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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!


    My 3yo nephew goes Gangnam Style on the trampoline! :D

      Props for the trampoline.
      Boo-hiss for the Gangnam Style.

        I agree with ol' man Cracks! Otherwise my cold, black heart finds it cute! :P

        So tempted to downvote for the corruption of young minds. It should be noted I've banned my son from even mentioning the song in my presence.

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          Meh. I still think it's cute when my son talks about "Gangnam Star".
          He prefers that Get Your Crayon song though. He randomly bursts into singing "Catch your crayon! What so serious?". :P

          I love the way he gets thing wrong in such an amusing way. One of his favourite songs is Van Canto's version of Alice Cooper's Bed Of Nails. My son insists it's "Bed Of Mails". :D

            Yeah thats cute, but at 8 when he has all the words right its just weird.

    An exploration into narcissistic masochism, episode one.

    Would like to get it finished before the year is out, because it's hella ugly at the moment!

      Tattoo's looking good so far, man!

      Well I'm glad you mentioned it's ugly first.... :P

      Just kidding, I think when it's done it'll look pretty great. If your precious baby skin can handle it being finished. :P

    For those you you helping me choose some new music head phones might be iterested in an update.

    I ended up going with the Klipsh s4i rugged. Ended up spending more then I'd hoped to though because I decided on those ones when I found them on Amazon for $99 but they they wouldn't ship them to Aus. $150 was the closed I found in the country.

    I've had them for about 1 week now and I"m pretty happy overall.

    Initially I was really worried as I couldn't seem to get them to stay in my hears even when just st sitting down but after experimenting with different ear pieces I found one that stay in even when I go on a 30 min run if I do the thing where you hook them over my ears. Still fall out randomly If i just stick them straight in though. Might just be I have weird ears as Pyrean also got a pair and doesn't have the same problem.

    Sound quality: Definitely an improvement over standard iPhone. I think I would have preferred a little more emphasis on the bass but that's very much a personal preference. Listening to songs with acoustic guitar or violin it feels like my ears are having sex.

    Over all I'm very happy with the investment.

    Unrelated fun fact: Whenever I type iPhone I type Iphone then delete it all and write iPhone. It's just so damn unnatural.

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    @dc Guess what, muthafucka! I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. how does this thugged-out rap translate in the muthafuckin' thing that does that muthafuckin' thing?

      *crosses the street to avoid no good punk kids* :P

      ... Yes?

        *Whispers* Guess what, D.C., in this instance, I'm not talking about Chicken and Gravy, friend. How does this "thugged-out" street chatter translate in the matriarchal fornicating translator, that makes everything matriarchal fornicating street?

        More or less.

        Mostly less.

        I have no idea about the Chicken or Gravy.

          Chicken & Gravy is just a filler to keep the flow of words going.... translation not necessary!




          *smiles and nods*
          *slowly backs out of room*

    Morning, folks. Hope you're all well! How was the concert @spaghett? All go to plan?

      I'm going to assume we won't be seeing him much today. I'll try my best to fill in.


        It's like he's really here! Last played songs! :D


          I caught a train. Um.. I'm wearing a tie, I hate it. Uh.. Shit. Something about Sam!

    Recently I decided to do another Dragon Age run because I lost my original save. While playing through number 2 I thought to myself "I should really download the DLC for it". I played through mark of the Assassin first and it was pretty good. Next I played through Legacy and all was good until the final boss fight.

    I think this boss was designed to show how stupid the AI / pathing is in the game. Basically the boss summons a wall of fire and you have to keep running around a room and avoid the fire wall. He eventually summons rock walls to create a maze. I lost track of how many times someone on my party would just ignore my command and just run straight into the fire wall. /rant

    TL DR; Bioware need to learn how pathing works before making a boss that relies on the games pathing.

      Mark of the Assassin's the Felicia Day one, isn't it? Based on the web series. Any good?

        Yeah, I found the story kinda meh. However the Felicia Day character is very interesting. I kinda wanted her to stay on my team at the end of the game but unfortunately she can't.

          I haven't even actually seen that web series. Was watching Game of Thrones at the time and thought it wouldn't compare well. Haha.

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      I haven't played most of the DLC for both DA games. I'm thinking of doing a complete run through of both of them closer to DA3's launch. Bosses in DA2 just suck in general.

        Yeah, this one is extremely drawn out. There is so much stupid shit inbetween the actual part you can hurt him.

      So wait, Nob.

      You're saying that we're not supposed to run into fire?

      Maybe this is why I'm so bad at playing against Brand.

        I know, it's such an odd concept!


    Corey Taylor and Dave Grohl have worked together on a song!!
    Needless to say it is AMAZING
    You NEED to listen to this.


    You guys have Changed.


        Did you click the link? I never knew you had such a potty mouth! :P

          You've never heard me talk to my brother then. Haha!

      That joke was sooooo last night.

      Still funny though :3

        What kinda nerd uses the internet at night?

          Or on Christmas! *leaves the room before showing emotion*

      I just ran my company's website through that, not sure if that was a good idea or not
      With mo' than 9 muthafuckin yearz of experience hittin dat shizzle up in tha joint pimpment industry, tha principalz of company understand tha frustrations dat most bidnizz gangstas grill when they is pimpin and managin they joint. When our crazy-ass asses ask tha average bidnizz thug ta describe they joint experience they will say;
      It was a funky-ass bottomless pit of hidden n' unexpected costs
      It didn't straight-up do anythang fo' mah bidnizz

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    So that tease by the 3-Dog (Fallout 3) voice actor mentioned on monday about him possibly reprising the role is most likely a Fallout TV series

    not Fallout 4? damn....

    Edit: Also, Mortal Kombat (now in the Komplete Ed.) has been re-submitted to the OFLC... time to see how far this new R18 rating can be pushed...

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      Oh man, I remember plotting out a Fallout TV series in my teens. I think I'd prefer this to Fallout 4! :D

        Could be interesting. If they stick to the wackiness/weirdness of the Fallout universe that is.

          Even if it was just set in a vault, storylines a-plenty!

            Vault stories could be done on the cheap. Indie TV.

              Having an amazingly designed vault set with a huge ensemble would allow for 'bottle episodes' where you can have a satisfying story without leaving. It would be amazing, I tells ya.

                I'm not sure, I'd be too afraid of it turning into Stargate Universe. Except instead of Space Soap Opera it's a Vault Soap Opera.

                  But then it could be a Battlestar Galactica! Or a warped kind of Mad Men!

        well... I dunno... its just a trademark filing for a TV series at the moment. No writers / directors / Production company involved yet & thats whats gonna make or break the idea.

        I just think that with Fallout 4, awesomeness is almost guaranteed, whereas with a TV series, if it sucks, that will detract from the brand & possibly delay the next game...

        I dunno... I just dont have much faith in television productions. Sure, theres the occasional good one, but most are rubbish.

    New bad lip reading clip!!! The NFL!!

    So I don't know if everyone else is aware. But I'm slow and just found out today. @anonymous_pessimist has taken the money we pledged for his gamer album on Pozible and used it to buy an engagement ring.

    So make sure you offer your congratulations before you lynch him :D

    Edit: I'm assuming that because it's been on Twitter several days, it's now public domain knowledge. But I apologise unreservedly if I have mucked up some big announcement plan or otherwise overstepped my boundaries... :(

    Edit: Chicken and gravy, biatches.

    Last edited 17/01/13 9:27 am

      I doubt there's any surprise to it, but I was wondering when somebody would mention it on TAY, and since no one had, I figured I wouldn't either. :P

        Way to guilt me out, man. Chicken and gravy, biatch.

          He's just jealous 'cause he didn't get to spoil it.

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      I think he was talking openly about engagement parties this morning, so doubt he'd mind. Congrats, my friend. (Who I've totally spoken to atleast once. About Spec Ops!)

      Eh just means it will be a recording of te wedding night. (ie: 5 minutes of silence followed by 85 minutes of Pez crying and apologising. That's how all wedding nights go right? RIGHT?)

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      I think he proposed about a week ago now, so pretty sure your safe

    Guys, how great are slurpees?

      They're no frozen coke!

        Thank god for that. Chicken and muthafuckin gravy, biatch.

      They're fucking amazing! But every time there's an even slightly warm day in my area, every slurpee machine seems to break down, whether it's 7-11 or the local servo. Fuckin' conspiracy, yo!


      That's a 7/11 thing, right? We don't have those here.

        McDonalds and Hungry Jacks have them too (Frozen Cokes/Fantas), same sort of thing really but 7/11 have plenty of different flavours.

      I noticed about 2 days ago that my work is right next to a 7/11, with an enormous ad on the side for Slurpees.

      So thanks to you, I know what I'm buying later today.

    hey guys! so today im trying to get an idea of rent costs around hobart, sydney, brisbane, and perth... mrs and imight be doing something stupid....

      Was the Melbourne meat that terrible? :P

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! lol nah it was actually pretty great... the mrs and i are MAYBE thinking about getting out of here for a year or two

      Canberra's expensive. You're welcome to try, but you can't live here cheaply. You just can't do it.

        the idea is if we can both find jobs somewhere and rent a house at around 1500p/m we'll be able to save 3-4 times what we are currently saving for a deposit...

          Yeah you'll be able to get a place for 375 pw in Brisbane. I'm looking around that price for a 3 bedroom at the moment and finding a few promising looking places

        On average we have higher wages that are supposed to make up for it. It doesn't though...not even a little.
        Average price for a nice enough 2 bedroom place when I was looking late last year was about $380 a week, with some extremes either side.

        EDIT: Definition of nice is "liveable", not as in an amazing place.

        Last edited 17/01/13 10:57 am

        You haven't seen house pricing in inner Melbourne :(

          Yeah, but you have outer suburbs with lower costs of living. Canberra's pretty much expensive throughout, no matter how far out you go.

            Those 'lower costs of living' suburbs are about 60+ minutes drive from the CBD. I'm living in an area I can't afford really and it's still 35 mins drive every morning.

            Public transport also doesn't go that far out so driving is literally the only option.

      Brisbane is ahhhh... okay, I guess? I have no idea what other places cost so I have nothing to compare to ^_^

    Hey did you guys notice Gizmodo's Luke thinks we're awesome?

      Oh and also, did anyone find out from Junglist if he's doing Kudos? And where to send Noms?

      I worried he was being sarcastic, since he replied to Ben J. Haha!

        I though he might be but then he was saying taybies are awesome, which you guys are, so decided he was serious.

      In response to BenJ calling him an arsehole o_O

        Yeah, I thought replying to that comment in particular was an interesting choice.

          Well he was apologising for what Ben was complaining about, so you can't fault him for facing the music like that

            Oh, no, of course. I think he absolutely did the right thing there. I'm not a huge fan of the fact he appears to have removed the initial comment on Gizmodo however.

              The comment wasn't the friendliest thing I have ever said, so I edited the comment into an apology instead. I'll stick by that decision.

              As far as the apology post is concerned, I just replied to the latest comment, which was Ben's. Ben had beef with me on Reddit and that's cool, too. Not everybody agrees with everything on the internet.

              As far as TAY is concerned, I was just chatting to Junglist about how I want this slice of internet comment paradise on Gizmodo so that I don't have to troll myself to sleep every night!

                I am a huge fan of how you're handling this on the TAY side of things, pretty commendable stuff.

                Hey guys, I thinks he wants us to invade White Noise again.... :P

        I'm wondering if @benj is talking about the same Luke.
        I don't have a problem with either Luke, but isn't Plunkett the one who cops all the grief, or is Hopewell guilty of Benj's accusations?

        Last edited 17/01/13 11:31 am

          I had the same thought as you. Luke Plunkett is the the one oft accused of ripping all his stuffs straight from Reddit.

          No, definitely this Luke. That I can be sure of. I don't want to give away his full username but it includes the words "Luke" and "Hopewell"

    Just put this up here for any melbourne taybies who might be interested on doing something this weekend
    @zetrox2k should consider things like this before he decides to up and leave us. Ask yourself the big questions, does canberra have fan made lego exhibitions.

      hahahaha!!!! i love melbourne too much to WANT to leave it but if it means sucking it up for a year or two to get my own place, so be it :)

    So after ditching Facebook close to 2 years ago now, and recently dropping Twitter, I am officially social media-free. I've also avoided all comments sections of any website for some time, with only a few lapses here and there - although I've found when I do, I just chuckle at how petty and stupid people can be and move on. After dropping Twitter, coming back to TAY is pretty much my only online interaction outside of multiplayer gaming. I've even taken to turning data on my phone off, unless i need to do some banking or somesuch from my phone whilst I'm out.

    While this has made me something of a pariah on various fronts, I'm astounded at how much my happiness level has improved of late. I still get grumpy, like anyone, but have found without the internet exacerbating things (as only it can, and as only I can let it) I feel much better off.

    Whatever does make me grumpy these days tends to only be from standard real-life human interaction, and that's OK with me - because that's just part of life. People shit you. People will always shit you. It just seems infinitely more manageable in real life.

    Not entirely sure why I feel the need to tell everyone this. i'm not preaching, or fishing for 'I'm so alternative' votes or anything, but just genuinely marveling at the difference it's made.

    The only downside is missing out on a lot of things because for some reason these days, everything seems to be a Facebook event, and if you miss that, well you miss out completely. I honestly don't remember the last time someone sent an SMS or just plain phoned me to organise something.

    Maybe I'm just being stubborn and railing against the inevitable - I don't know, but I can't deny the fact I feel better in general.

    Old man 'nef, signing off to go and meditate and be at peace with the trees and shit.

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      Get a haircut you hippie!

      I've also quit Facebook sometime last year and have told everyone on my Facebook friends list that I have done so. Yet I also seem to miss out on social events and things like that. WHY DOES NOONE SMS EACHOTHER ANYMORE?

        I quit/stopped using Facebook years ago but didn't tell anyone. I think they got the memo when I kept getting invited to things but never responded (or went), so for a while now I stopped getting invited :P hermit4lyfe!

        And since we're talking about social media and ranting and stuff I also don't like Facebook birthday messages. Something about it just seems wrong, like they're just doing it for the sake of doing it because it says "today it's ________'s birthday!". I've seen friends change their Facebook birthdays to random dates and people, including their close friends wished them happy birthday anyway :P. And the messages are mostly stuff like "happy birthday", where's the personalised stuff! :O

        Although receiving like 80 of those things does feel pretty good :P, heh... but since entering the hermit lifestyle that number significantly dropped and I'm okay with that.

      Can't SMS to tell you I'll be in Melbourne last weekend if I don't have your phone number. :P


      Truly your greatest work.

        This is what I am spending my time on instead of working on my game. Why I do not know.

          What does Anna's Quest look like in HD! I need to know! Work faster! :P

            Just occurred to me this morning I have to redo the video clips too which I'm now working on :'(

              Looking forward to it! You changing the aspect ratio at all?

                Yep, it's all 16:9 now. 1920x1080 res.

                  Hells yeah! You have to do set extensions/redraw stuff and the like? Haha! Don't mind me and the questions, obviously not obligated to answer. Just interested! :D

                  Last edited 17/01/13 11:59 am

                  Yeah, its what I've been doing the last few weeks. Taking quite a bit of work, but it's paying off. Looks way better :D

                  *resists urge to ask increasingly more elaborate questions*

                  Thanks for the insight, Sughly! :D

                  Last one, man. How's the new engine treating you? Learning curve? :D

                  Havent had a chance to use it, still in photoshop :/

        Move over Anna's Quest, I want a gorram Lion King remake with SerrelSimba!

      I admit, I was slightly disappointed it wasn't Procrastoonation style. :'(


        Me too actually. Especially when folks were calling it your finest work :\

      Now all we need is Junglist singing "Circle of Life".

      And possibly have Elly as Nala, and Angus Kidman as Rafiki.

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    So we all know the game, but have any of you guys seen the real thing? Man it's pretty awesome. The boss has me putting together an order for some new DVD's, and amongst them there is 2 Trials titles.. thought you might be interested in taking a peek at them as it's pretty crazy what these guys can do.

      and the other one

        second one isn't as interesting, though lol


        No bailout 10 metres off the ground at 60km/h?

        EDIT: Seriously cool though, especially the in-door stuff.

        Last edited 17/01/13 11:21 am


    Oh, by the by... I think I'm getting steadily better at FTL. By which I mean I can almost consistently reach the boss, and get to stage 2 before getting annihilated. Got to stage 3 the second time I came across it.
    Still, it makes me want to punch things.

      You playing on easy or normal?

        Normal, haven't touched easy. I believe all it does is give you more scrap? I rarely find myself with a scrap deficiency, so just keep plodding along in normal :D