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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    Goooooood morning TAY


    My Name Is.... by Eminem :)

    Great song, old now

    Imagine the days when Eminem and Korn are classic hits

    How is TAY

    My weekend was amazing

    Sam and I went and saw the giant rubber duck at Darling Harbour

    And generally lazed about my house in the air con afterwards

      Spaghett! Hope you're well, man. Don't think I've listened to any thing since you last asked. (Answer was still the new Bowie then too. :P)

        I am well dude

        Really horribly tired though

        And you?

          Same ol', same ol'... My mum's coming over tonight to make a pre-Birthday roast, though! :D (Once again: DC. CAN'T. COOK. :P)

            When is your birthday man?

            My brother Ben's is tomorrow night

              Tomorrow! :)

              Edit: You tell your brother to get his own birthday. *shakes fist* :P

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                Surprise party at D.C.'s house!

                Which isn't a surprise anymore... oops

                Dude, thats awesome!

                DC and my brother share birthdays :D

                Cool Beans

              DC's is tomorrow day, so at least there's not an overlap there :P

      Was never really a fan of that one.

      Up vote for the rubber duck.

      You've Got No Right - Velvet Revolver

      Moonshine - House vs Hurricane

      Weekend was pretty chill, other than playing a show on Friday, which was good times, I didn't do a whole lot.

        And that's how weekends should be man!

        Are you seeing House vs Hurricane at BDO?

          Of course. I'll see them every chance I get, such a good live band.

            I'll be at the Sydney one. I've seen them a few times with In Hearts Wake and I think another time with Sienna Skies. So good!

              You ever see them back in the Forfeiture/Perspectives days? Those were interesting shows.

                Nope. I've seen them 4 times and all 4 were last year

      I was thinking about this the other day.

      There will be a time when this generation turn around and say "This isn't music. Pitbull & Flo Rida, they produce real music. Those were the days."


        It'll be bad man

        I'll be like

        This isn't music, Lamb of God and Sufjan Stevens, they made real music

      That would be what is currently playing!

      Which is.. I'm Alive by Anthrax.

      I would have to say Worship Music is their best studio effort since Spreading The Disease. God damn Joey Belladonna has an amazing voice. Wish I was going to Soundwave next month, i'd love to see them!

        Can't wait for Soundwave man

          So jealous :P

          I was bummed (even though I didn't have a ticket) when I found out Mark Tremonti had to pull out when he was added last minute too =(

            Don't be jealous

            I will post a write up about it on TAY, you can live vicariously through me :P

              I expect one from @freezespreston as well!

              I'm gonna hold a grudge against Sam (my friend, not your one haha) since she didn't get me a ticket when she realised she should've in the presale =P

                Grudges should be held

                But I have problems with my temper

                Also anxiety

                So I hold grudges for like, no reason :D

                  Hahaha, sounds like me :P

                  I didn't know she was buying tickets though so I let it slide :P

                Good idea to let it slide man :)

                  Yeah :P Like sure i'm all Q_Q about not getting a ticket, but at the same time that money allowed me to get a new phone, so it was a win win situation :P

                Phone will last longer I am sure :P

                  I hope so hahaha.

                  Though I still have awesome memories of Soundwave last year. Especially that Steel Panther mosh pit in the rain.. @Freezespreston knows what i'm talkin' bout! Good times.

                  Also Alter Bridge, such a good time.

                Soundwave is always good man

                So keen!

                  Was my first time last year, I thought they couldn't top last years line up, but I am sold that Metallica, Anthrax & Slayer top last years lol.

            Going to be so good! I am waiting for the timetables to drop

              If you lurk the forums someone usually finds them in the back end of the website, whilst never being a final copy, last years changed ON the day for Brisbane, I was not impressed. I was hoping to see Wednesday 13 at 3.30pm but he got changed to 8pm (apparently his manager demanded so), which was right in the middle of Slipknots set which I wasn't moving from because, I had an awesome spot & I wanted to see System of a Down also lol.

    Morning all! Happy birthday @batgirl, @mcgarnical!

    Obligatory The Lesser Evil/ sequel news. I think I need a new title. And soon.

    Thanks all.

    TL;DR: I’m terrible at being published. And if you own The Lesser Evil, it'll soon be even more collectible!

    Last edited 14/01/13 8:45 am

      Someone suggested The Greater Good last time. Fits with the first books title.

      Haven't actually read the first book yet, so not comfortable giving out suggestions sight unseen. Haha! Congrats on getting closer to being published again! :D Hope you're well, man?

        Thanks, I looked it up - it's a really common book title :P

      Broken dreams and short lives?
      Embracing Purgatory
      Suffer the New Day
      A Blissful Dawning


        Thanks man, they're decent, but not quite on target for the themes :)

        Freeze is suggesting I keep things as they are, and just go with it. I'm kind of thinking that too, now, actually. Their name and this title are both derived from the same Martin Luther King Jr quote.

          Go with it :)

          I appreciate your honesty


          Last edited 14/01/13 9:15 am

            You could keep it as it is and just write a note saying that it's not affiliated with the peaceful tomorrows 9/11 group. It should stop people from being offended

              Honestly, the people who would be offended likely won't be calmed by a note. Some people just want to be offended.

                It might be fun to be on FOX News.

                  "Young Australian author is literally Hitler."

                  Edit: Or literary Hitler. Is FOX News that clever?

                  Last edited 14/01/13 9:24 am

                  Extra publicity can't be bad.

                It's really just to cover his arse

                  To be honest, if we go with the title, I'd be more comfortable pleading ignorance :)

                  @shane: Until this very thread appears on Fox News, implicating us all! :P

                  @dc, are you suggesting they would actually research their article? I don't think you're being serious, but just want to make sure we're all talking about the same news network here... :P

          Shane W. Smith presents Untitled.

            When I'm famous and rich, I'm just going to hire someone to give my books titles. I'm pretty sure I suck at it :P

            Tillman's Quest! :P

              If it gets turned into an adventure game, I'll make sure this title is considered :)

      not having read the first (sorry shane! /o\) imjust going to take a stab at helping out with the naming...

      how about:

      The Final Stand
      The Struggle For Peace

        You and @dc both. Damnit guys :P

          Still have reasons, man. Reasons.

            You're on a winner with that catchphrase, gotta say that :)

          I also haven't read it /o\ I bought it for alpha instead.
          i can't really suggest things.
          Have you considered continuing the evil bit?
          how about
          A fine line?
          A forgiving evil?
          a painful evil?
          A wolf in sheeps clothing?
          The end that wasn't.

          Sorry, these are terrible, I will show myself out

          Last edited 14/01/13 9:13 am

      Two volumes, huh? How do five get spliced into two? Would it be volume 1 (books 1,2,3) and volume 2 (books 4, 5, also you should totally put in that extra bit you had if it's going to turn out this way)?

        Yep, apparently, 1,2,3. Then 4,5.
        Re: extra story, thanks man, that's exactly what I was going to suggest to my editor! \o/

        What do you think about the title? Any opinions? I'm leaning pretty heavily on you because you're the only person in the whole universe who has read the book apart from me :P

          I wish I could actually suggest a name for you, but titling my own works has always been one of my greatest problems. D:

          To be honest though, I don't like Peaceful Tomorrows as a name. Disregarding the 9/11 stuff, it just isn't a catchy title to me, but it's hard to describe why. I'll wrack my brain all day and see if I can think of anything interesting!

          It's a shame you can't use Death's Feast now. That title grabbed me.

            My editor really hates it :P

              I'm sure they have your best interests in mind.

              The jerk.

                Maybe they just have prejudice in their hearts! :P

      I have a few!

      Debbie does Dallas
      A fistfull of boomstick
      Gelati isn't Icecream
      Big trouble in little bourke
      Memory of a goldfish
      Die another day other than today
      The man with the golden gold
      Put the girl out of her missery, you cruel bastard
      The horrible choices I've made
      Prawns pawn porn
      Shane Shane Shane
      Gilligans denial
      Dark darkness in the dark
      Tism... wait.. these are just band names now, aren't they??
      The black album
      Songs for the deaf

      Let me know if you need anymore.

        I saw the notification that you'd replied, and I'd already decided to call you a Walking Dead monster.

        Glad to see that was justified.


          A monster i may be. But i am also a monster with some of the best suggestions you have ever heard.
          I mean, c'mon, 'Prawns pawn porn' is utter genius. Only MY mind could come up with that!

            And entirely thematically appropriate. You're right. My comment was unjustified :P

        I like the first one and the one that is an obvious homage to Pantera*

        *By homage I mean blatant stealing of an album title.

          I'd like it if the homage was the music for the first one.

          ...although the first one was pretty great on it's own.

          Don't read the spoiler
          except for the girl with the hairy bum... that was kinda gross.
          ...i warned you.

      Oooh! Name game! I like this game :)

      The Greater Good
      Paving with good intentions
      Good Men Do Nothing
      The Greater Threat
      The Greater Lie
      Best Intentions

      Thats my five cents, nice work with all this man, glad to hear it's coming along :)

    Morning. Did a big clean up of my room yesterday. Part of this involved disassembling my bed and removing my mattress, as both of those were wrecked. For the meantime I've grabbed a couple spare mattresses we had, put one ontop of the other and am sleeping on that. Only problem is my feet go off the end. Still better than my old mattress though, which sucked and caused back pain.

    Mornin' TAY!
    Back at work, finally, and it seems as though there's nothing happening till the end of this week. Totally worth coming back!
    Had a good start to the day, at least. For the millionth time I was overtaken by a speeding motorbike who then ran down the shoulder to cut in front of about 15 cars waiting at a red light. When I went past the lights he was being given a ticket by an unmarked police car that was sitting at the front of the queue... :D

    Morning everyone. I was pretty dead yesterday.
    Today i'll have to do all the things I didn't do yesterday

    But i got better =(
    reply fail, maybe i didn't get better

    Last edited 14/01/13 9:08 am

      Reply fail suggests otherwise :P

      ... Well, all right, but if you start biting people, we're going to revisit this.

        I'm eating chips, I think everyone is safe.

    OK @shane @lambomann007 @powalen @blaghman @sernobulus @bdkiaf @doc_what @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian @effluvium-boy @notoriousr @tigerion @greenius @beavwa (and anybody else who still wants in). Even though I've been quiet about it, I have been ordering some stuff for the baby present. I'm pretty happy with them so far, and I'm not finished yet.

    However, I won't post what I've select here, so that we don't ruin the final surprise. Sorry @strange, we're not going to get the giant plush AT-AT because the shipping cost is prohibitive. Probably because it's giant.

    So can you please all send me an email (my batguy.kotaku gmail will work just fine) and I'll give you updates on what we've ordered and my bank details for you to deposit some cash. I know you're all generous people, but please, no more than $10 or so. If you want to spend more than that, I'd recommend just order something yourself!


      I want in if that's okay.

        No worries, there's still time as I'm trying to decide on what the best remaining things are. Just send me the email and I'm going to consider that the absolute indicator of interest.

        Suggestions still welcome, I reckon there's still going to be about $100 worth of shopping.

      Thanks man, I'll send something your way real soon! Great thing you're doing, organising this \o/

      I'll chip in. Will send an email soonish.

      Alright, I'll send an email tonight.

      If I remember.

      Which I probably won't.




        If you forget, we'll still put your name on the card, then make sure to point out that you were with us in spirit, but didn't pay a cent :P

          I'll remind him if he's on TS


      I don't do bank things but I can do PayPal? An easier might be to have a Melbourne TAYbie chip in $10 for me and I'll just pay them back at a meat. Any Melbourne TAYbies interested?

      I'll send an email anyway with the same message.

      This is rather convenient, because I found $10 this morning :D @Shane is under the impression that we may have killed a drifter saturday... o_0

      Is that because you guys killed a drifter?

        a gentleman doesnt kiss and tell :)

          Really? Man, I've been doing it wrong. I always tell people about the dead drifters I kiss!

        On the contrary, we scared everyone away

        I wouldn't say killed ... but they ain't so pretty no more

      I... have no idea what this is about, but so far I love it.

    Last night, after playing DOTA2 (btw, 5 vs 5 TAYbie battles are great fun, aside from the losing bit) I tried to work out what I did all weekend.

    Then I looked at the hours played in Civ 5. It went from 2 hour to 20 hours. That's what happened to my weekend.

    Blaghs and I did a co-op game where we went for a Science victory. It's kind of unfair that when two players are on a team, they share research. Then after a couple of derpy games that I didn't have a real plan for, I went for a Cultural victory.

    That was pretty fun. Spent most of the time dealing with Napoleon, who would declare war on me, try to take one of my cities and then offer a peace treaty where I gave up that same city. I fought back and ended up being given two of his cities on two separate occasions.

    Of course, the best bit was after I had won. I kept playing and decided to nuke Paris. Four times. From the first city that he gave me.

    Screw you Napoleon, you not actually that short jerk.

    Last edited 14/01/13 9:58 am

    Sorry to all the Melbourne TAYbies as I couldn't attend the Melb meat, but dayum this weekend was a good one for me :)

    I got to meet my brand new nephew/godson, I got to hold him for a bit but I was honestly pooping bricks that I would drop him, luckily for us both I did not and he is one happy and healthy little baby. I'm not the biggest fan of babbies but this one gets away with it because he's family.

    There was also fishing with dad (We caught nothing, the lady however caught nine fish, she's a natural :D), catching up with a good friend who I haven't seen in ages, eating epic steaks, drinking awesome cocktails, French Toast, Ditching Optus for Telstra (yay good reception again, and cheaper plan too), Chorizo and shrimp Gumbo, and even playing a little bit of Dark Souls (visited Ash Lake for the first time, dayum) and Walking Dead (starting over, picked Doug over Carly, again Dayum).

    So yeah this weekend was tops, exactly what I needed :D

    Oh and also I ordered Anarchy Reigns from Ozgameshop adding a $10 off voucher, so I ended up paying $17 for it. That is a goddamn win right there as well :)

      Puppylicks! Sounds all kinds of awesome!

      Babies \o/ !

      That terrifying feeling though when you hold them... man.
      It never really goes away... at least until they start walking and falling over themselves :P

        Like I said the other day to Batgirl: I'd be worried that I'd scar them on a subconcious level. Transfererence of social awkardness and all that. No holding babies ever! :P

        Last edited 14/01/13 9:38 am

          You're missing out, man. Pretty sure social awkwardness doesn't transfer that way, like a Star Trek nanovirus :P

            Though being around social awkwardness might condition them and all that. Why subject a kid to that? :P

              I tried to reason with you, now I'm just gonna downvote. Babies are awesome and everyone should give them cuddles.

        I found I was stressing holding my eldest but the youngest I was slinging around one handed.

          ... the opposite for me. I know, that's weird. I was throwing my first kid into the air by four months of age, but have only just started spinning in circles with my near-7-month-old son.

    Happy birthday everyone!!!!!

      o/ Nice work editing down the podcast this week!

        Thanks. It was a LOT of work! Played another two levels of One Piece too!

          How are you finding it? I don't think you've reached any of the Musou stages at this point. They're the funnerest!

            I've done Arlong Park. That was fun. More like regular Dynasty Warriors. I like that it adds an element of strategy to the game.

            2nd game will be out here next year and "Skypiea will be a playable arc. Eneru will apparently be playable."


    Howdy Tayberinos

    Hope you all had a good weekend. I farewelled some friends who are moving to Canberra Sat night and then picked up my parents from the airport Sunday morning. Upon arriving home we noticed an odd smell, which quickly turned in to abject disgust once we opened their 50+ year old chest freezer. Turns out at some point in the last two weeks it finally gave up the ghost, leaving a rotting cabinet of meat.

    Which now I've written it sounds somewhat poetic.

    My dad and I managed to get it out to the middle of a paddock where it can air out before disposal, and we've managed to remove most of the smell from the house. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever smelt.

    So, a Monday Morning question: Do you like... stuff?

      RedArtifice! Hope you're well, man. Looking forward to the @redartifice/@sughly talk adventure games dealy too!

        Hiya @DC

        Believe that's going up today, but Potaku is @Alexpants world, I just play in it :)

          Setting it up now, actually! It should be up at midday, if you want to spread the link around.

      What stuff? The stuff on top of a game collection shelf or the stuff floating in the liquid of a used enema bag?

        You've managed to top my rotting freezer full of meat for the grossest thing on TAY today, congrats!

      There's a South Australia serial killer joke buried in that freezer of rotting meat somewhere... But I shall let someone who has a more sick mind than I go there =P

      But that sounds quite disgusting to endure, prefer it was you and not me =P

        There aren't serial killers in Kapunda.

        There was a ghastly triple murder a couple of years ago, but that was a single incident, not a series.

    Got back into Torchlight 2 last night

    My brothers interest in Diablo 3 has wained

    So now I can use my computer again :D

    I have so many games in my shame pile

    But it isn't a shame pile because a lot of them I haven't started

    So they aren't left unfinished

    And Steam keeps having sales, damn Gaben!

    Tried to play some Ravaged last night and had to quit when the phone rang

    Was downloading some Devin Townsend anyway and was suffering lag

    I played some Bastion, WWE 13, Torchlight 2, Ravaged and Trine 2


        I still need to install Machinarium and Arkham City

          Oh man, I wish I could play the Arkham games again with fresh eyes. I <3 Batman.

          Last edited 14/01/13 10:07 am

            Yeah I destroyed Arkham City on Xbox, figured I would buy a copy on the PC :)

            Just haven't installed it yet

      But it is a shame pile because you haven't started them and they're still not completed :P

      I'd say that's worse because you bought them and haven't played them at all!

        Greenius! I have no Time-ius


        Always on that fucking train or in the city at work

        And now I have Sam, whom I love and love to spend time with

    I feel like moderation and user account have made it harder to create quick alternate accounts for jokes.

    Back in my day...

      These are troubled times indeed

      Also, upvotes aren't free. Just ask the people who've wronged me. >:|

        I dunno... you seem to upvote me constantly, even when I'm having a dig :P
        Or maybe it's just a case of DC. Gets. Jokes.

        Upvote in... 5....

        Page 6 can't happen soon enough.

          Page 6 preview.

          Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony was okay, but the reception was excellent.

            Met a celebrant on Saturday.
            He told that joke.
            We booked him.
            This is going to be the best wedding ever.

            BEST. WEDDING. EVER.

    So Five Finger Death Punch unfollowed me from Twitter, well that's stopped them from winning me over as a fan now!

    I didn't like their music to begin with, so it wasn't going to change anything heh.

      Not only can i not stand their name - their music is also quite sucky.
      I think it's for the best.


        I know right?!

        I think some bands/musicians follow me cause they think i'm Virus from Dope.. That's all I can gather from it. But like come on, the profile says Australia, not the USA...

    Boss is on his way in...
    Seriously have the worst case of cbf today...

    WiiU STUFF

    On Saturday "cronotriggr" joined my WiiU with "Doc_What". He's not a real user though. WHOA, WHOA! Calm down! I know. It's MADNESS, right!?

    So why is this "cronotriggr" guy on my WiiU? Well, he's tied to my old UK Club Nintendo account. he also has the ability to, after a quick change of region in the settings, access the UK eShop and buy games unavailable to Aussies like Trine 2 or Mighty Switch Force.


    You see, Doc_What can't do that because Doc's Nintendo ID is tied to an aussie Club Nintendo account. That means if I switch the region, Doc can't go online. At all.

    I haven't tried purchasing any games yet, but I don't see there being an issue. I will report back and let anyone who's interested know if it works. I'll also write up a quick article on Potaku at some point so everyone can get their hands on games delayed or not released in Aus.


    Good morning, TAY!
    Australian Open starts today.
    Also, the meek is an awesome webcomic.
    Go read it!
    (First chapter is NSFW)

    Also, hi Junglist!

    Last edited 14/01/13 10:19 am

      I really like the art style. The nudity is a little jarring. Haha!

        *Meercat pop up*
        *looks around*

          Ha ha, oh Chuloopa.
          Never change. :)

            Can i change my underwear, though?
            I mean.. it could get pretty musky down there if i don't, which is something that i'm sure no one wants.

        Don't worry, she gets pants later in the first chapter.

          Dick move, imho.

          Speaking of which OGLAF is HILARIOUS!

            Oh gods Oglaf.

            Hilarious but so very, very dirty.

            The one with the Sword in the Stone is priceless.
            Remove the King and receive a sword.

            Thanks for introducing me to that. it's so good.

      The first several panels are really disturbing.

      Aus Open woooooo! Excite! Love me some Aus Open

    TAY January game thing.

    I played some Super Meat Boy yesterday. Up to the end of the hospital. Man that boss encounter is a toughie :(

      Yeah, that was the point I gave up on when I first got it on Xbox!

      Somehow breezed passed it on the PC version though :D

      Opinion changed on the game, or still not really a fan?

        I never disliked it really, but it's not my preferred game type. It's a really well made twitch platformer though.

          What's the plan with this playthrough. Just keep on posting like this or some structured way to ramble about it at the end?

          Last edited 14/01/13 11:06 am

            I dunno man, I really can't think of anything to say about it. Run, jump, close call, close call, meat splatter, start again. Whenever I play it, I'll mention where I'm currently stuck :P - that's the plan! :)

    Holy crap she is the cutest thing ever to be in a game!!
    The stuff she says seriously cracks me up sometimes! :D

    Must. Protect. :|