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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    It's been a few days since I posted this, so lets repost again :)

    Golden Nova Meat (or The "Nova Ditching His Real Life Friends To Hang Out With Internet Friends... Its Just One Night Ok? I'm Not A Bad Person" Meat)

    Who: Me :D and whoever else wants to be there
    When: Saturday 2nd Feb
    Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Surfers Paradise
    Why: First time I've been to QLD in a long time, so I intend to take advantage
    What: A Scottish Doctor
    How: Drive, Walk, Bus, Train, Fly, Swim, Teleport, Ride on the back of a Velociraptor, TARDIS, Whatever

    Long story short, I'm going on holiday to the Gold Coast for a couple of weeks with some friends, and have set aside a night to have a meat while the girls go out shopping (or whatever it is they do :P). When I made mention a while ago, the Hard Rock Cafe was put forward as an option for dinner, and since I've never been to one I decided to go with it. I've been told there's a Timezone nearby as well, for all your gamey goodness.

    Express your interest (or not) below and/or twitter me and/or email me at jones(underscore)11(underscore)is(at)hotmail(dot)com

      If I could make use of the teleportation, velociraptor or TARDIS travel options I would be there.
      As it is, I'm 99% certain I cannot make it, due to Mr. Strange being out of the country. :(

        Bring the Strangelets, I don't mind :)
        Or is it more a transportation issue? In which case, I understand, but it still makes me :(
        I'll just have to come up again another time. Or next time you come to Sydney, I'll have to make the trip back

          Yeah, transportation. It makes me sad as well. :(
          Hopefully you can come up another time, but I will also be in Sydney and requiring a Meat on Saturday April 20.

      I am NOT letting anyone ride on my back.

      Woo! Sounds good!

    @greenius i haven't forgotten about the thing. But i also haven't gotten around to actually finishing it, but you'll get it eventually. pinky promise.

    Also, hello everyone, remember me? No? Okay.

      I do!
      You like wrestling right?

        Not wrestling, its UFC. Totally different* ...... Right?

        *Pretends to know what I'm talking about


          I don't understand these things /o\

            Haha, its ok, was just quoting. You're alright.

      The guy trying to make coffee in Deponia!

        I made the coffee, now i need to find a way not to spill a drop. That is, if i don't jump out a window first from now being able to figure this out.

      Ruffles! Did Secret SanTAY visit you yet? I need to know what everyone got!

        I got a JB hi fi gift card that i used to buy The Walking Dead on Bluray. I also got a hilarious letter saying that this person had asked a lot of people what i liked and got a pretty unanimous "Nothing" from people.

        Also, did everyone reveal who they bought for? I kind of told a few people at the UFC club already.

          I guess some people said as I know who some people had but I'm curious to know who got who, and who got who what and who got What what but I already know what What got. I think...


              I dunno, felt like being confusing :P

              I guess some people revealed who they had as I know who some people bought for. I'm also curious to know who else bought for who, and what gifts each person got.

                I bought someone something related to the game portal. If you look through past TAYs you'll find out who pretty soon.

                  Well I'm not D.C. so I'm not going to look through past TAYs (:P) but I know who it is. Did you receive yours and know who it was? Did people guess who their givers were?

    JUST beat that level on Super Meat Boy D:

    Whew! It wasn't too hard but it looks crazayyyy

    @batguy @thecracks I think you're the two best Xbox TAYbies at the game (correct me if I'm wrong), so I'm just wondering how much levels did you two actually complete, and did you use any characters other than Meat Boy? Is even using other characters worthwhile for fast times?

    Last edited 16/01/13 9:18 pm

      My first reaction to this was - why am I not considered competiton!? Then I realised I dont have the game on xbox. Then I wanted to buy it on xbox so I could become competition. True story.

      I finished everything - every dark, light, zero, warp, character level. All bandages too.

      You definitely get some speed improvements on some levels with the bonus characters. It really depends on the circumstances. e.g. the Kid will sometimes let you double jump in the perfect spot to skip a whole section, or Commander Video will glide over a gap, but they're not as fast overall as Meat Boy (I think?)

        Dayumn, you good! Sometimes I'll start up a level and just have a chuckle at how bloody hard it is (or looks like it'll be).

        I assume you went back on most levels and tried for quicker times?

          You know the worst thing about it? 100% was worth 20 achievement points. Every time I get, say, 30 points for finishing a level in some other game, I usually think to myself "Welp, that was worth 1.5 times beating SMB".

          I did go back to do a lot of the levels, particularly the early ones, to try and reduce my overall time and move up the leaderboards. Usually ones where I could see that an unlocked character would speed things up... or somebody on my friends list had a better time :)

      Beat all the lightworld. Pretty much only use Meat Boy. Most of the levels seem geared for him. I mean, you can do it with other ones, but Meat Boy is good.

      I think I used Commander Video to unlock one or two of the warpzones, though.

      And yeah, I'm pretty sure I've done that dark world stage. So intense!

    I JUST GOT INTO UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They accepted me, I start my Bachelor of Education in March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hells yeah, way to go man. That's all kinds of awesome. Congrats!

      Going for primary or secondary?
      If secondary, which subject?

    I have now decided to add a Photoshop CS5 shortcut to Steam. I don't have to close it to draw. :)

    Hey ah, what were the names of some of those places that redirect stuff that can usually only be posted in USA? I want to know for reasons.

      Shipitto is one of them I think. Just look for USA mail forwarding companies.

      @negativezero used one recently (not sure which) so maybe he can help.

      I used shipitto to get Persona 4 Golden super awesome amazing premium 10,000 copies only amazon edition.

        Ah ok, cool beans! Well... looks like I misunderstood anyway. Went to make my preorder for NiNoKuni Wizard Edition tonight, but both zavvi and ozgameshop have finally stopped them. Went desperately hunting around, thought I found an american site with them, turns out they are sold out too.

        Major sad face :'(

          I hope Zavvi don't stuff mine up! I was holding on to Ozgameshop as back up just in case but turns out the book is pretty small so it seems likely they're able to ship it without any problems :D

          (I was expecting it to come in a giant console sized box)

          But :'( for you, but you can always buy the normal game locally and make the importers jealous ( :'( )

            Yeah looks like my only option now. Sucks, but cest la vie.

    Which looks better?
    (any critique welcome)

          I like how the green makes the critter more striking, but I prefer the first's composition.

          Last edited 16/01/13 9:49 pm

        I prefer the first one, with the 2nd the background (mountains) look unfinished
        Think the more subtle colours work better anyway

      I know nothing about art, but I like the ground of the second one best, and the sky of the first one. I think the rat-guy gets a bit lost in the long grass.

        I agree with Strange. I prefer the style of the first one - looks like a watercolour, but the second one works better overall.

      I like bits from both but I think it'll look good with the second one's background (that line drawn mountain etc.) ontop of the first's sky or something similar to it (I like that blue). And the second one's grass type (patches instead of everywhere) with the first one's colour (it's too green in the second pic).

      I also agree with what Strange said about it getting lost in the grass in the first picture and I'm not too keen on the little blue bits in the grass.

      Just my opinion though, do what you want! :)

        OMG, Greenius said something was TOO green! *faints*

        I can put a gradient in the sky. I only did that colour because that the colour the sky is in the game. I can fix up the ground colour also.

        too much green? That's unlike you =P

          I didn't say too much green I just said it was too green :)

          Certain shades are better than others!


    I'm listening to that soundtrack for that game.

      The game with the awesome soundtrack? Or the game with the only one awesome song so far soundtrack? :P

        Obviously the game with the only one awesome song (Hills of Radiant Winds)

          Temple of drifting sands is better


              It's insanely hard to pick the best song from Nier. It's the best soundtrack from a game I've ever heard. That said,

                Oh yeah I like this one! I'm pretty sure I was learning it on piano at one point but gave up on it :P

    ... I'm going to end up getting the game despite everything :(

    Mrs Shane vs the Walking Dead - Episode Four

    She guided, but I held the controller.

    Oh man, what a monster.

    She shot the little zombie boy. I made her actually press the button. Comparison: I did the same. But I regretted it once I heard other people used it as legitimate Kenny-therapy... so I guilted Mrs Shane about this too!

    She reasoned with Vernon. Comparison: So did I. Anyone else think it’s kind of dumb to threaten someone who has a gun? :P

    She brought Clem along to get supplies. She figured something was going to happen to the house while the gang was away. Comparison: Same here. I figured Omid would probably die and turn, and didn’t want Clem alone with him.

    She revealed the bite to the group. Didn’t really think about it. That gesture was enough to get everyone on side and in the party for the final chapter. Kenny was her damn best friend in this and got all emotional. Comparison: I did the same. Everyone else had been pretty honest thus far, figured I owed them the same. Kenny was on the fence about helping me – I had to convince him.

    She told Vernon she would think about his offer to take Clem. :| Comparison: I told him to take a walk or I’d smash his brains in. No one takes Clem from Lee without feeling the pain.

    She. Dropped. Ben. Because “I never really clicked with him as a character.” :\ MONSTER. She swears it was apathy rather than malice, but that’s just the difference between sociopathy and psychopathy in my book.
    Comparison: I saved the poor stupid kid.

    Ye Gods. Roll on tomorrow for the final chapter

      Poor Ben. :'( I suspect I defend Ben so much cause I'd be the useless weak link in a zombie apocalypse. That Kenny/therapy thing never occurred to me, but then it was technically the next day. Doubt he was even processing it on that level yet.

        Same as you, man. Same as you. USELESS WEAK TWINS.

          We might make formidable zombies, though! :P


      Best decision evar in that last spoiler. NOT A MONSTER ANYMORE!

        It was horrible, man. She didn't even care. She was just all indifferent about it. YOU DIDN'T SEE IT.

          I'm not entirely heartless but Ben has fucked up wayyy too many times. He did say to drop him to buy us some time (I know it's irrelevant) but if that's what he wants to do, if he wants to go out with a bang and become useful for once then I'll let him.
          Did I mention he's the worst?

            Ben was just a kid. Just a kid. :( He was a hapless, helpless moron of a kid. But just a kid.

            But you're Youngius, too, aren't you? So maybe you just don't get it :P

              I'd given him more than enough chances and my god was he stupid...

                Bad, heavy handed writing! Don't blame Ben! The door thing was just lazy!

                  But the writing made him like that! I'm allowed to hate him, damnit!

                  I actually thought that was kind of hilarious! But yeah, reality took a back seat for that part. :P

          What if she thought that after meeting us TAYbies! Would she throw us in front of a train? :P

    Who's Rivet in the camping podcast? Old guard type?

      Huh? Rivet?

        Some guy introduces himself as Rivet and he's credited on the Potaku intro dealy. *shrugs* Haha!

        Well, mostly video games. Joining us on the second “Unplugged” is F4ction, Freeze, Sughly, Blaghman, Masha and Rivet.

          Must be the overenthusiastic friend of Shiggy? I called him something else at the camp though. Something normal, like... Chris. Or something.

          Last edited 17/01/13 9:18 am

            Paul... what a weird name!



            Last edited 16/01/13 11:12 pm

              Atleast I can hide it as a middle name. :P

                Wow what's this? D.C. reveals a secret every night of the week, week? :O

                First he tells us he was born in Victoria then he reveals his middle name! Goshers!

                  Tomorrow, I've got something surprising to tell you about Amelia Earhart and her downed plane!

    So I'm pretty sure I now have an immense crush on the blonde guitarist from Sabaton, Thobbe Englund. Oh dear. :P

      Throbbing England?

        Yeah, it's a pretty unfortunate name. :P
        The two guitarists are new and I didn't know their names so when I looked them upto see which guy was which (the other guy's name is Chris :P ) I was thinking "please don't let his name be Thobbe, please don't let his name be Thobbe!" :D

        It's actually a shortening of his full name, Thorbjörn which is way more badass though.

          Thor Bjorn :D

          Edit- :(

          Last edited 16/01/13 11:17 pm

          Thorbjörn is a pretty metal name. What a silly thing to shorten.

    Oh wow! Someone over at Gizmodo just pushed Luke's button one time too many!

    Edited by SmurfyDog to remove the link to the relevent comment.

    Last edited 16/01/13 11:19 pm

      Haha! Worthy advice, though! :D

      WOW. That's the kind of thing that can get someone fired... :\

        Yeah - I am very tempted to leave a polite reply to him suggesting he take a breath and think about how his post makes Gizmodo look, but I can't find a way to say it that didn't sound like I'm trying to inflame things.

          Tag him in a random page in TAY or a really old Giz article that no one will read and say that. That way you're not directly fanning the flames.

            Yeah, definitely don't do it on the article or anywhere where it's likely to be seen by others. Maybe even an email?

              Done. I have no problem with Luke. He's just a guy trying to do his job.

      Luke really is an arsehole. I had the delight of coming across him on Reddit once. All he did was hurl abuse at me and everyone else affected in the thread from a little Harvey Norman computer fiasco a while back.

      Even though his job has nothing to do with Reddit, the fact that he posts every article of his on there, he should be acting a bit more professional than telling people to go fuck themselves because they're entitled arseholes.


        Thanks for the thoughts, guys. Was excited when I saw myself referenced in the ever wonderful TAY thread.

        That comment was an overreaction to a silly internet comment and I apologise to those upset by it. You may agree, however, that having someone tell you that you don't know how to do your job day in and day out can get frustrating. Nobody's perfect.

        Thanks for being awesome, TAY.

        Are you getting your Lukes mixed up? Luke Hopewell is a decent fellow.

          No, unfortunately. I really do like his work and think he does a great job on Giz, but that encounter put a bit of a downer on things.

    I think I've watched this five times today, but it never gets old. :D

    I never get any writing done on Walking Dead nights. Gnight all.

      Night, my friend. Hope tomorrow treats you better!

    Oooooo this looks rad! Maybe a bit biased seeing as I'm a single parent and can relate to a lot thats just in the trailer, but still. Very promising

    Last edited 16/01/13 11:34 pm

      Looked damn good and I can't relate at all!

    This. Is. Amazing. (if a little scarring :P)
    Gangsta TAY:

      HAHAHA! Oh wow...

      Holy shit, @strange's reply has me in tears: "As it is, I be 99% certain I cannot make it, cuz of Mista Muthafuckin Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Strange bein outta tha ghetto. :("

      Edit: Oh man, it gets SO MUCH better! Oh my god...

      Edit2: Funny thing is, a lot of mine arent that different :(

      Edit3: Oh man, @weresmurf is studying a 'Bachelor of Ejaculation' :D

      Last edited 16/01/13 11:36 pm

      I'm going to read TAY tomorrow like that!

      Last edited 16/01/13 11:37 pm

        @shane: Same as you, man. Same as you. USELESS WEAK TWINS.

        to this:

        @shane: Guess what, muthafucka! Same as you, man. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Same as yo thugged-out ass. USELESS WEAK TWINS.

        Last edited 16/01/13 11:40 pm

          @strange: Isn't dat what tha fuck you holla'd when I hugged yo slick ass, biatch? :P

          hahahaha, it's like it was reading my mind while I typed :P

      That comment Ruffleberg had to me and its replies is kind of scary through that D:

      Cracks and I've had heaps of fun putting Shakespeare into this

    So close to finishing SPAYCE MAUREEN but my lack of gaming still lets me down again
    Oh well, I guess I'll hit it refreshed tomorrow night

    Edit: Good night TAY

    Last edited 16/01/13 11:37 pm

    TAY. Miles Edgeworth Investigations or whatever the hell the spinoff game is called. Worth it? Seems to have been reissued recently b/c Play-Asia has stock. It's the only DS one I don't currently have.

      It's okay but pretty much for the Ace Attorney fan. Probably the worst out of the 5 main AA games since it plays a bit differently. Still enjoyable though.

        Yeah I actually never finished it :/ Not that it was that bad though, just one of those games that happened with. I think I must have been on the last case though. Yeah was liking it! Should go back to it...

        $17.10... I think I'll bite.

          Ended up grabbing it and TWEWY for pretty cheap.

          Also they had copies of the premium JP release of Atelier Ayesha for like half price. Since Tecmo are intent on fucking everything about the English release up for me, ordering that. More incentive to continue learning Japanese.

    It's getting late.
    I might head to bed.
    Goodnight, TAY.

      Good night Crazyguy. Good night Tigerion. Good night Moon.

        Good night room.
        Good night cow jumping over the moon.

        Good night @dc

          Good night hackysack?

            That sounds like the melancholy first single from @smurfydog's self-titled album!

              I swear it's not melancholy!

              It's a song of fond remembernace of times long past.
              A fleeting glimpse of what could have been... if only...
              A Leonard Cohen-esque stroll down avenues of fleeting visions of beauty and pain, but with a Doctor Seuss- like title and refrain. [In the rain. With a bird. Have you heard?]
              Sort of a 'Where's Wally' of the soul.

                Most folks know the highs and lows,
                Lessons learnt, that's how it goes,
                Skyward high, now crashing down,
                Smile one minute, now a frown,
                Good night, hacky sack.

                *fifteen minute guitar solo*

    Where is our crazy-ass asses now?
    Where is our crazy-ass asses now?
    Da moment you know
    Yo ass know, you know

    Dizzy Bowie's a poet!


    Last edited 16/01/13 11:57 pm

      LOL! Did you just Gizoogle the new Bowie?

      You Monster!

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