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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    Oh no, that means no awesome LE release. Plus it comes out in March. Why is everything in March? :(

      April's the crazy month for me. That's when all the Kickstarter adventure games are scheduled to hit! :S

        Oh, did I not tell you the DFA is getting delayed?

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          No, but that's probably for the best. Plenty of games on the horizon, plus the more polish the better!

        Double Fine basically said it wont be april for Reds in their last video. Having financial woes...

        Edit: errr, ok, thats what @greenius reply was about. Nevermind, nothing to see here.

        Last edited 04/01/13 9:16 pm

          Reds, eh! Interesting. (I know nothing about the game and want to keep it that way. That's the first tangible bit of information! :D)

            Reds is nothing but a codename, named after a Chinese bar!

            Double Fine have codenamed all their games after bars in Chinatown. It's the cool little info like this that make watching the doco extra awesome :D

              Oh, cool! Without spoiling, do you guys know any thing about the premise yet?

              Last edited 04/01/13 9:32 pm

                Yeah it was mentioned pretty early on.

                So far we know the designs of some characters and certain areas. Lots of concept art too but this one area was worked on extensively and featured pretty heavily.

                Last edited 04/01/13 9:42 pm

                  Oh, man. I can't wait. I remember the first time I ever heard about Grim Fandango. Hoping to get that same sense of excitement I got then when I see it. :D

                  There's a whole lot of cool stuff in Grim Fandango in the doco too, like his old notebooks filled with notes about the game and pages upon pages of him brain storming possible titles :D

                  Yeah, the doco is honestly really amazing. Every time a knew ep pops up it's mega exciting. Reaaaally loved the one with Peter Chan when they went to his place, and he went through his workflow. Was so good. Really insightful stuff, the whole series.

                  The Amnesia Fortnight stuff was excellent. I know Greenius said it won't happen for non-backers, but here's hoping I can buy a Collector's Edition with the doco after the game's released!

                  Or borrow the doco from someone anyhoo :)

                  I'll watch it eventually, some how -- at the same time I think I'll take something else away from the game going in blind too, so it's not too bad. :)

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    Thanks @blaghman!

    Perhaps, but I can always NeedilyGreedilySubtly ask for it

    (@dc he gifted me Deponia, guess what I'll be playing soon!)

      Hells yeah! We'll have to compare notes afterwards. :D Hope you like it. Blaghs is awesome!

    Sooo what are the chances of any Wizard editions of Ni No Kuni being on shelves come release date? Zero? Maybe like, 5%? Wish I preordered from EB or JB when I could so I could pick it up locally :'(

      I'm going to say 0 because it seems like both of them aren't listing it online implying that it's out of stock :(

      I think Zavvi are out too :'(

        No Zavvi and ozgameshop both have it, just not local places

          Oh cool didn't think they'd have it. At least it's not sold out everywhere. I keep forgetting that I'm importing it and will have to wait :(

      I'll draw an art book on release day for you. Official ones are overrated.

        ...can I have one?

        I think release is one day before my birthday ;D

      Wait, they are special editions of ni no kuni? Shit. I didn't know

        Yeah just the Wizard one - has some dlc, a plush, an awesome looking art book (main attraction), music cd too I believe...

          dammit, know I want it.

    Hmmm I feel really lightheaded...

    I don't usually take pain killers but I had to take 4 today as well as 2 anti-biotic pills. Pills are shifty as man, I don't trust em!

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      I felt like such a pill popper after getting mine out. Have you thrown up yet? :S

        No? o___o

        Although I do kinda feel like it...

        I have some KFC potato gravy in front of me. In fact I was feeling fine before I saw it :P. I'm waiting for it to cool down so I haven't even eaten it yet but I think this is a sign!

          This will sound gross, so I'll spoiler tag it:

          Swallowing too much blood makes you vomit, especially if you haven't eaten. I now know this from personal experience. Worst feeling ever.

          I'm glad you can eat, though. My face was messed up so badly I couldn't close my jaw for two days. :S

          Last edited 04/01/13 9:47 pm

            I didn't swallow that much blood, since my face was so swallow/numb. I also couldn't even spit it out so I just had to clean it with tissues :P

            Thanks for all the stuff though, you're my wisdom tooth buddy! I recall you had yours removed early-mid last year which is why I ask you stuff :D

      Wow this feels pretty bad :P. Don't think of it as whining or complaining but I just feel like I should let some people know in case anything goes wrong since I get all paranoid and whatnot :P. Anyways I think imma go shower then try to sleep. See y'all on the flip sides!

        Take it easy, man. You'll feel better tomorrow, slowly but surely!

      This is shock - anaesthetic's worn off and your body is like OH GOD WHERE ARE MY TEETH.

      Just take it easy. Personally I was given codiene and when I took it I felt like I was out of my fucking mind, balloons for hands and stuff. Threw that shit out and have since avoided anything with that in it.

        I think that's what I took. Feeling much better now but it never got to that level for me :P

        Holy crap, I just feel sleepy when I take anything with codiene

          Yeah it makes me feel extremely sleepy and slowed-down and generally horrible, but at the same time it would make me dizzy and nauseous. And itchy everywhere.

            You might be allergic. Mum is. It makes her vomit for about 6-9 hours.

              They're known side effects that some people have to opiates. Also codeine is pretty addictive as well so I just avoid the stuff.

    Anyone got any ideas of cures for hiccups? This is getting rather annoying.

      There is a rare blue flower that grows on the eastern slopes. Pick one of these flowers. If you can carry it to the top of the mountain you may find what you were looking for in the first place.

      Last edited 04/01/13 9:51 pm

      I find that decapitation has a 100% success rate.

        It would possibly work, but if I do that, I won't be able to go to Melbourne tomorrow.

          I didn't say there weren't one or two downsides.

    Freaks and Geeks Episode Review 101: (Title unknown, the one with the keg party) @dc

    Man oh man, so much awkward. They totally nailed the awkward desperation of teenage life. Loving this show more.

      Beers and Weirs! One of my favourites!


      Last edited 04/01/13 10:17 pm

        Oh man. So many moments.

          Always liked Millie, was good to see Sarah Hagan turn up on Buffy in season seven!

            BUFFY - that's where I've seen her. Of course. Thanks man.
            Also, Walking Dead discussion below for the morning. Sleep well! :)

    Ah, to be young on a Friday night. *refresh*

    Dammit, it's almost midnight and it's still 34 degrees.
    How am I meant to sleep with that going on

      Oh, man. Don't envy you guys, that's crazy. I suppose we'll get our turn soon enough. :S

        And another bottle of water down. No idea what time this "cool" change is meant to hit

    I kid you not, there is practically an army of insects on my bedroom ceiling right now...
    If only I had some bug spray... :(

      There's a dead army of insects on my bedroom floor and bed right now :(

    @Greenius: Xenoblade \o/

    I am now just over 5 hours in.
    I was totally not seeing them killing of Fiora right at the start, let alone in such a brutal fashion. I assume that the face robot is actually the dude who was hanging out with Dunban in the prologue bit that was voiced by Norio Wakamoto. That guy's in everything. Yes, I'm playing in Japanese. The british dub felt really wrong to me.

    Plot so far is really good, I'm starting to really enjoy the combat system and overall I think I'm hooked. Also can see how this would easily suck up 100+ hours. Hopefully not for me but we'll see. I'm enjoying this enough that I'll probably push through it until I finish and then swap to Ni no Kuni after.

      That dub is so wrong it's REYN TIME- ahem. Right. It's so wrong it's right. A few voices are done well, though.

        The JP dialogue works really nicely so I'm sticking with that.

        I wonder if there's an undub for The Last Story. Don't like the dub in that either.

          Oh god, the last story. Xenoblade was decent enough in it's voice acting, The Last Story... not so much.

      :D *resists urge to let out a huge I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO BUT YOU DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY IT BECAUSE IT'S ON THE WII, but in doing so 'sublty' said it anyway*

      How much better is it with the CCP? If you ever get around to TLS again let me know what it's like with it as I never got the chance to try it out.

    It's hot, my nose won't stop running, and my room is infested with little flying insects varying from the dead kind to the live kind. Stupid flyscreen. Sleep is not happening any time soon.

    Grrr I say, grrr.

      They're Grrrrreat!


        MM! I've been playing Isaac a lot, you should too!

          I plan on. I'm still transitioning from holiday time to work time. Also I'm weighing up whether to try and catch up on all the articles and videos I missed during my week off or start fresh. /o\

    Words of wisdom, courtesy of nos (that little punk);

    Joey doesn't share food!

    End Transmission

    Walking Dead Chapter 3

    Man. What a damn bloodbath. :( Poor Kenny.

    Lee's nightmare about Clementine got me all nice and foetal on the floor - horrific stuff. He and I share the same worst nightmare for this story. This game has tapped into my protective instinct like crazy.

    And Duck's final scenes... and then when Clementine has the gun in the stationhouse, but doesn't shoot. Manly tears, I tell you.

    This game is getting so damn bleak. I almost want to stop playing, and probably would if it wasn't so compelling at the same time. The harsh realities of what Clem is going through and will be going through soon are really starting to get to me.

    I did not shoot the girl in the street, but I admitted it was a mistake to Lilly.
    I did not abandon Lilly on the side of the road. Then she stole the damn RV.
    I did not fight Kenny. I talked him into stopping the train.
    I couldn't let Kenny shoot Duck. I took that upon myself. Took a while to do it too :(
    I didn't realise there was a choice to help Omid or Christa onto the train. I accidentally helped Christa and now they're both mad at me :P

    Last edited 05/01/13 1:31 am

      All the feels.

      My choices for that level were,
      I did shoot the girl.
      I didn't abandon Lilly.
      I did fight Kenny, but I let him beat the crap out of me (I honestly didn't know there was an option not to fight him till I finished the chapter).
      I shot Duck.
      I panicked and helped Christa.

      Oh man, must've been tough as a parent! Also Ben is the worst... I'm sad you didn't mention Carley! Nooooo :'(

        See! So much heartache in that chapter, I forgot to mention that bit

      Haha, I didn't realise the Omid/Christa thing was a choice either! It all happened so quickly that I thought the only options were to 'yell' at them so I didn't end up helping either... Just stood there going "Hurry! Quick!" :P

      We made exactly the same choices!

    Just got back from seeing The Hobbit. My review, which no one will read because it's the weekend.

    First, every review I've seen about The Hobbit seems to focus first and foremost on the whole 48 frames thing and ignores the actual plot, acting etc, so I'm going to leave speaking about 48 frames till later in the review. I'll also be fairly spoilery, so heads up.

    I liked it, but felt it was a lot more sillier than the LOTR films and I didn't enjoy it as much as them. I could forgive having the dwarves sing a silly song and throw things around the table, but there's no way I can forgive a sled pulled by rabbits, which had absolutely no place in the film.
    The story was good, as was the acting, but those silly moments really held the film back for me. I'm okay having occasional sillyness in an otherwise serious film, LOTR had that, but in The Hobbit it felt a bit too prominent and in your face for my liking. It also did feel quite video gamish at times. My sister liked that, but I'm not too sure I did. Pacing was a little slow as it's obviously being drawn out so they can make more films, but I didn't mind that at all.
    Now onto the 48 frames thing. First up, we were told the 48 frames was supposed to help with the 3D, but the film didn't really feel like it was in 3D at all. I mean, it had some depth, but it didn't have anything coming towards you so it was hard to tell if 48 frames helped with that at all. The entire film felt sped up, like it was playing at the first fast forward level. It did look more realistic, and I really liked that. I see comments about how it looked really unprofessional and shot on someones hand camera but I didn't feel that at all. CGI looked really good in some parts, terrible in others. The review that was posted on Kotaku a while back said that 48 frames worked best with the CGI, but I feel the opposite. I think it worked best with the non CGI elements and caused the CGI stuff to look too much like gaming graphics at certain times, or at least I assume the 48 frames was the cause of this. It was more the little special effects that looked worst, like Gandalf leaving the symbol on Bilbo's door, but some of the larger stuff also didn't look too great. The orcs and goblins looked okay, but they felt too clean. The LOTR orcs and goblins had this grittiness to them that really worked and made them seem like this stinking, scary, evil enemy. The Hobbit's orcs and goblins felt too clean, too smooth skinned. It actually reminded me a lot of the way the Darkspawn in Dragon Age changed between DA:O and DA2 with the new artstyle they went with.
    So overall, I did like it, I loved the 48 frames but felt they needed to slow everything down a bit and the CGI was a bit of a hit and a miss and I have no idea if that's because of the 48 frames or because it was just poor CGI in spots.

      I would read it but I haven't seen The Hobbit, sorry mang! I do read your posts though as would D.C., the other fellow weekend holiday refresher

        Except I didn't read this one, because of Hobbit related subject matter. :P

    So, anyone seen the trailer for that "Noobz" movie?


    If not ... just don't

      I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it's an actual trailer for an actual movie, it just seems too much like a parody of awful Hollywood movies, trailers and gamer stereotypes.

    Oh man, before I left tonight my Gravatar was still Maiden in Black but sometime while I was gone it decided to finally change to the green one I originally changed to earlier when I was being all evangelical about Xenoblade like Greenius. Thanks, Gravatar but I don't need it any more. :P

    Nightwish were pretty good tonight but it was weird seeing them with Floor Jansen. She's an awesome singer (and she sang Ghost Love Score impressively well) but she just doesn't fit right. Anette was such an incredibly good frontwoman when I saw them a year ago that I'm kind of saddened she isn't still with them. But then again, everything's okay because Troy. ( )
    Troy is still awesome, and his beard is getting pretty epic now. Wish I could hug him again like on 70000 Tons, he was a good hugger. :D

      Last edited 05/01/13 3:18 am

      I swear mobile TAY had messed up and gave you my gravatar!

      Slightly different shade though!

      Sounds awesome, don't have any thing to contibute beyond that. :P

    I just accidentally beat my first ultimate score in FF Theatrythm.

    I only jumped in it expecting to instantly fail but to make expert mode seem slow paced. It was only a FMS so I don't know if it really counts.

    Hey Chrome iOS users, any idea how I can turn off Google's search history?

    I don't mind browsing history being saved or search suggestions but it's annoying when big purple previously searched terms pop up while I'm trying to look for other stuff I know I can clear it but I want to disable it, any ideas?

    I used to be able to do it fine in Safari but I just can't seem to find the option on Chrome. Decided to use Cheome now as it's slightly quicker on mobile TAY.



      Here's what you do;

      Open Chrome > go into settings (hit the drop down menu thingy next to the URL bar) > go privacy > go down to Web Services and turn show suggestions off, that should fix the issue.

      An upvote isn't an answer Virus__! :P

      But Chrome does kinda feel slightly better but still freezes when I try to type a reply on a page with lots of comments... weird. The freeze is just shorter :P

      You're on an iPhone 4 aren't you? Weird that my iPhone 4S is struggling...

      EDIT: lol damnit! Your reply wasn't there when I wrote this, now I just look silly. Will try that out now.

      EDIT 2: Yeah, that was already turned off before I posted this. Past searches are still showing in that purple coloured text and it's still auto suggesting things for me to search as I'm typing (I don't mind this).

      Last edited 05/01/13 9:40 am


        Yeah an iPhone 4, it freezes slightly. But I didn't see it as something of an issue.

        I don't think you can even turn that off on the desktop version?


    Morning Gang

      Spaghett! Hope you're well! Hope Sam's well! Hope everyone's well!

    I had a dream last night that I flew down to Melbourne for my tennis trip, but I got lost at the airport. But then @greenius picked me up in a helicopter and took me to his house which turned out to be a massive water-front mansion.

    That's all I can remember, but I imagine the rest of the dream played out like the plot of Richie Rich.

    Last edited 05/01/13 8:57 am

      Did I look like a stereotypical Asian guy?



        Now that you mention it... (no :P)

        You know how in dreams you know that someone is there, but you never actually see them? So weird, man.

          Creepius even in dreams, always around but never seen

          I had some weird dreams the other night :P. One of them involved a bunch of people sitting in some sort of room watching some Asian guy who was ranked #1 in Pokemon, battle live. He completely destroyed his opponent and bragged about it on Twitter before accidentally leaving his phone behind. Since he was on the seat next to me, I could read his notifications :P

          I think some TAYbies were there too but no real names/faces I can remember except for @masha2932 who I've never met and just looked like a stereotypical black guy... oops. I think I also made some black jokes. SORRY!


    Sine Mora is $2 on GMG if you use this 20% off code GMG20-PJFEW-Y16HK

    Seems like an alright game and the one review I saw of it (IGN) made it look pretty cool

    I need discussion buddies for it too :P

    morning all, It's only 9:30 and I've done my one exciting thing for the day. sold my car for scrap, kind of annoyed that they'd mixed up the times and decided that my car was an older model than it really was so I lost a quarter of the agreed upon price. Time to send a mildly annoyed email!

    Edit because I just remembered, I had a pretty cooldream last night. I'd gone back to my high school for a reunion or something and all 300 of us got given nerf guns and told that if you got shot you'd become a zombie and that the last one standing would win something ... it was a foamy massacre! Myself and a few others ended up making it to the library and thought we were safe, but we had a traitor amongst us who left one of the doors open. So we're all running and we see a helicopter coming in and then it glitched through the floor and we all got eaten. It showed a game over screen and everything ... then I got woken up by the doorbell

    Last edited 05/01/13 10:04 am

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