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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    Steam Sales loot; Farming Simulator 2013, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Castle Crashers, Max Payne 3, Dead Rising 2 Complete Pack, Spec Ops: The Line, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, Crysis, Duke Nukem Forever & Sleeping Dogs.

    Not a bad little haul. Already finished 2 of the games as well, that being Max Payne 3 & Spec Ops. Almost finished Tony Hawk, but it reaaally needs a controller.

      All I bought was Mirror's Edge. $2.50 was a good price to re-buy it so I could put the PS3 version in a box for later.

      I didn't buy any thing. :S

        Bad DC! Go buy something to make up for it :P

          I'm still working through the games Shane gifted me from the GOG sales!

            Watch Indie Game: The Movie, play The Binding of Isaac!

      The only thing I've bought is Mark of the Ninja. And that's only because I still had Steam Wallet funds left over from the last sale where I didn't buy anything :P

      Let's see ... Amnesia, Bastion, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Castle Crashers, All the Grand Theft Autos, Killing Floor, Nation Red, Psychonauts, Terraria, The Walking Dead

        Ah the GTA collection <3 I'm replaying GTA IV for the 4th or 5th time at the moment. 170 hours logged =D

    steam doesn't work on Tablets =(

      Well it is available for Android & iOS, but you can't play games, just use the friends interface, store etc.

        Yes, but that's kind of the most important part.

          Yes, but you said Steam didn't work on tablets. When it clearly does, silly Scree! :P

    I've just decided to throw all of my Garbage albums into PotPlayer, and hit shuffle on it.
    Best decision ever.

    Turned on Pokemon Black 2 today. Cant help but feel like I wish I raised cooler looking pokemon :'(

      So fugly... Which Pokedudes you have?

      Also I put that game on hold for a few months while I work on others. I'll go back to it... soon... maybe...

      Last edited 06/01/13 12:09 am

        Urrrr... not sure, I gave them all weird names. Umm... I dumped my starter when he had his last evo caus the back of head looked freakishly bulbous. The ice one. Wtf is wrong with that last evo?? But my mains are that Tree reindeer thing that changes in seasons, the ice cream one (I never got to train it actually, and am loving him, hes cool), the red and blue spikey rock thing (hes cool too), theee electric eel thing (got him caus I thought hed be electric AND water, turns out no water, you lamo), Audino (remembered one name! he sucks a bit), and that fire bug thing from the sand place, who is my fave. phew.

          Volcarona is like, the beastliest thing there is. Especially after it learns Quiver Dance at lvl59. Raises Sp.Attack, Sp.Defence AND Speed all in one move!

      It's not too late, you know! B2W2 are the easiest games in the series to catch-up level weaker guys!

        It's not the saaaaame! I feel like I should stick to them... except the reindeer one, considering dumping him. He's freaking me out.

    Oh, man. I watch a two hour movie and there's like three new TAY posts. *shakes fist*

      What movie?

        Super 8! I've always loved 2/3 of it and thought it got weird in the last act, but now I like it almost the whole way through! Damn, those kids can act! :D

        Last edited 06/01/13 12:12 am

          I really enjoyed that movie. Had a great Goonies vibe to it. :D

            Yeah, weirdly captures childhood nostalgia from both the '80s and '90s some how. I love how the group of kids in those movies are always the same. Smart kid, wise kid, fat kid, unhinged kid, coward kid. Pretty girl. Haha! I like J.J. Abrams attention to detail!

            Last edited 06/01/13 12:19 am

          Nailed it before you said "but". Last third was atrocious, lost it completely. First two thirds were great.

            That street battle in town with the random explosions still kills the pacing every time!

              I just remember everything to do with that necklace had my head in my hand. So dumb and cheesy and dumb and just NO.

                Yeah, I think I said it at the Freeze BBQ, but it's basically J.J. Abrams attempting to be Spielberg and Spielberg LOVES the sentimental. :D

    The Basement Collection is pretty cool guy.

    Just finised Aether and I'm gonna move onto the others later. There's tons of bonus content too - which is something I friggen love!

    Speaking of which, I didn't know the Journey Collector's Edition had bonus content like developer commentary, concept art, soundtracks and a 30-min Journey doco as well as other stuff. So now I'm super keen on picking that up now... but it's $30 at Amazon (so extra +$10 for shipping :( ) and it was $15 in late November :'(

    I'm really surprised at how much content The Basement Collection has! This Q&A audio has gone on for ages :D (listening to it as I type this). Just found the folder with the Q&A audio and there's like 2 hours worth for 5 games :D... wooo!

    Last edited 06/01/13 12:11 am

      I've only just gotten through spewer ... the last chapter is equal parts rage inducing and really simple. Good old newgrounds flash games

    Just watched Immortals. The decision may or may not have been influenced by clicking on a PopSugar thing at the bottom of the page about shirtless guys in movies when I was bored earlier today. :P

      Maybe you're PopSugar's target demographic! Exists only for Strange! :D

        God I hope not! I felt icky looking at the article but for some reason I still looked at all hundred and thirty odd pictures....

          I feel like I need to tell Ryan Gosling's thumbnail down there to put a shirt on, damn it. >:|

            Me too! But only because he is very much not my type. :P

            No you dont (awww its not there any more)

              Haha! You're a complicated guy, Sughly! :D

    In other news, the little toe on my left foot is completely numb. Has been all day. Devoid of feeling. It's like the other person's finger when you do the dead man's finger trick.
    I really hope it's just a side effect of standing up for 5 hours straight with no respite last night and not the onset of something like leprosy. :P

      Maybe it's defected from your foot, starting its own foot!

        Eek! If I have nightmares tonight I'm going to get hypnotised so I can remember your address and turn up on your doorstep to freak you out. :P

        Ha ha ha. Strange looks at pictures of Ryan Gosling, gets numb toe.

    Anyone who thought I was mad raving about Troy Donockley last night should watch this, or at the very least the first minute or two.

    It's video my husband took last night but even though I was standing right next to him it's still a slightly better view than I had because he's tall. :P

      That lady has good stage presence... feels like she's staring directly at you!

        Yeah yeah, the lady is pretty and all DC, but what about the first guy?! The guy that plays all the weird instruments?

    So I just went hunting for some samples from the Atelier Ayesha soundtrack because I heard it was pretty good.

    And it really is.

    Suddenly super hyped.

    Sleep time! Good night, folks. You're all so damn awesome! (Maybe not @shane, cause there's no Walking Dead/Freaks & Geeks update today! *shakes fist*) :P

      Staring creepily at DC's avatar, 'I always keep my promise D.C.' *refresh*

      I'M SORRY! :(

      I'm writing one now. These TWD eps take longer than the advertised 2 hours dagnabbit.
      Damn value for money :P

      Edit: it's up now. Read it to see if you think I'm awesome.

      Don't feel especially awesome. After siding with the majority this time, I feel a bit average! :P

      Last edited 06/01/13 1:32 am

    Sydney folk a re perty fanstiatc.
    Pants wants to vomit. Batgirl motorbuats sohulder. #35 kisses me and I kiss Doc. I als olick shigg. Good timed.

      Also no ripping of shirts next time.
      Rather no wearing sod shirt tha tare bael to be ripieod open.

    @dc Here it is, man. We didn't watch Freaks and Geeks tonight (spend the evening updating the kids' diaries instead).

    The Walking Dead: Episode Four spoilers

    Fucking shitball cliffhanger. It's 1:16 am and I need sleep, but I gotta know what happens. Guess I'll stick to one chapter per day, but that's a sucky way of doing things. Can only imagine the irritation of a monthly (or greater) release schedule.

    So Lee is going to die. And soon. That upsets me a lot. What the hell is going to happen to Clementine? :( I don't know what to expect from this radio guy, but what I expect and what I hope are pretty much polar opposites :P

    ...Not that this thing was ever going to have a happy ending, but fuck, man. To have it laid out with such certainty before the last chapter even begins :( :( :( :(

    I've decided I don't particularly care if I'm Kenny's friend or not. I just can't agree with him anymore. Poor stupid Ben. I keep giving him chances and he keeps fucking them up. I'm going to keep trusting him though, because I want to see if they've written in a proper story arc for him or not.

    Some of the gameplay in this is starting to bug me. I really liked the puzzles in eps 1 and 2. Struggling to enjoy the twitch mechanics of QTEs that require me to maneuvre the cursor just so, especially when the camera is moving against my will. It was bad in Chapter 3, much worse in this one. The story remains pretty much superb though.

    My choices. Entirely with the majority of players this time (They didn't really seem as gut-wrenching in this episode):
    I killed the zombie boy in the attic.
    I was rational and honest with Vernon in the sewers
    I took Clementine with me to Crawford. If there hadn't been a timer, I would have taken five minutes over this one. That was a really tough one. In the end, I decided that sore-leg boy would probably die and I couldn't leave Clem with him. I suppose that bringing her along saved Molly's life (assumption).
    I saved Ben. Kind of no-brainer given my interest in story arc.
    I revealed the bite to the group. Played it pretty honest so far. I told everyone about the murder thing in the last chapter, might as well keep it going straight.

    I also told Vernon to shove it when he offered to take Clem. For the sake of the story, I figured this wouldn't end up happening, but damned if I could even consider the possibility. Hate the harsh reality some of these characters lay out though. Hobo-guy and Vernon especially. What's best for Clementine is a really difficult thing to judge. I'm figuring - at least before Lee got bit - having some control over what happens to her is the best option, so will keep her close at all costs. Wonder how this new complication will affect that, though.

    Fuck this game. Emotional manipulation. Bleak bleak bleak. If it wasn't just so damn good...

    Last edited 06/01/13 1:28 am

      I'm a monster, I had no feelings for anything that happened.

      I saved Ben too, I figured he was a screw up but he was our screw up. You don't just write off someone like that. He's also younger than people give him credit for, some of his choices were just plain stupid but I saved him for sure. I also left Clem at the house, had a bad feeling about Crawford, but felt equally bad about the prospect of Omid dying. Tough, man. TOUGH! First manly tears in the entire series came when I buried the boy next to his dog. :'(

      Last edited 06/01/13 9:18 am

        Re: Ben, I was on the fence until Clementine weighed in. I think I'll follow her lead, because so far the writers haven't made anything she's said be stupid.

        Re: burial: Clem's drawing of that event did it for me :(

        Last edited 06/01/13 9:11 am

          The entire time I was in Crawford I was worried for Clem, I imagine you'd have been worried just having her in such a dangerous place too. Also, Christa is one of my favourite characters!

          Last edited 06/01/13 9:14 am

      Walking Dead Ep4 Spoilers
      I didn't even consider that Omid might die when choosing to take Clem to Crawford... It was only until I came back and one of the characters pointed it out that I was like "Woah!" :P I just took her because I figured she would probably slink away to try and find us anyway. So glad I did though, her scene there with Molly was fantastic.

        Same thing for me!

        I was thinking about her and her only

      Finally succumbed to the PC version eh? Or did you find somewhere with a region free Xbox disc?

        He bought them from the U.S. Xbox Live! :D

          Oooh. I'm unsure how that works, but I want it haha

            Sign up for a US account (fake US address) and bought an Amazon voucher using his real address (didn't want to commit fraud :P) then bought US MS points from Amazon with the voucher.

              I'm still slightly confused… he had to use a different gamer tag?

              @shane! Share with me you're unlimited wisdom!

              Thanks DC and Greenius, the only thing I'm unsure about is whether I'd be able to play it using my current account.

                Yeah you have to use a US account to access the US store. But I think he said it allowed him to play it on his main (AU) account.

                  Just checked, his main account has the achievements! Hooray! *stalkius*

                I wrote up a detailed how-to for Potaku, but I guess @alexpants hated it. Or he was too drunk to publish it. Either way:

                How to get The Walking Dead on your Xbox without committing credit card fraud

                In the good old year of yester (2012), Telltale's The Walking Dead game was released to wide acclaim and many fervent cries of 'GOTY!' A tale so gripping, choices so harrowing, a narrative so relentlessly affecting, it was touted as a masterpiece of storytelling in adventure gaming. Unfortunately, this unparalleled piece of artwork was never submitted for classification in Australia (for almost understandable reasons).

                If you were a resident of the convict colony and didn't have a gaming PC or Steam, you were pretty much out of luck, then. At least until the game was released in its entirety on disc in December 2012 - then the world would be rosy and happy again. Then bad news turned worse: The 360 release was region-locked.

                So, Australian PC gamers were happy. Australian PS3 owners were happy. It was only the Australian Xbox 360 gamers who'd been left behind, left out in the cold, despite months of patient faithful waiting. After lamenting the situation and considering many different options, a solution emerged. And it was one that didn't involve credit card fraud (other kinds of fraud, sure, but not credit card fraud).

                Here's what I did. It works, and you will be able to play The Walking Dead the way it was meant to be played: on your very own Xbox 360.

                STEP ONE: Set up a USA Xbox Live account

                This is dead easy: go to the US Xbox Live site and sign yourself up for a US account. You'll need a new gamertag, and you'll need to input a US address. Fake is fine, but the online advice is that you pick a state (like Ohio) that doesn't do sales tax. You may need to set up a dummy email account to get this all happening - just jump through each hoop as it comes up, and you should be fine.

                STEP TWO: Buy an Amazon gift card

                [Note: If credit card fraud doesn't bother you, you can skip to step 3 and just pay with your credit card (with a false billing address in the USA).]
                [Note: If money is no object, you can buy international MSP elsewhere without jumping through these hoops, but you'll pay nosily for that privilege.]

                Figure out how many points you'll need, and how much that will cost you. (At full price, The Walking Dead season will set you back 2000 MSP, 400 points per episode, which will cost you $19.98US on Amazon)

                Then buy yourself an Amazon gift card for that amount. You can use your normal credit card with your normal Australian billing address for this purchase. That's the point.

                Redeem the gift card code in your "Account" page and you'll have store credit to that amount.

                STEP THREE: Use Amazon credit to load up on MSP

                The Walking Dead will cost you 2000 Microsoft Points to purchase (at full price). There is no 2000 point coupon, of course... but you can make up the exact amount by purchasing a 1600 point coupon and a 400 point coupon (or 5x 400 point cards, if you want to faff around for ages).

                You will need to enter your credit card for verification, but your store credit will be the payment method. Enter a US address as your billing address, and bingo. You'll get your points immediately.

                STEP FOUR: Get the damn game already!

                Redeem your MSP through your Xbox account and start purchasing. Note: you might have to enter a US address to get this happening. Given this, it's much quicker to do all this through the Xbox Live website than through your console. You can do it either way, however.

                Log-on to your new account in your 360, and your games will start downloading immediately!

                STEP FIVE: Do Steps 1-4

                If this all sounds like too much work, remember GOTY. It's worth playing the way you want to play it, and if that way is on your Xbox, it's worth a little effort.

                If this sounds unethical, consider that you've given Amazon and Microsoft and Telltale money that they wouldn't have otherwise gotten (as there is no entirely legitimate way to obtain TWD for a console). Also, you get to exercise your ethics in The Walking Dead, so there's a greater social responsibility at stake.

                Links have been cut to dodge moderation. But can provide any if needed.

                Edit for formatting and YES YOU CAN PLAY ON YOUR NON-US GAMERTAG, but you need the US one to get it onto your console in the first place :)

                Last edited 06/01/13 12:18 pm

                  Wow. That's quite the process, but worth it! I'll have a go at it today and let you know how I go. Thanks man!

                  How long did it take for the gift card to get sent to your email? It's only been 10mins, but I'm already nervous that I stuffed it up!

                  @shane Went and signed up for amazon on the fake account u made for XBL. Then bought a $25 voucher as that's what the cost of points would be. Had it sent to the same account that I was logged in with. Awaiting emails.

                  @nomad, hopefully it comes soon. Don't see any issues with what you've outlined :)

                  @shane Figured it out, some lucky bastard gets a free $25 amazon gift card cause i misspelled the email address.Next time I'll double-check!

                  Edit: In addition to that, I used the same incorrect address when signing up for Amazon. WHERE IS MY MIND!

                  Last edited 06/01/13 4:00 pm



                  Surely you should be able to contact Amazon and get them to cancel the incorrect one and give it to you. Technically a misspelled email address might not belong to anyone so you should really contact them about it. Best of luck man, you've spent a lot trying to get the game!

                  @greenius Cheers man, I'll contact them later tonight, they're downloading to the console now. So looks like its finally going to work.

    Morning everyone!
    I keep waking up with a sore back. what the hell am i doing to make it hurt!


        I was gonna say sleep weight lifting!

        If I wasn't so terrible at gymnastics I would be inclined to agree with you

          But the fact that you're terrible is where the pain comes from!

      Probably need a new bed / mattress!

        But it's only 30 years old. It's still good

          It probably just needs to be fixed, hit it with a hammer for like 5 mins. That's what fixing things means right?

    Have 2-3 hours to myself. Have promised to do some writing... but Walking Dead Ep 5. What should I do?

      Episode five is probably the shortest episode, for what it's worth! Also, I respect your discipline as a writer! Hope that helped you make your decision. :P

      Playing now. You guys are a bad influence!

        You made your choice when you asked on a gaming site. I'm sure a writing site would've peer pressured you the other way. :D

    The fusing in Persona 3 is so convoluted.

      How come? Haven't had any problems in P4. You can do your own fusions and it tells you what the result is or it gives you a list of all possible ones you can do. You can also choose which skills to pass on instead of it being random :D

        In p3, certain personas need items to be created otherwise they create a completely different persona

          Yes, that too. Making Persona's with certain abilities can get a little frustrating

        Basically, I want to start doing some of the high tier fusing. but that requires something from the lower level tier ... and one of them requires something from the lower tier ... and one of them requires something from the lower tier ... and one of them requires something from the lower tier ... etc

          I'm not sure how high I am but 48 hours and level 58.

          Haven't seen the need for items yet but there's a social link that requires you to fuse Personas with certain skills but that's made a whole lot easier now that you can choose which skill to pass.

        That's because you're playing P4 Golden. They simplified it and removed a lot of randomness from it too.

          I know, that's why I said instead of being random which I know was the biggest change.

      One time, I spent one hour straight figuring out a fusing chain to get certain skills and stats on a Persona.
      Just one.
      I have no regrets.
      It's like Pokemons! Gotta fuse up something that's gotta be the very best, like no one ever was.

    Hey 'Tales of' fans, do you ever play the other characters?

    Just wondering since whenever I play I pretty much just stick to the main character with a sword. If I ever have to play anyone else, it's another melee type character.

    I'm boring like that.

    Also @strange @negativezero (and other Xenobladders), are you just playing as Shulk or trying out other characters? I pretty much only used Shulk and messed around on the others while cleaning up quests and building affinity near the end of the game. (don't list other members' namee I guess as spoilers :) )

    Hell, I guess a lot of JRPGs are like this. I generally find a set up I like and never use the other characters. That's why I like it when you're forced to use certain characters at certain points, makes them seem less neglected and I hate choosing who to use!


      I usually do that too, but in Xenobladder I found I swapped around pretty frequently because of the affinity system. I wanted to max out every relationship because I liked all of the main characters so much :P

      I liked what they did in Dragon Quest DS though where you could create your own characters. Didn't have to worry about getting stupid ugly party members in that game!

      Why is it your bedtime, by the way? Isn't it time to get out of bed, not into it?

        Bedtime as in I woke up and I'm still in bed but don't want to get out :P

      Wait, in the lastest Tales of games you can play as people who aren't the main character!?
      I think the last Tales game I played was Abyss /o\

        I'm think you could play as others in Abyss (never tried so I don't know)? They had that feature way back in Eternia.

      I like to stick to the sword / main character - since it's a JRPG you're generally guaranteed to have that one main character. I hate it if a game ever pulls a fast one and makes you use a different character for an important battle and you have no idea what you're doing. That said I was first introduced to a Tales game by a friend, with "here, just pick up this controller and help me with this boss battle - you've got this character, here's what I need you to do".
      Xenoblade, I've started switching to the other characters now that the heart-to-hearts are actually starting to show affinity requirements, doesn't seem to be too much of an issue battle-wise. Feels a lot less jarring to control the others. That said, it's still Shulk for the main story stuff and others for side quest stuff at this stage.

        Oh yeah I forgot about Tales multiplayer.

        You're playing Xenoblade? :'), thoughts?

          Just going slow and steady, probably going to take me a few months to finish at this rate (since back to work tomorrow). I'm enjoying taking my time and exploring and side questing a lot.
          Not sure if I needed to put it here, but just cleared the Colony 6 sequence last night, about level 27 now, doing all the side quests that can be done before I advance story things.
          Went from 3 to 5 party members for the end of the sequence, then turned it off at the system save.

      I swapped away from the main character in Legendia because he plays like shit. Other than that, only when doing specific things eg exploiting the arena with Rita in Vesperia (you can rack up crazy crazy Grade points by spamming her water spell that sucks everyone into one spot)

    In both Graces and Xenoblade I'm sticking to the main characters. Mostly because they're the main character for a reason. It's their story and it feels weird controlling the other characters.
    I have been thinking about using others for a change though, it's nice to get out of your gameplay comfort zone every now and then.

      Dammit Kotaku, why did you troll me?! You even had a blue "You are replying to a comment by Greenius...." box at the bottom of my comment! >:I

        Clearly doesn't want you talking to Greenius, because he's a bad influence.

    It was the best birthday ever.

      Next up, Batgirl if I'm not mistaken!

        Pip then Bat then you - I think!

          When's Pips?

            12th I think? I dunno, she said it on TAY :P

              Yup. This coming Saturday.
              She's getting Skylanders (it's not a surprise) - gotta build up some serious cred with the kids these days.

    The Walking Dead... Chapter Five.


      So. Damn. Traumatic. Almost the whole damn chapter, I was sobbing. Kenny died saving Ben, and that scene made me actually gag with grief (direction was fantastic, despite seeing nothing, you know exactly what was happening).
      (Glad I'm alone in the house.) Only other game that's made me react so emotionally is the ending of Metal Gear Solid 3, and this was worse. Much worse.

      All right. Let's do the cold recap.

      I cut off Lee’s arm.
      I was calm with Kenny
      I kept my meat cleaver in the hotel room
      I didn’t kill the stranger.
      I didn’t let Clem shoot Lee.

      Wonder what would have happened to Kenny if I'd let Ben die last chapter. The achievement for that section says "Sacrifices were made" so I assume something similar would have happened. :(


      For sheer impact, this is GOTY 2012 for me for sure. Hands down.

      Last edited 06/01/13 11:18 am

        We made the same choices. I was disappointed Ben didn't get redemption. I wouldn't have minded if he survived the game and stepped up in season two. (If the second season is even planning on following these characters.) I'm glad Omid and Christa survived, though. :'( You see the scene after the credits?

          Did everyone get the same one? Mine was Clem in the countryside. She sees two people (?) walking on a hill a long way away. They turn towards her. she looks scared. The end.

          Am I wrong reading that in a defeatist way? So. Damn. Bleak. :(

            I saw that one, which made me sad because I told Omid and Christa/Clem to meet at the train. There was no train in sight. It could've been them, but it might not have been too. :S

        ...but you played it in 2013! TOO LATE

        Didn't cut it off. In my scene I fainted and woke up with the others trying to cut it off, didn't feel like my choice so I didn't let them do it. Figured it wouldn't help having one less arm and it gave me a pretty badass scene where he's destroying zombies with weapons in each hands.
        Calm with Kenny.
        Kept weapons.
        Killed him (I think?) - wait does that mean he's still alive in your game or does it mean you (Lee) killed him or he died in general? I think Clem killed him in my game
        Didn't let her shoot. Super tough choice and I didn't know what to pick so I didn't pick anything and that's what the game defaulted to

          Clem killed stranger in hotel room because I didn't. Felt all kinds of bad.

            Ah yes, I didn't even know you could kill him yourself and I don't think anyone else here did it. Does she shoot him? I don't remember...

        More spoilers because all this talking is making me think about Walking Dead again!
        I was one of the more hopeful advocates for Ben getting a big redemption scene in episode 5 and was disappointed that he didn't get it. But thinking about it now, I'm kind of glad he didn't get one. It would've been a bit unrealistic considering his bumblings throughout the whole thing to do some grand gesture right at the end (the tower thing in Ep4 doesn't really count :P). Some people just aren't cut out for zombie survival in the end! Though I did really enjoy his tirade towards Kenny early in Ep 5.

          Exactly. I kind of think that was his moment.

      Probably no spoilers, but just to be safe.

      Season 2 better not have any of the same characters in it. Brand new fresh story please.

        I agree!

        Although I did plot out a second season in my head with these characters! :P

        Last edited 06/01/13 12:11 pm

          Hit me with it!

            Heavily Pregnant Christa/Clem on their own. Omid dead. Complications with pregnancy. Clem becomes the protector and has to look after a defenseless Christa, maybe brave the world and find a doctor.

              Brutal. So much heartstrings to tug and snap.


                An entire arc detailed! Too much time on my hands! :P

                Last edited 06/01/13 11:37 am

      Kept my arm, because I like having arms. Also, I felt like with the inevitability of death, Lee should make full use of what time he had left, not cripple himself to extend his life a little longer, if possible.
      Was calm with Kenny, because we've been through some rough patches, but he's a bro.
      Ditched my stuff in the room.
      Killed the Stranger. Accidentally. It prompted me for a quick time event and I did it not knowing it was optional and he died. Whatever.
      Didn't let Clem shoot Lee because MENTAL SCARRING.
      So when Kenny died to defend Ben? My reaction was "Kenny threw his life away needlessly, which was a shame since he had survived this long. Ben was dead, we all knew it. Unnecessary."
      Also, I have issues with the Stranger character. I get that he's a creeper who clearly has issues, but the reasons he laid out to me in kidnapping Clem? They didn't make sense to me. I didn't steal his crap. I understand that Episode 2? Yeah that was probably not a great idea. But apart from that, I'm not sure I understand where he gets the notion that Lee repeatedly puts Clem in danger. Episodes 3 and 4 involved... travelling. I guess that's dangerous? There are very few moments that Lee's actions directly endanger Clem, especially ones where you get a choice. Similarly to Trjn's dislike of Spec Ops, if you're going to try make me feel bad, don't have the game force me to do something then blame me for it. Because those actions are not of my doing.

      I FEEL NOTHING. I disagree with these GOTY 2012 noms.

        I think it was, and wasn't needless. Kenny had lost everything he held dear, and had resigned himself to the inevitability of their fate. Ever since the boat was taken, and possibly before that. Ben's fall gave him a meaningful way to go out, to tie up his last remaining loose end and go be with his family. That's how I read it anyway. Honestly, I thought his life after his family died was far more pointless than the way he died.

        Other points you made, I will ponder upon.

          If you let Ben die Christina falls down instead and Kenny saves her. Such a better end for Kenny, giving away his life so another family can live.

          Last edited 06/01/13 1:09 pm

            From what I've been told Christa falls down into that dark pit on the roof top after the jump. Doesn't fall into the alley below like Ben.

              Same thing basically

                Forgot to spoiler tag. I'm sorry if any one saw that. :(

                Except for the horrific impaling. Poor Ben. :S

                Last edited 06/01/13 1:55 pm

              Yep but it's all kind of stupid. I think Lee is walking and then Kenny(?) bumps into him, causing him to drop Clem's Walkie Talkie. Technically in your game it's, surprise surprise... Ben's fault Kenny dies...

            That's really interesting. Makes for a satisfying arc either way, I think!

              Anyways, thanks for gifting the game back in November, man! Meant a whole lot! :)

                No sweat. I give the good gifts of depression! :D

    I got outbid on the plush Angel Kenny I was looking at... on the very last minute. :(
    I need to draw to stop the sadness. :(

    Finally getting to see Wreck It Ralph. Better be as good as you all said.

    Also, had a great tines at Pants' birthday meat

      Tines are pretty great.
      Without them we wouldn't have forks.

    I was totally sober and in full control of my actions last night.


    But it was super fun. Best night out!

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