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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!




    Has anyone seen the new Final Fantast ATB iOS game? Seems kinda interesting but I don't know if it's $5 interesting. (Ser Cheapulus)

      ... YO?

        I was excited until I saw the trailer. Not sure how it works with that many people in your party. Looks like a crazy swipe-fest, as opposed to the strategied wonder we all know as ATB. I'm imagining someone just swiping like a crazy person. Can anyone confirm how it works?

          That's exactly what I was thinking, which would suck. Hoping it's not the case...

          Yeah I think it's just swiping stuff, doesn't seem too good :/

          I'm just disappointed that "All The Bravest" isn't Bravely Default...

            I'm just disappointed that "All The Bravest" isn't Bravely Default...


    damn you @chuloopa! you just reminded me that i still dont have trials evolution... should get around to that!

      Such an amazing game. I haven't gone back to it since my xbox red ringed then magically started working a few months later, though.

    If anyone is interested in getting in to warhammer 40k or warhammer fantasy, there are a whole SLEW of cheap complete armies out and about at the moment. In many cases you can get a full army for between $150-300, which is incredibly cheap. A lot of them unpainted/partially painted too, so you could still go with your own thing :)

    Also, my scouts with sniper rifles came today! :D GLORY!

      Not not mention Black Cultist still have stock of the Limited Edition Dark Vengeance starter set for just $142!!! You can also get the regular edition out of the states for around $100. Both these sets give you 2 small armies to start with, plus quickstart rules so you can get going with friends!!!

      Am i tempting anyone to come over to the dark side of gaming yet?

      Im guessing this is all D&D Stuff. I still remain uninitiated

        Sort of. DnD is definately where everything started in tabletop. Warhammer is much larger scale.
        If you have some time, check out this battle report:
        They start playing around 6.20

        The main difference is that DnD you only control 1 model and he's DEEPLY customised and you need a full party plus a dungeon master (who runs the scenario and tells the story), where as 40k you have full armies with all different unit types on a big battlefield. Obviously there is a lot more to it, yet it's still great fun.

      That's still pretty expensive for someone who hasn't really dabbled in that stuff before. Especially when I don't have anyone to play with /o\

        I wouldve tried it. I dunno, maybe someone in SYDNEY will play with you >:(

          Damn Sughly, beat me to the punch!

          I'm sensing a little resentment here.

        I wouldn't mind trying it out. Although you ARE moving to Sydney.

        It's actually pretty easy to find people to play with as all major citys always have at least a few hobby centers somewhere.
        Plus - Sydney taybies.
        Besides, most boardgames are hell expensive anyway - look at ticket to ride! :P

          I think I'll stick to trying to play Munchkin by myself :P

            Muchkin = awesome
            Playing alone doesn't work, though :P

              Yes it does, you spend the whole game trying to screw yourself.

                I can do that without cards, though

          Ticket to Ride is totally worth it.

          It's also less than half what I'd have to pay for an army and can be played with five people, who don't need to spend $150-$300 on their own copy first :p

            If you're worried about cost there are other Miniatures games that are cheaper to get started. As I've mentioned on team-speak I play one called Warmachine which costs about $50 to get a starter pack which has everything you need to play. The costs do get up to/past Warhammer for larger games though.

            Not to try and promote Warmachine over Warhammer either - both have their merits. To me I like Warhammer for the Lore and epic story. Warmachines story is pretty average, but I like the steampunk aesthetics better.

            Here is a link to my Warmachine blog if you want to see a picture of some Warmachine models.

        Get into Mobile Frame Zero, you can build your army out of Lego and it's CC licensed

      But what if I want the new Deathwing Knights? HUH?!

    proposition for you all taken from p13 :
    all tomorrows TAY be done in White Noise.
    Seriously, 1pm on a thursday, TAY has almost 3000 comments, where as White Noise has... 8.

      We should all just go over and scream APPLE! ANDROID! CAMERAS!

        I was thinking more along the lines of normal TAY, but just over there. show em how to TAY :p

      A new audience to pimp Da Lesser Evil to. Fo shizzle. Chicken n' gravy, biatches.

      I'm fairly sure we've done this before.

        It has been done before, but that was ages ago. Time for an encore?

          My first inTAYsion \o/

            It has begun!

              in 6 minutes, we've already doubled their weekly post count.

    @bdkiaf @thecracks @rocketman

    Childish Gambino Write up

    It was amazing

    My brothers made it to Central and hadn't bought tickets, so I used my yearly and Sam's weekly ticket to get them through the barriers

    Then we walked to the gig, and got told by the security guard that my backpack couldn't come in

    Luckily we got to leave it at a convenience store

    We got in, saw the first act, the guy's name was Miracle, he was really good

    Anyway, then Gambino came on, and the floor was literally moving

    We were on the third floor and you could feel the floor bouncing with the crowd

    Setlist here

    He was amazing, we were on the left side of the crowd right near the speakers, which he JUMPED UP ON!

    He played all the hits you know and love, Freaks and Geeks went off, so did Outside, Fire Fly and Bonfire

    So yeah, write up :D

      Awesome man, glad it all went well. Really cool of whoever to look after your backpack for you.

        I know, they wouldn't take any money either man, I offered

        But then my brothers just bought stuff from them ;)

      That's a fantastic setlist. Surprised he's doing Rolling in the Deep. Pleased he's not doing Royalty stuff.

        Actually he did some Royalty stuff as like an encore

        We left

    I threw the lyrics to Thrift Shop into Gizoogle...
    See below:

    Yo, Macklemore, muthafucka! Can our crazy-ass asses go thrift hustlin ?

    What, what, what, what... [x7]

    I be gonna pop some tags
    Only gots twenty dollars up in mah pocket
    I - I - I be hunting, lookin fo' a cold-ass lil come-up
    This is fuckin phat

    Now, strutt tha fuck into tha club like, "What up, I gots a funky-ass big-ass cock!"
    I be so pumped bout some shizzle from tha thrift shop
    Ice on tha fringe, itz so damn frosty
    That gangstas like, "Damn, muthafucka! Thatz a cold-ass lil cold ass honkey."
    Rollin' in, hella deep, headin' ta tha mezzanine,
    Dressed up in all pink, 'cept mah gator shoes, em is green
    Draped up in a leopard mink, hoes standin' next ta me
    Probably shoulda washed this, smells like R. Kellyz sheets
    But shit, it was ninety-nine cents, muthafucka! (Bag it)
    Coppin' it, washin' it, 'bout ta go n' git some compliments
    Passin' up on em moccasins some muthafucka elsez been struttin' in
    Bummy n' grungy, fuck it man
    I be stuntin' n' flossin' and
    Savin' mah scrilla n' I be hella aiiight thatz a funky-ass bargain, biiiatch
    I bea take yo' grandpaz style, I bea take yo' grandpaz style,
    No fo' real - ask yo' grandpa - can I have his hand-me-downs, biatch? (Nuff props)
    Velour jumpsuit n' some doggy den slippers
    Dookie brown leather jacket dat I found diggin'
    They had a funky-ass broken keyboard, I bought a funky-ass broken keyboard
    I bought a skeet blanket, then I bought a kneeboard
    Yo muthafucka, wassup, mah ace man, mah Miller
    Jizzy Weezy ain’t gots not a god damn thang on mah fringe game, hell no
    I could take some Pro Wings, make em def, push them
    Da sneaker headz would be like "Aw, he gots tha Velcros"

    What you know bout rockin' a wolf on yo' noggin?
    What you knowin' bout wearin' a gangbangin' fur fox skin?
    I be digging, I be digging, I be searchin muthafuckin right all up in dat luggage
    One manz trash, thatz another manz come-up
    Nuff propsr granddad fo' donatin dat plaid button-up shirt
    'Cause muthafuckin right now I be up up in her skirt
    I be all up in tha Dopewill, you can find mah crazy ass up in tha (Uptons)
    I be that, I be dat sucker searchin' up in dat section (Uptons)
    Yo Crazy-Ass grammy, yo' aunty, yo' momma, yo' mammy
    I’ll take em flannel zebra jammies, second-hand, I rock dat muthafucker
    Da built-in onesie wit tha socks on dat muthafucker
    I hit tha jam n' they quit up in dat muthafucker
    They be like, "Oh, dat Gucci - thatz hella tight."
    I be like, "Yo - thatz fifty dollars fo' a T-shirt."
    Limited edition, letz do some simple addition
    Fifty dollars fo' a T-shirt - thatz just some ignorant biiiatch (shit)
    I call dat gettin swindled n' pimped (shit)
    I call dat gettin tricked by a funky-ass bidnizz
    That shirtz hella dough
    And havin tha same stupid-ass one as six other gangstas up in dis club be a hella don't
    Peep game, come take a look all up in mah telescope
    Tryin ta git hoes from a funky-ass brand, biatch? Then you hella won't
    Then you hella won't

    (Dopewill... poppin' tags... yeah!)

    I wear yo' granddadz clothes
    I look incredible
    I be up in dis big-ass ass coat
    From dat thrift shop down tha road

    Is dat yo' grandmaz coat?

    Last edited 17/01/13 1:09 pm

    Dammit, TAY. I'm trying to catch up but the last few pages all seem to reference each other and now I have five TAY tabs open and ahhh.

    ps. I'm home now!

    EDIT: I'll do a meat write up later. If I remember.

    Last edited 17/01/13 1:24 pm

      Oh man! That reminds me of that joke on page 2, 12 & 7

      Last edited 17/01/13 1:16 pm

      Was nice to meet you and thanks for coming on Sunday, I really didn't want to eat all those sausages myself

        One of the best sausage-fests I've ever been to.

    Well, lets start the party

      I'm all up in this fo shizzle. Chicken n' gravy biatch.

    Da Creation
    1 In tha beginnin Dogg pimped tha heaven n' tha earth.
    2 And tha earth was without form, n' void; n' darknizz was upon tha grill of tha deep fo' realz. And tha Spirit of Dogg moved upon tha grill of tha waters.
    3 ¶ And Dogg holla'd, Let there be light: 2 Cor. 4.6 n' boo-ya.. there was a shitload of weed.
    4 And Dogg saw tha light, dat it was phat: n' Dogg divided tha light from tha darkness.
    5 And Dogg called tha light Day, n' tha darknizz he called Night fo' realz. And tha evenin n' tha mornin was tha straight-up original gangsta day.
    6 ¶ And Dogg holla'd, Let there be a gangbangin' firmament up in tha midst of tha waters, n' let it divide tha watas from tha waters.
    7 And Dogg done cooked up tha firmament, n' divided tha watas which was under tha firmament from tha watas which was above tha firmament: n' it was so.
    8 And Dogg called tha firmament Heaven. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. 2 Pet. 3.5 And tha evenin n' tha mornin was tha second day.
    9 ¶ And Dogg holla'd, Let tha watas under tha heaven be gathered together unto one place, n' let tha dry land appear: n' it was so.
    10 And Dogg called tha dry land Earth; n' tha gatherin together of tha watas called he Seas: n' Dogg saw dat it was phat.
    11 And Dogg holla'd, Let tha earth brang forth grass, tha herb yieldin seed, n' tha fruit tree yieldin fruit afta his kind, whose seed is up in itself, upon tha earth: n' it was so.
    12 And tha earth brought forth grass, n' herb yieldin seed afta his kind, n' tha tree yieldin fruit, whose seed was up in itself, afta his kind: n' Dogg saw dat it was phat.
    13 And tha evenin n' tha mornin was tha third day.
    14 ¶ And Dogg holla'd, Let there be lights up in tha firmament of tha heaven ta divide tha dizzle from tha night; n' let em be fo' signs, n' fo' seasons, n' fo' days, n' years:
    15 and let em be fo' lights up in tha firmament of tha heaven ta give light upon tha earth: n' it was so.
    16 And Dogg done cooked up two pimped out lights; tha pimped outer light ta rule tha day, n' tha lesser light ta rule tha night: he done cooked up tha stars also.
    17 And Dogg set em up in tha firmament of tha heaven ta give light upon tha earth,
    18 and ta rule over tha dizzle n' over tha night, n' ta divide tha light from tha darkness: n' Dogg saw dat it was phat.
    19 And tha evenin n' tha mornin was tha fourth day.
    20 ¶ And Dogg holla'd, Let tha watas brang forth abundantly tha movin creature dat hath life, n' fowl dat may fly above tha earth up in tha open firmament of heaven.
    21 And Dogg pimped pimped out whales, n' every last muthafuckin livin creature dat moveth, which tha watas brought forth abundantly, afta they kind, n' every last muthafuckin winged fowl afta his kind: n' Dogg saw dat it was phat.
    22 And Dogg blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, n' multiply, n' fill tha watas up in tha seas, n' let fowl multiply up in tha earth.
    23 And tha evenin n' tha mornin was tha fifth day.
    24 ¶ And Dogg holla'd, Let tha earth brang forth tha livin creature afta his kind, cattle, n' creepin thang, n' beast of tha earth afta his kind: n' it was so.
    25 And Dogg done cooked up tha beast of tha earth afta his kind, n' cattle afta they kind, n' every last muthafuckin muthafuckin thang dat creepeth upon tha earth afta his kind: n' Dogg saw dat it was phat.
    26 ¶ And Dogg holla'd, Let our asses make playa up in our image, 1 Cor. 11.7 afta our likeness: n' let em have dominion over tha fish of tha sea, n' over tha fowl of tha air, n' over tha cattle, n' over all tha earth, n' over every last muthafuckin creepin muthafuckin thang dat creepeth upon tha earth.
    27 So Dogg pimped playa up in his own image, up in tha image of Dogg pimped he him; male n' female pimped he them. Mt. 19.4 . Mk. 10.6
    28 And Dogg blessed them, Gen. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. 5.1, 2 n' Dogg holla'd unto them, Be fruitful, n' multiply, n' replenish tha earth, n' subdue it: n' have dominion over tha fish of tha sea, n' over tha fowl of tha air, n' over every last muthafuckin livin muthafuckin thang dat moveth upon tha earth.
    29 And Dogg holla'd, Behold, I have given you every last muthafuckin herb bearin seed, which is upon tha grill of all tha earth, n' every last muthafuckin tree, up in tha which is tha fruit of a tree yieldin seed; ta you it shall be fo' meat.
    30 And ta every last muthafuckin beast of tha earth, n' ta every last muthafuckin fowl of tha air, n' ta every last muthafuckin muthafuckin thang dat creepeth upon tha earth, wherein there is life, I have given every last muthafuckin chronicherb fo' meat: n' it was so.
    31 And Dogg saw every last muthafuckin muthafuckin thang dat he had made, and, behold, it was straight-up phat. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! And tha evenin n' tha mornin was tha sixth day.

    White Noise reminds me of being in a haunted house with a group of friends. I don't want to be there, but peer pressure's a powerful thing. I just know we're all gonna pay a terrible, terrible price. :P

      *pulls off mask*


      Last edited 17/01/13 1:33 pm

      Bah. We're just adding comments to the bottom. The mingling is terrible. GET IN THERE AND MINGLE.

      What're they gonna do, install linux so we can't play games?

      I'm the complete opposite. I feel free to let the weird flow freely.

    Corpse Party: Book of Shadows is out on the US PSN Store!

    It's $20.

    I have $18 in my US wallet /o\

    EDIT: May also be on the PAL store? I heard maybe it was but haven't checked.

    Last edited 17/01/13 1:40 pm

    You teeeach me and I'll teeach you... POoooookemon.

    Why did I listen to that three days ago. It won't leave my head. :S


      GET ON IT!

        How do you do the things you doooo~

          Share with me your secrets deep insideeee~

          TIL that tilde looks like tilde when italicised ~ ~

      Here let me help you!

      I wanna be the very best!
      Like no one ever wassss!
      To catch them is my test!
      to train them is my cauuuuse!

      I will travel across the land!
      Searching far and wiiiide!
      Each Pokemon to understand
      The power that's insiiiiide!

      (Gotta catch em all)
      It's You and me
      I know it's my destiny
      Oh you're my best friend
      In a world we much defeeeeend
      A heart so true!
      Oh courage will pull us through!

      You teach me and I'll teach you!

      Gotta catch em all! Gotta catch em all!

      Last edited 17/01/13 1:53 pm

      Seriously though, what can most Pokemon teach humans? Communications are limited and most pokemon lack skills that humans are capable of learning.

      Oh sure, there's the whole power of friendship malarkey but a dog is fine too for that purpose.

        Friendship malarkey! Haha!

        Last edited 17/01/13 1:54 pm

          Maybe that the Pokeworld is inhospitable to people with OCD. Catching them all sounds nightmarish.

            They don't focus much on the "Gotta catch em all" slogan anymore. Probably because it's pretty hard to do these days :P

            I've never caught them all and I don't really know anyone who has :P

            And like Poopalen said, it's pretty hard to do since not all Pokemon are available in each game and most of them are only available in a sort of one off event dealio.

              Sounds like your quest to be a Pokemaster is going horribly.

              You don't actually need the event legendaries for the game to recognise your "caught 'em all" achievement though!

              Pokedex is considered complete even without: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Manaphy, Phione, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect

              Still, pretty hard :P

                Can you transfer Pokemon from 4th gen to 5th? What about other gens?

                I don't think you could do it from 1st to 2nd, can't remember if you could go 2nd to 3rd, and if I recall you COULD do a transfer from 3rd to 4th and it put them in some sort of Park thing...

                I have HeartGold/SoulSilver and Black/White 2 so I might be able to get a majority of them... but who knows :P

                  You can transfer from 1 > 2, and from 3 > 4 > 5.


                  how did it work in 4->5 and 1->2 (just curious about this one, more interested in knowing about 4->5)?

                  1>2 was just a simple trade with the transfer cable.

                  I thought Gens 4 and 5 were both on DS (Diamond/Pearl and Black/White) so what's to stop transferirng with those?

        I don't know, has a dog's tears ever brought a kid back to life that was turned to stone?

          Happened to me once when I was a kid, but I couldn't repeat the experiment to verify the results.

          I'm not really up to speed with my Clifford the Big Red Dog canon, but I'm fairly sure he's done that at least three times.

            Clifford the Big Red Dog doesn't count. I'm not counting dogs that have obviously used size enhancing / tear enhancing drugs.

              Lassie may not have resurrected folk, but hey, when you *save* lives, where's the need in resurrection?

                Lassie is definitely more efficient that most pokemon.

                I've got inside information saying that lassie pushed kids down wells so she could look like a hero!

      That's how we trainers operate. Weaken our targets by introducing them to Poké Info, but not too much as to cause them to faint. Once enough desire has been instilled in the target, the finishing blow is to throw a Poké Game and they're caught forever.

      I'll set your nicknames as 'Hermes'.

      you're not helping my sell vita/buy 3ds dilemma....


    Bake two hash browns, layer liberally with cheese, bake for further 5 minutes. apply American mustard and smokey BBQ sauce to taste.
    Sandwich chicken mignon and garlic butter between cheeseysaucey hash browns.

    Bon Apetit...

      Deja fucking vu. Everywhere I turn, you're recommending this to me. I have no chicken, no mignon, no mustard, no BBQ sauce, no garlic butter. This is the worst muckafuthin' chicken n' gravy day evah!


    It's so lonely in here now everyone has moved on. :,(

      I will have to actually do *sighs deeply* work.

      The humans are behind us. Far, far behind us.

      Clearly we're improving Gizmodo with the everlasting gift of our presence.

    The Art of Journey get!

    Oh man, I still haven't finished The Art of Borderlands 2! D:

    @notoriousr did you end up ordering the BL2 one? (anyone else?)
    And I think @trjn is the only other person with the Journey one. It's pretty cool!

      Get the iPhone app!

      Ordered BL2, got my Art of Journey when it came out and its SIGNED AWWWW YISSSSSSSSS

      I really want a Dishonored Artbook.

        Oooh yeah! Let me know if one ever comes out. I saw some Corvo concepts online once, twas pretty awesome.

    And now my fork has snapped off its handle. I blame @dc. It's clearly his fault because he won't meat me and give me a good fork.

      And now you will have to live the rest of you life without experiencing what it's like to have a good fork.

      Last edited 17/01/13 2:20 pm

    I'm here! But I'm lost in TAY - it's been so long since I've posted, and now everyone is obsessed with Chicken and Gravy? It is delicious though..

      And that's a reply fail to Freeze - I'm just gonna go crawl back into a hole.

      Times have changed man. And I'm not talkin bout no muthafuckin' chicken n' gravy.

    Play Asia's weekly specials:
    Etrian Odyssey I
    Etrian Odyssey II
    Etrian Odyssey III
    Pokemon Black
    Pokemon Black 2
    Pokemon White
    Pokemon White 2
    Ace Attorney Investigations.

    I already have 6 of them, but this is the happiest day of my life.

      I caught a legendary type pokemans in Black 2 last night. Forget its name but its a grass/fighting type.


        I caught that too recently! It's actually kind of cool and it made me want to do a full Grass only run :D

          I also caught the Steel/Fighting type, alittle whole ago, that is in the route before the one I got last night?

            Yup that one was cool too. Much better than Lucario (mine's full of weak moves :( ) but there's something in me that just doesn't like using Legendaries...

              It feels like picking up a BFG in a shooting chuckle a little, but it kinda saps the challenge out of the regular game. Plus, you meet them at full power, rather than grow and nurture them.

    I am profoundly proud of TAY's ability to drop in uninvited and make a shitload of noise.

    I love you guys.


        Try not to spam Whitenoise too much, though :P


          I got pageget. I think I'm okay now to be done...ish.

      What. This advertisement is kind of implied to be a news article. Ugh.

    Hnng, welcome back, social anxiety!
    Miss Deutsch just messaged me, apparently she's staying on the Eylandt for longer!

      As your wing man I should say, make sure she doesn't invite another guy on your date!

        No dates, not even sure I could swallow the lump in my throat enough to see her in person at the moment :P

          Haha! You were the most sociable person at the Hobbit meat. Takes a lot to rattle ol' Aleph!

            Doesn't take much at all /o\

              :'( I saw you approach and talk to a weird hermit, though! Me!

                The only weird hermit I've ever seen was wearing a green hoodie with the hood pulled up to discourage conversation.... :P

                  Not because it was cold or sunny. No siree...

                If he didn't approach you in your cave you are the Worst. Hermit. Ever.

          Lump in your throat?
          Is it... a tumour?

            Should probably get that checked.

            Couldnt help myself

          I mean, much as I like the lass, and she's a great girl, holy crap I'm all jittery and stuff.
          She's also been in the company of one of the other guys this whole time, and just... eh.

          Not really my place to try to simply insert myself into someone's life like that. Even though I sorta did that with #leavingfreezebehind... Iunno. I mean... gawd.

            Aaaaand I'll take that as my cue to shut my face-hole. Sorry guys.

              You were gone from TAY for about a month, man. We missed your Groote Eylandt adventures! Keep on posting and we'll keep on reading. Hope things are better for you on the Eylandt this time around too!

              Last edited 17/01/13 2:55 pm

                Haha, things are so much better currently. With this new job, I'll be able to mitigate going stir-crazy, too! \o/

              What cue? There was no cue. Keep your face-hole open, dammit. :P


                Actually, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

                  You barely ate anything! You were even scared of dessert!
                  Maybe if you ate more, you'd have enough stamina to get a whole tattoo. :P

                  @mythamphetamine, I've been wanting to make this joke for a while now, but have stopped myself. Isn't a back tattoo on you the size of an ankle tattoo on someone taller? *runs* :P

            1. Unzip
            2. Flop it on the table
            3. Look into her eyes unwaveringly
            4. In a stern voice ask what's she going to do about it.

            Works every time. I believe it's how @dc seduced EB girl.

              Must've repressed that memory. :P

            you need to move somewhere that has more than one woman.

    It's kind of sad that one of the most intelligent arguments on the gun control issue comes from a site that primarily deals in dick jokes.

      I have some of the most intelligent and engaging discussions over twitter and TAY.
      Both are FILLED with dick jokes.


        Oh my.




          Last edited 17/01/13 3:19 pm

      Solid argument. Shame about the comments section. Gah. Fucking world.

        Just don't read the comments. Especially if it's on an American site for an article relating to gun violence. Shit CANNOT end well.

        Why would you venture there. I figured if I wanted to discuss it I would come back here ;)

    Colin Mochrie has the best dinosaur impression.

      He also does the best accents!

      Last edited 17/01/13 3:05 pm

        I know a guy who doesn't like the show!

        What a jerk.


        Counterpoint: Robin Williams.

        Disclaimer: I may have watched Aladdin on the weekend.

          Pretty sure that was sarcasm as Colin does terrible accents :P


              Yeah, his accent changes with every sentence he starts. It's rather hilarious.

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