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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    So I decided to sever another social media tie yesterday, so if you're no longer following/being followed by me on Twitter, panic not! I will restore my (semi) regular presence here at TAY.

    I blame McG.


      Also, no mo' twitter? Maaaan, who can I share my inappropriate dick jokes with now? :(

      Also also, I never did get to meat you in Melbourne, ya jerk.

        I officially don't pay enough attention. This is the first I was aware you were in Melbourne? Unless I really do have a piss poor memory.

          Was there for a week, returned home 2 days ago /o\

            Well, you're a shit bloke then, aren't you? I was on a self imposed Twitter hiatus.


              Pretty sure we tagged you in some Kotaku posts!

          I was there too! Didn't you want to meet me either?! :'(


      There is now a Ynefel shaped hole in my life that no one will ever quite fit :(

        Nothing stops you from trying to cram potentially bigger/better people in the hole. It won't work, and you may catch any combination of STIs, but at least you'll have tried.

        I have various 'nef shaped objects that can fill a variety of holes.

          I'm going to assume that your penis is shaped like a smaller version of yourself.

            It even swears and makes jokes about itself.

      Hey guy.

      Also: do you still play BL2? I need buddies...

      Last edited 16/01/13 11:30 am

        Not really man, hit the BL2 thing so hard I still can't even be bothered finishing the first DLC. Might get back to it one day, but not sure. Sorta burnt out, tbh.

          Ah fair enough. Same sorta thing for me but I just played it anyway since I paid for it.

      I wondered who unfollowed me. Now I know it was you! 3 But fair enough man. I just thought I pissed off someone again and they blocked me hahaha =P

    My description of a clothing ad. Trying not to let my distaste for the subject matter shine through to much. Did I succeed?

    "Animated. Paper cut-out nativity scene. FV/O talks about God giving us a gift on at the first Christmas because he loves us so much. Logo."

      You know this guy is from the industry because he uses acronyms and abbreviations like "FV/O".

    Something doesn't sit right with this new Leisure Suit Larry remake. Don't know what it is. The art direction is similar to Love for Sail, kind of. Maybe it's just disappointment that they didn't make LSL8 instead. Just saw it got greenlit for Steam today. (As well as Asylum!)

    Last edited 16/01/13 11:31 am

    Stupid meat boy.... Level 5-4 - Rise.... IMPOSSIBLE!

      Is that the one with the two gravity things over a long gap?


        yeah...... :S

          When you get to the second one mash the jump and sprint button and up

          I don't know how but by some form of black magic, this sends you flying higher and not falling to your death...
      Doesn't look so hard :P

    WTF? Power Rangers is still running?

      Last I heard the new series they were samurais for some reason.

        Because that's totally awesome is why.

    Quick update on the baby present fund.

    @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian @effluvium-boy @notoriousr @scree @thecracks @tofu I can confirm that I have received your monies (and I'll assume that the bank receipt from @greenius and @beavwa is for realz)

    @lambomann007 @blaghman @bdkiaf @negativezero @freezespreston @rize @bish I've had email correspondence with you, so I'm happy that you know the details. No rush (or obligation for that matter). Just letting you know that I haven't forgotten about you, and will make sure I talk to you before everything is finalised.

    If I've left you off one of the lists, please correct me!

    Everybody else - I've either only had TAY expressions of interest, or none at all. If you still want to be involved, just send me an email to my gmail account: batguy.kotaku

      Oh riiiight I should probably send you an email!

        Why didn't you remind me to do that Nobfrond? Whyyyyyyyyyy? Is it because you hat me?

          I'm forget full okay! After all, I am Old Man Nob.

      Let me know via the emails and I will tranfers you the monies Or I will email you. or send bank details. I DON"T KNOW!

      Last edited 16/01/13 11:43 am

      Emailed. I've been slack and I don't care. I've already posted something your way though!

      Last edited 16/01/13 12:26 pm

        No apology necessary. It took me 2 weeks to actually do anything after I said I would, so I sure as hell can't criticise.

      Email received and funds sent.

    Have you ever entered a competition where you already had the prize? Would you do so?

    I used to enter random competitions on Nintendo's website just because it's easy enough to do a "25 words or less" entry but stopped entering them for shitty ones ever since I won a shitty shovelware game :P (thanks Obama!). I also entered the AC3 and FC3 competitions that Kotaku just had despite me having both games (although not the statue edition of AC3). Back in the day I entered Kotaku competitions just for the sake of it but then realised I should only enter the ones I wanted to win, otherwise there was no real point and I might win it over someone who actually wanted it. I guess I find myself entering competitions for the same prize if there's an added bonus or something extra in it.

    And it's just fun to think up entries and read others' :D

    Last edited 16/01/13 12:51 pm

      I've noticed that these contests are often skewed to favour folks who already own the product in question. The Far Cry 3 one for example. But maybe I'm just bitter that my dad joke limerick didn't win. I was proud of it.

      Edit: I've never won something I already owned, but if I did, I'd give it away to what I thought was the most deserving entry that didn't win. Win the right to rejudge the comp! \o/

      Or if finances were tight, I'd sell it. Which isn't as noble.

      Last edited 16/01/13 12:04 pm

        I had a game on pre-order and won it. I'm glad I didn't cancel the pre-order and got it anyway because I didn't get the competition prize until something like a month from its release date (which was even later than the UK release that I pre-ordered).

        Competition prize also had some very nice goodies in addition to the game :D

    I like cryptic crosswords. & when @dc (Hi @dc ) mentioned em yesterday, it gave me an idea.

    a mini competition. I give you a cryptic clue. you tell me what the answer is, I give you a game i'm trying to get rid of on steam. deal?

    the clue :
    HIJKLMNO (5)

    If no one gets it, I'll give you more of a hint. If no one is interested, this'll never happen again & I'll have to come up with a different way of getting rid of stuff.

    pick a game from these:

    Ace of Spades
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Torchlight 1

      I know the answer, but having a mac, I can't play any of those games.

        if you dont already own it, isnt torchlight mac compatible?

        Edit: & L4D2?

        Last edited 16/01/13 12:21 pm

          Oh, true. Well in that case:


            add me on steam & let me know what you want!

              I'll have to wait until I get home. Maybe send me a friend request? Same name.

              And L4D2 I think.


      Is this just a MQFT in disguise? :P
      (I actually own all those games, so I'm not really 'entering' :P)

      well... that didnt last long. the answer is WATER
      the reasoning:
      HIJKLMNO =
      H through to O =
      H to O =
      H2O =

      congrats to @bdkiaf !

      I might do another one of these later in the week (with a slightly harder clue) if people are interested.

        Might as well.

      OHHHHHHH, I suck at cryptic crosswords, but once I knew the answer, it clicked.... eventually.

    Started next phase of project bible this morning. Been putting it off since Christmas Eve. @strange was right, should've just pressed on. The realization that I can actually do it is a good one. :D

      Awesome, man! Can't wait for details. If you ever want feedback or advice, happy to have a stickybeak offer my assistance.

        Thanks, man. Appreciated. You already know a little, significant reworking of draft I showed you a while back. (That I stopped working on when I realized I was illiterate.) Got TAY withdrawals, that's enough projecting for one day. :P

        Last edited 16/01/13 12:27 pm

      So you found some golden plates in the desert with some Egyptian characters on them, but not real Egyptian, some fancy new kind of Egyptian that only you have ever seen and only you can translate.
      The golden plates are totally real. We're just not allowed to see them.

      Oh, wait... They're gone now.

      Hang on, they're back again, but we still can't see them.

      So now you're translating them into a new book of the Bible. We'll follow you and wear funny magic undies and avert our eyes when we're watching a movie with a sex scene.
      Don't forget, evolution is nonsense.

      And so came to be The Book of D.C.

      Oh and polygamy is totally cool... Sort of... Well, not really... But yeah...

        And TAY shall convert to D.C.'s brand of neo-mormonism.

      Is project bible just a codename for your secret project which I already know about?

    That moment when you receive the collectible vidja gaem you ordered from eBay, and it's in fantastic condition - except the instruction manual smells like a fucking ashtray.

      A promiscious ashtray? That's bizarre

        That would really smell bad.

          Imagine a guy who ejaculated cigarette ash...
          It's unlikely he'd be a hit with the ladies.

    I'm having one of those days where I can clearly see that I've got a lot of work done but it still feels like I'm barely making any progress.

    Yay for piles of paperwork. Literally piles.

        I was honestly expecting TPS reports.




      Is that "damn" good or bad?

      I'm so sorely tempted to pick this up. Not sure if I should grab it on PC or PS3...

      EDIT: Greenmangaming price: ~$40
      JB Hifi price: $79.

      That makes the decision easer.

      Last edited 16/01/13 12:57 pm

        Also, you can get 25% 20% off with one of there promo codes (well atleast that's what I did).

        Last edited 16/01/13 12:59 pm

 this one might work but maybe not since it's out now.

          It appears to have had cash back too at some point, making it even cheaper :O

            Yup, I got in on the deal. $2 cash back.

            Cashback and preorder code still work.

            It's still a preorder because the PC release is apparently 25 Jan.

            Last edited 16/01/13 1:31 pm

      Looks awesome! Main character seems like a bit of a d-bag, but so was Rufus in Deponia and I loved that. :P

        That's part of Dante I think. I've only ever played a few hours of DMC3 though :P


    Trying to waste like....4 hours :(

    So sad. :(

    Tecmo Koei bought Gust, and the very first game they're handling they're already fucking everything up. Atelier Ayesha is supposed to be one of the best Atelier games ever and yet they're releasing it apparently dub-only (every localized Gust game - that's 7 PS2 games, 4 PS3 games - has been dual audio because NIS America were handling them) and as a standard version, where all the previous games have had nice LEs with artbooks and soundtracks. Gust games have amazing soundtracks usually, and this particular one also has very nice artwork so I was kind of looking forward to it.

    To make matters worse, Tecmo Koei don't have a site beyond a shitty Facebook page, won't definitively answer questions (they said that the game would be dual audio in one place and are now saying the opposite and no one can tell what's going on), it seems that their US PR is non-existent and their UK PR doesn't really know anything, and yet the people who actually do have a clue, NISA (who are localizing it on contract) aren't allowed to answer any questions at all.

    So basically one of the best niche JRPG studios that had their US fanbase built up slowly and carefully over close to a decade of releases is having all that work pissed away because they've been purchased by an incompetent publisher. Upsets me greatly because I was looking forward to the game a lot, but now I think I can't buy it at all in good conscience.

      That I'm probably the only one here who cares makes me sadder.

        There there *awkwardly pats shoulder*

          Seriously. Everyone's always whinging about sexism in games and how there's no strong female characters and so on but no one will play a game series which avoids most of those problems. And now Tecmo seems intent on ruining what little reputation the series had outside Japan.

            Because if they found games without these problems what would they have to complain about? They wouldn't be able to show anyone how enlightened and better they are then them.

        it sounds like something i would play Neg 0. I agree that hey should keep it dual audio.

      Hells yeah it is. Limitation on travel distance per charge is a big disadvantage for me, but then by the time I can buy the $30,000 car (when it comes out in 3-ish years) it should be better.

        Yeah, there are still a few hurdles.
        As a general sign of progress and unconventional trade practices, this is great.

      30 minutes to fuel up is a pretty long time and there isn't a company out there that has offered free or unlimited anything for life that hasn't regretted it later on.

      Interesting idea but there's still progress to be made.

    So bored

    Meeting up with Sam before the Gambino gig

    Don't know if my brothers have gotten my texts about which train to catch

    And now I want to play Alan Wake again

      Good times \o/

        Thanks Shane

        Finished all my daily tasks

        And I do have more work I could and I guess will go on with

        But I am just really excited for the gig tonight, having the day off tomorrow and seeing the woman I love this afternoon :)

        I hate to spew putrid happiness when other people are suffering, but I am always here for any TAYbies who wanna talk

        Again, I said waaaaaaaaaaaay to much

        As usual

        Go Spaghett!! \0/


    @shane - haven't started ep4 yet - i have an assignment due friday /o\

    ParaNorman w/ Dinner Meat:

    Saturday, 19th January! The movie starts at 7:05pm at South Bank Cineplex and goes 108mins. Did you guys want to have dinner before or after? Also, who's coming? There's no obligation or any thing, just want to get some numbers and all that. Sorry for all these posts too. First time putting together a meat! :D If you need my mobile number just DM me on Twitter. (@danfortheages)

    @trjn, @sernobulus, @lambomann007, @freezespreston, @jimu, @welbot, @virus__, @dkzeitgeist, @beardymcmuttonchops, @strange. (I know you can't make it, but just in case. :P)

    Last edited 16/01/13 1:29 pm


        Hey, I never said I'm showing up. I just want to know which bushes to spy on the group from and where they are at specific times! :P

        Last edited 16/01/13 1:42 pm

      Sounds good to me man. I'll be there. Plenty of nice places at Southbank to grab some dinner. I just discovered the Nando's there when Aleph was visiting!

        Also, do we have to prepurchase tickets?

          Oh, that's a good question. Not sure, doubt it'll have the same kind of demand as Hobbit or any thing, though. Do they have allocated seating there?

            No idea. Never been to that cinema before. :(

              Normally, no.

              Seeing as there's a reasonably large group of us, it might be a good idea to grab the tickets before dinner but I doubt we'd need any more planning than that.

            One way to find out, organiser.

            *Panic and hang up.*

              Yeah, I'd throw myself off a bridge before phoning people. Haha!

      DC graduates from attending meats to organising them and openly rallying folks to attend.

      He truly deserves the title of WORST HERMIT EVER.

      Last edited 16/01/13 2:08 pm

      Se7en Meat!

      "What's in the box?!?!"

      Can't make it/no money anyway even if I could D=

        :( Aw, that's too bad, man. I'll keep you in the loop in case things change, though. :)

          Nah don't worry bout me. I don't see things changing. :)

    So I have scored myself a copy of Space Hulk 3rd Edition (2009) brand new, still shrink wrapped that's been stored in the box it was shipped in for the past 3 years. Well, I don't have it yet, but I bought it off eBay.

    Holy fucking shit I've been trying to find one for over 2 years, in new condition, reasonably priced.



      That reissue is really good too. I don't know why they only did such a limited run for it.

        I'm really excited. Not only for collectability, but I've read everywhere it's a well-done revision.

      OMG OMG OMG!!

      How much did you score it for, if you don't mind me asking?
      I'd been keeping an eye out for you on and off, and the last guy i found on gumtree wanted $350. I didn't tell him where to go, but i really really wanted to.

        Sadly, around $300 is the going rate - but almost every one I've seen was used or opened. I scored mine for $300 (excluding shipping) and it's still shrink wrapped in the box GW shipped it to the guy in. Looks like he bought a couple of copies when it came out, likely with plans to resell.

        So excite.

        Last edited 17/01/13 8:37 am

          Nice score man.
          Are you going to crack her open?


            I'll be taking very good care of it. I wanted the privilege of owning a copy that I got to open and others haven't had their grubby mitts on.

              Man, and i can tell you from experience that it is a damn good feeling. All those gorgeous minis on their sprues - that THICK cardboard stock... mmmm mmmm

    gah ... afternoon TAYbies, probably won't be on much till next week because I'll be spending the next few days moving house and waiting for the internet to come back on. I'll still be lurking every now and then at work till my net is sorted. Anyone got the new DmC yet? I'm allowing myself a bit of money next week and can either get that or Far Cry 3 ... dunno which yet

    Last edited 16/01/13 1:52 pm

      enter kotakus dmc comp, hopefully you win a copy, and can have both!

        See, I would enter the comp ... but I'm both too stubborn and too lazy to make time saving combos. I blame democracy for making me into the monster you see before you.

      Far Cry 3 is fun but it gets pretty repetitive. I haven't played DmC yet but others seem to be liking it and there's also a competition for it at the moment :)

      Last edited 16/01/13 1:54 pm

      I'm having way more fun with DmC but super stylish brawlers are my biggest weakness.

      Good luck moving house dude! Hope it all goes smoothly!

    Hmm, speaking to my friend over at 2k Games, the BioShock infinite Minimum specs are in his words, an absolute joke. Mainly the RAM/GPU combo. Also dont get your hopes up on running it on integrated intel graphics unless your happy playing the game at 10fps.

    lots of internal disagreements were had over specs.

    so consider recommended specs practically a minimum. expect texture popping if you are using a 512mb or less gpu, though apparently some older GPU's like the GTX 270 handle it pretty well on mid settings.

      ohh... an insider?
      any word on the discrepancy in the 20 / 30 GB HD space thing?

        HD Textures just confirmed :)

        also if running DX11 cause tessellation and stuffs, bump up that gpu to a GTX660 or equivalent.

          so much awesomeness.
          I wasnt really interested in Infinite, but man... now the more I learn about it, the more I want it.

          cheers good sir.

            tessellation with the displacement mapping apparently looks mind-blowing...

              hope my rig is up to it... should be ok, but I dunno.

              thats the problem with my GPU (HD6990). its always left out of benchmark articles, so its hard to tell what its equivalent is, let alone how it compares to other cards.

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