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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    Kotaku Audiophiles, I've a question for you!

    I've finally decided to upgrade past my default iPhone/pod headphones and was hoping someone might recommend some to me.

    I'm after in-ear ones around $100 or less. iPhone remote thingy attached is preferable but not necessary.

    I listen to all different kinds of music (or if you ask Blaghman, weird music) but I like nice strong bass .

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      The Logitech Ultimate Ears range isn't too bad. It's what I'm using at the moment.

      Sub $100 really isn't doing you any favours though.

        What price range would I be looking at for Freeze approved? Keep in mind all the music on my iPod is lossy format because apple hate FLAC.

        Edit: I just realised that might come across a bit snarky. I was actually asking out of curiosity as to how much high end in ear phones go for.

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          In reality, anything you buy is going to be a substantial improvement over the Apple ones. Unless you're really serious about sound quality (like I am, I love my UE Triple.Fi's!), you're going to just be nit-picking after around the $100 mark.

            I suspect my ears won't be able to tell the more expensive ones apart after years of dirt cheap ones.

      I've been using a set of Sony in-ear headphones that JB sells for $70-$80. They've got a remote (with microphone) and are good enough that I bought a second pair once the first set died.

        I've been using Logitech speaks for my PC for years now and am perfectly happy with them. Had a few head sets by them I've been happy with before. I'll goggle these ones up as soon as I finish reading about the Kilspchs.

          I just realised i replied the wrong comment on this one.

          Hope I didn't confuse you!

          I can't seme to find them on the JB site. I might have to have a look in store.

        Yes but you use a Microsoft mouse.

          No I'm doesn't!


          I just had to try and explain to one of my work colleges who's not even the slightest bit nerdy why that was so funny.

          Now he keeps giving me weird looks.

            If it matters, I use an MX518 and she thinks I use a Microsoft one because I said I liked the shape of the Steelseries Sensei because it was the same as the MS ones.

      Klipsch s4's. Can't go past them. Very good bass, and you'll be hard pressed to find something better for the price. They come in standard and with the iphone controls (s4i).

      If they take a bit of a beating, get the s4-ii's. They've got a much stronger cord.

        I'm googling these ones right now. Sound promising.

    The Cabin in the Woods:


      Haha! So damn good! I think my favourite scene in the entire movie was:

      The Japanese school girls defeating their monster. :D

        That fucking unicorn

          Oh yeah! I paused it when they were taking bets and saw "Unicorn". That was certainly unexpected...


      Also, I'd love to look around that freakin' basement set. So much attention to detail!

        Which one? The cellar with all the creepy shit? After seeing the movie I wouldn't want to go near any of that stuff :P

          Oh, for sure. They're idiots for going down. Drugged up idiots, but idiots all the same. I mean outside of the movie, though. So much lore and stuff. All kinds of awesome. I loved how it was basically what would happen if the Buffyverse came under government control too. :D

            I wouldn't even want to go near the props is what I mean :P! But yes, there's crazy attention to detail! I love the idea how each little thing could lead to something else entirely different. Are there any video games like that? There should be!

              Think they were going to make a Left 4 Dead expansion based on the movie!

                Yeah, that would've been amazing. Such a shame it was cancelled :P

                If you look close in the elevator scene, you can see a boomer, possibly a witch, and also possibly a tank (don't blame me the quality of the torrent I downloaded was a toilet)

      Also, did you like the movie? I can't tell! :D

        Haha yeah, I guess!

        People were all "it's not really horror" so I was expecting no horrory stuff AT ALL. Boy was I wrong! :D

          Now you're ready for Scratches? :P



              :D I also liked:

              The jarring cuts between terror in the woods and mindless banter at HQ.

    Just realised I'd better make sure all my green clothes are clean and ready to wear to meat Greenius next week. :D

      And while all you people get to have an awesome meat I'll be helping work out at shudder... the Elvis Festival in Parkes. Oh joy -_-

        You can go see the observatory, though. What's funner than that? :P

        Last edited 03/01/13 9:29 pm

          I wish I was going to have time for that. Would make the trip out worthwhile

        That sounds like fun to me, though.
        Pretend you love Elvis, you'll enjoy yourself more.

      Haha oh wow shows how much sense of time I have! Didn't even realise it was next week :P

      I need new green clothes since I'm pretty much forced to wear them at meats :P

      Holy guacamole, it IS next week o_o

      Note to self: Call the travel agent tomorrow to ask where my tickets are (;_;)

        If you need a better one....

          If you're also willing to do the same holiday for free, I'll gladly switch!

          (Side note, because you're in-the-know: I should have my plane tickets and stuff by now if I'm leaving on the 12th, shouldn't I? Or am I being impatient? :P)

            Travel agents will generally keep ahold of all your tickets and other documents until about 2 weeks before you leave, just in case theres any changes, then we don't have to get you to come back in to give you another copy. If You're flying down on the 12th then they should probably be ready by now. If not, your agent is gonna have to chase them up quick smart. I'd definitely be giving him/her a call tomorrow.

            Note to self - Do docs and call client leaving on the 16th :P

            Last edited 03/01/13 9:42 pm

              I have an itinerary/"receipt" dealy so I know it's all been booked, at least. I'll give them a call in the morning.

              I just hope it doesn't fall through :P Thanks!

                Who are you flying with? Sometimes the itinerary is all you need (as long as it has a booking reference number on it). I'd still call them though

                And don't worry about things falling through. If you've paid money and something has happened, then they WILL fix it. Its not worth the bad reputation, especially in the age of the internet

                Last edited 03/01/13 9:47 pm

                  Jetstar. I've got lots of booking/airline reference/hotel & transfer confirmation numbers, so it should be alright. Just need my physical tennis tickets! :P

      You just hit me with a big wave of nerves, Strange! So much to do!

      Though better now than the day before or something, I suppose :P

        HERMIT ADVICE FOR MEETING STRANGE: Feeling nervous? A social buffer can accompany you to the meet with Strange! Strength in numbers!

          Well... more-so actually getting there and moving around than meeting Strange haha (I'm sure she's a wonderful person who won't try and eat me) I've never been out of the state/on a plane/in a hotel by myself before :P

            HERMIT ADVICE FOR DEALING WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD: Don't deal with the outside world.

            Last edited 03/01/13 10:21 pm

      Question for you, @powalen and Aleph on what you are doing the Sunday

      We did a boardgames meat for Christmas which went well and Mrs Tigs suggested we do one on the Sunday if you guys wanted to do something else when you are down.
      No idea what your schedule is like but putting that out there as a possibility

        My Sunday is completely, 100% free! (I'll likely just be bumming around seeing Melbourne by myself if I make no other plans).

        If there's anything on, count me in! (Same goes for the Monday and Tuesday nights as well ;D)

          If you ever need a tour of Melbourne

          ...I can't help but let me know when you find someone and I'll tag along even if I'm not wanted :P. I'm bored damnit!

    Played 40 minutes of The Last Story.

    It's pretty shit. Does it improve? The controls are absolutely arse (playing with Wiimote & Nunchuck), plot is uninteresting and the battle system feels like it's playing itself.

      Switching to Xenoblade.

      @Greenius has finally won. :(

        You sound like you're in a shitty mood and I really don't want you to rush Xenoblade. But if you're at least going to play it for a while before Ni No Kuni comes out, and you really, truly like it - go back to it sometime! :P (just like @novacascade will, right?)

        May take a while to get things going but it should pick up quicker than The Last Story :D

          Played a little over an hour of Xenoblade and I really like it. Really, really need a pro controller though, the controls with the Wiimote & Nunchuck are pretty clunky.

            Is the camera mapped to the d-pad? I hate that...

            Go for the Big W Goldeneye deal if it's still available. I'm pretty sure $24 is cheaper than buying the controller separately.

            Seems like it's over but there's plenty of cheap unofficial ones on eBay shipping from Australia.

            Last edited 03/01/13 11:07 pm

              That would mean I'd end up with a copy of Goldeneye though. Blergh.

              The camera is mapped to the D-Pad and you have to hold down the upper button on the nunchuck to turn it. Feels awful. Also the D-pad controls all the selecting of abilities and stuff at the same time and it feels very imprecise. Just not used to holding the Wii remote - the only Wii game I really spent a lot of time with was Muramasa and that supported the Gamecube controller.

          Honestly I am way more likely to just play it through. Not actually that excited for Ni no Kuni, I've got a pretty good handle on what to expect from it and so my anticipation level is tempered. Expecting to play an hour or two then put it on my shelf and get around to it eventually unless it absolutely grabs me. I'm mainly getting it because I want to encourage Bamco to do more JRPGs and I'm an enormous Ghibli fan.

          Now when Tales of Xillia arrives hopefully a few months later, things will be very different.

      A little I guess.

      Next time you play go into the options and TURN off auto attack. This way hitting A will make you attack. This makes it feel A LOT better and less like auto pilot. The plot isn't too bad and the main cast are alright. Like most games the battle system will get a little bit more complex as they introduce new mechanics. It's pretty unique but can feel button mashy and kinda simple at times.

      It was the type of game that really didn't 'capture' my attention and I could only play it for 1 hour or so at a time before having enough. The inevitable comparisons are going to be made but I fucking fell in love with Xenoblade and was playing it for like 4 hours a day for a month. I could go on and on (we all know that) but I won't :P

      Sounds like The Last Story isn't your type of thing.

        It would be nice if it told you you could turn it into a game instead of an interactive slideshow from the start. I think I just need to go hunt down a proper Wii controller and then everything will improve.

        EDIT: But having tried both, I'm way more interested by Xenoblade. It... kind of feels a bit like Xenogears. Funny, that.

        Last edited 03/01/13 11:04 pm

    This game has the best RPG premise I've seen in years.

    I think my keyboard may have broken. :(
    Fortunately, I have a spare one. :D

    Nevermind, it wasn't broken after all, I just needed to reboot. \o/

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    For @dc and anyone who's interested. Not the promised write-up, but here's something.

    Title:Freaks and Geeks Episode One: Pilot - Review by Shane

    Loved it. It was a little more uplifting (and slightly cheesier) than I was expecting, given what I've read about it, but it's a pilot episode, so I guess that's okay. Can't see that the good times will stick around, to be honest. Everything feels kind of fleeting. Small victories that mask the ongoing despair (kind of an authentic high school experience, when you think about it).
    Highlight of the ep for me: dinner table conversation. "And you know what happened to him? HE DIED." In stitches laughing.
    Rating: 9/10 @dc's. Would keep watching.Thanks, man. Awesome present.

    Last edited 03/01/13 9:51 pm

      Was expecting The Walking Dead discussion

      >:( hmpf!

        Yeah, that's what I was going for. I'm about to play eps 2 and 3 back to back. No more because my peak downloads are at limit for this month, so I have to wait until 4am to download the remaining two. :P

      Wow, I checked Amazon yesterday and it said to expect it around February 6. I felt bad!

      :D Enjoy it, man.

      I think I read that they made the pilot relatively self-contained and gave everyone a sense of closure in case it didn't get picked up as a series. Tone changes slightly afterwards. :)

      Last edited 03/01/13 9:52 pm

        Sounds good, man. I look forward to receiving it in February.
        Edit: DC, you really upvoted this one? :P

        Last edited 03/01/13 9:54 pm

          Confused yet?
          That's too mean. I'm just kidding - obviously it arrived today. :D

            You're forgetting that...

            DC. GETS. JOKES.

          Did Mrs. Shane enjoy it too?

            Totally. This'll be one we watch together for sure.

          Wait what? Expect what in Feb? Your gift? Didn't D.C. get it at JB? You haven't received it yet? How did you watch it!?


          EDIT: just read above, UGH YOU GUYS >_>

          Last edited 03/01/13 9:58 pm

            Freaks & Geeks ain't available outside the U.S., unfortunately.

      Be sure to read this after you finish the series. (Thanks @fled!) Also:

      Last edited 03/01/13 10:01 pm

    So Wreck-It Ralph was awesome. If anyone hasn't seen it yet, go see it.

      I read your comment, went back in time, and saw it yesterday. I enjoyed it more than I had anticipated!

      Since we saw it, Freya has basically been saying "I'm going to wreck it!" whenever there is an opportune moment.

      Or an inopportune one.

        I was thinking of making a witty reply but I'd probably only wreck it.

    Ripping all of my RHCP and REM albums onto my portable hard drive, and am going to play them through my surround sound setup! :D
    If anyone is curious as to how that works, it's basic matrix decoding, or in other words, splitting a two channel source across 5.1 channels.

    Last edited 03/01/13 10:21 pm

      I know the R and the H stand for Radiohead, I dont the C and the P bit


      You are approached by a frenzied Vault scientist, who yells, "I'm going to put my quantum harmonizer in your photonic resonation chamber!" What's your response?
      1. "But doctor, wouldn't that cause a parabolic destabilization of the fission singularity?"
      2. "Yeah? Up yours too, buddy!"
      3. Say nothing, grab a nearby pipe and hit the scientist in the head to knock him out. For all you knew, he was planning to blow up the vault.
      4. Say nothing, but slip away before the scientist can continue his rant.

        Alternate response:
        Accept, but on the proviso he puts a condom over it first.

    Gotta wake up early tomorrow (UGH) to have my wisdom teeth removed (UGH). I also need to poop but I already showered and no one likes pooping right after they've showered (UGH). My thumb still hurts from all the failed Trials attempts (UGH)



    For you Xboxers, have those four little tiny nubs faded away on your analog sticks? On my main controller that I've had and used since launch they're pretty much completely gone. Dayumnnn

      Good luck with the dentist. It's not going to be fun, but it'll be good to get it done and have an excuse to sit on the couch eating potato/gravy and ice cream for a few days. Take it easy, man!

      My last controller is completely smooth on both sticks however that is a non-issue since the sensitivity is borked so I had to use a different one, my current controller still has its little grips on it however not as noticeable as a new controller.

      Good luck today man. Hope that poop went well.

        I didn't poop last night but I bloody should've! Wasn't as satisfying or proper in the morning :(

          I guess I asked for that update... :\

    Played the first half of Walking Dead Ch 3.

    Fuck Lilly.

      Yeah, I left her on the road to be zombie chow.
      After what she did to Carley, I couldn't keep her in the group anymore.

        Seriously considered it. I'm trying to get as many people through alive as I can

      Walking Dead Game Ep 3 Major Spoilers:
      Man, I was so shocked and disappointed in Lily when she went crazy like that. I had her back the entire time leading up to that moment. Specifically trying to avoid something like that happening, too!

      I don't think anybody got this the first time around, so here's what Lily does after she leaves your group. Giant spoilers for end of Prison arc (applies to comic universe, as that's where the game takes place)

      Joins woodsbury, kills Lori and Rick's kid during the raid on the prison, shoots governor in face in horror of what she's done, dies off-screen.

      Last edited 04/01/13 7:49 am

        Spoilers not in spoiler tags :(
        Can fix please?

          ... But.. it is.


          EDIT: I'm not sure why it didn't register as spoiler tags for you, I made sure to put it into spoiler tags and it appears as so for me. Also, so sorry, Shane. That tidbit is meant for the hardier of us Walking Dead fans. :(

          Last edited 04/01/13 7:51 am

            The bit about Lilly leaving the group is spoiler, surely...? I've only played eps 1 and 2 and I didn't know that was coming.

    Did anyone else play The Floor Is Lava when they were kids? For those who didn't, the idea is that you have to get around a room without touching the floor.
    Never play against your cat - you can't win :P

    But this guy probably could!

      Of course!

      It was totally easy to win though. Grab two lounge cushions and you've got infinite protection and mobility until a fight breaks out over cheating :P

      Last edited 04/01/13 12:04 am

        Not just Mario Kart, eh? :P

      The cat would've won about the 50sec mark by jumping up onto his back.

    @strange @greenius Wait - greenius is coming to Bris next week? Or are you somewhere else strange? I'll be up in Bris next week's weekend, does it happen to be then?

      Strange will be in Melbourne with Aleph and Pow!

    Walking Dead Episode 2 spoilers

    Jeeezus. It was pretty clear right from the outset that this place would be fucked up, but I still somehow got sucked into the fantasy that it would be awesome. :P
    I chopped the leg.
    I didn't shoot the woman.
    I tried to save Larry's life.
    I spared both the brothers.
    I didn't steal food from the car.

    I chose the sickle, because I figured a blade would be better than a stun gun if the dead appeared. Turned out not to matter, though, I think...
    Whenever Clementine is around, it seems I go mega Paragon. The first brother I spared, I almost wept with relief when Clementine suddenly appeared out of nowhere and the game told me she would remember that I'd spared him.
    When she went through the vent I was all :(
    Going the open and direct and honest route if possible. The game noted that several times.
    Pretty sure Kenny hates my guts now. Next episode, I guess I try to suck up to him a little.
    Edit: This episode felt a lot more linear than the first one - pretty much everything that happened was pretty much going to turn out that way anyway... I think. Not a complaint, just an observation. I guess there's only so much you can branch the paths without having to triple the programming time and making multiple divergent games :P

    I'll play the next one tomorrow I think. This one took a little longer than expected! :)

    Last edited 04/01/13 12:40 am

      We made the same choices except for the Larry thing. I thought there was no coming back for him, especially after his heart troubles in the first episode. Lee had Clem to think about. They were in a confined space and Larry could've taken them all out effortlessly. I felt horrible, but I restrained Lily while Kenny took out Larry. So damn harrowing. Felt like a monster afterwards!

        Thanks for sharing, man. I'm pretty happy with the choices I made in this one. Just a little sad that I seem to be perpetually butting heads with Kenny now. :P

        Thanks again @blaghman - awesome spontaneous giftings!

          Kenny and Lee are the best of pals in my version now!

      I made the same choices.

      I really liked how episode 2 ended. Even thought I spared the brothers, at the end of my confrontation with the second brother I chose the dialogue option that implied all his family was dead and it felt so damn satisfying to watch Lee turn and walk towards the group while the brother falls on the ground and cries out his name.

        That's what I did too.

        Who did everyone give food to? After much deliberation, here's how I decided to divvy it up:
        * Clementine because obvious
        * Katjaa, because useful. But she told me to give it to Duck.
        * Carley, because she looked so pitiful. But she told me to keep it for myself
        * Duck, because it was the way to rebuild my relationship with Kenny and his family.
        * Larry, because I felt a little bad for Lilly and didn't want to take sides yet.
        * Mark, because he kept going on about being so hungry, and he was right there when the game asked me if I wanted to keep the last bit of food for myself.

        So I fed the kids, and gave the two doomed guys a last meal. I think the game pushed me to this decision (given the refusals of my first choices), but I think this was a good outcome.

          Two kids, then decided on Larry and Carley

            Carley took your food? She wouldn't accept it when I offered it to her... :|
            Also, who got your apple? I gave it to Clem and she was so happy :D

            Last edited 04/01/13 8:21 am

              Oops I meant Lilly*

              not sure about the apple, probably one of the youngens

                I went looking around for Lilly, but couldn't find her. I figured she was having a hissy fit in one of the hotel rooms. I didn't realise she was on top of the RV until the next cutscene started :P

                  I gave the food to Clem and Duck. I might not have kids, but you feed the kids first, damn it! I fed Ben too. Kid went through a lot and he's still a kid. It's easy to forget that cause he's not Clem/Duck's age. Also he recieved a hostile welcome, thought this would be a kind way to ease him into the group. Then fed Lilly, a respect thing to show that Lee appreciates the struggle she faces. I gave the apple to Clem, obviously. Healthy! :D

      Same choices but I killed the first brother and... Clem saw :'(. Felt like he was still kinda of a threat but the second brother wasn't so I spared him. I could've done worse actions though as Mr @notoriousr 's Clem ATE THE MEAT

      Episode 2 is my favourite. Loved that final sequence while the storm was going.

        I think I probably preferred the first one, but this one was damn, damn good too :)

        It had great pacing, a kind-of-obvious suspenseful mystery, and a really excellent sense of urgency... despite no zombies.
        Also, having extra time to make some of the choices meant that I sat there, hand hovering over my controller for several minutes at a time, more than once. Guess that means it roped me in good and I'm taking it pretty seriously! :)

        Last edited 04/01/13 9:10 am

          Episode two is my least favourite for what it's worth and I still liked it a whole lot!

            Sitting here at work, all I can think about is going home and firing up Ep 3. It won't get me fired, but only because Friday and public service.

    I'm still awake...
    It's twenty degrees at quarter to one in the morning, and it's supposed to reach forty-one today...
    Summer can go die an an ice-age.

    Greetings TAYbies ... so fun day for me today. Woke up feeling like a plague victim and slept till 12:34 and giggles because numbers. I then watched some doctor who till about 6 and went out with my housemate to see Cosmo Jarvis, awesome live show except for the people behind me who kept sniffing my hair and I don't mean the occasional sniff ... their noses were buried in my hair for a few seconds at a time.

    USC gets points at sportsball! Sportsball is my favourite points game. I play videogames.
    - Sean "Day9" Plott

    I knew there was a reason I liked Day9.

    Great, now I have the music from Level 1 of Super Mario Bros. 2 stuck in my head...

    Out of curiosity, for those who have played or are currently playing The Walking Dead, did you/are you playing through with the hints on or off? I played through with everything off because I thought it would be the most immersive and compelling way to experience the story but I'm wondering what everyone else did.

      All the hints do (I assume by hints you mean the notifications that pop up whenever you make a choice) is to, ultimately, make you cast doubt on your decisions. At least, in my opinion. Knowing the effect your decisions might make are actually quite moot overall in the game.

      I'm leaving them on. I like it when the game tells me when I've made an important decision - I find the second-guessing and doubt that this causes to be an integral part of the experience... though I can see how it would work well the other way too, flying completely blind.

      Also, I'm not good at pixel hunting, so need that guidance! :)

      Left it on, I hate pixel hunting so the fact that it told me where stuff was helped. It was also on by default and I don't usually mess with default settings as its generally the way they want us to play.

    Goodnight, TAY!
    I'm going to try and get some sleep in this horrendous heat. :(

    This might be old news, but DSE seems to have 3DSes going for $AU119

    Links to other colours snipped to avoid moderation.

    Some games seem pretty cheap, too!

    @benj and @freezespreston and anyone else who wants to give me advise on head phones.

    I'm currently zeroing in on Klipsch Image S4i Rugged.
    I was originally looking at the S4i - ii but got nervous when I read that apparently there is a thing with headphones regarding sweat resistance..... I never even thought that ears may produce enough moisture to be a problem. I will probably use them a lot jogging so I figured it'd be something to take into account if it's not just a marketing gimmick. Amazon has them for $99.

    Also the idea of the glove friendly buttons appeals as they may end up being used on my motorbike provided they don't cancel out too much noise so I can't hear what's going on around me.

    Last edited 04/01/13 4:58 am

    Holy crap i love Vsauce! :D

    Sooooo much interesting stuff. It's hard to stop watching the videos

    @thecracks @tigerion @techknight and everyone else who may be interested
    The Lord Inquisitor - a fan made 40K CGI movie

    Voice acting is lousy, but it looks 100x better than that HORRIBLE official Ultramarine movie

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