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Now, the more astute amongst you (you did take your astute pills this morning, right?) might notice that, despite the dodgy ginger wig, hastily pulled together kilt and appalling accent, I'm not actually Mark. He's off enjoying everything there is to enjoy about new fatherhood (tip: there's a LOT), and I'm holding down the Kotaku fort for a bit in the meantime.

Or in other words, expect a lot of references to Head Over Heels for a bit.


    Xenoblade: Dreadfully overrated.

      You can't trick me Troll S Preston!

      I know you won't even play the game :'(

        I have a Wii which I never use. Convince me to purchase Xenoblade. Go.

          You don't seem the JRPG type but it's THE best JRPG this generation!

            That's a surprisingly accurate observation. The only JRPG I've actually enjoyed was Resonance of Fate. I was more curious why you love it so much.

              Resonance of Fate is my favourite game of the generation. Probably tied with Nier. Xenoblade chronicles is slowly creeping into that territory though.

                Is Resonance of Fate more exciting than it looks? I've seen videos of it and it looks really bland. Nier would definitely be my favourite game of this generation though!

                  I feel kinda bad for not liking Nier. I wonder if I gave it enough of a chance. I gave it two hours.

                  @shane you have to give it more time than that! It starts out incredibly boring and mundane, but there's a point where you realize just how good it is and just how deep the story in it is. It's not a game to just rush through either. Invest yourself in it and make sure to do some sidequests, especially the lighthouse keeper ones.

                  I can see how my argument falls flat though. You shouldn't really have to wait a few hours for the game to get good. I played it for a few hours and and only came back to it 6 months later. I'm glad I did.


                  It's far from perfect and incredibly flawed but it's a great game. Everything just sort of comes together ya know and for me, it was worth playing for the story and music alone. Split it up and most aspects are kind of average but it really is greater than the sum of its parts.

                  Yes, yes it is. It's exciting and fun and beautiful and intriguing. I love it to pieces.


                No, no you did not give Nier enough of a chance. You're a bad man.

              Mainly because it's severely overlooked or thrown aside just because it's on the Wii. It's one of the best JRPGs to come out for years (and this generation in my opinion - I think it's also got the highest Metascore) and most people won't give it a fair go just because... you've guessed it! it's on the Wii.

              There's just so many little things I like about the game which immediately grabbed me and everyone else playing. I don't often play games in large chunks but I was playing it for something like 4 hours a day for a month.

              I didn't know much about the game before going in and pretty much only got it because those whiny Americans wouldn't shut up about it. Hell, if I can get a game that they can't, then I'm sure as hell going to get it! So I went in not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised.

              NovaCascade isn't really a fan of JRPGs but he thoroughly enjoyed it and there's enough fun in it for anyone who's a fan of games. It's worth dusting off the Wii for :)

              Last edited 04/01/13 2:26 pm

            I haven't played enough to say for sure but I don't know that I can agree with such a definitive statement. Perhaps one of the top ones.

            It's more of a sad commentary on how bad the genre's stagnated really.

              Yeah it's really solid but the main reason I can make that statement and believe it's true is because there really hasn't been that much else. Bit sad really :(

              What else do you think should be at the top? When it comes down to it, there just isn't anything :P. Persona 4: Golden could take it but because it's an enhanced port so I'm not counting it.

                Persona 4 was actually released well into the PS3's cycle. Nier often gets brought up. DQ IX too. Personally think Tales of Vesperia is the most enjoyable I've played this generation but I guess others disagree. I also have heard that FF Type-0 was amazing. Also if you broaden the genre definitions a little, Valkyria Chronicles. Also an argument could be made for Demons Souls and Dark Souls. I feel like I'm forgetting an important one in addition to these too.

                Xenoblade from what I've played doesn't feel hugely like a JRPG. Monster Hunter has had a big impact on it.

                  P4 was still on PS2 so technically still last gen, Nier was unique and fun but incredibly flawed, never played DQIX but hear it's good, when thinking of handheld, The World Ends with You comes to mind too, Lost Odyssey and Vesperia were good but didn't really do anything special.

                  Xenoblade is very MMO-y but still feels like a JRPG.

          Do you like JRPGs?
          Do you hate random battles?
          Do you hate having to return to every questgiver to complete the quest?
          Do you like having so much things to do you could choose to play for days without advancing the main storyline?
          Do you like seeing your characters appearance change when you change equipment?
          Do you like a layered and deep, but still accessible combat system?
          Do you like an interesting story?
          Do you like to collect things?
          Do you like fun?

          If you answered "yes" to all or a majority of these questions, then this game is for you.
          The first and last questions are the most important though.

          Last edited 04/01/13 2:21 pm

            Don't care.
            No. I hate fun.

            Conclusion: Xenoblade doesn't really look like my kind of thing :P @greenius

              You don't have to do sidequests.
              Collecting things is optional/can be ignored.


            Do you hate long loading times?
            Do you hate the ability to not save anywhere?
            Do you like amazing music?
            Do you like amazing scenery that looks So. Damn. Pretty. even on the Wii?

              See, it's pretty hard to say no to any of these :P

              Dammit, I knew I was forgetting stuffs. I fail at being the new Greenius. I fail so badly that Gravatar even refuses to change my avatar like I asked it to. :(

                I want to see your new gravatar damnit!

                  Me too. It says it's there on both Gravatar and in my account here. But it doesn't show up on comments I've made. :(

            I answered "no" to the first and last questions. I guess that means I should skip this.

    Continuing on that Walkind Dead discussion from last night/early this morning, @shane, I gave the food to Clem and Duck, tried to give some to Carly, tried to give some to Kat, gave some to Ben and Larry and I think I gave the last piece to Lilly because I wanted to try and keep on both her and Kenny's good side and felt I already was on Kenny's good side.

    Also, @greenius Clem also ate the meat in my game. I supposed I should have chosen the "Stop!" dialogue option but I just couldn't help myself and chose the "it's people" option because it sounded so cheesy and hilarious.


      I stopped Clem from eating, luckily. That scene was all kinds of messed up. :S

        I was in such a panic then. I barrelled down the stairs desperately trying to remember whether the dining room was on the left or right (forgetting that movement is essentially on-rails in this game)! So glad I stopped her, though - man oh man.

      Thanks man. Good to know what you chose :)

      I think just about everyone feeds the kids. I guess that's pretty much a given. As Kenny says "It's good you fed the kids. That's what a man does."

      Edit: Counting... you have five pieces? I only had four. Odd. The two kids and Mark and Larry got my food, but I tried to give some to Carley and Kat.

      Last edited 04/01/13 2:58 pm

        I may be misremebering, though maybe it has to do with how much stuff you are able to grab from the store at the start of the episode?

          That's episode three!

            Thanks for the warning man. That was CLOSE :|
            Thank god @dc sees all and knows all :D

            Last edited 04/01/13 3:14 pm

              Fairly minor stuff anyways. :D

            Is it? Sorry, thought it was episode 2. Right, now I remember how episode 2 starts.

              No sweat man, I'll read it tonight after I play Chapter Three! :D

                Don't bother, it assumes chapter 3's start is chapter 2's start and as that's not the case my comment doesn't really offer much other than an excuse to laugh at my terrible memory.

                  I like a good laugh much as the next chap :)

    @dc how was lunch

    At Everyone, today is taking too long :(

      Not great. Not in the best mood, alas. :(


        DC my brother! Cheer up man!

        You have super powers

        And yeah!

        Go adventuring in Sierra!

        Or play some Fallout or Fallout 2 for your pal Spaghett


    Saying you don't like Will Ferrell and Steve Carrell without having seen Anchorman is awfully similar to you saying you don't like Tarantino without having seen Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

      Which Tarantino films have you seen D.C.? At least Kill Bill, right!?

      Ohhhh man... Anchorman... one of my favorite comedy movies ever!
      (That being said, i have A LOT of favorites :P)


        The full lost movie!

      I saw Elf.
      The man's dead to me.

        Elf is great.

        And you should see Stranger Than Fiction.

        I despised Will Ferrel until I saw that.

        Also, he started Funny Or Die so, props.

          Blonde Zooey Deschanel ain't as purdy as the brunette kind. :'(

          Stranger Than Fiction was much better in concept than execution... but there was nothing wrong with Ferrell in the role.

          Last edited 04/01/13 2:44 pm

      I get those two guys mixed up all the time. Ferrell and Carrell, not Tarantino and Ferrell/Carrell. :P

      You might have a point with Tarantino, but actors are different man. Different! :P


    I own a 3DS (NTSC, if that matters.) I'm looking to a buy flashcart for DS gaems. Is there anything I should know? Is there any place in Sydney that I can just walk into to buy one?

    Currently looking up what Greenius suggested, a SuperCard.. something something.

      Basically update the flash card or whatever and pop that sucker in. Region shit doesn't matter with one but be warned that Nintendo might be able to brick your 3DS or card. I'm not too sure about using it on the 3DS but since the system is frequently online it seems a bit risky. Read a bit more into it.

      I have the SuperCard DSTWO but have never used it on my 3DS because I don't want to run that risk.

      Most of them are just like drag and drop to transfer games and stuff so it's easy.

    Just wrote a quick draft post for Potaku @alexpants. It does encourage a little mild fraud, so if it's not suitable, feel free to jettison it without hard feelings :)

    I will be 25 this year :)

      Old man Spaghett! :D

        You know it

        It just occurred to me, and I spew anything that pops into my head here on TAY

        Wait, aren't you older?

        I'll be 24. Babby \o/

          He's 28 in just under 2 weeks ;D!

            That's "Get off my damn lawn you damn kids" age.

            Edit: Holy fuckballs, that's gon be my age too!

            Last edited 04/01/13 3:26 pm

      IT'S LOGIC.

      I will be 37! I wonder if this is the year I'll finally become a grown-up.... :P

        Somehow, I doubt it.


      I'll be 28!!!
      Even harder to believe for the people who have actually met me!! :D

        28 too. We're running out of twenties, man. How the hell did that happen?


      22. Babby.

        I am making something up for BDKIAF

        Burying Dead, Killed Impartially by Armed Forces

        I inserted by obviously,

          Feel free to insert whatever you like.

            Heh, homoerotic sexual innuendo

              The best kind of sexual innuendo.

              Also, this is where BDKIAF comes from.

                I like both that origin and mine

                Mine was more poetic :P

    Am I the only one who gets confused with Aleph's new picture and Spag's?

    Both have that similar sort of white background with a thing on it that other people don't have so when skimming - it be CONFUS'n


      Greenius, go to my Twitter page, you will see it better, then come back and tag me in a comment or reply to this and tell me what you saw

        I've seen it before but at a glance you have that white background with dark bits and so does Aleph

      Greenius, didn't you used to get mine and Aleph's confused too? I think you just have some disease where you can't see Aleph. We shall have to test this next weekend. :P

        Same sort of thing! They were both really dark (practically black) so at a glance a dark/black gravatar = Strange

          I did that too. These things happen, I guess.

          Except when people starting confusing me and Rize, I did something socially responsible and changed it up.

    @greenius: Are you able to speak yet or face still too swollen? I couldn't talk for about four hours. Had to write stuff down like in those stupid sitcoms. :P

      I speak like an idiot because it's still swollen/numb and also bloodied/salivified :P

      I tried having my first food for hours a bit before. Had some ice cream and spilt a bit on my shirt and chair :P. Derp

        I hate the blood/saliva thing. Horrible. I had a spit bucket. Haha. (Too much information? :P)


          I can't really spit either since it's still numb/swollen so I have to sort of soak it up with tissues. Bathroom bin was full of bloodied wads of tissue and gauze :P

          (Too much information? :P)

            Nope. I had to vote two days after. Looked like Elephant Man. :D

              Have you at least seen that movie!? :P

                Let's all agree that I've got no street cred when it comes to movies and never speak of it again. >:|


                  Also, kind of serious. Haha! I don't pretend to be the best movie guy ever and I don't vocally diss peoples tastes or any thing, so it shouldn't really matter what I've seen. There's a whole lot of movies I haven't seen that I'll get to eventually and a whole lot of movies I've decided not to see based on my own experiences and taste. I'm enthusiastic about movies and happy to see a whole lot more, but I don't like being a punchline. :(

                  I know no one means any harm by it, but it does kind of make me feel inadequate. Inferior. A lesser man. Feelings I'm all too familiar with. That's my own stuff to deal with, I know that too. Then again, I'm not in the best of moods right now, so ignore. :P

                  Also, DC. Gets. Jokes.

                  Last edited 04/01/13 4:09 pm

                  Sorry man you know I didn't mean to make you feel like that, twas a joke! I'll stop now :D

                  There's plenty of popular movies I haven't seen either. D.C. and Greenius watch movies meat? :D

                  Sorry dude, wasn't my intention at all. I've actually never seen a whole bunch of things I apparently should have, so I'm hardly an expert.

                  I'll never bring it up again :)

                  Haha! I'm sorry too, guys. I over reacted, I think. You're both awesome and I know it's just a joke -- even tomorrow it'll be all good in the hood again. Just can't shake this weird state of high alert lately, reading too much into things that don't mean any thing. Why'd I stop drinking? :P

                  Don't worry about it! :) Again, I'm sorry.

                  You have no reason to apologise!

                  (unless you edit/delete your post :P)

                  Was totally going to the edit the post when I saw the replies. Haha! :S

                  I know :P

                  I was just hoping it wouldn't happen and thought I'd put this little warning above!

                  But hey man, it's your post, do what you like. :)

            Great stories guys. I prefer the one where my mum fainted when she saw my post-surgery look. It hasn't got gooey bits in it and still manages to be funny.

    WiiU peoples, I have a few questions for you.
    How exactly does the whole play your game on the gamepad while the WiiU is on another channel thing work? Does it work for all games? For instance, does it work for Wii games meaning I could play Xenoblade on the gamepad whilst my husband watches the excruciatingly boring cricket?

      Off-screen play doesn't work for all games (there was a big list someone made a couple of days ago, I'll see if I can find it). Games that use the touchscreen and TV screen presumably don't (like ZombiU). I'm not sure how it works for games like ME3/Batman, which use the touchscreen AND have off-screen play.

      How it works in Mario U is the most basic implementation: both screens show the same thing at all times (even when using the TV screen), so you simply just change the channel and you can keep playing. I'm not a fan personally because it's basically a waste of a screen, but it works :P

      And no, it definitely doesn't work for regular Wii games. No WiiU peripherals work in 'Wii Mode' (game pad, pro controller, etc).

      EDIT: Here's that list (I don't think it's the original, but it was the first I found :P)

      Last edited 04/01/13 2:57 pm

        Thank-you. I was afraid this was the case. Guess I'll have to put up with the cricket then. :P

          Yeah, it's a shame. It would be great to be able to play virtual console games on the gamepad at least. Doesn't look like it will happen though.

          Watching Australia bat is never fun, give me bowling and fielding any days!

            Watching cricket is never fun*


            I kid, I kid. Some people like their certain sportballs more than others. I've never actually watched it but a friend tried to make me watch it once and... no

          Or spend your $300 on a portable TV for Mr Strange.

            There's one in the bedroom. I asked him to use it this afternoon. Usually he won't but today he did. Victory! :D
            We actually had him watching cricket in our bedroom, little man watching Meet The Robinson's in his bedroom, mini-Strange playing Animal Crossing in the family room and me playing Tales of Graces f in the loungeroom all at the same time today.
            Probably not good for the electricity bill but we don't have an air-conditioner so our bill is lower than the average anyway.

            Last edited 04/01/13 5:22 pm

    Why can't I get opacity to work on my eraser in Photoshop Elements 6?
    WHY?! :`(

    So Trials is infinitely more fun/frustrating when played in a group \o/

      Aleph, my pal. When do you leave for Melbourne?

        Day after tomorrow man!

          What day do you leave Melbourne? We were talking about doing something on Sunday the 13th last night, if you'll still be around.

            I fly out 6am 13th >.<

            Was there something happening on the night of the 12th though?
            Would be cool to meat all the Melbourne TAYbies prior to that though, of course :P

              Oh yeah, of course! Sorry, should have mentioned that. The 12th is still on and is the main one. This was in addition to that if people were interested.

                It was board games at @tigerion 's house I believe.

                @mythamphetamine I'm still keen to do Melbourne stuff with you earlier since I'm bored out of my brains :P

                  My place is on offer if we have a number of people.
                  I'll post something up in new tay next week to see if we have numbers

              The 12th is meet at Federation Square (I think that's what it's called?) around 3:30 in the afternoon for fun and dinner. Negative Zero was awesome enough to organise it for us.

    Awww yeah gang, gang of misfits

    It's 3:30, edging closer to that sweet sweet leaving time

    It hasn't been too bad of a day

    Except the Will I needed to prepare probate documents arrived too late for me to bother doing the documents

    Edit* Apologies if any of my posts seem like spamming, I am just very TAY-kative today

    Last edited 04/01/13 3:32 pm

      Don't worry my friend, it doesn't seem spammy!

        Thanks man

          Still do the train/imagination/colobus monkey thing?

            This afternoon I will be riding my train home with Sam

            So no, and most afternoons she calls me while I am on the train

            So also no

            Not yet anyway, it will come back

              Unless Sam's just an elaborate train hallucination! :S

                If she is a figment of my imagination then I want to stay sick forever

                  Mine was this

                  I kind of want to play Xenoblade now..

    HOME TIME IN FIVE MINUTES (screw it, I'm going now)

    Walking Dead Ep 3 tonight. Can't wait.
    Also seeing the family will be all right.

    Peace out all you old and young people with birthdays in the year.

      Take it easy, Shane. Episode 3 is my favourite!

        Episode 3 was really good, not sure if it was my favourite though. Can't really pick a favourite, they all had their good bits.

          I think the only one I can safely say is my least favourite is episode two. The rest are all pretty close together in quality.

      Oh man, episode three. I bet the Walking Dead fans on here could talk about episode 3 for days. I eagerly await the discussion.

        But lets remember to pop them in spoiler tags and only discuss things that people would've seen in previously played episodes :)

        Oh, and by the way @strange, how come you haven't played it yet? If I recall your original reason was that you were waiting for all the episodes to come out. You've obviously got enough games at the moment (TWO JRPGS!) but just curious!

          I was talking with Lambo about Walking Dead at the Boxing Day meat, she said to blame you for Xenoblade! :P




    So, I just got a happy birthday email from the Insomniac Games community, even though my birthday was over a month ago.
    Still, it's bloody awesome. :D

      Was it from a couple of days ago. Cause that was probably a 01/01/mousescrolldowntoensureyouare18 date you set for your DOB when you joined

    Awesome. Note to self: don't buy software on steam. I found out it won't let me open a second instance of my programs. :/
    Now if I want to copy something from one game maker project to another, I have to try and remember how I made it (or take a screenshot/write it down) and I have to keep switching between the projects. Can't just have the two projects open in separate windows. That's really inconvenient. So glad I only spent $35 on the program. Any more and I think I'd be wanting my money back.

    Last edited 04/01/13 4:01 pm

      I was going to buy it yesterday on Steam because it was so cheap, but I decided against it purely because I don't want (and have no idea why anybody would) software in Steam. I'm going to pay a bit more and just get it from the website. This reminded me that the sale ends in a day, so I should probably buy it soon!

        Well, I decided to get it off Steam because it integrates with Steam Workshop (something that seems pretty interesting and I'd like to try out). Also, because I didn't have enough money to buy it from the website :P
        Although this morning I found out that apparently you get a Steam key when you buy it off the site anyway. :/
        But yeah, I don't much like the idea of buying software off steam, and only bought it because it was cheap.

    Guys. GUYS!! (And gals)

    We have the first casualty of this heat. It's knocked out my Foxtel box!! Nooooo

      Interesting, mine's still working, admittedly, I've been mostly switching between PS3 and cricket. It's a hot one in Launceston today though.

        It started working again about 15 minutes ago. All I had before was an error saying there was dense cloud cover or heavy rain. There's neither of those!

        I'm glad I'm still in Launceston for another month right now though. I'd hate to be in Hobart at the moment :S


      *looks down*
      Oh, good. For a second there, I thought I only had one.


      In year 8 the year level split up into groups and a few of us from each group had to present some stuff in front of everyone else in the year level and the teachers. One guy quietly walked up to the microphone and said "Nipples." then paused silently for a bit before saying "now that I have your attention ... (then did his speech)"

      Oh Louis you stoner!

    The temperature dropped a degree and a half!
    The heatwave is over! \o/

    So I braved the heat and walked to the local take-away for a slurpee.
    Worth it?
    Well it totally would have been. If they were open!

    I completely forgot that they are still shut after Christmas. /o\



    (you have 7 minutes to answer)


        Trials Evolution will not be played.

        Greenius will remain rage free and his thumb will be blister free.

        Thonk yoo AloxPonts!

          Trials Evolution was played anyway.

          Greenius rage quitted.


    I was going to clean my room today. Not happening =P

      I cleaned my room yesterday. Evidently I did a crappy job of it because dust is flying around everywhere at the moment and I can't stop sneezing.

      Moral of the story: Don't clean your room, it only causes misery.

        I have to clean it. It's getting to the point where I can't walk through it

    So I go into JB Hi Fi to buy a Wii Classic Controller Pro so I feel less of a spaz playing Xenoblade and Last Story. They were the cheapest place that I knew would be open at 7:30pm on a Friday and would have stock.

    Go in, and it's all fine. Stock's there. Look up. Two copies of the Monster Hunter 3 w/Classic Controller pack there. $5 more than buying the controller alone \o/

      fyi you could have made it so much funnier if you started "So I go into JB HiFi with a Rabbi, a Priest, and a Redhead"

      Nice! How much did it end up being? How come you didn't own Monster Hunter before?

      Just be warned the black controller is incredibly prone to finger prints, just like the Black Wii U gamepad and Wii U :(

        Silly me, you don't have time for replying you're too busy Xenoblading! ;D

        $39. I didn't have Monster Hunter before because it was on the Wii and because I had tried it on PSP and never really gotten into it (needs someone to teach you how to play basically)

          I tried to get into it but yeah, need buddies to play with. The Wii U version should be good since online isn't entirely shit on it

      Nice deal, although you fell for the classic JB trap of walking out with more than you intended.
      Although in a moral victory you actually got what you originally went in for

        Put it this way: I got a game I kind of wanted for $5, and still got what I wanted to buy.

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