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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    Huzzah I have mobile TAY!!

      It's reallllllly slow but at least it stopped crashing!

        It's fine in Chrome for iOS for me.. I didn;t try Safari since I found everything is slow in Safari..

          Ah yes, I use Safari. It used to be fine but chugged when the page was filling up before crashing constantly (before the new Allure format came out). Now it still gets slow when the page fills up and I can't even type in real time. The keyboard and everything completely freezes and I have to hit keys before waiting a few seconds when everything suddenly appears. It's kinda fun to 'touch type' by memory :P, hardly works out though...

    Finally home. Legs are dead. Who'd have thought bumper cars, a 4 minute round of laser tag and a full game of Bishi Bashi (unrelated to @bish, I think...) would take that much out of you. Also, curse the comfortable long distance trains once again for making me struggle to stay awake.

    Was fun though, thanks duders. Was great meeting @mythamphetamine and @freeze (and @masha2932, as always!)

      @freezespreston! Sounds awesome, man. Any pre-meat jitters? Sounds like the gang's having all kinds of adventures!

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        Ah, didn't even notice that, thanks. I was doing so well to spell Aleph's username, too! But yeah, it was great. I hope I didn't bore them :P Most of it was just the blind leading the blind though. I have no idea where anything is in Sydney.

        I always have pre-meat jitters! And pre-appointment jitters. Pre-leaving-the-house-to-go-somewhere-specific jitters. I'm fine once I leave though! It's just the sitting around waiting for the time I have to leave...

          Haha! Today marks the one week anniversary of my Hobbit pre-meat jitters. I hope the jitters stop soon. :P

            You still have pre-meat jitters after meat? You worry me a little :)

              Mind's been in a weird state of high alert ever since. :S

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                Good mindset for tricky adventure games at least... #brightside?

                  Haha! That's true, I only got stuck on one puzzle in Chaos on Deponia!

      Yeah? Well, well.... so what! I did my first whole poop since being sick, so there! Youre not the only ones having fun

    Damn you @spaghett, now I feel like pizza! :D

      Sorry bro

      Mine was really good, there is left overs, come get some :P

        I think we should have a simultaneous pizza meat across all the states!

          I ordered pizza on my 2nd night here in Syd.
          It's still in the fridge, near a week later. I think that's a running thing here, leaving pizza in Pez's fridge?

      I actually feel like some Fish & Chips, unfortunately none are open at this hour.

      I had chicken and beef satays!

        I had a bowl of salt and vinegar chips!

          Man, you didn't even have a decent flavour... I feel for you!

          Eat some proper food D.C.!

          (ate shapes and chocolate for breakfast)

            It is proper food, I'm sure the chips were potatos in another life. Healthy!

              Or they knew potato by vague description at least \o/


    HOLY FUCKING SHIT! $140+!?

    I have one that I've barely used in like perfect condition. I had absolutely no idea they went for that much O_O

    EDIT: toned down excitement/surprisedness

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      The Gameboy Player was expensive and a unpopular release, which spells collector's item in most cases.

      Retro is fun isn't it? lol

        :P never really thought of them as retro. To me retro is anything before PS1/N64 since that's the stuff I never really had.

        I don't recall it being expensive but I got it for free as part of a deal at Toys R Us when I was younger. If I recall you had to spend over a certain amount of money to get it free and I got Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix :D

        Or wait... was it the other way around? Spend a certain amount of money to get Harry Potter free...


        Either way I barely used both :P. I haven't read any Harry Potters (I am best reader) and I barely used the Gameboy Player.

        Great story, wouldn't tell again.

          Discontinued may of been a better word, either way I believe the GB Player RRP'd in Australia at $99.95 don't quote me on that though.

    This Sydney adventure is missing something. It feels like it needs more D and C.

      :) Aw, man. That's nice of you to say.

        Freeze is awesome! I've been feeling kind of down all day. That made me feel better.

          We all keep saying "man, wish DC was here". Not even kidding, you ought to have come!

          Next time, it's not optional :P

            Whenever @dc isn't on the screen, all the other characters are standing around asking "Where's @dc?"

    @shane: Now for... reasons... Breathe Me by Sia is back in the rotation! :P

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      I see the word "breathe" used in relation to songs, and I end up listening to this.

        And everytime Pez is mentioned that Bacon Weave song plays in my head. :D

    Okay, I cracked. I bought a $5 Amazon Gift Card (edit: because I drew the line just in front of credit card fraud), and used that to purchase a 400 MSP voucher with a fake address, and then used my fake US 360 account to purchase Episode 1 of the Walking Dead.

    Swear to God, this game better be worth the hype and trouble.

    Also, don't tell my wife.

    Last edited 02/01/13 10:30 pm

      Then I can fulfil the contractual obligation of talking to you about it, relieving the gift guilt. :P

      (That or just excitedly talk about it, cause I loved it. :D)

      Hope you like it, man!

      400 points for one episode seems kinda expensive but enjoy! :D




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        It's full price: $5 ($4.83 actually with currency conversion, but there'll probably be an international transaction fee tacked on tomorrow)... but that doesn't seem like much.

        I thought $5 for sughly's Anna's Quest was a great price, so I'm approaching this the same way.

        16% 18% 20% 23% 26% 35% 48% 51% 52% 54% 55% 55% 55% 58% 64% 72% 78% hollycrapitwentfrom81%to100%inthirtyseconds downloaded. Getting hype.

        Last edited 02/01/13 10:37 pm

          *starts making notes for post-game conversation*

      Oh man - I so have to get back to that game!
      In fact, I probably need to start it again, as I started it so long ago I hardly remember what I played. (Got it in the Steam summer sales)
      I don't remember what it was that distracted me from it, but from what I hear I'm pretty sure it wasn't worth it.

        Might be best to play back-to-back now that all the episodes are released anyways. Can't imagine how long the wait must've felt between them. :S

        Also, hey SmurfyDog! Been seeing your upvotes, waiting for your triumphant arrival! :P

    DJ Hero has a track that is Ice Ice Baby and Can't Touch This mixed together.

    Why it didn't win every GOTY award based on this fact alone is beyond me.

      Can't Touch This or Super Freak?
      either way, I need to hear this song!

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    Bidoof mixed with every legendary looool


    I also remembered what it was I wanted to get from Amazon. The Journey art book! Except it's sold out... bugger :/

    EDIT: or not... I just read it wrong. Order cancelled for the 2nd time and replaced >_>

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    I want to play a PS3 game...
    TAY, shout a random PS3 game at me, and if I have it, I'll play it!
    I'd prefer a disc based game, just so you all know. :)

    Thanks for suggesting Twisted Metal, @greenius, I had a blast! :D
    Also, the soundtrack is fucking awesome!

    Last edited 02/01/13 11:05 pm


      Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think you've played it and you don't seem like the type who would be interested, but give it a go!

        Have played it but I don't have it on me, and I don't want to wait to download a game.
        Try again!

          Would you consider it sometime in the foreseeable future? :)

          Katafuckingmari!!! ...which I assume you don't have but you really need to get.

          Failing that, I know you like your racers so you could always GT5 witcho wheel! :P

            Wheel's connected to my pc, and I have to download all of the updates for it, so it's a no go. :(
            Try again!

              You don't HAVE

              (thanks browser for posting this... >:( *shakes fist*)

              Last edited 02/01/13 11:07 pm

              You don't HAVE to download the updates! :P

              Twisted Metal!

              You cannot refuse that. I win. Game over people, go home.

      Metal Gear Solid 4
      Edit: no, Demon's Souls. Definitely Demon's Souls.

      Last edited 02/01/13 11:02 pm

      Ico & Shadow of the Collossus HD Classics!

        Crazy seems like the crazy type to never have owned or played them :(

          He obviously doesn't realise the importance of wanting to hold a girls hand or stab stupidly large creatures for a girl.

      This thread looks like the Cheese Shop Sketch. Do you even have any PS3 games?

      Valkyria Chronicles. Probs too late to the party but meh

    Aargh. Want to get an opinion on some glasses but Kotaku keeps eating my posts.

      Those don't look too bad, honestly.
      I'm wary of Specsavers prices, but if you've got the money for them, then buy them. :)

      Looks good, man. Simple frames are what I'd go for next time too.

      Last edited 02/01/13 11:05 pm

      I'd offer my opinion, but I know nothing. You'd see right through me, and you'd be shattered if my advice wasn't completely transparent.

        Oh man, almost twenty minutes and not even a @dc -wants-to-punch-me-in-the-face-now downvote.

        Last edited 02/01/13 11:17 pm

          I told you, man. No more downvotes for puns. Just sadness.

            I know, but I thought I could change your mind with some nice clear puns like this.

      Get green ones!

      I just randomly picked some green and black frame online just cuz. They don't really fit that well or are that comfy but GREEN!

        Haha, I think I'll go with J.J. Abrams glasses next time!

    So. DJ Hero 2 turntable + game for $15 at EB. Decent deal, if only for the controller.

    Bought it yesterday, and had a bit of fun. Most of the mixes are lacklustre at best, but hey, for $15, it's a great way to entertain 3 people for a few hours!
    Went back today, Freeze bought a second copy so we can play co-op, which is far better, presumably because two people are engaged simultaneously. We rotate between the 3, it works just fine.

    MASHA-JACK: Sorry for stealing your EB points Freeze :-)

    I also grabbed the original DJ Hero, and HOLY CRAPBALLS PEOPLE. I don't think I've EVER seen a sequel take such a huge step back from the original. A good sequel improves upon the aspects of the original that were good to begin with, and eliminates that which didn't quite... work.
    NOPE. You had it wrong. You're all wrong, and we're here to tell you how to do it properly!

    Firstly, the tutorial. Oh god. The original features product placement, a countdown timer for the "trial" sections that you play through, and uncomfortable colloquialisms from the narrator.
    The sequel? Let's get rid of the timer, for starters. You don't need to have any sense of when the damned thing's going to finish, because you're enjoying yourself so much!*

    Secondly, the music mixes.
    This may be a subjective thing, but the original has high-energy, truly great songs, and they're mixed WELL. The sequel has, well, complete shite.

    Maybe I'm jaded, but hey. Buy the original, it's great. And the sequel is even worth it for $15! GO! SPEND MONEY! BE HAPPY!

    REMIX!!!!!!!!!... HIJACK BY MASHA-kind of fitting since it's a DJ game :-)

    I think other than the vocal stuff which we didn't get to test out and the possibility of better tracks opening up later on in Dj Hero 2, Dj Hero 1 wins this by far. Despite the loss, I'd give DJ Hero 2 points for its presentation style which is 'cleaner' compared to DJ Hero 1's more grungy somewhat crowded menus. :-)

    In short, buy DJ Hero 2 for the cheap turntable, throw away the disc then buy Dj Hero 1 for the better music and gameplay.

      I thought about picking up cheap DJ Hero 2 one time but yeah... last thing I need are more shitty plastic 'instruments' :P

      Also, completely irrelevant to the original post, but somewhat necessary to share.

      Had pancakes for brunch with Freeze and Mashaa.
      Opting to satiate my nicotine cravings in the restaurant, I decided to blow the vapour through the straw of my milkshake so as not to arouse suspicion by blowing clouds around the place.

      So instead of looking like a filthy smoker, I looked like a manchild blowing bubbles in a milkshake.

      I am SO ok with that.

        You guys had brunch? Haha!

          Not the manliest of meals...

          (is probably what you're thinking)

          BAD D.C.!

            Nah, I was thinking of that How I Met Your Mother episode where Marshall and his law school friend went to brunch and the group mocked them. :P

          Yes, an awesome and filling brunch. I didn't even eat dinner :-)

            Does sound good! The mockery just eases the jealousy! :D

    I watched Skyfall.

    It.. was a real damn good movie. I've a lot of things to say about it, but overall it was probably the best movie out of all three of Craig's offerings. And that's saying something, because Casino Royale was pretty incredible.

      I really liked Skyfall, and I'd say that it was the best Bond movie out of the three.

      Honestly though, I think as an action movie, Casino Royale wins.

        A Bond movie has to be a little bit ridiculous. Too ridiculous and it sucks (see: The World Is Not Enough) but just the right level of silliness and it just works (see: The Man With The Golden Gun).

        So Casino Royale was a better movie overall but Skyfall was a much better Bond film.

          Moonraker or TWINE? Ahhh who are we all kidding TWINE was worse. (EDIT: actually, no. Die Another Day. How did I forget that. Well, probably mentally blocked it out.)

          Skyfall had a certain lightness to it in some scenes that definitely lended to Craig's 'dry humour' aspect of bond, one that's in line with 'educated thug' Bond from the books that people say Craig's bond is closest to. Q and Bond's bantering was amusing, and the whole casino scene was fairly balanced between bond suaveness and seriousness.

          If it came down to things the third act is what made Skyfall slightly, and only very slightly, below Casino Royale. It deviated from the bond norm, and that was good. But it was more suited for a movie that marked Craig's end as bond, for not only was it a more personal affair, it dealt with his past, a kinda left-field sentiment (plus, he threw in a comment about his parents, which boggled me. His parents could make for a whole damn plot.) The housekeeper was pretty ballin' though.

          Plus, Javier Bardem. He's essentially Sean Bean's character +5. Best modern bond villain, hands down.

          EDIT: Also, what subtracted some points was the bond girl. Not the second bond girl, she was cool. The first one. Who.. for her history to fans, should've had a bit more chemistry with Bond.

          Last edited 03/01/13 12:17 am

            ... you know that Craig is contracted for another 2 films right?

              Exactly. This was a "I'm too damn old for secret service hijinks" bond, and while that's a aspect I quite like about him from books and movies.. it's far too early to be breaking that particular bottle of scotch out. I mean, dude just became a 007 agent 2 movies ago.

                It was sort of finishing the character arc set up in the previous two films though.

                  Yeah, I think it was still a case of finding his feet as an agent, rather than being too old for it

                  The thing is, though, that arc started in Casino Royale and finished with QOS. Otherwise, we wouldn't have Eve, who's essentially the newbie field agent.

                I don't think the movie was asking about whether Bond was too old. The real question was whether or not 00 agents were relevant at all. The whole thing is taken to a very meta level, as the movie is asking "can Bond movies still be relevant in the modern age, while still having at least a little bit of Bond?" That's why they hearkened it back to the classic Bond's, even if it was only a light dusting.

                I like to think that they proved that point, but maybe I'm just a sentimental old man.

                  Never really thought of that meta spin on it, interesting stuff blaghs! Think youre onto something there.

                  That's the case with M, for sure. But when the movie attempts to deal with Bond's inner struggle, age keeps playing a part. Why else would you bring up his past? We have a Bond who isn't far into his 007 career, and yet he decides to take a 'early retirement' because he believes M didn't trust him to finish the job? Bit bitter for a eager young agent. The whole training scene along with Mallory's off-hand comment concerns Bond's age.

                  That being said, your idea is pretty spot on, and I whole-heartedly agree with it. Just.. handled Bond a bit oddly, is all. M was really the star here, for sure.

            Not sure I'd liken Javier's villian to 006 though... Javier had a waaay different character, in more ways than one. He was coming from a place of vengeance, but that's about it. Not to put down 006, but Javier's had a lot more interesting elements going on for me.

            Also, gotta defend the last act. It's the only way to keep Bond films new and modern - if they stick to old ways of bringing in the climax then it's going to go stale very quickly. That way of building and ending Bond films has come and gone. It's really impressive they can go to places like this and still make it feel like Bond.

              Ok, yeah, extremely different character, but I think it kind of had the same core; loyal patriot, ex-agent who turns on their country. But 006's motives never did have the particular drive Javier's villain had.

              I still like the last act, for sure. It's the exact opposite of a bond showoff- nothing grand, no giant set location, no countdown to doomsday. A very personal affair, but the fact that it attempted to bring in some drama from Bond's past was just too off-putting for me. I imagine my opinion's the minority, though.

          Ahhh you said that so much better than I ever could. All the upvotes. Casino Royale is definately a better film, but yes Skyfall feels more Bond-like relatively.

    After going from 81% to 100% in the space of thirty seconds, I now have Episode One of the Walking Dead. I was going to wait until tomorrow night, but I don't think that plan is viable any longer :)

      Have fun, man! Catch you on the flipside and all that!


    Good night, folks. I'm going to bed. If you finish The Walking Dead tonight @shane, I'll post my thoughts tomorrow. :D

    35 degrees today where I am, just great.
    Perfect weather to go and see Rise of the Guardians! \o/

      Damnit Crazy! Because of you I checked the weather and Friday is 40...


    @dc (and @greenius and others)

    Okay so this wasn't a big conspiracy to get me to buy a dud game. Holy fucking fuckballs.

    I might edit this in the morning when I'm less wired, but for now I'm well overdue for sleep!

    Walking Dead game Ep 1 spoilers:
    Saved Duck because small child.
    Saved Carley because I had a stupid hope that if she had a gun she could then save Doug :P
    Game says I lied to Hershel but I don't think I did.
    Game says I sided with Larry but I got big loyalty bonus from Kenny and thought I was on his side.
    Edit because forgot about this choice: I made Carley give the gun to the bitten woman at the hotel. This one I was in two minds about. I almost asked her to come with us.

    So many manly tears held back. Clementine just hits me right in the feels... especially when I've got a small girl of my own. Major protective instinct kicking in here.

    Great story, excellent characters, interesting choices, mostly really quite good game design.

    Last edited 03/01/13 1:49 am

      I think the "siding" choice is a little broken. I stood up for Kenny but told him not kill Larry (Because that is just stupid). Apparently that counts as siding with Larry =/. Also, poor Doug. No one ever saves him (I did).

        Agreed with what you said. The reason I sided as I did is because

        The game had already recorded that I'd said some things to Carley, and I thought it was interesting for the story that she knew who Lee was. Also, like I said, I thought she might be able to use her gun to help Doug :P
        I did the same thing as you with Kenny. :\

      I really loved the little details in this game.

      The use of the cane to block the door was brilliant, and especially poignant because Clementine was the one who went and fetched it. Who'd have thought that a stick barring a door closed would make me all emotional?
      In general, I really liked how deeply personal the story was. Despite the coincidence of them running out of fuel for the truck right outside the pharmacy and then having that be the only survivor-friendly building on the block, it was a really great touch to wander around and realise slowly that Lee had in fact been here before.
      Some of the puzzles were odd though. Using a spark plug to break a window... very odd. And I didn't realise that the heart medicine could wait until after I'd saved Glenn from the hotel, so I spent a little too long faffing around the back room looking for a solution that wasn't presenting itself.
      Loved the little choices I made that kept coming up in dialogue. I introduced myself to Kenny as Clem's neighbour and he brought it up a handful of time. Made the game feel really dynamic and immersive.

      GOTY is not a crazy claim at this stage.

        Weirdly, episode one didn't really grab me. I mean, I liked it, I thought it was well made, but if I'd only played the first episode, I probably could have taken or left the series.

        But then, well, yeah. Episode 2 was...

        Episode 2 was certainly something.

          It gets better? Don't tell me that!
          I was going to try to space them out. SPACE. THEM. OUT :(

            Yeah. Not that it helps you, but I think the staggered release really helped the game, for me. I would not have been able to play it in a short period of time.

            Also, for future reference, how did you go about getting it?

              You need a US address at almost every point in the road, but I drew the line at credit card fraud... so I developed a partial work around.

              1. I bought a $5 Amazon Gift Card using my Australian address to pay for it.
              2. Then I used that to purchase a 400 MSP voucher from Amazon with a fake US address
              3. Then used my new fake US 360 account to purchase Episode 1 of the Walking Dead.
              4. Downloaded it, switched to my primary AU profile and played it.

              PS: I don't think I'm going to be able to wait. I think I'll be cannoning through these over the next four nights :)

              Edit: you crafty bugger :)

              Last edited 03/01/13 8:22 am

            Does get better too. Holy damn, man. You're in for a ride! :D

      I told the truth to Hershall or atleast as close to the truth as the game would allow. I figured that Lee wasn't running from his past. The man was cooperating in the police car and resigned to his fate. I also figured that if he had to lie in the future it would've been better to keep his story as close to the truth as possible. So yeah, told the truth to Hershall.
      I saved Duck. This was a pretty tough decision, but one decided by the fact that Kenny and his wife were in exactly the same predicament as Lee and Clem. In fact Clem was being looked after at that very moment by Katya, so it would've been a tough ask not to return the favour and save the kid. Instinct also pretty much told me to save the kid anyways, I'm sure Shawn would've been a valuable member of the group, more useful than a child atleast but Lee made his choice!
      I sided with Kenny. It was a horrible price to pay to keep the kid alive in the first place and I suspected that he wasn't bitten, so I fought for the kid. I had a horrible feeling that it could've back fired, but I'm glad it didn't. Lee's made a friend with that family and they're in this together now for better or worse.
      I refused to give the gun to the woman. I felt for her and sort of felt like a monster denying her the death she wanted, but at the same time every last bit of ammo was important and this lady was already lost. Didn't want to run the risk of attracting other zombies over too, had to think about Carley and Glenn as well. Sounds a little selfish, but I decided to play the game where Lee's only priority was to protect Clem. He'd help others if he could, but wouldn't jeapordize her safety for any thing.
      I saved Carley. I'm not entirely sure why. I know Lee spent more time with her, but at the same time I wondered if I felt the need to protect her because she was a woman too? What does that say about me if that's the case too? It was a harrowing choice, but it's the one I made.

      I'm so glad you like it, man. :D

      Edit: Oh, crap. Spoiler tags messed up. I hope I didn't spoil any one. I'm sorry if I did.

      Last edited 03/01/13 8:47 am

        Awesome :) Thanks for sharing.
        Expect Chapter Two write-up tonight/tomorrow morning, thanks to Blaggles.

        Editing now to add details.

        I thought I was playing Lee as honest-truth teller, but there must have been a lie in there somewhere. I basically thought the same as you, and have tried to tell everyone as much truth as possible. Even told Clem that Lee is a murderer.

        I've given my reasons for saving Duck and Carley - small child and gun. Can imagine this game being pretty damn different with the other choices. I'm going to own all my choices, at least on the first run through, but I'll be forever wondering. Too bad Duck is dumb as a bag of hammers :P

        I thought I was siding with Kenny, but in the end my moderate-side-with-Kenny-but-avoid-violence answer was read by the game as siding with Larry. Pretty sure I got every other loyalty boost for Kenny though.

        When the group returned to the hotel at the end, did the woman reappear for you? Obviously she'd already killed herself in my playthrough. Just wondering.

        Love this game. Little details, etc.

        "I think it's going to be all right." Lights out. WHAT A MOMENT. :D

        Last edited 03/01/13 8:59 am

          Scene played out pretty differently with the woman. Didn't see her again, won't say any more. :D I liked even the subtle touches, like the energy bars you found. Just giving them out to the group. So much atmosphere. If you're on board the band wagon already, you're going to love the rest of the series.

          My choices were mix of yours and @dc's
          I tried to be honest with Lee but I actually couldn't decide what to say at one point and spent so long deciding that the timer ran out and Lee said nothing, counting as a lie :P
          Same with Duck/Carley, I also liked her a bit more but mainly did those choices because small child and gun. I stupidly thought I could save both of the others in both situations too...
          Same Kenny thing, I tried to be rational about it and Larry is a bit of a cunt. I wanted to make 100% sure Duck wasn't bit but I don't know what happened but it said I sided with Larry... ughhh. So much hate when he punches you >:(
          Now this is where I side with D.C. and didn't give her the gun. For the same sort of reasons (conserve ammo, not attract others) I also thought that maybe she might turn against us and shoot one of us.

          What did Blaghman do? I assume he gave you credit? :D

          P.S. how?
          P.P.S. Can I throw $5 your way?

          EDIT: Just read below :D!

          Last edited 03/01/13 11:00 am

            I'm all set over here now, but the offer is much appreciated anyway, man. Thanks! :)

    HEY GUYS!!!
    Anyone want a steam key for Cave Story +????

      Also, one for Indie game: the movie.
      I haven't seen it yet, but don't imagine i will end up watching it..

        It's a really great film, man. You'd be doing yourself a disservice not watching it.

      I'll take CS+ if nobody has yet if you don't already have me on Steam


    Blitz by Digitalism

    Because awesome

      Sleepless Nights - 78 Saab
      "The closer I get, the further away I seem." Love this song.

        Nice, how are things in the world of Shane?

          Played the Walking Dead (#1) game last night. Got very little sleep. Now at work. Kind of buzzing. Life is good.

          How's SPAGHETT!

            Spaghett couldn't get to sleep, but managed eventually

            So, currently drinking a can of energy drink after falling asleep off and on throughout my two hour train trip

            And yeah

            Life's good :D

      There's a Party Over Here Ain't Shit Over There - Deez Nuts

    "I don't know why I'm awake right now" question.

    How do people feel about ridiculously convoluted villain plots in films?

    Are they just a way for the writers to try and show that the villain is "smart" because they've predicted everything that would happen? If they can predict that much, then surely they could predict exactly what the hero is going to do, right?

    I'm referring to things like the last two Batman movies, The Avengers, even Skyfall(at least Casino Royale made the stupidly convoluted plot that of the heroes), where the villains plans really are just mindnumbingly stupid.

    Surely there's a better way to show that someone's "smart." And I don't just mean by playing some Rachmaninoff while they drink wine.

      Maybe the smartest way to do things would be simple

      Your guards catch Bond climbing in through the window

      So when you have him tied to a chair, you blow his fucking brains all over the wall

      But maybe, as those villians are smart, they like to do convoluted things because they feel the simple things are beneath them

      Don't mind a complex villain. The best stories approach characters like people, rather than plot devices... and too often

      That said, I like complex, but dislike convoluted. I'd prefer a simpler story, well-told.

      Example: Darth Vader wasn't especially complex, but he had his arc (original trilogy). His internal conflict was the dramatic fodder of ROTJ and ultimately made the demise of the Emperor a compelling event. I like that even though he was 'smart' and managed to overthrow the galaxy, the Emperor died not because he was too stupid to foil an even stupider Luke, but because he was so overconfident that he never thought his protege would turn against him. Still never doubted his intelligence, though.

      I did get a bit lost in Skyfall when Javier bombed the wall to send the train through. Taking the concept of 'one step ahead' just a little too many steps too far.

      But yeah, its interesting. I think its going to get repeated and we've had it represented a few times now and had it done relatively well. I only just woke up from a massive sleep binge and my brain isnt all there but the first villian you describe that comes to mind is Hannibal. Oh no wait he was listening to some kind of classical wasnt he, never mind.

    @shane, can I purchase all your novel materials? *I want your books, word nourishment is king*

      Fair warning: they're comics, not novels. They have words, but not so many :)

      Read up on it, see if it interests you, then shoot me an email: shane at shanewsmithdotcom. I've got some copies I can sign up and shoot over to you, and we can work something out.

      Thanks for your interest, man! :)

      Edit: Link changed to actually go to my site. :\

      Last edited 03/01/13 8:36 am

        Email shot at you

        I hope you can dodge like Neo

          RETURN FIRE!

            I'M HIT! OH GOD I'M HIT

            There is so much red and it's all going grey......

            Goodbye everyone

    @blaghman has just sent me a gift card via Amazon, the sneaky bugger. Enough to purchase the remainder of TWD Season 1 :D

    Thank you so much, dude! I don't know what to say

      Ehhh, consider it payment for the games you've given me.

        Unnecessary but much appreciated, man. You're awesome.
        Also, just so you know, I do still expect Double Dash back one of these days :P

          Oh, you'll get it eventually. Just need to have a "Party at Shane's house" meat.

            Wife has actually offered to host one. She doesn't know what she's in for :)
            It'll happen - just want to get through rocky patch first.

      What an awesome guy. Blaghs, you're awesome!

    @blaghman up before noon has now been replaced by BLAGHMAN HAS MONEY!

      Shhh, keep it a secret(I only get paid once a month, and by the end of this weekend I'll have spent probably 2/3rds of my money... I am so bad at fiscal management).

    Sid's Bunnings write up.

    So my owner took me to anther store after already visiting the petshop and the vet. Except this time I couldn't go in. I was tired, so I was happy to lay in the shade.
    funnily enough, my owner didn't tie me up. She spoke to some woman and then disappeared into the building.

    [memory lapse]

    i ran past some trolleys and counters. No one bothered to stop me. I was on a mission. I could smell my owner, she was around here somewhere! People looked at me weirdly, but i didn't care. I went to a place that smelt like trees when i suddenly heard a cross voice yelp "Sid!"
    I wagged my tail as I approached my owner. i found her!
    She didn't seem as happy. She grasped my collar and began dragging me. I kept up easily. she kept talking to people who were surprised and smiling. What was the big idea?
    My owner was growling at me, but I didn't care, as several women wearing aprons were making a fuss of me.
    And then I found $10 worth of treats.

      Puppy :)

      Don't worry Sid, your owner was probably just growling because she wanted to play but that wasn't allowed in the store.

        I was growling because he was in the store =P
        They didn't seem to mind though.

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