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    Interesting "Creating Clementine" interview for Walking Dead fans. Spoilers abound, of course.

    Morning all!

      Morning, Shane! How goes it?

        I miss The Walking Dead.

        Apparently Telltale are looking at ways to import savegames to Season Two. A little worried, but I'm deciding to trust them. I really, really sincerely hope that there is no Clementine in Season Two. Could cope with Christa and Amid, though.

          I really, truly hope they don't milk the shit out of it and ruin what was good.

          Something tells me they will in the end... :(

            I just hope it wasn't a Telltale fluke and they've stepped up their game once and for all!

              Robert Kirkman will still be looking over their shoulder. Between them, I think they'll do all right. I really hope they'll do all right.

            Honestly, I think they're written themselves into a corner. If they choose to include Clementine, they'd better do a damn good job with season two, because they'll be killing the impact of season one. And if they don't, they're going to be angering a lot of people who might not understand that the story was supposed to end that way in season one. :P

            Edit: Not to mention the fact that they'd need to find some new emotional hook that's not a child (and hopefully not a replacement vulnerable like a disabled person or an oldie). Honestly, I think it'd be difficult to do the same kind of game again - I hope they are willing to go quite radically different.

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              I think a time jump could work, 16 year old Clem or something. (Though that's not likely, because I don't think they've ever gone that far forward in The Walking Dead universe!)

                Yeah, I was reading an article that was predicting that very thing but saying it was unlikely for the reason you said. :)

          I may have missed it, but did you end up posting your thoughts on chapter 5?

            Sure did:

      Walking dead spoilers in the link below!

      Giantbomb did a spoilerful interview about each episode before a new episode came out. Parts 1-4 are out, I can't remember if 5 is.

        These were awesome. Thanks for the link.
        They're smart guys.

    Back at work.


      /o\ indeed.

      I got into the office, made a cup of tea (no milk because nobody has bought any yet) and then went back to my desk. Sitting down here for the first time this year... not a good feeling.

      So... no game of League in about 3 hours then?

    Good morning everyone.
    I was backache free today! But I'm going to look into getting a new bed.

      A hammock?

        No, i wish. It'll fall out of the wall.


          Buy a new wall! =P

      A new bed? But yours is only 30 years old!

        I know! Still, i like wasting money =P

          You should ask for a refund!

            I would, if the store as still operating =/

      Try putting your mattress on the floor and sleeping on it by itself for a night so you can see if it's the bed or the mattress that's affecting your back and you know which is the one that needs replacing.


      Don't think I don't know what you're up to.
      You're here to steal our 1,000th comments, aren't you?
      Well you're out of luck! They have no value to us these days!
      So yeah, go ahead and take as many as you'd like :P

        Hahahaha, we should aim for 10,000 one week. I'll steal it then. >:)

          I think the highest we've ever gotten is about 4,000? Maybe 5,000.
          FIRE UP THE SPAMTOD 10000!

            Just under 5.5K, first 2 weeks of December. (Even though the 2nd one ran into overtime)

            Pretty sure it's like 7,000

            Definitely more than 5k :P

              I was thinking that too, but then I thought "Nah that can't be right, that's huge. I must be making that up." :P

    Morning TAY!

    My band uploaded a new song over the weekend. If that's your thing, which for the majority it won't be, you can check that out over here.


      Can't say I'm a fan of the vocal style (but that's just me), but I can appreciate the music. Nice!

      Not half bad! not exactly my kind of music, but I appreciate the quality of it!

    Hey peeps! Camping Potaku is up!

    How was everyone's weekend? I just lay around in bed and read comics.

    oh, I also saw Wreck-It Ralph and hung around with TAYbies which was much funs!

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    Morning all,
    hope your holidays went well.

    As for me, after 15 days of drinking and partying and all that I'm looking forward to going back to work and giving my body a bloody rest hahaha.

      Puppylicks! It's been a while. Hope Hong Kong treated you well!

        Sup DC?
        Yeah HK was great fun, although the entire holiday really took it out of me it was all worth it :)

          Now to play Sleeping Dogs to relive the adventure! :D

            Great travel documentary, that game :P

    So I had an idea yesterday that a bunch of people on Twitter seemed to like. Y’know those Book Club dealios where everyone reads a book in a month, then they sit down and talk about it? Well I thought it would be cool to do something like that with games.

    Thus, the Kotaku Game Club was born!

    I’d like the community (ie, you guys) to choose what game we play, but I thought it should be something fairly easily accessible and cheap so if you don’t already own the game, it’s not a big deal to buy it if you want to join in. Ideally it’d be cheaper indie games, stuff that’s been in Humble Bundles, or old games which are available via marketplace/PSN/Steam for cheap.

    What I’d like you to do is respond with what you’d like to play this month, and majority wins. Even if you don’t want to participate yourself, you can vote for what you’d like the rest of us to report back on!

    One vote per person!

    Here are the choices for January 2013:

    The Binding of Isaac
    Hotline Miami
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Retro City Rampage
    Cave Story+
    Lone Survivor
    Super Meat Boy
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    So once a game is chosen, what then? Well, you’ve got until the end of the month to play it and share your thoughts with the rest of the Kotaku community. Ideally I think it would be cool if we could all write a summation of our thoughts/experiences of the chosen game in the last couple of days each month, but the whole thing will be really freeform. Share your thoughts by whatever means works for you!

      Have to say, I like this idea because folks not up on the latest of late releases can still participate in fresh gaming discussions with others. That said, I still don't own most of those games, so will abstain from voting!

        That is exactly why you should be on steam... All of these games are under $5 and well worth a look!

      That's so weird. We recently (like, withing the last 2 weeks) talked about doing something like this on the Potaku podcast.

        I have to admit I'm a wee bit behind with listening to Potaku! I didn't mean to ape your idea or anything dude, I just thought of it yesterday afternoon while twittering and most people seemed receptive to it.

          not at all, I was more meaning that great minds think alike, etc. I think shiggy is going to email you this afternoon about joining forces to do something. That way you can post here and, if you want to, slap up an article on Potaku too.

          Also, we didn't chat about it on the podcast, we just brought up doing a segment on the podcast kinda like a book club for games although we hadn't started trying to work out details, so it's not like we thought you stole it or anything :)

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      We used to do Community Playthroughs on the Adventure Gamers forum. This sounds like a better way to do it, instead of everyone being at the same place at the same time.

        Wait, so how did a Community Playthrough work?

          Game nominated and split into chapters. Given a specific amount of time to play the chapter, not getting ahead of any one else. Post thoughts at end of chapter. Then when the time's up, move on the next one. Unfortunately people played incredibly slow and I didn't like having to play a twelve hour game over four weeks. :P

            Wow... yeah, trying to be at the same section as everyone else would be ughh, especially if they're considerably slower.

            It's better to just play games at your own pace :D

              But isn't that what book clubs do? You read up to a certain point then discuss it at that week's meet-up. @DC's way seems like it would be the best way to play together. You'd just need another game on hand to play when you get to the checkpoint.

            Note to self: don't ever do that.

            Can't imagine getting, for example, The Walking Dead, and having to wait for other people just to progress to the next chapter. Guess the frustration would be the same in any decent game.

            Slow people get left behind in the zombie apocalypse. That Telltale interactive documentary taught me a lot :P

              Only one I ever did was Full Throttle. I ended up just playing ahead and taking extensive notes to write-up later. :P

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            As you will probably guess watching my tweets about Primordia, this would suit me. It takes me aaages to get through a game these days :)

            @shane would be horrified, but I'm still in the first 10 minutes of The Walking Dead Episode 2.

              That's understandable, though. You've got a family and things to do. I don't. Haha!

              Maybe you should all play Primordia! It's $9 on GOG!

      I really don't mind, all of these look good. But I'd love to be made to play Lone Survivor a bit more, so that's my vote.

      Amnesia please. I really want this game to be p[icked as it seems that a large number of prople have it but haven't finished it... amazing atmosphere.

      Otherwise pick SMB because i only got back into this recently after watching indiegame movie and have only got 2 levels left to complete (complete, none of that bandage A+ crap!)

      (longer post than needed because reasons man, REASONS)

      Only one vote D: ?!

      It's a tough decision but since I don't have FTL, Hotline, Retro or Vice City, and I've already finished Bastion, Isaac and Limbo - this leaves Amnesia, Cave Story, Lone and Super Meat. All of which I intended to beat but never got around to it.

      I had Super Meat Boy on Xbox and while I had fun with it I gave up on it for a while since I wanted to play other things. But recently I've been watching and playing a lot of Edmund stuff and hearing about your New Years resolution has got me wanting to actually finish it too, only problem is, can it be done in a month?

      I played Cave Story+ for a couple of hours but never got around to finishing it. I'm a fan of MetroidVanias so I would be keen to finish it. I've barely played Amnesia and I'm not a fan of horror so I guess that's low on my list but I do intend to beat it before the sequel comes out as they both sound and look interesting. As for Lone Survivor I played it for 1 minute according to Steam and I remember hearing it was good but being annoyed that I couldn't change the display or put it in windowed mode :P and this would be a good chance to give it a fair go.

      Because I'm difficult, Lone Survivor, Super Meat Boy and Cave Story+ get my vote.

      Fuck da system
      Rulez r ment to be broken etc. etc.

      EDIT: we could also promote this again whenever a new bundle is announced so pretty much everyone will have access to the games for a cheap, affordable price :D

      Last edited 07/01/13 9:14 am

        Lone Survivor in WINDOWED MODE? ARE YOU INSANE?

        Ahem. I mean, I know it's low-res and all, but it's supposed to be an immersive horror!

        I would also like to play Cave Story as I'm quite a ways through Cave Story 3D on 3DS (same game, new engine) and would love some pressure to finish it.

          It was low-res so I just wanted it to be less low-ressy :P

        check your steam you crazy kid


          I was waiting for a further price drop but free is pretty ideal :D

      Great idea! It's definitely better to play cheap games, like you said (I don't think I'd be interested otherwise honestly :P)

      One suggestion though, keep the choices to maybe 3 games or something (or just pick one). It'll be hard to find a clear winner with so many options!

        For the first one I wanted to get all suggestions from the community directly, so these are all ones that people suggested on Twitter should be up for vote. In future I guess we could limit it, but then you would run the risk of alienating people if they don't own any of those three games.

      We were almost going to do something like this during Shameless Gaming Month last year. Turned out to be too much hassle but there are a handful of games out there that a lot of people own and haven't played.

      Dead Space and Bioshock were the two games that come to mind

        Two of my favourite games ever, and among the few I've actually completed. Bioshock twice, and Dead Space I'm in the middle of a second play through.

      <3 Bastion.
      But, like Shady, SMB seems good, seeing as I want to complete more of it, he wants to complete more of it, and you want to complete more of it.

      Wait, that says Limbo, not Lambo. :P
      Cavestory+. If you don't own it, you could just download the original which was free? I think the only difference is + has been prettyified. Story/gameplay is the same.

      Last edited 07/01/13 9:18 am

      I vote Amnesia. This is the kick in the pants I need to finally start playing it. :P

        I upvoted but I also want to add a comment to make it look like multiple people think this is a good idea. It really is... honestly it kills me hearing so many of you 'so called' gamers (just stirring shit here) have not played/finished this game. You'll love how much it scares the crap out of you. :)

        I will keep on about this one until it is played by all so just get it over and done with.

          But I'm a pansy!

          I also didn't have headphones (but now I do) so I'm keen to get the full experience :D (with lights on though so my eyes don't explode)

            Dude... the ONLY way to play this is house to yourself, dark, lights all out, headphones on and late at night... the BEST...

            There was so many nights that i was seriously concerned that if my wife woke up and patted me on the shoulder or something I would full on knock her out. I so wanted to explain that to her but it sounds silly being so caught up in a game, but if she or my son had scarred me i would have lost it... would have been funny as hell though to see me.

      Future suggestion: Spelunky! People can play the XBLA release, or the free one on PC.

      Is the idea to re-play them? Or okay to jump in discussion if you'd played them before?

      Probably GTA is a bad idea simply because of how much of a time sink those can be.

        Up to you! You can revisit the game if you've played it before, but also you could just join in with the discussion if you wanted to do that too.

      I vote for the first 3 (since I've played them all extensively and love them to bits). If I had to choose one I would say Binding of Isaac since it's the most interesting one to talk about and since Bastion has already received so much praise in the media.

    So, I'm gonna be a Sydney-sider for a few hours next month. Anyone up for a brief meet-Shane-meat on the morning of Saturday Feb 9 in or around Central? Even if the company doesn't appeal, there's still Kinokuniya, Kings Comics, all the good stuff.

    Last edited 07/01/13 8:55 am

      ME! And Kino seems to be our meat place of choice.

      Because comics.

        Every time you guys mention Kino, I picture you all in a casino playing Keno. True story! :P

          I like 'Kino' because 'Kinokuniya' is too weird to pronounce :P


              Honestly I don't even know how to properly pronounce it. It's like when you go to a restaurant and just point to what you want so that you don't sound like an idiot :P

                That's why places that have numbers next to the meals on the menu are great!

          New plan: Sydney RSL to "play our numbers"

      Hmmmm. I was thinking of going up to Sydney the weekend before that, to laugh at Rocketman, but it's kind of tempting to delay it for a week...

        Funny that we live in the same city, but have to travel to Sydney to socialise :P

      *checks flights*
      If I already booked, Mr. Strange would have to let me go, wouldn't he? :P

        Yes because Kinokuniya.

          And also because I can fly to Sydney and back for less than the price it usually costs to fly one-way to Canberra. Stoopid Canberra.

    Greetings all humans and other creatures of TAY! I'm back at work and back on TAY after a total 6 weeks leave! :P

      Tech Knight! Good to have you back, man! Except for you having to work! :'(

        Ah it was inevitable anyways, I only hope things improved he-HAHAHAH ... sorry I couldn't keep a straight face on that one :P

        EDIT: I meant my work above, not TAY :)

        Last edited 07/01/13 9:15 am

      Greetings sire! Nice to have you back!

        Hey half brother! How has Christmas and New Years been treating you? Well I hope? :)

          mm not really.. worst xmas I've ever had, and I spent 6 days fighting off hackers trying to take over my machine. Still, I have money to pay rent for one more week, so things are ok for now I guess ;)

    Not sure if this was covered before, but Sony has stopped making PlayStation 2s full stop. :(

      I think Kotaku had a brief article on it. It had a good run!

      By the way, if you ever see this: a new user's first post or a post with two or more links will make it go into moderation. You can always edit out one of the links and post it in a separate comment and that will take it out of moderation :)

    Played ~9 hours of Nintendo Land with friends on Friday. So much fun.
    We finished off the Metroid advanced courses, the Pikmin advanced courses, and played a heap of Mario Chase, with a bit of Luigi's Mansion thrown in.
    I'm genuinely surprised by how much fun Nintendo Land is. Was expecting it to be a throw-away proof-of-concept type game.

      It's definitely a game for gamers though (unlike Wii Sports). I played multi with some non-gamers and it really wasn't much fun at all :P Kinda breaks most games when not every player 'pulls their weight'.

      Still a pretty good game though in single player.

        There's definitely some stuff in there that works for 'non-gamers' (such as Mario Chase and Luigi's Mansion), but it is very much aimed at 'gamers'. I like it.

          Really? Those are the games that I thought fell apart most when mixing experienced with non-gamers (as in, people whose gaming starts and ends with a Wii Sports game at Christmas time :P). I guess that's not really the market Ninty is going for anymore.

          I really have to try and get a group of gamers around to play it, I think!

    Oh well, I s'pose the bright side of working is that I'm not in the middle of nowhere anymore.

    Dollar hotdogs at Canadian IKEAs are actually seventy five cents!



      So much anger right now. Must write to all political parties and A Current Affair and demand sopmething is done about it.. Also, bring me one back?

        Border Security: Australia's Front Line narrated by Grant Bowler.
        [Scene: A man in a hoodie is waiting in line and is then pulled into a side room by a customs official]
        Grant Bowler voice over: It's the start of the day, and already Customs have turned up something very odd...
        Customs Officer: Sir, it says here that you've declared some food upon your arrival in Australia... care to elaborate?
        Hoodie guy: You know, stuff like American candy, pretzels...
        Officer: Anything else?
        Hoodie guy: Oh! A hotdog!
        Officer: ... What.
        Grant Bowler: What. Am I reading this script right? a hotdog?
        Hoodie guy: From IKEA! They're 25 cents cheaper in Canadia!
        Officer: ... I... what? You brought a cooked hotdog. In your luggage.
        Hoodie guy: Yep! *Hoodie Guy opens up his luggage... the camera gets a shot inside the suitcase; it's filled with nothing but various coloured hoodies. He manages to produce a hotdog tightly wrapped up and packaged within a cream coloured hoodie*
        Hoodie Guy: Aw man, it's half frozen now. Guess it's cold in the luggage compartment of the plane, huh?
        *The officer stares at him in disbelief*
        Grant Bowler starts narrating again as text-over appears on the screen.

        Grant Bowler: In the end, he was released without charge, but received a warning. The department is currently looking into rules regarding half frozen cheap hotdogs.
        Text over: Charge: ????, Fine: ????

      That's it, I'm moving to Canadia!

      I'd import all of my hotdogs if it weren't for the damn region lock.

      Also we should have a hotdog eating contest.
      Buy 'em all from IKEA. Cheap, easy.

    Saw this link:
    at the bottom of the page and immediately thought of @shane and vistaprint.

    Was not disappointed.

    Howdy Tayberinos

    Hope you all had a good weekend- I spent all of Saturday looking for a new abode and all of Sunday packing- need to be out by the 28th.

    A Monday Morning Question: What video game house would you most like to live in/ possess? The Croft Mansion has always seemed pretty sweet

      A recreation of my house in The Sims 3 which is actually a recreation of the house I actually live in.

      I always liked Lucas' apartment from Fahrenheit which is pretty similar to Madison's apartment from Heavy Rain. Zoe's house from Dreamfall was pretty nice too.

      Edit: Shep had a pretty nice set up in Mass Effect 3, though. :S EBON HAWK!

      Last edited 07/01/13 10:07 am

      Playboy Mansion?

      Alternatively, there's this really nice looking house that in Heavy Rain:
      You shoot up as the detective/serial killer
      I would want that house.

      Last edited 07/01/13 10:11 am

      Croft Mansion! I can spend hours locking my old butler in the freezer.

        I dare say that you might have picked up a few bad habits from Master Pessimist, young sir.

          I'm young and easily influenced, Jeeves.

      My super mansion from the original The Sims! Although most of my mansions did have a nasty habit of catching on fire when I got bored.

        I'm not sure I'd even want to live in a mansion. I'd take a smaller, cool place in an awesome location than a empty mansion with just me going insane at my thoughts. :P

          Yeah, but owning a big mansion that you could sell to downsize means financial independence \o/

          Gotta aim big. Always.

          Last edited 07/01/13 10:31 am

            This guy gets it! I was gonna say the Normandy from Mass Effect because the you could reverse engineer it and start mass producing space ships and get rich for doing nothing!

              I just know living by myself in an isolated mansion is the makings of a cautionary tale. I'd happily live in the Normandy, though -- the Serenity too! (Not a game, but pffft! :P)

              Last edited 07/01/13 10:52 am

                Live by yourself? You mean you wouldn't establish the TAY gated community? This makes me mondo sadface.

                  The hermit thing is totally not a front, man. People scare me. Haha!

          I'd like to own a massive mansion, and then have a little hut off to the side. Normally I'd live in my little hut, but whenever I had guests around, I'd start using the mansion.

          Sell the mansions for millions! Then you can be rich!

            Though you'd have to buy the mansion in the first place, wouldn't you already be rich? :P

              Don't remember that being one of the rules of the game.

      I wouldn't say no to the house on the rocks from the first level of Hitman Absolution.
    That goal should have been disallowed and Suarez should have been red carded.

      Football needs to catch up with the rest of the sporting world and implement some kind of challenge system. Some of the on-field calls are ridiculous.

      ERRRGHHHH!! This guy man... this guy. So much hat. And to have the balls to celebrate the goal pointing at your arm?

      wow ... this guy is the biggest douche bag cheat in the history of the game. He was the same guy who purposely used his hands to keep out a goal against Ghana in the 2010 world cup ( I would love to see his face if they let the fans from the opposing teams come down and tell him what they think of his actions.

    So, I watched Prometheus. I thought it was pretty good, but I know a lot of people have mixed feelings. What is it that people don't like about the film?

    So, I started playing ACIII. Up to the start of Sequence 5. So far so good.

      I loved Prometheus too, even just for the atmosphere and detail of the ship and 'hard science' feel. (Even if it wasn't exactly hard science.) The world felt well realized too. I know there's some problems with the story, but not enough to kill the movie for me!

      I'd say that Prometheus has 2 real problems.

      1. It's not as good as "Alien."

      2.It has a multitude of pretty bad plotholes and things like that. Like, how does the Geologist, who has the mapping stuff ON HIS ARM manage to get lost in the labyrinth? Also, why would these people agree to a space flight to a distant world without even knowing what they were doing? Was the pay really that great? Also also, there's the bit where they run straight, when running sideways would have made far more sense. There's many other problems as well, but personally I really liked it.

        Yeah the running straight bit made me facepalm/yell at my computer. Relevant:
        I didn't think it was bad, nor did I think it was amazing, it was okay. I also didn't understand all the hype it got before release.

          Most of the pre-release hype was due to it being Ridley Scott, doing another "Alien" movie(sort of).

          Once it hit reviews, it got major fan backlash, from people who were expecting it to be Alien(which, based on the trailers, wouldn't really be an unfair judgement).

          It was an elevator ride of emotions, except for some reason everyone stayed in the elevator, rather than getting out at their stop.

      I liked it as well but there's some very obvious issues.

      Stuff like never actually establishing how big the ship is and where each person is in relation to big action scenes. (Flamethrower, med bay etc)

      The med bay sequence is very cool but the scene after doesn't make a whole lot of sense due to the scene that happens before the "operation" (fisticuffs, escape etc)

      Run sideways.

      "I know what I'm doing... Father" ugh

      Other stuff.

      I'm too lazy to write it all down.

        Yeah, I noticed the vagueness of the ships layout.

        And that "Father" line.

          It's almost as clunky as the "cancer" line in Clerks II

            Still the best movie, even if all the exposition is kind of painful :P

          That father line makes me cringe every time!

      Glad you're enjoying ACIII so far!

      Also thanks for popping by on Saturday night!

        Sorry, I didn't hang around. Hope you had a good night.

        My walking around the city : Drinking ratio was all out of whack.

          It was good times. We were incredibly lucky to nab those two booths.

        Oh, and regarding the uh... thing.
        Was that one sentence when Desmond is spitting the dummy, after Sequence 3 or whenever, the only mention of Lucy and the stabby-stabby-she's-a-Templar situation?

          There's more. Just make sure you explore the cave properly when prompted.

            I explored the cave a bit, and found... two Juno cutscenes, maybe?

          Yep, there's more. But don't expect much more. :)
          Edit: actually what alex said.

          Last edited 07/01/13 10:37 am

      Took me a while to decide whether I liked it or not, but in the end I decided that I liked the film despite the many confusing plotholes it left behind.

    I need to speak to Alexpants!


        A wild AlexPants appears!

          Next time I see Pants I am going to throw a Pokeball at him.

            Wait until he is asleep, you have a better chance of capturing him then!

            Last edited 07/01/13 10:21 am

            Gonna need something better than Pokeballs, Bish.

              It's either that or rocks or mud or I throw random bits of food onto the ground for you to eat.

                ...okay I'll take the Pokeballs then. Or the food.

                  Bish used "Canadian IKEA 75 cents Hotdog"

            I have one you can use! I used to pelt it at my little brother.

        You're like a genie! =D
        i writing something for potaku, should be done in an hour if I stop procrastinating.
        Is that okay?

        Last edited 07/01/13 10:23 am

          \o/ Good to hear! Send it to alexander(dot)cavenett(at)potaku(dot)com when you're ready!

          Genie? Try saying his name 3 times in the mirror under the full moon.

          Alternatively, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

    good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR tay friends!!!

    hope everyone is well! sorry i dropped off the rader for a couple of weeks, unfortunately the holidays are uber hectic for me... I need a holiday from my holiday if you know what i mean! these holidays did their best to remain interesting and original... from spider bites to torn muscles, broken leg, and a dog with a bad case of the runs....

    Looking forward to the next one!

    so how bout you lot, how've you all been? im back at work today *sigh* /o\ but the day has so far been full of win.... got in to work today to find an envelope from one of my customers. i open it, and discover a letter of appreciation for all the help id given them over the last 3 months, and 2 corporate box seats to the tennis for next friday! \o/

      Woah! I'll be down for the tennis too! (though I'll be sitting with the peasants next monday and tuesday). So excited!

        hahahaha!!! any idea where i can check whos playing?

          You won't know until the day or so before, because it's a knockout competition (I don't think they've even announced the draws yet). It'll just say "Round X winner". If you're on a main court (Rod Laver or Hisense) you will generally see a popular/high-seeded player so I wouldn't worry about it too much!

    Today has been a particularly hard day for my coffee abstinence.

      I just had to go downstairs to get a jumbo vanilla latte, and I must look tired today. The owner of the coffee shop gave me a double shot, cos he said I looked like I needed it. :/

    Listening to Potaku Camping Unplugged right now. It actually feels like a social event for me, because I can listen quietly to other people talking. Just as if I was actually there.

    So now I'm all set for social until next month. Thanks! :)

    Procrastinating on the next step of my project bible. Scared that I won't be able to do it. :S

    So I refresh TAY instead. *refresh* :P

      Oh man, I do that! I've got a bunch of sewing/quilting projects that I've started but not finished due to being scared of the next bit.
      One thing I have found, though is that when I get over my fear of not being able to do a tricky part I find there was nothing to be scared of in the first place. Hope it works like that for you, too.

        Strange is awesome! I hope so too, my friend!

        (I also have this weird fear that I'll miss something here if I'm away for extended periods. :D)

          I'll start writing up DC-esque summaries if you want (weekdays only), and can email you for urgent stuff :P

          Stop saying I'm awesome, I have to meat people in Melbourne on the weekend and I don't want them to expect anything that great in case I'm a disappointment!

          And don't worry, all TAYs are still here so you can catch up on old ones when new ones are slow. :P

            I know that feeling! I hat when people talk me up!
            I'm just a fairly average guy!
            I'm not that interesting!

              But you have a catchphrase! Catchphrases are awesome! I don't have one. :(

                You have a title.

            I'm never disappointed when meating TAYbies for the first time :)

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