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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    Lately, I've been replaying games that I finished in the last few years and enjoyed. Portal 2, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Mirror's Edge, Trauma Center 2 and Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.

    Why the hell didn't I start doing this earlier?

    Sure there are lots of games out there that I own and haven't finished but it seems weird that games are often one shot deals. My copy of Good Omens is so worn that if I didn't have a Kindle, I'd have to buy a replacement copy. I've watched Back to the Future more times than I dare count. Yet with some of my favourite games, I've played them once and am pretty unlikely to go back to them.

    This is definitely something I want to keep doing. At some point, I'm going to try and play through the Gears of War trilogy with a co-op partner sitting next to me on the same couch. Then there's also Red Dead Redemption, the Mass Effect games, Starcraft 2's campaign (which I might play close to the expansion's release) and a whole host of others.

    This doesn't mean that I'm going to stop playing games that I haven't, just that I'm going to stop ignoring games just because I finished them before.

      I'm sure we've all had that feeling where we see something and think "man, I'd love to do this and this in subsequent playthroughs" but most of us hardly ever get around to it. Kudos for doing it but a part of me still feels like I could be spending that time playing and experiencing something new.

      But I'm on sort of a no new releases kind of thing for a while so I really hope to work on that pile and also hopefully get to replay some games that I really love.

      Replay Old Games Month? :D

        January is Nostalgia Goggles Adjustment Month!

        Make sure your nostalgia goggles are set properly by replaying the games you claim to love!

        Seriously though, I've lost count of how many times I've not played anything because I had so many choices. Somehow, picking something I know I liked makes it easier to narrow those choices down. There's always July to play those other games :p

      I pull out Mirror's Edge and do a few levels every now and then, just because I love the running.

      As to your broader point, I think it's the constant NEW NEW NEW hype train that keeps us from going back. Also the speed at which game technology changes makes you go back and say "shit this was clunky"

        I do that too with Mirror's Edge, just running and jumping and sliding. All kinds of fun!

        I do this too with Mirror's Edge. Don't really want a full playthrough, but I'll play a bit here and there.

        Edit: Damnit @dc Twin

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          Time Trials yo.

          Stay out of my head! *shakes fist*

        I still haven't come across a game that handles the first person perspective better than Mirror's Edge.

        Easily the best thing about the game is that it feels like you're controlling a whole person. The camera focus adjusts after you go from having an object right in your face to looking into the distance, there's head sway and limbs. Limbs that interact with objects!

        We're at the point in this console generation where really anything in the last 5 years will probably still stand up. Maybe even longer.

          Not just the graphics though- things like standard trigger placement or health or being able to shift into cover are still relatively recent

            And that stuff was standardised a while ago. COD4 came out in 2007, same year as Halo 3. Gears of War was out in 2006.

            Those are the games that helped set how a modern console shooter controls (yes, I'm aware of the differences in control schemes).

            I remember trying to play Rainbow Six Vegas (released 2006) a little while ago and hating the controls because they didn't fit what I was used to after playing the above games.

            So as far as shooters are concerned, I'd say any major release after 2007 will probably control "normally".

            Don't forget that Mirror's Edge is now 5 years old. Gears of War is 6 1/2. That covers a lot of games. :)

            Edit: Man! Ninja'd again. That'll teach me to spend too long researching dates :P

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    Bleh! I'm so not with it, I actually posted in an old tay! :p

    Hope everyone had an awesome xmas/new years. Mine unfortunately turned to shit on boxing day. Not getting in to that though.
    Have a job interview tomorrow! Was supposed to be today, but I couldn't get in to my computer to get the details, so I missed.. oops. :| Thankfully they were understanding about it.
    Oh wells.. fingers crossed for employment tomorrow, cos I have rent paid up until monday, and I'm all outta $! Oh My!

      Good luck man. Hope it all comes good!

      Good luck, man. Hope things start going your way soon! :)

      Hope it works out, Welbot. It's about time you had some good luck, dammit! *hugasaurus*

    Hello all!
    Happy New Year TAYfronds!

      Splicer! Hope you're well, man. It's been a while?

        I am well mate, busy as hell though. Writing as much as I can, celebrating my 31st birthday on New Years eve, spending quality time with my wife and son and general xmas shenadigans!
        What's news broseph? What's been happening?

          Happy birthday, man -- better late than never? :D Same ol', same ol' for me!

            Thanks bud :)
            It was a fairly sedate birthday, very relaxed.
            Been away from the interwebs a fair bit, with work and the holiday and then xmas/new years.
            Wish I had more hours in the day for TAYtime!

              Haha! You're missed, man. Remember when we both started posting on Twitter at the same time? You've got 66 tweets, I've got 3455. :|

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                Yeah, i do miss being around here.
                On the upside though, Bioshock: Infinite and Aliens: Colonial Marines are right around the corner!
                I do check my tweets fairly often, but like here, i tend to just hide on the sidelines. I always some to come in halfway though a conversation.

    That's good to hear! I liked the first game a lot more than the second! Though he doesn't mention the things I didn't particularly like about the second game, like the randomly generated stuff...

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      I haven't played Pikmin 2, but I kinda hope they don't bring back the timer from Pikmin 1. Made it way too stressful for me :P

      Actually, hopefully they include both modes.

    "You follow the hivemind blindly, like a servant" - BlueMaxima on @Shiggyninty not thinking CoD: Blops: Declassified's was the best multiplayer this year.

    BEST QUOTE EVER! If TAY had sigs, this would be mine!

      @BlueMaxima: @shiggyninty @Doc_What Yes it is. I don't know why people, including you, are doing this, but you are simply biased beyond belief.

      @BlueMaxima: @BeardyMc @shiggyninty @Doc_What I have no other explanation than people are biased against the Vita's games. It just makes no sense.

      It's so cute. Everyone's biased but him.

        Clearly :P

          @redartifice @shiggyninty @Doc_What The Vita and it's games are amazing. People ignore it unfairly. It's almost a Shakespearean tragedy.

          I really hope I don't need to point out that Shakespearean is not an adjective that can be used in this context.

            I was just about to post this very quote. I'm thinking about getting some T-Shirts printed for PAX.

              Just to help

      I'm staying the hell out of that conversation :P

        I'm doing my best to, but technically I started it so I'm involved come rain or shine.

          On that note, maybe we should stop with the vita has no gaemz joke. It was funny this morning but it inevitably leads to crazy situations like this. This one in particular seems to have blown out of proportion.

          Granted I do like a good train wreck that I can't look away from, but still...


      I'm trying not to just pile on, but i'm genuinely puzzled.

        Hence my lack of contribution. I don't know enough of the source material, nor do I feel that it's my fight.

        Accept the faults and move on.

          I got bored and jumped in. He's just too fun to play with.

          Haven't played the game (or any COD since MW2) but it's still amusing to see how worked up he's getting over quite literally nothing more than a difference of opinion.

      Was this a Twitter thing?
      I blocked him because he's a douchebag. I think I told him that first, and then blocked him. :P

        Twitter thing. Your position has a degree of merit.

      ‏@REALRocketman: BlueMaxima it's just, right now you seem like that kid who is with his mum in the grocery store yelling and screaming and peeps just ....

      ‏@REALRocketman: BlueMaxima feel sorry for the lady who has to put up with the whining kid.

      Damn, son.

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    I hate telling people to pull their head in, even chestbrah. Feel like a terrible person.
    On the plus side, less than an hour until I bugger off out of here! \o/

      I just went on a rant... Any bet he's a young teen?

      *probably an unfair assumption i know - but he's certainly acting like a brat

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        Saw it, upvoted it.

          Oh man... your reply... there are not enough upvotes in the world for that!

            I needed to blow off some steam, and didn't want to be direct about it. Just a bit of silliness. Glad you liked it though :)

            Did you see this? A masterclass in irony. He must secretly be a genius.

            My comment:
            Once again in your mad rush to ... do whatever it is you're trying to do... you've missed the point. This parent is clearly saying that they wish they'd been offered a little more guidance when buying games. Jumping down their throat for no reason is hardly helping anything, and is in fact making you look like the prototypical hyperaggressive gamer, which is doing none of us any favours.
            His response:
            No where in what I wrote was I even slightly aggressive, go away.

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    Just ordered 2 Dark Tower inspired t shirts from an artist on red bubble, also two posters, one of them which is the same as the shirt


      ...and people like me who are hacks that throw stuff on a shirt and hope people will buy it!! :D

        I get a lot of stuff from Ript Apparel, and lately *As I own WAAAAAY too many t shirts* Have just been buying prints when I see a daily design I like

        I just need to buy like, 8 frames.....

        But Stephen King, and especially his Dark Tower series is big in my heart

          I've been meaning to read that series, but so intimidating -- a whole lot of books and I'm an incredibly slow reader. Haha!

            It's... not bad. Oddly compelling is how I would describe it. Overall better than The Stand, for sure :P

              You know how I feel about The Stand, so it must be the greatest thing evah! :P

                Stephen King has never been good at writing endings, but this one is... all right. The last book is a bit of a mess, but if you read past the point where he interjects to warn you to stop reading (sorry if that's a spoiler, I don't consider it one), it's all right.

                @shane @dc

                The Dark Tower is one of the best things, I have ever read in my short 24 years on this earth

                It moved me so much

                I was literally on the journey with them

                  That sounds appealing. One of the things I loved about The Stand was the sprawling journey they all went on. The scale of the book. I think it'd make an excellent TV series rather than a Ben Affleck movie trilogy. (That's nothing against Affleck, he's an awesome director!) Any progress on The Dark Tower movie front?

                  I don't think you mean literally :P

                  It's a very interesting series. Kind of a melting pot of random ideas that coalesce into some weird, barely-held-together universe. And somehow it works. I've read it a couple of times, but haven't yet decided whether I really like it or not.

                  Oh. I'm an idiot. That was a metaphorical journey, huh? :P

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                  @dc, it's a real journey. Seven books of walking.

                  To a fucking volcano building. :P

                  Last edited 03/01/13 3:31 pm

                  Oh, man. When I diss the Lord of the Rings the non-stop walking is one of my go to rants. If I read and liked this, I'd be a hypocrite. Haha! (I suspect I've got more problems with it than that, but it's easier to articulate. :P)

                  Last edited 03/01/13 3:41 pm

                  Literally from the greek root of literature

                  He was on a journey with them, brought about by literature

    Went to see Rise of the Guardians with my two little cousins (age 3 and 5) today. Pretty decent film, I liked it. It's not the sort of kids movie that's a must watch for adults, but if you get a chance to see it it's worth it. Reminded me of the Avengers quite a bit. Not so much because of the humour, action or plot, but just because it was a team of supers teaming up to bring down a bad guy. I will say though, the bad guy did feel very Lokiesque to me. The way he held himself, the sort of character he was, that he fought with a staff/scythe weapon, all made me think of everyones favourite non Australian Asgardian.

    Depending what plans extended family have for tonight, I may try and catch Wreck-It Ralph at 7 and I've got tickets for the Hobbit tommorow in 3D, 48 frams, V-Max, Good few days for movies, especially with this heat.

      Thoroughly enjoyed it. :)
      I honestly felt really bad after finding out how Jack actually became Jack Frost. Got me right in the feels. :`(

    Got told off by Miiverse admins for posting game strategies and/or spoilers.

    I'm an accidental rebel!

    Last edited 03/01/13 3:14 pm

      I can see getting told off for the spoiler thing, but strategies? I thought part of the point of the Miiverse was that you could post things like, gold coin behind this door, beat this boss by attacking him from behind etc.

        Yeah, it's a bit odd. I'm not complaining though. I mean, I don't like to see unmarked spoilers so it's good that they've actually got a system handling that (I don't think it's an actual person though because all I got was a pre-written message and there is a "report spoilers" button).

        I can't recall what I posted though. Maybe it got deleted or something. Would've liked to know what I wrote! haha

          Oh, there's a way to view my post!

          "Two words: Secret Yoshi" was what I posted (with a generated tag related to the Mario U level the post was sent from). Yeah, definitely just someone hitting the report spoilers button, I see a million of those types of hints all the time.

          Ah well.

            Yeah, I don't see a problem with that. I made a tip that was "Use Ice Power!" which hasn't been reported yet.


      Such a bad influence!

    Started playing The Walking Dead after Shane's posts this morning. Have to force myself to stop. Getting immersed all over again! :D

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      Stop it DC, don't hurt DC! What has he ever done to you?!?!

      *Yes, I am telling you to stop abusing yourself, I have given you multiple personalities, this could also be seen as a joke about masturbation*

      Last edited 03/01/13 3:21 pm

        I've got 99 problems, but multiple personalities ain't one of them. :P

          It's two of them, cause both of you are trouble ;)

      Won't you swim with us DC?
      It's ever so warm...

        We all float down here


        *Channeling Pennywise the clown from IT*

      I started Walking Dead again a while back, but stopped after a while because it felt weird choosing all the opposite answers :P

        I don't do that, though. Once I commit on a decision that's how I replay every time. It's weird, but all my Mass Effect and Heavy Rain playthroughs are exactly the same. :D

          That's ... awesome and weird :)
          But I do get it - if you can't own your choices, it stops being your story and starts feeling like a game with mechanics, wires and moving pieces. The magic is lost.

          I doubt I'll play Walking Dead a second time. I don't even think I want to look up alternate endings, etc on the webz. I was going to play Catherine the same way until I got well stuck.

            Also the story I fell in love with is the story I want to replay. Might not have the uncertainty ahead of it like the first playthrough, but it's replaced with other stuff like foreshadowing you didn't pick up on, details and the like.

            Weird, I know. :D

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              Weird, but I think it's the better way to do it. At least for folks like us, who love dissecting stories.

                Saying that, though, I'm not above changing decisions when I'm playing the first time through:

                Heavy Rain spoilers:

                Like when Jayden accidently shoots Nathaniel, I replayed the chapter and made it right. :P

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                  Wow I don't even remember those characters :/

                  I should do a Heavy Rain replay!

                  Jayden's the drug addled FBI agent, Nathaniel is one of the Origami suspects. The guy with all the religious stuff.

                  Last edited 03/01/13 6:01 pm

          Did you ever see or look up the other choices? Oh, I just remembered you looked up non-lethal kills for Dishonored so I'm going to assume yes. The only reason I'd replay something with different choices is to see the alternative cutscenes (and for cheevos/trophies :P) so I guess if you can see it in the end then it's all good :D

            A game like Dishonored is different, kind of like Thief and Hitman. Supposed to try new and creative ways to get the mission done. I might try new things if I ever replayed that. :)

    @greenius, if you're not going to get Scratches for $2.50, you should get Knights of the Old Republic instead! :D

      @greenius EVERYONE, if you're not going to get Scratches for $2.50, you should get Knights of the Old Republic instead! :D

    Due to current events on Twitter I decided to vacate and say hello here.


    How are you all? Good? Well that's fantastic. Why yes, I did get new shoes.

      Hope you're well, Cakesmith!

      I wish I had popcorn.

        I was eating popcorn chicken but it ran out the second I read this and headed to Twitter...


          It'll be a bit of a scroll to get to the bottom of it :P

        After the Zombie Movie screening, my new thing is to bring popcorn to Pez's whenever I go there.

      Hi cake friend!
      How have you been?!?!

    @tadmod I know you're out there :P

      It all seems so foreign!

      I lurk, but I can't be bothered posting much anymore, lol.

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        Lame :P
        A bunch of people bought NFS Hot Pursuit when it was on sale. We should have a multiplayer session sometime (I've said that so many times, and we never end up doing it... :P)

          Organises NFS: HP play-date
          Doesn't show up


    Reminder: Dungeons need Defending! 8:30 est, see the KotakAU steam group.

      I suggest we just arrange a cave-in. That would mean less manpower is required to defend these dungeons.

      Aww yeah.

      But wait. I has no DLC and I'm probably too lazy to bother playing now so I'll be a total newbie. Is this fine?

        Yep, that's cool, just make sure it's all updated- took me 90 min to start last time as it was updating

    I have a $50 EB games gift voucher, so I'm looking for something to spend it on. Is it just me, or does the new ps3 seem like really bad value? You used to be able to get 160gb for pretty much the same price as the new 12gb one. Then you look at the Xbox with 250gb and usually a heap of games thrown in for the same price! I think Sony need to do a little re-think there.

    This led me to the Vita. It looks like this thing has dropped $100 in price, although I haven't seen anything official about it. They have the Vita + Little Big Planet or PS All Stars for $248, which looks like pretty good value to me. But then the memory card thing niggles at me.

    My question is, is it worth getting? I'd probably get PS All Stars even though I have pretty much no devotion to the Playstation universe. I notice there's a new Little King's Story game which should be a must buy, and I'd probably get Persona 4. What else is worth buying? Or worth looking forward to?

      Don't get that new PS3 it's very cheaply made your better off with going with the first slim model.

      If you do plan on getting a Vita you should definitely look into getting Gravity Rush, one of the gems of the Vita game ensemble imo.

        Playstation Plus subscription is the best way to get it really.

      Vita has CoD Blops Declassified.

      Problem solved.

      You should ask @bluemaxima

        Reading through this page of TAY, I feel like I missed something...

          He's a Vita evangelist and got baited into a Twitter argument earlier that quite a few of us piled in on.

      Keep in mind that LKS is a upgraded port, not a whole new story. Gravity Rush is pretty fantastic, as mentioned above. There's, er, Sound Shapes. And.. Touch my Katamari? That's all I can get of the top of my head, aside from PSP games.

        I actually think it got some pretty meh reviews which was disappointing cause I loved it on the Wii. Same with Katamari

        Damn, they really shouldn't have called it "New Little Kings Story" if it's not really new. I think I'll pass on the Vita for now. There's only a couple of games that look worthwhile, and nothing interesting that I've seen coming out soon.

          Oh... I was just about to write something for you :P

          (eh I'll do it anyway, not like I'm doing anything else! :D)

      That deal is okay I guess but I recently purchased a Vita in November from Amazon when it was $180 for the AC3: Lib bundle (come with 4GB memory card) and also PS: All Stars, so I recommend waiting a bit for it to go cheaper.

      I'd say to definitely get Persona 4 as I know your a JRPG fan and this is pretty much THE best game on the Vita. Hell, it's the one that finally made me want to get a Vita and I've already put in 47 hours in it :D.

      Do you already have a PS3? I'd probably recommend getting one first over a Vita and then subscribing to PlayStation +. PS+ has amazing value and will give you plenty of games for both the PS3 and the Vita. Two other games I was interested in for the Vita (Uncharted and Gravity Rush) are free on PS+ and they've also offered a lot of smaller PSN games that I would've never purchased.

      There's one two upcoming games I'm interested in which are Tearaway and Soul Sacrifice, no idea how they'll turn out though...

      You could always buy a Wii U in preparation for Monolith Soft's new game!

        Wow, if they were that price for all that at one point, then I think I'll wait. I've seen deals from all the different Amazon sites pop up pretty often actually, so there might be another one soon.

        I don't have a ps3, and I kinda regret not buying one of the older ones now that the current ones look so cheap and nasty (and have no hard drive). There are admittedly a LOT of games I want for it though, plus Ni No Kuni soon. I have no idea why but I always get cold feet when I go to buy one. The last time I almost bought one I backed out and spent the money on a watch. Yeah, I'm weird. (It's a nice watch though :D)

        As for the Wii U, I'm really not sure about it. I've always been firmly in the Nintendo camp, but I want to give it a year or so to mature a bit I think.

          Yeah, sounds like the PS3 is a better choice. Could always eBay for the older models!

          Ni No Kuni!!!!!!!!

          If you're at all interested in JRPGs, the PS3 is the system to have really. But not that icky third gen one.

    @sughly @dc

    I was just kidding about the spoiler thing. To be honest I forgot what it was about, something about
    an African tribe maybe? who knows... :P

    Don't worry man, I take TAYbie's opinions/recommendations very seriously and they mean more to me than some random review sites. I only glanced over at the Metascore as a real quick way to see how how 'good' it was. The main reason is that I have more than enough games to get through and the last thing I need to do is pay for more that are just going to sit there for a while :P. And when it comes down to it there's other, 'better' (reviewed/liked) games out there like Monkey Island 1/2 and... Anna's Quest!

    I'm also not a fan of the horror genre because I'm a scaredy pants but D.C. tells me it's more atmospheric than cheap scares which is what I'll prefer (I HATE cheap scares).

    All your adventure game talk makes me want to play more of them because it's a genre I like but rarely play. In due time my friends! :D

      Fair 'nuff. Just that you said something about ignoring sub 80 metacritic scores and I was like this

        I didn't say 'ignoring', I'd just rather prefer to spend my time playing something awesomer :D

      I admit I had the same reaction as Sughly to the metacritic thing, I just figured if you were on the fence about it enough to let that sway you I probably should stop pushing it. Haha!

      Edit: Also better is subjective. One of my favourite adventures games ever got 6.7/10 on GameSpot. (Gabriel Knight 3) They also gave Scratches 3.9/10, btw. :S Adventure Gamers gave them both 4/5. *shrugs*

      Last edited 03/01/13 4:49 pm

        Also, I totally saw you own Dreamfall now, Sughly. Hells yeah! It'll be interesting to see what you think, but I suppose you'll have to finish TLJ first...

          Yeeeep... :(

            Also, Chaos on Deponia. Completely unrelated to Dreamfall, but whatever. :P

              Yeah I'm stuck pretty hardcore in that game. Have a TONNE of inventory that doesnt seem to relate to anything I need to do. Le sigh.

                Let me know if you want a hint, but I suspect you'll say no! :D

      D.C. is a bum.

      Last edited 03/01/13 5:43 pm

        Stop trying to change the subject! :P

          I didn't even read all your replies (they weren't there)

          I wanted it to be a "GREENIUS CATCHES UP ON TAY CATCH UP POST" so I put my other thoughts below.

          GOSH D.C. SO PICKY

          Last edited 03/01/13 5:56 pm

            I thought it was a reply fail. I just wanted to mock you! Is that so wrong? :P

    We need to start a fund to either get @shane to Brisbane, or @dc to Canberra. These two need to meet each other. :D

      Haha! Nah, I'd be too frightened to ever meet Shane, alas!

        Doofus. :P

        I'm scarier than Shane, by the way....

          No. Meeting. Shane. >:|

            I'll be mad at you if you don't meet him.... :P

              Not impossible, I guess. I was nervous about meeting you, Freeze and Sughly too. :D

                It will happen.
                Even if I have to surprise you by turning up to your house with Shane one day. :P

                  I don't think so. Haha! Every get together before meeting new TAYbies I get scared that I'll screw things up and won't be able to come back here. I was worried I did that on Boxing Day especially. :S The interstate TAYbies are terrifying!

                  Anyways, how goes stuff, Strange? What's new?

                  I told you you didn't screw things up. And you won't. Just hit yourself next time you start thinking that, you doofus. :P
                  Besides, if we can put up with @virus__ then we can put up with you. :P

                  Stop stressing, you're one of us. Soon there'll be newbies who quake in fear at the thought of meating the mighty DC....

                  Aw time I see you you're gonna be covered in bruises, aren't you? :P

        "I wish I knew how to quit you @DC."

        Last edited 03/01/13 4:49 pm

      @dc, I will contribute to the fund to get you here. You can even stay with us!
      cc @strange

        Nah, I'm a disappointment in person. Internet is where it's at! Kind to offer, though! Let's speak of this no more. :P

          We can be mutual disappointments \o/
          Also by all accounts, you're decent company.

          Last edited 04/01/13 10:54 am

          You are far from a disappointment in person. Stop being a doofus!

    People who care about 40k!!! @thecracks especially.
    Dark Angels are set to be "officially" announced by GW on the 5th, with the release of the mini's on the 12th - meanwhile there have been many more leaks including shots from the codex:

    As well as more details that the Dark Angels are going to be plasma heavy - including plasma cannons for termies!!
    'From a source that wants to remain anonymous
    Deathwing Knights
    T5 when packed in close together
    A one use ability and only lasts one turn
    may select a Land Raider as a Dedicated Transport

    Deathwing Terminators
    1 terminator for every 5 may upgrade to the following weapons
    heavy bolter
    plasma cannon
    assault cannon
    cyclone missile launcher
    can take a land raider as a dedicated transport

    Dreadnoughts and Venerable Dreadnoughts are both an Elite Choice. A venerable dreadnought is simply a vehicle upgrade in the codex entry.

    Last edited 03/01/13 4:46 pm

      We should play some more last stand

        This is a very good idea, my friend.

          I want to play some Exterminatus after I finish the Space Marine campaign again. You in? (PC version)

            More in than you could imagine.

      And in relation to your actual post, the deathwing knights are looking awesome
      Seems to be wielding a bunch of weapons that I haven't seen much before, maces and morningstars

      Oh man, so shiny. And I'll be earning moneys this year...

    Grinding levels in Persona 4 is awesome when you have auto-battle on and catch up and post in TAY :D

    For those unfamiliar with the later Persona games (pretty much everyone :P) - after battles you're given cards with special effects and you get to pick which ones you want.

    The effects can range from stuff like a new Persona (the gameplay is pretty "Pokemon" based so getting a Persona is like getting a Pokemon), permanently increasing the Persona's stats/skills/level, healing the party, increasing EXP/Money, chest keys and negative effects like no money/exp/items but let you choose more cards. You're only given the choice of one card but choosing them all through the use of certain card's effects will earn you sweet bonuses like choosing 3 cards next time around.

    There's a surprising amount of strategy involved in choosing which cards to pick to get the best results each time and I love that you get to choose your rewards after battle. It gives the game an extra little edge that even makes grinding fun.

    Over the course of a few dungeons, TAYs and many, many hours, I went from being always underlevelled to being close to and maybe even overlevelled. Feels good bro!

    JRPG fans who haven't played a Persona game (@freezespreston @strange @beavwa @saturday ?) should definitely check them out :D

      Where the hell is Persona 5, Atlus? We're way past due. Catherine was supposed to be the engine tech demo but they haven't done anything since. P5 will be an instant purchase for me.

        It would look mighty fine in HD! But then I'll get scared of an enhanced version coming out later on :P. Repurchasing games sucks!

        Last edited 03/01/13 6:06 pm


    Regarding our talk yesterday this is the exact same model except it includes a box and and in better condition, you should watch this auction as it will be alot more indicative as to the value the NM one you have.

    I'll have my eyes set on it to.

      I might still have the box too :O

      I won't watch it but I'll watch for your comment telling me how much it went for! :P

    I finished silent hill downpour last night.
    Ending was pretty crap, at least the one i got. Mum kept complaining too. =P

    Direct from SimBin:

    The development of GTR3 is firing on all cylinders. Stay informed through the SimBin Insider and right here on RaceRoom Online

    As soon as I hear the release date, I'm going to pre-order it!

    Man, I've lost my Trials Evolution mojo :'(

    My thumb actually hurts from playing it today... *grumble grumble*

    *sigh* just got a warning on my MacBook to replace the battery.. A replacement battery is somewhere around 150 bucks, from Apple Lovely.. Though for being 5 years old it's a good effort.

      Ebay. They're a lot cheaper

        Oh good point.. 37 bucks for an actual Apple MacBook battery with 3 year warranty shipped. Hmm.

      That's too bad, man. I use my laptop as a glorified desktop these days, the charge runs out insanely quick -- so have it hooked up to a monitor/keyboard/mouse at a desk now. :D

        Mine still lasts a good 2 hours or more. Despite it probably seen more than 500 cycles and recharges out of its expected 1000 cycle life.

        But what has happened to my battery is a known issue throughout the MacBooks of that era. The same happened to my friends MacBook Pro 3 years after she got it.

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