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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    Good morning TAY

    As some TAYbies may know, Spaghett's afternoon yesterday was bad, and he felt blue

    My girlfriend actually hopped on a bus, which took 40 minutes, to come and see me before I got on my train to go home because I was feeling down.

    I have definitely got a keeper gang


    Brain Bypass by Combichrist

    A great song with a funky beat that has audio that explains how cocaine works :)

    *Edit* Shenanigans! Page 8 get, not the most interesting but a cute story

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      Dead Right- Psyche Origami

      Keep her close, bro.

      Keep her close.

      Aww yiss, hold on to that one.

      Bonfire - Childish Gambino.

        I get to see Gambino live in a couple of weeks :)

        Holding on indeed

          Me too! Can. Not. Wait.

            Dude! A TAYbie meating at a concert

            Sounds good :)

              Unfortunately I'll be seeing him at the Melbourne BDO, and I doubt that's where you'll be :'(

                Nah man, I didn't consider that....

                I am not even seeing him at BDO, I brought my brothers and myself tickets to go see one of his side shows

                  You get so much more Gambino. Have they said who is supporting him?

                Nah I haven't seen/don't recall if I have seen who is supporting him

                Should be a good night out

                One artist both my brothers and I agree on :)

                  Weird. Even Kanye West had Sneaky Sound System opening. Maybe you only get Childish Gambino. Which really wouldn't be such a bad thing.


                Supports TBA

                  They use other artists from the BDO lineup, looking at the Sydney show, there aren't many it could be. Urthboy maybe?

                Who knows man, I get to see Gambino with my brothers

                I am gunna have a fucking great night anyway

    Morning everyone.
    I hope you all keep cool today. I won't be on much due to the heat, but i wanted to say hello at least.

    Shakespearean tragedy: A T-Shirt in one act -

    best Shakespeare dialogue wins a... thing.

      Yo man vita got no games

      - William Shakesphere

        Another vita player I will never get a spotpass

        - William Shakespeare

      Expectation is the root of all heartache.

        Vita's but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets it's hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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      Double, Double, toil and trouble
      Mem'ry card and On-screen bubbles
      When the Lumines spin and break
      Eye of newt and toe of Drake
      Wool of Sackboy, tongue of Snake


      Though this be madness, yet there is method
      in 't. Will you walk out of the air, my lord?


      Into my grave.

    So I've decided to teach myself Maya in my spare time.

    You know, instead of watching TV and playing video games.

    I was wondering if any of you chaps and chapettes knew of a place with tutorials to help me get started! Thanks :D

      Quick Google search yields many results. I haven't learned Maya so can't vet them unfortunately.

        Yeah, I need to wait till my Net's not shaped to do that :( SO SLOOOOOOOOOOW!

      3D Buzz is a website I've heard about (and been on) a few times. Has heaps of video tutorials. Haven't actually done any tutorials on there (due to having a small internet usage limit), but it looks pretty good.

      Yay. Also recommend going to various sites like polycount, CGtalk, and so on. They have nice tutorials and WIP threads that give you an idea and have very helpful communities for those learning.

      Do eet! Then you can, like, do 3D bits that need doing in my game.

        I'll be the 3D game guy. All the people will come to me for to do the 3Ds.

        If I learn it, they will come!

    I didn't reply to this yesterday because the conversation took place when I wasn't around, but...

    @dc, I challenge you to a meat.

    At some unspecified time at some unspecified place, happy to leave it open to mutual convenience for the moment. :P

      *reads comment, reads other comments. keeps on scrollling never looking back.*

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        More Walking Dead on page 7
        *look back*

    Go back this NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hahaha. First and highest tier rewards.

      But nah, this looks promising. I'm afraid kickstarting isn't my thing, but I wish it best of luck.

        I have only kickstarted one other thing, which just made it through

        But this is already well and truly over target, but I contributed anyway :)

        The best part is the highest tier has one backer.

          I love that someone backed that much! Crazy!

        Bahahaha they're brilliant!!
        I've never chuckled at reward tiers before.
        Better yet is that someone has bought the $999 option

      Look pretty great - but it's already completely funded so i won't be chipping it - plus, i has no more cash for its.

    Face feels numbbbb

      How'd you go, man? Must have been one hell of a poop.

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    Damn It @dc

    Where is he? Lurking in the shadows? He lives for TAY!

    DC! I bought a packet of Burger Rings, Following the DC breakfast diet

    My doctor would be proud/mortified

      Haha! Woke up late and am going to have lunch with my mum soon, seems to be the manly thing to do. Should know, though -- I hate Burger Rings! For shame, Spaghett! :P

      Hope you're well, man?

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        DC Buddy I am on top of the world

        It's the weekend, I don't have work on Monday and I get to see my lady friend

        I backed a kickstarter project, its my mums 50th birthday this Saturday, and yeah, Spaghett is healthy

        Do I share too much on here? Sometimes I think I do

          As long as you're telling the truth, we're getting to know you. And that's not a bad thing.

            I am always telling the truth

            As DC says underneath, I am an open guy

            So open

          You're an open guy, nothing wrong with that ol' Spaghett! Sounds like you've got a good weekend ahead!

            Thanks man

            How bout you?

              Same ol', same ol'... :D

                share more man :D

                  There's really nothing to share. :P

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                  Agreed. What's going on in your head @dc? What's your plan for the day/week/month/year/decade/life? Dreams, aspirations, lunch plans (although not today, because you already shared that)?

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                  Jeez Shane don't ask too many questions now. Save them for when you meet D.C. in person! :D

                Just make sure its easy to clean up your exploded head

                Blood, brain matter and bone fragments make a terrible mess

          I don't think Creepius minds. :P


            Genuine laughter out of me man, thanks, but I am at my desk in my quiet quiet office, whoops

              Damnit I'm not Creepius!

              That's D.C. now ;D (a.k.a. Disturbing Creeper)

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                We are ALL Creepius

                  I'm not. I am Rightius because I'm always correct, and because I like puns that allude to my passion.


    @shane I am looking forward to your graphic novels arriving in my mail box

    When you sent my AVP it arrived much quicker than I thought it would

      Aw man, I was hoping to lay low with this. I forgot to bring them with me to work today /o\
      I'M SORRY :(

      You probably thought you were saying something nice, but now I'm wracked with guilt :P

        I am so sorry to wrack you with guilt man

        No rush

        Nice laying low tactic though :P

          Hahaha, it's all good. I was just remembering all the stuff I'd forgotten today when I saw your post :P Funny timing is all.


    Ever heard of Little King's Story and did you ever play it? It's a really awesome Wii game that had Pikmin style gameplay. I should really get back to it one day!

    It's also like dirt cheap :D (or was for a while)

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      Yeah, I rememeber Tracey Lien talked about it once back in the day. Those Pikmin style games are so much fun, but so's Pikmin! :P That Wonderful 101 looked awesome too.

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        We have Little King's Story. You can borrow it if you'd like.

    Ok i'd never heard of this movie before - but i want to see it now!
    Steve Carell
    Steve Boushem.. bouchem... the guy with the eyes!
    Jim Carey!

    Yes please

      Without watching the video, I assume it's Burt Wonderstone? If so, yes, I also would like to see this movie. Adding it to the list!

      Im sceptical.

      That trailer is pretty lame.

      Still, love Steve Carell.

        I've never been a fan of Steve Carrell or Will Ferrell. :S

          Have you actualy seen a movie with Steve Carrell or Will Ferrell in it? :P

            Plenty, only thing I've found Carell tolerable in is Little Miss Sunshine and even then he's the weakest link. There's movies they're in that I like, but doesn't change the fact I dislike those actors, damn it. :P


                Couldn't stand the trailer. Didn't subject myself to the movie. :P

          Steve Carell, I can't stand.
          Will Ferrel can be hit-or-miss. I love Anchorman and Old School.

      You didn't mention James Gandolfini. Son, I am disappoint.

        I never watched the Sopranos... so... meh *shrugs*

          You should consider it. So much more than a mob show.

    Okay, so in my PopSugar footer, I'm seeing an article for Sofia Vergara showing skin, and I'm wondering: who is PopSugar targeted at? With this, and the Victoria Secret Christmas Carols, I'm thinking that they just want hits from horny preteen gamers clicking through from Kotaku, and don't much care about satisfying a core audience with content.

    Actually, I don't think I've ever seen any content on the articles that look like articles. Usually just an oddly placed link.

    Actually, what is PopSugar meant to be?

      Isn't PopSugar for celebrity gossipy stuff?

        Always wondered why they went that direction instead of a mainstream film/tv/music site instead...

        Last edited 04/01/13 11:02 am

          This would have made much more sense to me, but then they'd have to produce content instead of... whatever that is. A link engine or something.

            Aren't there actual people who work on PopSugar though? Yes, people. Plural.


              If I wasn't in the public service, I'd probably be calling that a cushy job :)

          Well, the only way the Sugar sites and the tech sites are connected is through Allure. They don't really have to handle similar topics. Whatever niche they want to fill!

          I sorta typed up a little "why do they have so many Sugar sites anyway?" paragraph here but deleted it due to realising I'm pretty ignorant on the topic :P Clothes/Makeup/Gossip seemed similar enough for a single website to me, but the same argument could be made for games/tech/whatever-lifehacker-is-categorised-as.

            Sort of. Admittedly, I'm pretty ignorant on the subject, but how many new developments are there in hair and makeup? Surely not as many as there are on the tech/gaming side. Given that BellaSugar and PopSugar essentially cover the same topics as something like Cosmopolitan, surely they could be the same site.

              There's actually a surprising amount of content. I don't look at the Celebrity gossip one often but the Fashion and Make-up ones have more than enough content to justify their own sites.

                I've actually only just now noticed that there is a seperate site for fashion too. I didn't know FabSugar existed.

                Obviously you would be a better judge than I am, but looking at BellaSugar now for the first time, a lot of the articles seem to be about copying a certain celebrity's style, clothing included. Surely FabSugar and BellaSugar at least could be consolidated into one site?

                Edit: Since typing this I've thought a bit about it. I'm not exactly qualified to form a decent opinion on this, given I'm not the target audience. What I've typed is staying though, because I hate when people delete their posts.

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                  @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC @DC

                  So I guess what I read them for (and I do read them from time to time) is the makeup - there are always new brands and new sales and so new things to review. Even more than video games.
                  And similarly with the fashion and the celeb goss.

                  I'm not really into the fashion or gossip, I like makeup though and so I like having a separate site without the stuff I don't read about.

      Worst "showing" skin article. Ever.

        Hahaha, sorry to disappoint, man. I haven't looked at it, so couldn't vet it for you. Did she hold up a pig skin to the camera or something?

        Last edited 04/01/13 11:08 am

          She was in some normal one piece with a skirt on, if anything she was covering up more skin than a woman would usually show in one of those.

    Phoned the travel agent. Apparently my Melbourne tickets came in today and now they're just checking everything is in order and will give me a call back later today. Biggest sigh of relief ever.

    Still can't believe it's next week, it crept up so quickly.

    ps. I don't know what it is about making these sort of phone call, but they're horrible. I could go in and talk to these people in person just fine, but through the phone gets me super nervous... :P

      Phone is the tool of the devil!

        I heard that when you use the phone it sucks a bit of your soul into it.

      I don't like chasing up stuff. I sent a chase-up email today, and I feel terrible about it, because I worry that the recipients will think I'm having a go at their ability to do their job, instead of attempting to soothe my own raging anxiety.

      ... which of course makes me anxious all over again /o\

    So I've just gotten $300. Long story, but it's essentially a present from past me. Not sure how to spend it though. PSV? Towards a Wii U? Something else entirely?

      Get @dc to Canberra. :)
      PS: I wish past me was as awesome as past you.

      Last edited 04/01/13 11:35 am

      Send it as a present to Future Strange :)

      Think I may have to do something boring with it and get one of these:

        I understand the use of "sew" instead of "so" but why "ezi" instead of the more commonly accepted "ez"?

        All in all, this comedy isn't very funny.


      Persona 4: Golden + Vita!

      Wait... you don't need any more JRPGs, focus on Xenoblade!

      Buy 6 more copies of Xenoblade!

      (or something else entirely :P)

    I am sooooo bored today at work. At least baiting @dc is fun. Don't know what I'd be doing if I didn't have that to keep me occupied! :)

    EDIT: TAYGAME TIME! Describe your job, but make it sound as boring as possible. Winner gets laughed at.

    Last edited 04/01/13 11:38 am

      I make games and draw animations. Ummm... ah... animations are... hard?

        You lose. That sounds way too awesome to be boring

      I process paperwork and deal with parents requesting money from trusts to be spent on school fees

      I also file, a lot

      I extract numerical information from a database containing over one hundred and thirty thousand records, and produce written reports summarising this data for distribution to internal stakeholders. I also periodically undertake data integrity checks, including the generation of samples which I examine in greater detail to ensure the accuracy of the information. I complete and archive data requests from both internal and external stakeholders.

      Last edited 04/01/13 11:58 am

        You used to many big words for that to sound boring in my opinion

          You and I clearly have different feelings about big words :)

            I love them, I really do

            But they interested me enough that I couldn't find what you said boring

        tl:dr "I extract" Extracting is a fun word. Clearly your job is fun.

      I watch TV commercials. Non-Stop. With the programming cut out. So just the individual ads. Sometimes all I get are thumbmail images and no sound. I then enter descriptions into a database.

        TL;DR: I read "I watch TV" and decided that you lose because TV.

      Assorted drudgery.

      Edit: Assorted unpaid drudgery. :P

      Last edited 04/01/13 12:01 pm

        Assorted - a dynamic job! You lose - too exciting :)

      I don't think I can summarize my job in a way that makes it sound anywhere near as boring as it actually can be.

      When I start, I will be attempting to bludgeon knowledge into disinterested teenagers.

      I have to talk to people about stuff and pretend stuff is cool

      Ugh talking
      Ugh people
      Ugh stuff

      I google shit, then tell people what I googled.

        IT support?

        Last edited 04/01/13 2:00 pm

        Not sure why you'd Google shit or why people want to know you Googled shit!


    Also bored, we send a statement once the trust has been distributed, this statement is going to be 20 pages long!

    A wisdom tooth is still causing me pain

    but at least it is lunch soon

    Return to Castle wolfenstein is only $6!
    Should I get it?
    You can blow up Nazi zombies....
    What I find hilarious, is that id were doing zombies long before Activision.



      Maybe! \o/

        Thanks, Now buying a Razer Onza Controller, if I can find one :)

          I've got a pro one. While I loved it to bits, it broke pretty quickly. Same with @hindenlagen 's.

            As a further comment - the standard Xbox 360 controllers are also pretty awesome, and won't break on you.
            But yeah, my Onza has a dodgy left trigger, and one of the sticks is almost completely borked.

          Just wait. Razer is releasing a new version called the Saber Tooth (or something like that). Might be worth holding off and seeing what that one's like? The Onza should get cheaper when it comes out too.


            Might be best to go the route that @thecracks suggested

            But it may be more expensive as it's a Microsoft product

              The MS ones aren't too expensive. If you're after a controller for the PC, the MS ones (essentially a wired 360 controller) were roughly $38 from JB last time I was there. For 360, the wired were $38 and the wireless $54 iirc.

                For my PC man :) I have plenty of controllers for my 360, most used would be the Gears of War 3 controller or my Arkham City controller

                So thanks

      ¿por qué no los dos?

    ...are my teeth and gums supposed to be bleeding constantly o_O?

    It looks like some other teeth which weren't even operated on are bleeding around the gums too... weird... :/

    Last edited 04/01/13 12:29 pm


      Badly bleeding or just slightly weepy? Because if they're badly bleeding that's not good.

      Regardless: Antiseptic mouthwash.

        Slightly weepy I guess? It doesn't seem that bad but the blood and saliva build up like every 10 minutes I guess. Mouth is still too numb to swallow or spit it out :P

      Do you floss regularly? It helps to stop small cuts/grazes from causing bleeding when dentists go poking around.

      Did you go under or did you have a local in the chair?

      I'm trying to decide which one I go for, since I'm dirt poor and without insurance, and everyone I've asked has just said they've had a general.

        Dentists scare the hell out of me, so I went for general.

        You didn't ask me, but I had a general. Didn't even realise there was another option...

        It's pretty rare to have them removed without general. Usually if they're needing to be removed then it's because they're impacted or otherwise causing issues, and removing impacted wisdom teeth often involves cutting through part of the jawbone to get at them. Under general with an oral surgeon is much easier and faster.

        Wait lemme clear some terms up.

        Under as in fall asleep get gas/whatever? Is general the gas stuff that makes you fall asleep?
        Local in the chair as in just having needle at the dentist?

        Anyways if I got my terms right I just went local in the chair. Just went to the dentist and had some needles and got it done there. I think he mentioned the other option was going to the hospital and going under but that's a hell of a lot more expensive.

        It was relatively pain free I guess but since you're awake you get to hear the drilling and the slicing and whatnot!

        I had 3 teeth removed - one was fully grown and the other two were still under the gum so he had to surgically remove them which involved cutting open the gum to expose the bone/teeth and then drilling them into bits then pulling it out. The fully grown one was $70ish and $170ish for the other two.

        EDIT: wait... it seems like I'm the only one who did this? :P. I don't think mine were impacted or causing issues yet but they could have in the future. I guess that made my removal relatively easier. Whole thing took about 40 minutes.

        Last edited 04/01/13 1:15 pm

          Hmmm. Interesting.

          I've gotta go see the oral surgeon in a few days so we'll see what he recommends.

          Its all about the Benjamins at this point...

            Paying with American dollars (or boys named Benjamin) might be contributing to the problem.

          I did the same thing greenmang, such a horrible sound then the have the 'pliers' in you mouth and rock back and forth to rip the tooth out

            Fun times :P

            At least we're manly men who did it that way!

        Usually there are multiple options but it would vary depending on your dentist.
        In basic terms they (can be):
        local - only applies anaesthetic to the area(s) affected, but much lower risks involved in terms of other organ complications. Also good for pain relief afterwards as it slowly wears off
        sedation - they make you a bit sleepy and forgetful but it's not the whole deal of a general anaesthetic. This also carries risks like a general but it's safer and you usually don't remember a thing.
        general - this is the whole shebang and normally requires an anaesthetist to do as well (which is part of what raises the price). the reason they need another doctor is because your body can do things with the general anaesthetic like forget to breathe :P. General anaesthetics are usually pretty safe in young people with no other medical conditions but it does carry its own set of risks.

        Depending on what you're having done...I'd probably opt for a local if it were me, but I'm a bit paranoid.



        *blinks* o_O


          Hi, I am Spaghett, I have OCD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

          I love to make jokes about drugs and death, because they interest me a hell of a lot

      On a more serious note, i have a dentist appointment the week after next (yay :|) - and i had 2 wisdom teeth pulled not that long ago - i was bleeding for a good couple of days after. Needless to say i had to visit the doctor. haha good times!

    I need a new mouse for work. I've got a Logitech MX Revolution which I've had for so long that I've worn away the rubberization underneath where my thumb sits and the rubber on the scroll wheel is going all sticky and gross and now it's not spinning very cleanly either. Not sure what I want to replace it with. I use a Razer Naga at home but that thing's not really very useful for work.

      I dunno. Set the buttons to copy, cut, paste, backwards, forwards, some other stuff, and the all important emergency alt-f4 and alt-tab if the boss walks in while you're not doing your work :P

      Tried to fix the scroll wheel by cleaning out the gunk around it and now the scroll wheel button I use as middle mouse isn't working at all. Going to have to buy a new mouse :(



        Sucks, don't it

          Yeeeeeeeep. Kinda hungry and thirsty too but pretty sure I can't eat or drink for a while... :/

          Stupid 40 degree weather!

            Damn man, sucks!

            I don't know what the weather is like, I haven't been outside since 8 am this morning

    Yay short week. Been pretty busy though.
    How is everyone? Yes I'm still alive =)

      Too late for that announcement. We've already divvied up all your stuff.

      I'm okay I guess! :P

      And I think we forgot to tag you in the meat talk! Saturday the 12th if you didn't see. Ask @negativezero for more info (but I think it's 3:30 at Fed then go for dinner somewhere). @powalen @strange and @mythamphetamine are down :)

        Damn I won't be able to make the 12th. It's going to be the busiest day I've had for a few months. Lots of stuff on that day.
        Keep me posted about any other meats though!

    The hour does grow closer to 4, slowly but surely

    Too slowly, but very surely


    *Dons pirate hat*

    Bein' a new 3DS owner (at least, when I get aft t' Canada,) I'm in t' market for a flashcart, because I'm a cheap bastard and seriously thar's a lot o' DS games I have missed out on. Is thar anywhere t' buy them in Sydney? How t' hell do they even work? Can you understand any o' this?


      You'll need one that will work with the 3DS. At the moment there's no 3DS 'roms' but certain DS cards like the SuperCard DSTWO (I recommend this bad boy) can play DS games on the 3DS while also playing SNES and GBA roms.

      I can't remember the site but you can buy them online from Straya. Bit more expensive but you'll receive it a lot quicker.

      That reminds me @masha2932 did you ever figure out how to add games to your card?

        Thanks for the reminder, I'll try that this weekend. The USB connector came weeks ago but I forgot. Now to find it.