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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    Heading home in a few hours. Been a good trip. Seen and eaten some interesting things. Met some great people. Kind o sad to go but definitely looking forward to getting home and seeing the wife and kids again. It's been too long.

      Such an awesome adventure, man. Have a safe flight and all of that!

      I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you! /o\

        Boooo! I kept telling everyone itd be cool to meet you, but you kept hiding >:(

          I had (still have) family over and apparently that means I'm not allowed a social life! D:

        Worst internet stranger ever.

          I like that DC is upvoting these hahaha

          "Booo! Hissss!!" (DC from the corner of the room somewhere)

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      #leavingfreezebehind :'(

        You're going to meet Strange next week, man! Exciting times!

          Didn't he already meet me? :P

            It's like a new adventure every time. Also, I haven't eaten breakfast. :P



            No, he met the real Strange. The real one doesn't have a green gravatar. Faker. :P

    It's been a great start to the year for games recommendations! So many people enjoying Walking Dead and Xenoblade!

    If only they would play Jurassic Park: The Game too...

      Jurassic Park: The Game is great, I might have to put some screenshots up

      The Telltale adventure game Jurassic Park? I have the LE version of that that was made up to look like a welcome pack for new employees at the park.

      Gave it to my sister.

    Happy 21st, @alexpants! (TAY style!) Hope the year treats you awesomely, man!

    What games you end up getting on the ol' Wii U?

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      Damnit D.C.!

      I was going to write a TAY post a few hours ago then forgot... Then said it to Pants on Twitter and then thought I'd do a TAY post anyway... then forgot again :D

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        Your codiene addiction has gotten out of hand!

        Last edited 05/01/13 10:41 am

      Oh I forgot to answer the question!

      Just Nintendo Land which came with it, I bought Mario for myself yesterday in anticipation. Later, Scribblenauts and ZombiU!

    @scree - I replied to your Ni No Kuni thing here

    but basically yes, Wizards Edition with stuff.

      Ozgameshop - $115

      Scree we've (TAY) been talking about it for ages!

      Pretty sure it's sold out locally but it was $140 anyway so importing is cheaper if you don't mind the wait.

      EDIT: Oh man I just found out the book is smaller than I expected and it's not really an art book but just has facts and stuff on the game. It's beefy as though and full on text so should still be good!

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        I'll try GT as they tend to import and then I can layby it

      Zavvi - about 71.99 pounds or $110 (after using the 10% coupon on the page)

      I preordered it thru EB (blergh) because I wanted to guarantee I'd get it. OzGameShop didn't list it for months and I don't trust Zavvi.

        Yeah Ive had good experience with zavvi, but hard to deny people having lots of stories about long deliveries and such. Probably will go with ozgameshop when I has moneys.

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent is 75% off on Steam today, I'm too much of a coward to play it (THE CHARACTER SHARED MY NAME! :S), but I hear it's good. Sequel's out this year too! Heads up!

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      Thanks for reminding me I need to re-install steam! ;)

        YESS!! Haha! I always see this in Double Fine around the place and really wanted one :D :D

        $30 with postage is pretty darn good...

        Edit: I am relatively poor but holy shit is that gonna look good when it arrives on my shelf :D Thanks so much for the heads up DC!

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          Looks like his compartment is hollow in the middle too. You could store stuff, man. Inventory stuff!

          Edit: Actually, might just be darker fabric. Never mind. :P

          Last edited 05/01/13 11:26 am

            No youre right, is says in the description you can store stuff in him :)


        I need one of these! So cute.

          Haha! I want one too! Makes me want to retry the game again and see if I like the puzzles better the second time around. :P

          Fucking hell!

          Me: I don't remember saying that...


    I have to share this again. My sister made this for me and it's so amazing I can't get over it.

      I already said it on twitter, you dont get two out of me

      Why did she draw you a picture of a hobo who recently broke into Elton John's glasses cabinet?

    Ok.. just re-installed steam after my xmas .. fun.. :|
    Anyway, I've got like 7 copies of DOTA2 in my inventory.. I already own it, so who wants one?>!

      Dont do it now if you're poor welbot, its a trap!!

      Last edited 05/01/13 11:23 am

        well I am indeed poor, but having 7 extra copies of the same game isn't going to make me money, so I might as well give them away!

          I think he's talking about the re-installing of Steam! :D

            ahhh well under normal circumstances, I would agree, but it's not gonna be too hard for me since I have no money to spend anyway. They can tempt me all they want, I can't afford to buy anything ;)

              That's what I told myself too.

              But then I found $20 dollars. :P



      You know you've put a bit too much lemon juice in your chicken marinade when you take it out of the fridge and the surface of the chicken is 'cooked'.

        ... You mean like lemon juice on kfc?

    HAHAHA! Thats pretty good...

    What's everyone playing this weekend? I'm between games and starting to get restless on that front! :D

      Bought Duke Nukem: Forever this morning, so currently installing that!

      A little bit of whatever I feel like, probably some League of Legends, might play some more Crash Team Racing, Tf2 seems unlikely but always a possibility.

      How about you?

        Not sure, man. Kind of feel like playing a Heavy Rain/The Walking Dead/Dreamfall/Fahrenheit type of game, but I seem to have played them all. :S I suspect I'll end up thinking about what to play all day instead of actually playing any thing. :P

          You haven't played Jurassic Park!

          ha. :P

            And somehow I can still sleep at night. Haha!

            Could replay Uncharted? I've been thinking about that awesome Fort for a while now and feel like exploring it again! :D

            Last edited 05/01/13 1:24 pm

              Don't worry Jobalen said he'll buy everyone copies!

                Jurassic Park looks like an extension of Back to the Future, the game that made me stop liking Telltale. If it wasn't for The Walking Dead, I'd still feel that way. :D

                Last edited 05/01/13 2:05 pm

                  JP is more like Walking Dead than BttF, which I thought was horrible. But it's not really in the same league as Walking Dead, if I'm honest.

                  It's definitely made for JP fans though. It's basically a sequel to the first movie (and I thought the story was just as good). Sort of a mix of Heavy Rain (quicktime events to 'move' during action scenes) and Walking Dead (very simple, infrequent puzzles and conversation pieces [though less of a focus]).

                  BUT, I'm bias :P I'm not going to force you!

                  Last edited 05/01/13 4:38 pm

      Persona 4: Golden, Far Cry 3, Okami HD and celebrated Pants' Wii U day by playing Mario U which once again, only made me want Rayman more!

      Will probably start Deponia too :D

        Deponia! Not too late to buy Scratches too, though! :P

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      I'll be at work for most of the weekend but I'm hoping I can get a chance to play some demos. I want to try Sound shapes before the sale on the US PSN store ends. Also, I want to catch up on the PS+ games I wasn't able to download while I was away from home.

        Oh you saw that? :D

        I thought it was on sale for our store too but it wasn't :(, would've been good since I could play it on the Vita too.

        Which PS+ games are you taking about?

          Oh, sorry, I meant download not catch up on for the PS+ games. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss any during the week I was away from home :-)

          I think it's Chronovolt and NBA Jam for the US and Bioshock 2, guardians of middle earth and gotham city for AU. I think that's all. If I missed anything please let me know.

            Ah yes, have AU swapped over yet? We also get Jet Set Radio and some others later on in the month.

            Btw when does your US sub run out? We should finish all your US games by then! :D

            Last edited 05/01/13 6:13 pm

              I think it expires in June. That's a good idea though, it's the perfect motivator :-)


                They* don't call me Greenius the genius for nothing!

    First ever eBay purchase \o/ I'm so with the times!

    Hopefully that battery is here by middle of next week. 37 bucks for a compatible battery for my MacBook with a 3 year warranty is boss. Beats Apple's limited 1 year warranty and 150 bucks.

    Just a reminder to everybody who was waiting till the end of the steam sale to get things not on daily deals, today is the last day to grab things.

    Got my eye on a few things, mostly DLC for me at the moment. Was tempted by I am alive but didn't rate well and considering what else I have to play I figured I would give it a miss. I just need to remember what it was that I planned to get.
    Then maybe see what is left over in my wallet and who needs this

      Mum would love that game. Would you know if you can run it on a tablet?

        Uhh, Scree, that game already exists, it's called Bejeweled

          she already has jeweled. This one is different, it has butterflies!

      I think it ends tomorrow, because it ends the 5th in America land, which is Sunday for us!

        HOLIDAY SALE! Offer ends in 10:01:49
        As of now so most offers seem to end at 5am tomorrow morning

    I had fun at the beach.
    It was terrible.

    Actually it was quite good! I haven't been to the beach in... I don't know how long. I didn't go once last summer :P I get laughed at though for putting on sunscreen every 5 seconds. I don't want to get burnt, jerks!

    So yeah. Now I'm sufficiently cooked, let's play some dem gaems.

      I'm not a beach kind of guy myself, my white as Christmas snow chest would blind every one any way. :P

        Man, I have a very pronounced shirt and shorts tan from when I got sunburnt a while back. So embarrassing :P

      You went out... in sunlight?


        I had to wear a towel burqa on the walk home because my face was getting burnt...

    OK, srsly. This is the threshold of Adventure Time becoming crap. Everyone has to stop quoting it, stop carrying on about how amazing it is, and just appreciate it. No more sharing with every woman and child how great it is. Just like it and keep it to your self. You're ruining it for me and I'm nearly hating it. End rant.

      I was not into Adventure Time before it was cool to not be into it :p

      Adventure Time?
      What's that?

        Haha. If it weren't for TAY, I would probably have never even heard of Adventure Time.

          Same here! Regular Show and Gravity Falls too!

          I'm just not cool when it comes to these things. :P

          Last edited 05/01/13 4:49 pm

          I should probably also note that I've never watched Adventure Time so I have no idea what is a quote/reference and what isn't :P

            Most used ones are probably

            oh my glob!

              If I hear 'oh my glob' one more time, I swear. That line has forever been unfunnied thanks to people.

      The cake is a lie! This was a triumph! Lemons! I must admit, I really don't like when stuff like this turn into memes. Must come from a place of collective enthusiasm originally, though. I'm sure no one intends to run the things they like into the ground.

      *D.C. begins to worry that he talks too much about his favourite things.*

      Last edited 05/01/13 4:50 pm

        Spec Ops, much

          I was thinking adventure games and television. (SIX FEET UNDER!) I'll add Spec Ops to the list. My hermit lifestyle too. :P

          Last edited 05/01/13 5:14 pm

      Wait, are you mad at the show itself or the people who watch and then reference the show?

        I think one can impact the other, even if it's not fair on the show. Kind of like The Simpsons quotes. So overexposed, causes something that was once funny to seem repetitive.

          Not the manliest of explanations...

            I guess this joke doesn't work since that was NEVER funny!


      I probably shouldn't tell you my cake is LSP-themed...

        You just pushed the man over the edge! Also, what's a LSP?

      i don't watch adventure time so I can't tell you anything about it!
      i do love them ponies though

    Went and got a new pair of fans from bunnings. One of them has a defective part, got to take it back. But assembled the other one and OMG it's like a portable hurricane.

      Do modern fans have an auto-off timer sort of system? I should probably buy one for my room for hot nights...

        I don't think there's been any innovations in fan technology since they were invented. :P

          Bladeless fans say hello :P

          But there's like one fan in this house and it's decades old so I have no idea if fan timers are even a thing :P

            Those bladeless fans are a joke. They move less air than a normal one and they aren't actually bladeless - the fan is in the base.

      Oh man, the ceiling fan in my room, it has 5 levels. 1-3 are basically the same and 4 is fast. 5 starts a mini-hurricane in my room.

      Last edited 05/01/13 5:38 pm

    Also I dismantled an old trampoline today. Ruined my hands trying to undo the springs by brute force, but eventually realised the canvas part was too worn to be safe and so I cut it and it basically disintegrated whenever I touched a knife to it. Shame I didn't think of that before I ruined my thumb. :(

      Was it a real trampoline? or one of those safe wimpy ones with the net?

        Springs and a metal frame. So yes. And it was a real bitch to dismantle too.

    I think I have overgrindeded in Persona 3: FES. All the enemies run away from me when I get close. /o\

      I too have overgrindededed in Persona 4. I'm only a few levels higher but going from being almost 10 levels under, made the whole game a bit easier :D

      Nothing runs away though but they're pretty small shadows!

        It's funny, for a while the giant shadows would run away from me but the super tiny ones would fight me. =P

          Thank god for auto battle!

          But damn those repel physical shadows :(

            Overgrinding in Persona also! I'm aiming for 100

    Stumbled across this on shuffle

    Oooo yer

      Music spoilers :P

        Not really! It just says Final Boss Music and I even read the comments to make sure they weren't spoilery!!

        ...unless you mean by listening to the song before reaching that point in the game as spoiled, then yes, I guess so :P

        Last edited 05/01/13 6:24 pm

    Man, in every direction outside all I can see (and smell) is smoke. Tassie isn't used to this kind of thing! I have no idea where the smoke up north is coming from though. Are there big bushfires in Victoria too? Smoke usually drifts over from there. I feel terrible for the people down in the Tasman Peninsula. Literally the only way out is by boat. They're cut off from the rest of the state.

    In slightly happier news, I bought Game Maker a little while ago! I think I'm finally at the point where I've played around with it enough to make a proper game. I'm gonna have to do some planning!

      Good luck with the game, I hope all you folks are safe. :)

        Thanks :) We're fine where we are, but we do have friends who had to evacuate yesterday. I think they're safe at the moment though.

          There was a fire in Victoria yesterday, but none today. Haven't the fires settled down now?

      Good luck!
      I did a three year course on gaming so if you want help, I'm happy to!

        My biggest hurdle right now is artwork. I'm not quite sure how useful my Java knowledge (got the highest score in my school for Computer Science in year 11) will be here but if I get stuck, I'll take you up on that offer :)

        I'm still deciding whether or not to do games design to fill in my electives for uni this year. It's either that or accounting.

          You're in luck =P I'm an artist XD
          I'll have to re-download Maya if you're looking at 3D

          Stuff here

          also, speak to Sughly, as he has released his own game called anna's Quest

          Last edited 05/01/13 6:19 pm

            Only 2D for now :P

            On the 3D subject though, is Maya better for creating artwork than 3DS max? I find it incredibly easy to use, while Maya is incredibly complicated.

              you know to use PNGs, yeah?

              With 3DS and Maya I think it's what you're more used to. I'm used to Maya because that's what I started with, however i did also learn how to use 3ds Max as Neverwinter nights 2 used it.

                I've been lectured many, many times on file types by my brother :P He refuses to help me make anything, but he's the master of telling me when what I've done is wrong :(

                  oh sorry, I just wanted to make sure.

                  Just didn't want you to make a jpeg mistake

                  Wow scree, so kind - giving Ben J the .gif of knowledge!

                  I have made that unfortunate mistake way too many times :P

                  A lot of people don't realise that jpegs automatically create white background, rendering it useless.

                  @greenius hardy har har

                  @scree @benj JPEG is bad for game sprites because of how the compression works - it will introduce blurring and stuff in addition to not supporting transparency. PNG or GIF is better. Ideally PNG. Or even BMP assuming you can compress your assets.

          What course are you doing?

            Bachelor of Information Systems

            There's 8 free electives though so I'm gonna make another major out of it. Games design does sound a lot more interesting than accounting, but accounting could always be helpful. Or possibly finance.

              Is that IT related?

              I'm doing a Bachelor of Business but I'm boring and doing elective subjects that benefit my degree (other business ones). I'm not even doing things I'm good (or at least better in) at or enjoy :P. You can either pick really easy stuff to boost your average, pick stuff you enjoy or pick stuff that will benefit your degree.

              That being said, I had to take first year Accounting and it's as you've guessed... pretty shitty. It can be pretty easy if you understand what's going on though and I thought I failed my exam but ended up getting 74% for the unit with minimal effort :P :D. I think it's only really helpful if you're going to do Accounting otherwise you're better off with something general like Finance or some quantitative skills like Econometrics (both of my majors).

              I only decided on a Bachelor of Business and those Majors because they seem pretty broad and don't limit me to one area.

              Good luck babby!

                Pretty much half of a Info Systems degree is business electives anyway :P (including first year accounting) It's partly IT related, but focuses on the business side of it. It's mostly business/systems analysis, project management, database and excel spreadsheet kind of stuff.

                  Fun! :P

                  I assume this will be your first year of Uni?

                  I finished my 2nd year of a 3 year course last year and I found University wayyyyyyy easier than high school. So much more laid back and I'm getting good grades doing jack all :P


                  Mega fun! Yeah, this is my first year. Could've been 2nd but silly me thought a gap year would be the best idea ever (was not!)

                  School has gotten easier and easier every year I find! I breezed though year 11 and 12 (college here). Easiest 2 years of my life.

                  Other way round for me :P. Everything was a breeze until we started approaching year 12 where every single little piece of assessment mattered...

                  But during exams at the end of year 12 I had given up and still got in my course easily :D

                  I'd love a gap year but I want to get this shit out of the way ASAP :P. Then my whole life can be a gap year! (not really - unless I win big at the lottery, PLZ MAKE THIS HAPPEN)

                  Now that you've said that it'll never happen soz :P

              Just be careful not to pick all your fun and interesting electives at once or you'll end up like I did, doing nothing but horrible subjects in your final year!

              (Ignore this if you choose Accounting. None of that is fun :P)

    Home again home again jiggity jig.

      Welcome back, man! You've been missed! Now for your week and a half write-up. :P

      freeeze! welcome back =D

      I was going to say to come to Melbourne but then remembered you were when PAX is on. Man... PAX is gonna be awesomeee! (no idea about PAX itself but meeting TAYbies will be :D!)

      @Dc will even be there!

      Last edited 05/01/13 7:04 pm

        ... :'(

          PAX South!

          Friday and Sunday tickets still available. Get them quick!

          Last edited 05/01/13 6:47 pm

        I thought I'd have a look at prices. $244 for flights, $100 for Friday + Sunday, plus god knows what for accommodation. A teeny bit out of my price range :(

        Damn :P

          What about the spirit of Tasmania?

            That would be $198 but require another night of accommodation (they don't seem to travel sunday nights) + trip to Devonport so flights would still be cheaper I think.

              Fair enough. I live near where they have PAX, so I'm pretty lucky

                Oh, man. Remember when there was all that speculation that it was going to be in Brisbane? That was a nice couple of days. (Haha! It would've been a stupid choice, but I wouldn't complain. :P)

                  At least this Hermit can go \o/

                Jealous :P

                We did get that Game On thing a couple of years ago, so I shouldn't complain! It was pretty damn cool.

                I checked Jetstar (ugh) and the flights from them are $158. I'll consider that. It's fairly reasonable.

                  You could also just buy it for one day! (perhaps the first?)

                  Some people are only going for a couple of days while some of us have 3 day passes.

                  Last edited 05/01/13 8:04 pm

    I want to start watching Doctor Who. I keep hearing 9 and 2005 or something? Not sure whether that's season 9, 9th doctor etc. but I guess I should start there?


      I have access to all of "New" Doctor Who (*and I plan to watch it), I just have other things I want to watch first, like Breaking Bad.

      Last edited 05/01/13 7:53 pm

      My understanding is that you want to watch the ones that Stephen Moffat was responsible for. Which as far as I can tell was the 2005 revival, starting with the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston).

      Isn't Google a wonderful tool? I haven't watched a single episode.

        Yup found that out and started downloading the episodes before anyone replied.

        Just helping out my buddy @dc by starting up some discussion!

          I'm not fond of Doctor Who. I like my sci-fi a little more grounded in reality. :D

            Not so much discussion that you can partake in, but discussion as in new comments to feast your refreshing eyes upon :D

    I need to go through the next few months game releases and budget. :(

      What's on the list?

      Just know that stuff like BioShock, Tomb Raider will drop in price really quickly.

        At the moment I've already pre-purchased Tomb Raider and got Ni no Kuni preordered. Also Hyperdimension Neptunia V direct from NISA.

        Stuff I am definitely getting:
        - Bioshock Infinite
        - Atelier Ayesha (shame we won't probably get a nice LE since Tecmo Koei is publishing instead of NISA)
        - The Last of Us

        Stuff I am very interested in getting:
        - Fire Emblem
        - Soul Sacrifice
        - SimCity

        Stuff I am kind of interested in but maybe not day 1:
        - Devil My Cry (I like Ninja Theory but I never got into DMC)
        - Dead Space 3 (need to finish 1&2)
        - Gears of War Judgement
        - Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (Rumor has it this is coming in English so waiting for that)
        - Aliens: Colonial Marine (Only if I can get it cheap because it looks bad)
        - Etrian Odyssey IV (I don't know if I have spare time for it though)

        Things I know are coming in 2013 but don't have dates but I will buy when they release:
        - Toki to Towa / Time & Eternity
        - Tales of Xillia
        - Disgaea Dimension 2
        - The Witch & The Hundred Knights (unless it sucks)
        - Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
        - Whatever scraps of Ys or Legend of Heroes that Xseed throws our way
        - I guess I'll probably grab the FFXIII Lightning thing eventually but only if I play through XIII and XIII-2 first.

        Stuff that's out but I want to get at some point when the price / time is right:
        - AC3 Liberation
        - Ragnarok Odyssey
        - Dead or Alive 5
        - Soul Calibur V
        - Virtues Last Reward

          Sounds like it's going to be fun budgeting! :P

            March is the tricky month. Everything is in March. It's almost a relief that with NISA not handling Atelier any more, there won't be an expensive LE and I'll probably be able to just import the PAL release at the start of the month. Shame though because I'd have really liked and artbook & soundtrack for the game - I love Hidari's style, and from what I've heard of it it's probably got the best soundtrack Gust has done since Ar Tonelico III.

    So I have this weird bug with my iPhone below 60% battery life the home button doesn't work all the time. Potential iOS 6.1 bug? Anyone able to help me..

    Just have become reacquainted with why I stopped posting on the Adventure Gamers forum. People are so damn stubborn.

      Hahaha! Ah yep, good ol days...

        Someone accused me of being detached and liking Myst, because I didn't hate Deponia. :P

          There is nothing wrong with Myst.. Something wrong with that person.

          Yeah, quickly remembering the forums again now myself

      Tell me about it! Some people are so stubborn they still refuse to believe we like them, after all this time.... :P

        That's not stubborness, just a healthy mixture of mental illness and low (no) self-esteem!


        Last edited 05/01/13 8:45 pm

          But I hugged you and everything! What more proof do you need?! :P

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