by the games, but would be even more surprised if any part of the story or characters from the games are mentioned.

            Definitely, I've wanted a Grim Pixar movie for years, though. This is the next best thing. :P

    Howdy Tayberinos

    Hope you all had a wonderful festive seasons. I spent a good chunk of mine playing Civilisation V, and also going to the fillums.

    @shane if you've not seen it live, the Les Mis musical might be up your alley, even though I didn't super-like it- my bloggery on it is here if you want to check it out:

    So, a Monday Morning Musical Question: What video game needs to leap to Broadway/Theatre? I think Journey could be a wonderful ballet.

      Soviet arcologies! :P

      Last edited 02/01/13 10:54 am

        ... And @dc was locked in the arcology. The End.

        Seriously, I will get back to it, it just takes a bit more mental real estate than I have available atm.

          Haha! I'm sorry, man. I'll shut up about it. :D

      Saints Row Three would be a pretty special musical.

      Edit: thanks for the link - read your review and will hold out for a stage show :)

      Last edited 02/01/13 10:56 am

        There is no other answer. This is the correct answer.

      In regards to your review:

      I agree with you on the direction being a bit poor, and it also needed a much tighter screenplay. The handheld, lingering close up shots just pissed me off. I don't know why anyone thought they were a good idea. Disagree with you on the Thenardiers, I feel like they played the roles perfectly. Also disagree with you on Marius, I really didn't like him. I also thought that their Gavroche was fantastic, and Samantha Barks as Eponine was pretty rad.

        I thought Marius hit the right notes of being giddy and kind of naive. The Thenardiers just seemed too much like a caricature.

        Gavroche was really good- it's a big role for a kid and he had the right level of pluck

        There was one scene in particular with Marius that just has the camera focused super close for 2 minutes as he was singing. It ended up ruining the entire scene for me because there was nothing else going on so all I could focus on was that he has really weird ears.
        Maybe it was empty chairs at empty tables which might have had a bigger impact with me otherwise.

          The one that annoyed me the most was... What Have I Done, I think? The one with Valjean singing near the start, and he was just walking towards the shrine, and then away from it, then back in, then away, and so on, and it really bugged me.

            My biggest problem with that (and I found it for the whole start of the movie) is that they seemed to be wanting/forcing me to have a emotional connection to this person that I didn't know from a bar of soap. Maybe because it was the first time I have seen Les Mis in any form I didn't know who they were. I found it a bit heavy handed

      Nice write up but my wife will slap you for not including/recognising that the little people song was cut extremely short.

      As for the morning question I'll go a bit different. I think the deadlight could make a wonderful opera.

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