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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    This is friggen amazing fan art and I would totally buy the next game if it was like it. Too bad it will probably never happen...

    I'm thinking they'll go Victorian Era London or Modern... boooo!

    Name is cut off from gallery view but it's by Chaoyuan Xu. Apparently he's a well known fan artist and won first place in some Blizzard competition.

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      Don't think they'll go modern, with Watchdogs taking that turf. Future looks like it's taken too in Remember Me! :D (Rival company, though. Might not care for that! :P)

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      I am amazed they milked 3 games out of Ezio and Assassin's Creed is still going strong.
      Don't get me wrong, I like the series enough, just... man, they've spent a long time going nowhere.

        Yeah, couldn't agree more. They kind of feel a little disposable and soulless now too. :'(

        (No secret that I absolutely hated Assassin's Creed 3.)

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          I think I had more fun just looking at the scenery than actually playing the game. I think China would be pretty cool setting since most things go Japan/Ninjas and it's got a diverse enough environment.

          I think there was some Asian female Assassin briefly mentioned in some notes in ACIII. Aww now I'm getting all hyped for something that doesn't exist...

            Was that the one featured in Embers?

            Edit: I didn't even have fun exploring in the third game, the sights and sounds were pretty enough but only accessible through clunky controls. I know what you mean, though. Constantinople itself was beautiful in AC: Rev!

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    There's still a lot of history that can be used before they head straight to the modern era though. Victorian Era London, France during it's revolution, the western colonization of Japan, not to mention both world wars.

    I'd like a modern AC, I reckon everybody would, but only if the plot was set up properly for it. As it stands.. well..

    Then again, I think some of us are also in the position where giving up on the modern-day plot is a viable option.

    EDIT: meant as reply to greenius. So. Yur.

    Last edited 06/01/13 2:40 pm

      They've been progressing forward through time though.
      It's not a pattern that's too significant that they can't backtrack, but there would be that moment where they have to throw in some awkward reason as to why you couldn't do it before.
      That's assuming they stick with Desmond's ancestors though.

        I believe all the times I listed are after the plot of AC3.

        Ah. Yeah, assuming Desmond's ancestors are used. It would be cheap, but logical, to use a new guy and therefore all of history is ripe for AC sequels again.


            We burned the white house down once.

            That's pretty much it for Canada's history.

            THE MORE YOU KNOW.

    Bought Amnesia: The Dark Descent, my one purchase from the Steam sales this year!

    It's got a reputation similar to Dark Souls, but instead of crushingly hard it's supposed to be insanely scary! :D

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      You will wet your pants.

        OR... stop playing and install Curse of Monkey Island instead. We'll see, Pow. We'll see! :D

          Then stop with that and watch Indie Game: The Movie, play The Binding of Isaac AND Xenoblade AND Zelda

      Upvoting because Dark Souls is great

      Maybe I'm just devoid of all feeling, but I never found that game very scary. I even had the lights off and everything. My friends told me that it was because I'm weird, so we'll go with that.

        It's because your name is Ben. I hear they're the worst!

          We really are!


              Bens are the best!
              Bens, unite and take over TAY!

        Maybe it' because you don't get anxious?

          I think that's pretty much it. I spent ages just waiting for something to happen. It's all build up, which I know is exactly what the game was going for, but eh. Didn't do it for me.

            I suffer from anxiety, is the game terrifies the crap out of me =P

              I think if I'd gone into it not knowing what to expect at all, I would've had a better time to be honest. I bought it after all my friends had finished it and spent a week talking about it. There were definitely a few unnerving moments, but nothing that bad.

              I did find Slender pretty horrifying though! I may have let out a manly squeal when my brother came in and shook my chair :P

      First impressions, unnerving for sure but I found Scratches creepier. :D

    First day back and we decide to go to SeaWorld. \o/. Although it is REALLY busy here. People er'ywher. But it turns out our annual passes include entry to the water park. So waiting for the girls to change than going in.

    Work tomorrow. /o\

      They had some bloke operating your place of employment at centro yesterday who kind of looked like you, it was scary.

        Ugh. I know the guy. I think "operating" is the wrong word. "Attending" would be more accurate.

        Last edited 06/01/13 4:26 pm

          Ha! He had a customer too, that was even scarier.

        Just like that movie! You know the one! Directed by that guy! Son of that other guy!

    Well this article escalated quickly.

      Trying to figure out what he means from Tasmania should be black... I'm thinking it's one of two things.

      Whatever it is he's a dick.

      Man, I don't get that batshit insane loyalty to one city over a slightly different other city. Loyalty to people I understand, but not the my city is better than yours stuff! :S

    Beds! Why are you do expensive?

      That's cheap compared.. I thought it was going to be one of those 4,000 dollar bed sets.

        I only want a single bed

          buy a hammock!

      I grabbed one of these ( ) for my daughter and painted it red. Cheap and beautiful. :)

        That's not bad! if only i could get to ikea =/ stupid stores are all in the east.

          Eastside *does gangstah Eastside hand sign*

            downvote because it makes life hard for me

              Eastside gangsters make life hard for you?

              You a Westside scum!?

                No, I mean that the Ikea's aren't near us

        How sturdy/stable is it? looks rather uninviting.

          It looks way better painted. And it's pretty sturdy. I put it together and it didn't fall apart. :P Wasn't even wobbly.

    For anyone who likes a decent drama movie, you should see Lawless when you get a chance. Tom Hardy and Shia LeBouf play moon shine runners in prohibition era america, Gary Oldman is a gangster and Guy Pearce is a crooked cop ... awesome awesome movie

      Can we swap out Shia LeBouf for a cardboard cut out of Chef Boyardee and make the movie infinitely better?

        I had to google who Chef Boyardee was, I'm ok with your casting choice.

      Yeah Lawless is downright amazing. LeBouf does a decent enough job for it. Everyone else freakin nails it.

      Edit: was one of my 'At The Movies' votes for 2012 :)

      Edit2: Rest of them were Brave, Cabin in the Woods, Kid with a Bike, and Rust & Bone. Get on 'em.

      Last edited 06/01/13 5:49 pm

        Oh, man. You see so many good movies! Haha! You've earned your film street cred!

        (Though to be fair, my hermit street cred is coming along nicely!)

        Last edited 06/01/13 6:51 pm

    Hey fronds, I'm back from Sydney.

    It was fun. I got to meet cool people.

    Nobody threw food at me.

    9.2/10, would get a higher score if I could afford to be there every weekend.

      We're always there Blaghs.

      In your heeeeeeaaaart.

    Hahaha! How does this review stack up to the film @dc?

      The man makes more than a few compelling arguements, that's for sure. Haha! No where near as bad as it sounds, but there's so many head scratching plot points. (Like the falling in love without speaking, it might be in the stage musical but it doesn't mean it makes sense. :S) I was a willing participant, though. I wasn't dragged there. I made that choice. :P

    Hmm. Have to wait until Wednesday to have an eye exam and a further 2 weeks to get my glasses. My existing glasses are now completely Fallen apart and i cant see the tv properly. This is going to get old fast.

    Also Seaworld has Dinosaur Island with life sized moving models of a heap of dinosaurs. Pretty cool. Standing under and looking up at the T-Rex makes you realise how terrifying a house size predator would really be :S

      Sounds like Powalen just found his dream theme park!

      Taronga's got a dino exhibit at the moment. Two year old daughter loved it more than the real animals.

      We might as well have stayed in Canberra and taken her to the dinosaur museum here :P

      She calls the big one "Dinosaur Rex"

    Sup gang?

      @spaghett, my pal! Good weekend?

        Great weekend so far, fantastic time with Sam and putting music on my new Lumia 920, 130 a month, but sadly Telstra are best coverage for my area

          Lumia's are spiffy lookin', that's for sure. What colour's your metro interface, man?

          Last edited 06/01/13 8:37 pm

          So you end up getting that White Lumia? You wanted White didn't you?

            Nope, they didn't have any and I wasn't waiting :P

          Is it as heavy as the weaklings at Gizmodo say it is? I want one but I haven't managed to find one in a store to hold yet. My HTC Mozart has pretty much reached the end of its life.

            It isn't heavy at all man, so silly that Gizmodo US review aye

              That's good to know. Yeah, they knocked 2 stars off the score and the only negative was "it's a little bit heavy". There's been a good 10 articles since then mentioning it too :l

                Hah, that's nothing. You should how The Verge keeps harping on about how MS is failing to inform consumers about the difference between Windows 8 and RT by linking to an article of theirs on how they contacted MS support a few times 2 weeks before Windows 8/RT even came out asking what the difference was and some support staff got the info wrong.
                They haven't even done a follow up, contacting support again now that the products have been out for two months, nor have they gone into a store pretending to be clueless consumers and ask staff, or done any other investigation into whether MS is failing to explain it or not. They just take their article as gospel and like to mention it in almost every single Windows 8 article they write. :/

    @shane, @greenius, @dc.

    Cheers guys, after some screwing around and stuff ups I caused, I've got The Walking Dead running on the Xbox. Unfortunately I'll be lucky to have ep 1 finished tonight, and I'm away for work all week, so won't be touching it again til Friday at the earliest. But still! You guys are awesome!

      Haha! I don't think I did any thing, but you're welcome, man! :P

        Haha same :P

        I just hope you can sell your NA copy and sort out your Amazon issue. No one wants to be out $50!

      Dude, the amount of money you've dropped on this game. I hope you enjoy it!

        ...imagine if he ends up hating it!

          I think all Xbox Live Arcade games require a demo, right? Maybe you should've sampled it first! :P

          I guess if @nomad hates it, he can sell his new US gametag to someone else and let them d/l the game onto their console :P

            You're just one push away from credit card fraud. :P

            Haha I already had the first ep on iPad, just reeeaaally wanted it on console! Enjoying it for story, because everyone here has been raving about it I knew I had to have it! It's been tough not reading spoilers though.

    Oh btw, GT is getting in the Wizard edition of ni no Kuni so I'll still be able to get it!

      Nice! How much?

      When they import stock how quickly do you get it after release?

        About the same time I think. And about $140, but I don't mind because LAYBY

          Oh that's pretty cool then, I guess since they're a retailer they can get their stock a lot quicker

            probably. GT are pretty amazing at getting stuff in

      Did you play the demo? What'd you think of it?

        There's a demo?

          I say don't bother. The game comes out in like 20 days anyway :P!

            It's a timed demo too. You download something like 2gb for 25 minutes. :'(

              Aww timed demos are poo! Just let it end whenever you beat the 'level'! I think JRPGs are fairly hard to have demos for though. I don't think I've ever played one either...

                Companies need to follow THQ's lead with the Darksiders demo. It took me something like 3 hours to finish it. That's how you do a demo!

                  Dayumn! Either that's a good demo or you're slow :P!

    God damn Futurama and those god damn endings.

    I should stop, uh, er, cutting onions (that'll do) while watching them.

      Jurassic Bark? The Luck of the Fryrish? :D

        The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings? The Sting? Leela’s Homeworld? :D

          The newest season has some good ones as well. The Late Philip J. Fry and Lethal Inspection are pretty good! Not really tear-jerkers, but feels-y!

          Jurassic Bark is the worst/best though D:

          Last edited 06/01/13 9:45 pm

            Edit: Let's pretend I said something manly. :(

            Last edited 06/01/13 9:56 pm

              NO EDITING

                "A sad event happened in my life just before I watched that episode and I showed emotions"

                  Haha! I believe it was much less manly than that. The word sobbing was used. :P


                  Manly this, manly that! It dain't matter!

              Damnit, @dc.

              Last edited 06/01/13 10:34 pm

                It's less annoying when D.C. edits out stuff when it doesn't affect the convo and/or I've already read it :P

                Still. Damn. Annoying. though!

                  Lots of people seem genuinely riled up about my edits. :(

                  I wouldn't say riled up but it's a bit annoying knowing there was once something there and now it's gone. But you know, your comments, do whatever you want with them :P

                  @DC. Gets. Half-Jokes.

                  Edit: doesn't really bother me. Just worry about your level of anxiety when perfectly innocuous and ordinary comments suddenly vanish into thin air.

                  Last edited 06/01/13 10:51 pm

    You know what would be kind of cool? A 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' type movie with video game characters.

    Hey @negativezero, where do you get your art books from?

    Jus wondering.

    I haven't received any yet but apparently my Borderlands 2 one shipped a while ago and I've got my Okami, Journey and P4 ones shipping later this month. I have a feeling I'm going to want more :P

      Do you plan on getting the Hyrule Historia one? I'm still debating.

        The second it was announced I pre-ordered it. It sounds like awesome value for what they're asking for it (around $20). I'm paying $25 for it from Amazon (I had a $10 off voucher) and getting the second quickest shipping method.

        I'm a huge Zelda fan so getting it was a no brainer for me.

    Entire episode of The Cleveland Show.

    Not. One. Laugh.

      That's how you know you're watching The Cleveland Show!

        There wasn't anything else on TV while I waited for the PS3 controller to charge so I could start FarCry 3.

        In hindsight I would've been better off slamming my head in the front door for half an hour.

      That's the way I feel whenever they run advertisements for that 'Off their Rockers' on the Comedy Channel, what a awkward completely stupid show.

        Oh god this. What's even worse is it's meant to be a show about old people, and they have Sam Kekovich as the host. He's not even that old! Betty White is like 90 and she hosted the US one.

        I only watch Comedy for Childrens Hospital, Tosh.0, Russell Howard and South Park these days.

          Tosh is a sexist bigoted prick.
          On one of his stand up routines, he made a terrible rape joke, and when an audience member protested, he proceeded to heckle her with rape jokes until she left.

            I'm a strong believer of nothing is off limits in comedy. I'm fully aware of everything that happened, and frankly, if you go to a standup performance by Daniel Tosh and expect it to be anything but highly offensive, then you really shouldn't be complaining. Don't heckle comedians. She shouldn't have gone to see him in the first place.

    Sneak peek: probably going to announce a mid-February meat at my place again soon.

      I think Nova's in town early Feb too. Hopefully the Brisbane folk'll meet a few times before then as well! (Play it cool, D.C.)

      Last edited 06/01/13 11:30 pm

        Late January iirc :P

        Last edited 06/01/13 11:57 pm

    Gnight folks! Don't let things get you down. After all tomorrow is another TAY.

    (Will DC upvote? Time will tell. My guess is automatic upvote, then a reconsidered revoke, and then he will reinstate it because revoking upvotes is mean)

      Take it easy, my friend! See you on the other side!

        You mean murder/suicide? Not really into it, if I'm honest, but thanks.

    Hmm, it looks like I left my phone charger at Pez's.

    My phone has 3% power left, and I usually use it as an alarm.

    This could be... interesting.

      I'll spam Steam messages at you!
      You can wake up to the glorious noise of Steam chat both bleeping and blooping.


    Xenoblade \o/

    I am 13 hours in. Got to the refugee camp in the Leg area and realized there was a timer on the quests there and didn't know when it would expire, so did them all. Took ages. Some MMO-style item grinding - could have done without that honestly. I'm now way overleveled I think, about 23. Started the next story sequence and stomped the boss really fast, then the angry robot man ran away with the kid brother. And I saved my game and quit for the night

    How come they changed Carna's name to... uh... whatever it is. Sharna? I dunno. It's bizzare playing it in Japanese because they call her by a different name.

      Woo! The theme of that bit (Escape Boat Camping) is pretty awesome :D. As for quests with a timer, they usually mean they CAN become missable usually after a specific event, so it's better to do those. I know when those quests "expire" and I won't spoil anything but there's a warning on that one. For other ones it might come suddenly so it's better to do them when you can.
      No idea about the name change but I played with English on so it didn't bother me. It's Sharla in English but some of them seem kind of better. Like changing Fiorung, which seems like a pretty ugly name to Fiora

      I need to know where the spoilers are for so I know if I can read or not!

      Never mind, curiosity killed me. I'm slightly past you.
      I too got stuck running around for ever trying to do all the timered quests. It was good though, because it made me explore more and I saw more of the world than I may otherwise have yet.

        There's a few quests that have insanely low drop rates. Fine if there's heaps of enemies around to farm for it maybe, but when you need to get 5 drops that drop maybe 20% of the time from those stupid moth enemies that are all over the place, or when it's a rare collection point item so you basically have to circle through the zone over and over until you get them. those really don't work for me. That's basically the bad part about MMOs, I don't need it in a single player game.

        However that and the slightly clunky interface are about the only complaints I have about the game. Wish it wasn't on Wii though.

          +a million to wishing it wasn't on Wii.

            You know what is absolutely killing me? The fact that Nintendo have crazy face button mappings. I never really had a problem swapping between 360 and PS3 because they've got colours and symbols and stuff. But Xenoblade is constantly asking me to hit X or Y or the like - Y is the one that's really fucking with me right now - and if I don't think about it, I will immediately press the 'North' face button - Triangle for Sony, Y for Microsoft (and Sega as well!) - and that's the X button in Nintendo's fucked up backwards universe. I have this problem on DS/3DS as well but at least there most games don't use the face buttons all the time.

            I guess this might be less of an issue had I grown up in Nintendo's bizzaro universe, but my console/handheld background is Master System II, PS1, Dreamcast, Xbox, PS2, GC, X360, DS, PSP, PS3, Wii, PSV in that order, and the GC and Wii were always tertiary systems I played only specific games on. Plus the Gamecube controller didn't have the buttons in the NESW layout and each one was visually unique and you never really had to think about which was which.

            The strangest thing is I feel like the buttons they've associated with actions in Xenoblade are the ones I would be pressing in any other game on 360 or PS3 label-wise, but the actual physical location is flipped, eg the 'A' button to select and 'B' to cancel is exactly what you'd use to do those actions on 360, but they're in the opposite spots on the Wii. I think that's what's baking my brain - it's almost like maybe it was developed using a 360 controller originally.

              That 'y' button is the one that gets me, too. I keep pressing 'x' instead of 'y''. I've been playing for a while and still can't get it right first try!

                I've basically programmed myself to think of A and B as confirm and cancel and I'm playing a JRPG in Japanese so I've engaged the same part of my brain that copes with the fact half my games on PS3 use O as confirm and X as cancel and the other half don't. But the Y and X thing is killing me.

                Also you know what else shits me? Open the quest log, close it, the whole menu closes. Open any other menu screen eg inventory, close it, the menu stays open. :\

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