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And for the hawk-eyed, yes, it's changeover time again! Mark is still way too cool for us. The last email I got from him said something along the lines of "Pfft... I can MAKE people now!" So I'll be covering for the next two weeks, after which we'll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Shout out loud if I miss anything!



    Day 1:
    - So nervous. I got to the airport 2 hours early because I was worried I would get lost.
    - My flight to Melbourne was alright. I was sat in the very front row, which was a tad awkward as everybody had to walk past me to board the plane...
    - Landed, picked up my bags, got on the airport transfer bus, got to my hotel, sat down for 5 minutes then had to get ready to go to the Meat!
    - Walked to Federation Square which was 20 minutes away because the trams were too intimidating :P. Fed Square was awesome. Much bigger than it looks on TV.
    - Walked around for another 15 minutes trying to find a big bunch of nerds. Saw a tweet from Greenius hinting at where they were. Walked to a sign and scanned the area. Didn't even notice the massive table full of TAYbies...
    - Spent the next x amount of hours sitting and talking, trying to put usernames to faces. I hope everybody knew who I was because I barely introduced myself.
    - Talked Xenoblade with @greenius, @strange and @beavwa. Discussed Sharla's "armour".
    - Went to get dinner. Giggled at 'Gaylord Indian Restaurant'. Ate way to much food (I didn't feel truly hungry again the entire time I was in Melbourne :P). Resisted the temptation to look in the bathroom, despite @mythamphetamine hyping it up.
    - Walked around with the TAYbes a bit longer. Some got gross looking "tea", the cool ones waited and got ice-cream as we sat on deck chairs in Fed Square and laughed at everyones school stories.
    - Moved to a warmer undercover area because @mythamphetamine is a precious desert flower.
    - @greenius and I played Mario Kart 7. @negativezero was the victim of Nintendos region lock and couldn't join us.
    - Everyone disbanded some time later. Budgie (what's his @ username? :P) taught me how to use the trams (which I was thankful for, because the hotel reception woman gave me false information...)

    Day 2:
    - My hotel room had black-out curtains so my room was pitch black in the morning. Made it very hard to wake up.
    - Pulled out the Corn Flakes and Milk that I had bought the previous day for my breakfasts, only to find out the hotel didn't provide bowls or spoons... Drank my cereal out of tea cups for the rest of the trip.
    - Streetpass Machine in tow, I walked around Melbourne for the morning. Went to Queen Victoria Markets, which was good but there wasn't much I actually wanted to buy. They did have Pokémon cards that I was eyeing off, though...
    - General wandering until midday.
    - After some false starts (the tram system is way intimidating to learn in such a short period), I finally figured out how to get to @tigerion's house. Such a long ride. In the back of my head I was hoping I got on the right tram...
    - Finally found the right house after walking through a creepy mini-park. Lucky it was day time.
    - Played (board) gaems with the TAYpes. Ticket to Ride is pretty cool! LEGO Pictionary was good too until people started getting bored :P
    - Ate sausages.

    Day 3:
    - Was worried I wouldn't be able to find the free tram to Melbourne Park (the tennis place), but the massive line of people was a pretty good hint.
    - Was very impressed with how efficiently they got people to/from the venues. Didn't have to wait for more than a few minutes, even with the huge crowds.
    - Apparently it was record-breaking first day attendance. They had to create new lines to fit everybody waiting to enter.
    - No time to waste, I hurried to Margaret Court Arena (why didn't they call it Margaret Court Court. That would've been funnier...) to see Li Na, one of my favourite players!
    - Pre-match entertainment included kids attempting to play tennis while dancers danced to Gangnam Style around them.
    - Went to try and find some lunch. Massive lines for everything. Took a while.
    - Caught the end of Sam Stoser's game in Rod Laver Arena.
    - Watched the entirety of Novak Djokovic's (the world #1) game afterwards. I had an excellent seat! That guy is a gun.
    - Went and bought a novelty-sized tennis ball for some reason before leaving.
    - Last Meat in Melbourne! Went to Pub Trivia with the gang. I didn't answer much. My knowledge of 70s music isn't what it used to be, apparently. I was hoping they'd throw in a Pokémon question to try and throw people off, but alas :P

    Day 4:
    - Basically a repeat of the previous day, but because I'm so smrt I bought lunch as soon as I entered Melbourne Park. No lines!
    - This time I cashed in my ticket to enter Rod Laver arena straight away to watch Andy Murray's game (which I bragged about to ol' Serrels on Twitter because I'm cruel). After he won, he threw his sweaty armband into the crowd. It landed about 3 metres from where I was sitting, which I was kind of relieved about. I didn't really want a warm, smelly wrist band...
    - Man, was it hot! I was sitting in an amazing seat (Fourth row from the front!), but it was in the sun the entire day. Sunblock was applied, shirts were drenched in sweat. It was pretty gross/embarrassing, actually. Luckily I had a jacket I used to cover my sweaty shame when I left to eat my lunch in a shady corner where I could dry off :P
    - Decided to skip the women's midday game because of the heat. Ended up walking around seeing the sights. Went back in for Victoria Azarenka's (womens #1) final set.
    - Then came Roger Federer's match! The crowd went absolutely nuts for him, I couldn't believe it. I had a hard time seeing the court during the breaks because people would rush the front trying to get a picture.
    - It's funny seeing the amount of people trying to snipe better seats (they're all pre-assigned). It wasn't even the teenagers/stereotypical crowd that would do that. Middle aged women and ameteur-who-think-they're-pro photographers seemed to be the top offenders.
    - After the match, Federer chucked something into the crowd. A woman dived up concrete stairs, bowling over two people to try and catch it (but didn't). Settle down, geez.
    - Returned to the hotel and attempted to eat my food reserves before I had to check out the next morning. Failed.

    Day 5:
    - LAST DAY! Checked out of my hotel in the morning. Wandered around Melbourne again.
    - Went to many bookshops but didn't really find much I wanted to read. I saw a copy a World War Z which is apparently pretty good, but didn't want to spend $25 on it :P
    - Ended up getting a book called 'Player One' (by Robert Coupland) which was actually pretty good, I enjoyed it. It's about 4 people stuck in an airport bar during a massive economic meltdown. An end of the world type thing. Read the whole thing during my flight/train ride home.
    - Flight was once again uneventful.


    Phew, okay. Massive thanks to all of the Melbourne TAYbies and out-of-staters for meeting up with me over the last few days (I would tag you all but I don't want to forget anybody. You know who you are!). Extra special thanks to @tigerion and @negativezero for organising things (and to @beavwa for driving me home one night). I had an absolutely amazing time! Probably the best holiday I've ever been on.

    Only spent about $150 for the entire trip, so that wasn't too shabby either ;D

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      Cereal in tea cups. Brilliant.

      I mean, TL;DR.

      Fine! I'll read this before escaping the heat upstairs...

      Good luck with the PAGE GET! :D (unless you counted it, you probably counted it Cheatalen)

      Good write up :). This probably pleases @dc

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        I finished writing it a few minutes ago and counted the comments just in case. Just so happened to be 25 comments when I finished :P

        So, half-Cheatalen, half-Luckalen...

      Precious desert flower. Haha!

      Awesome write-up, Pow! I'm beginning to suspect it wasn't an unintentional page get. :P

      Nice write-up! Hehe...Sharla's "armour". :P

      Your mention of the chick rushing to try and catch the Federer thing reminded me of three people who were fighting over a used sweaty towel Tuomas from Nightwish threw into the audience on Monday night. They were having a three-way tug-of-war and security had to go and break it up. :P

        The true Jugs McMelons! At least her first armour is kind of normal looking. I remember you saying it didn't look very boobie-ish when you first met her :P

        Also I totally thought Powalen wanted that sweaty sweat band. Good plot twist! I'm not sure why people would fight over stupid shit like that :P

          If they had've thrown the match ball or something I would've tried to get it! Just don't want something so disgusting :P

          I already had 'upgrades' for her starter armor when I picked her up.

          Strange that wearing even less gives better protection.

      I read bits about Aus Open, caus I caught it in my scroll and got jealous. Stosur! SHE HAD IT IN THE BAG!! :( Also yes, Djokovic, machine. He's one I just missed on seeing last year when I was there and was a bit bummed out by it.

      Sportsball \o/
      I hope the people you liked were best with touchpoints and hitscores.

      Glad you enjoyed yourself, I'm happy to arrange another sausage fest next time you are down ;)

      You need to make that 'Local Team Sportsball' shirt already.
      I wish to purchase one and show it off to all my friends :)

    Interesting to see over at metacritic that DmC has an 86% rating from critics and a 3.6 from users.

      ITS SHIT COZ DANTE LOOKS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!!sin90!!!!!!

      goddamn hipster fanboys.

        That is about 90% of the complaints. Apparently that warrants a 0 score.

        The other complaint is the game isn't so hard it's unplayable it seems.

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          the user reviews on metacritc are terrible.

          I think a better system would be a +1 / -1 system where users can either agree or disagree with the compiled reviews.

            I argue that the better system would be to burn it to the ground, but hey, that could just be me.

              thats a perfectly valid alternative.

          as far as difficulty goes, in DMC3 I died so often in the tutorial the game offered me a secret, unlockable easier difficulty setting. I graciously accepted it & got far more enjoyment out of the game.

      I have to admit, that youtube vid Lien posted a day or two back put me off the game forever. See if I can find it... but I think it's got spoilers.

      Edit: Here. Remember, POTENTIAL SPOILERS! (I have no idea because I have not and probs will not play it)

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        That clip didn't alter my opinion of the game at all.

        I feel like you could make something equally ridiculous out of almost every game, cutting stupid clips together is not exactly Shakespearean.

          Haven't watched the clip, but I'm interested in DmC almost entirely because I loved Enslaved: Odyssey to the West so much!

            Yeah, while I'm someone who falls onto the side of being intrigued by it, I feel like I may need to warn you to curb your enthusiasm. Granted, I haven't played Enslaved, but this looks considerably less...

            Enslaved. Like.

            ... I make words good.

              Aw, man. The acting and character moments were some of the best aspects of that game. It'd be a shame if DmC doesn't have that!

              Last edited 17/01/13 4:16 pm

          Its not so much that, since the video itself is pretty crass and poorly done, but its that approach to dialogue and characters that just has zero appeal to me. I dont understand the fondness people have with games that supposedly do everything over the top, with violence and cursing. Films have been able to do it well, but I'm yet to see a game that does it without being completely distasteful. This very much comes across as another one of them, going by even just the snippets of some of the scenes shown here. Just my opinion.

            Fair enough. I figure I'll play it before I judge, but I enjoy that sort of game, even if I'm terribad at them.

              Yeah. I mean, I also dont like being judgemental without having actually played it, but I feel like I've given these kinds of games enough chances in the past. Over it now.

                What'd you think of Burns Flipper in The Longest Journey? He liked him some swears!

                Edit: Unless you're not up to there yet. Then, uh, there's no character called Burns Flipper!

                Last edited 17/01/13 4:21 pm

            So you're going to base your opinion of a game over a video someone made of a few offensive scenes cut together devoid of any characterisations or context that may be there?

              To be fair, if you saw some of these lines, they dont really need context. "My dick is still bigger". Cant imagine too many contexts where that is a good line.

            From the demo I played I agree with you.

            The level where you fight the giant, vomiting, slug lady makes Dante sound like a kid who's just learned how to swear.

            Put me right off.

        I don't want to risk the spoilers but what's the problem?

          Seems to be a sex scene of some sort.

            Amongst lots of rather terrible dialogue.

              Terrible? No, no, no, no. "Fuck You!" is definitely legitimate.

              Particularly when you say it twelve hundred times. :P

    You guys invaded Whitenoise...without me? D':

      You were tagged at the first mention of it. Pay more attention! :P

        Abandon your social life!

          FALSE PROPHET. He's not a real hermit.

            I've left the house twice this year. :|

            I'm completely serious too. No shops. No friends. No life. :P

            Last edited 17/01/13 3:50 pm

              This year is only 2 weeks old. If you don't count work, I've left the house zero times. I haven't even taken the damn dog for a walk :P

                That says more about you being a hermit than it does about me not being one. :P

    My bag of Munchers (Aldi M&Ms) is actually going to survive into a third day. Unheard of. I must be sick. Thanks for the laughs today guys. See you on the flipping slide.

    Chicken n' muthafuckin gravy biatches.

    Two things:

    1) WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO TAY!?! Whitenoise, gangstas, this isn't routine :( It feels like I've been gone for a week!

    2) I feel really bad now for calling Luke an arsehole and starting a discussion about it :( Sorry Luke :(

      Chicken and gravy, son, chicken and muthafuckin' gravy.

      (I have no idea what I'm saying)

    Right Tay, I'm off to network (boo) and then move more things into my haus. enjoy

      Need any help? I'm sure @jacksonwryan wouldn't mind! :P

      Edit: Also, take it easy man!

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        With the networking? I am alright at that, I guess.

          With the moving house. You Adelaide TAYbies have to stick together!

          Also I joke poorly. :P

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            D.C. gets jokes. :P

            Your joke was fine. I'm sure Hermz noticed it and joked about you referencing networking instead.

            COMEDY 101 BRO!

    Seems like Green Man Gaming has struck back against 2k's ultimatums regarding pricing - they've issued a 30% off voucher for ANZ price-inflated games that's valid for 10 years.

    Bravo - now that's a ballsy move.

    Last edited 17/01/13 4:17 pm

      holy shit. that is pretty impressive.

    @sughly @dc

    The game also knows when to rein it in, though. After the dramatic triumph of Ninja Theory's last game, Enslaved, it shouldn't surprise you that I'm back to devote another paragraph to the characters' performances in this game, which do so much to sell what, again, probably should have been a complete joke of a storyline.

    From Giant Bombs review.

      That's good to hear! I might download the demo later!

      (You should go back and play Enslaved after DmC if you haven't too! :D)

      Last edited 17/01/13 4:17 pm

      Some people like this kind of stuff, I get that. I just don't.

        Enslaved didn't have a whole lot of swearing and over the top violence too. Very different game conceptually. Here's Enslaved's trailer for contrast!

        Last edited 17/01/13 4:26 pm

        So it wouldn't annoy you if people just saw a young girl and a teddy bear and just assumed kids game and completely wrote off Anna's Quest?

          I think some people did on Steam Greenlight! :S

          Ok, I really get where you're coming from, and I admit that it's pretty judgemental. But like I said, if you see some of these clips, they don't really need context. A guy telling someone he's going to bend them over and yada yada, Dante proclaiming he's got a bigger dick than someone else, fight scenes where they are just yelling "fuck you" at each other over and over. This just reminds me too much of stuff like Bayonetta that, while other people like, I don't. I just don't get the appeal, and so I'm avoiding this one. If other people play it, that's fine.

          Who knows, maybe it could completely surprise me and be an amazing game, but I have enough to get on with, and would prefer to go with my reaction to this video and save some money.

            If its a game you just have no interest in that's fine. It just annoys me when people just make assumptions on things without knowing all of it. @shane does the same thing with Lollipop Chainsaw which also annoys me no end.

            It's a pet peeve of mine. More my problem than anyone else's.

              Lollipop Chainsaw was awesome. I didn't play it though, I watched Mr.Strange play it. Uh oh...I'm probably making assumptions that it's awesome, now. :D

              (P.S. It's a pet peeve of mine, also. Although I'm pretty sure I do it as well with things like CoD. :S )

              Sorry man, I didn't mean to imply that I write off the game. My argument was entirely about intellectual stimulation.

      That review is what sold me the game. I like Giant Bomb and their opinions are pretty solid. I might not always agree with them but they tend to justify their points, so if their justifications match the same sort of reasoning I'd use to judge a game, I tend to agree.

      I am so tempted by the game but I just can't justify it for a few months :(

        Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is cheaper! Buy that! (Haha! I loved that game, don't mind me. :P) Really cool character dynamic between Monkey and Trip, though! Almost a sci-fi Uncharted and I love sci-fi and Uncharted.

        Last edited 17/01/13 4:34 pm

          Except I've owned that for years and played it already. Really liked it except for the shitty combat.

            :D Well, that's alright then. Carry on!

            I loved it except for the shitty bridge I can't cross. ;(

              We should have an Enslaved meat where we get past that bridge, then a Spec Ops meat for @freezespreston! :D

                Yes! When can you guys come over?! :D

                  Haha! Just played the game a little before and fell in love with the atmosphere all over again. So damn purdy too!

                  Enslaved/Spec Ops meat! :D

                  Last edited 17/01/13 6:23 pm

              Is that the one where you have to move slowly when stuffs attacking you?

                Yeah. And you have to move from cover to cover. I'm too bad at the game to make it across. I tried for an hour or so each day for a couple of days and then gave up.

                  Wow... D:

                  I recall it being annoying but I think I only died once :(. I think that was pretty far in the game too! I liked the game but the ending was kind of "wat.", I guess still worth seeing through though since good game!



    EDIT: It's horrible watching other people play these sort of games though. I'm like "No don't do that!", "You could've done x for a much less risky attack!", etc :P

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      When is it out for dirty European peasants?

        Not until April, I think. No idea why.

          Are we getting a 3DS bundle? Because I might bite. Maybe. Does it have MP that I might actually play sometimes? If not then I might just take advantage of my Amerikkkan 3DS and import it.

            I think the bundle was confirmed for Europe, not sure about Australia. It's a regular 3DS though, not an XL.

            Not sure about multiplayer. I haven't actually looked into the game much other than trailers :P There's apparently a lot of Spotpass characters/quests to download though, as well as DLC. I'll have to have a look.

              Blergh. :( Better not have region locked local MP. But it's Nintendo and they're absolute dicks so you know that will be exactly what they'll do.

      Any time I see something that has even remotely tactic-style gameplay it just makes me wish Squeenix released Bahamut Lagoon on 3DS...

    I just won a plush Stan! \o/
    And I finally got the Angel Kenny! \o/ \o/
    And My copy of The Art of How To Train Your Dragon has been posted!
    (Now I have to wait for it...)

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    Hey all.
    I realised something this morning. Sometimes I get rather jealous of other people's drawings, but I never once considered that I may be causing this in other people. I'm sorry, it's just that I don't consider my drawings or art, all that good.
    I post so much art stuff because I am hugely indecisive and constantly need help to get it right.
    So sorry if I have made anyone feel like this.

      Haha! I can't draw at all, I feel something but wouldn't call it jealousy, though. Just impressed/in awe/inspired by what others can do. Never any malice or any thing in the feeling. Should definitely keep posting your stuff here, people don't have to click any links if they don't want to! :)

    Oh @zap, why do you keep your insight and rationale locked up in the comments? Come back to TAY where it belongs.

      I fibd it hard to reliably keep up with TAY in this format, which means I join conversations and then disappear. Feels kind of rude to me, so I avoid it.

      A forum would be easier to catch up on :)

      Plus, limited time ties into the above quite heavily, unfortunately. :(

    Posted this above but posting it here as well - if you've got nominations for Community Kudos, sent them to this address:

    Cheers! :)

      Thanks! Prepare for an email onslaught tomorrow....

      Aww man, I was just about to repost it since you replied to me on an older page :)

      DAMNIT JUNGLIST *shakes fist*

    Is there an easy way to clear the notifications from up top? Kind of getting over seeing 132 all the time (although it does make me feel popular).

      They don't clear for you or is it stuff from past pages you haven't read?

        Past stuff. Which I'd say I've read but from the days when accounts only worked on PC and I was mainly on mobile.

      I'm in the same boat, got something like 112 notifications (you popular jerk freeze =P) and have no idea how to clear them.

        I remember I had hundreds around the time of the Movie World meat, but they reset a couple of days later! Hasn't been a problem since. :S

        and @freezespreston


        I use PC and Mobile Kotaku and my notifications clear fine. Viewing something on one will clear the notifications for the other. I know you're both on iPhone 5s so it could be an issue for that? Worked fine on Safari with my 4S but now I use Chrome and it still works fine.

        Make sure you actually view the page to clear the notification :P

          It's old old stuff from when accounts didn't work on mobile. Since I do most of my Tay activities from mobile my account never saw those notifications. It's been on 132 for months now.

            Exactly the same problem for me.

    @spaghett's totally playing Primordia on Steam! *stalkius* Happy to talk about it any time, man! :D

      Enjoying it

      Used a walkthrough a tiny bit, but enjoying it none the less

        Crazy old school charm. If you ever played Beneath a Steel Sky it reminds me of that, just from the atmosphere and art direction. @mcgarnical just finished playing Primordia too!

          I am appreciative that you didn't jump down my throat for using a walkthrough

          TAY is the best

            I used a walkthrough for one or two puzzles too. I felt bad, but it was necessary. Haha!

              I didn't use a walkthrough but I did use @dc twice.

                You solved that Memorious one! So damn proud!

    I have played many Tales of games but I've finished very little. The last one I finished was Legendia I think.

    And also. Hi everyone! Meeting everyone was awesome! Sorry I cant remember usernames but yet you person and your wife was amazing and those people who came from interstate were awesome.

    And @powalen and I were just too amazing at trivia. Rivers in Africa? Greek symbols? Most popular sauces? We got you covered. We're going national!

    And chocolate covered pretzels are amazing.

      My terrible secret is that I love them but have hardly finished any of them either. :( Symphonia, Abyss, Graces are the only ones I've finished IIRC.

        Eternia and Abyss for me :P

        50 hours in Vesperia and Syphonia each though and about 10 in Legendia :P

          And regardless of what Neg says, Eternia is very awesome!!! I wanted to be Farah. And Rid. And Meredy. And Chat.

            Eternia was my first and loved it. Neg just hates everything :P

              He just hates happiness. And happy people.

            Eh? I didn't say it was bad. The PSP port made me sad because of the crap dub and lack of skits.

          Speed slightly drunk TAY scan spotted Vesperia!

            It was super effective!

            And the gayest rpg I ever played. Literally.

              What are you talking about? Yuri wasn't a man...

                That's what those doujinshis want you to think!

                  Actually honestly Yuri is the best JRPG protagonist in years.

        I finished Abyss before I finished Legendia. I really liked the characters in Legendia :\ SHIRLLLEEEEEEYYY. CLAAAAIIIIRREEEE [/Rebirth]

        Maybe my aim is to finish Xillia.

          Jordi plays games!?

            Must be the other Jordi! I just mope about the time someone robbed our house and took one Megadrive controller!!!

      Me and @f4ction are best.

        I'm pretty sure we proved to the WORLD that we are masters of entertainment trivia. Especially pleased with my guess on the film length. We are wieners!


      Ah, I forgot to tell the trivia story :P

      Jordi and I were a trivia team. One question asked to draw the symbol for capital Delta. We both don't know. Jordi says "Just draw a triangle or something", I say "Don't be stupid". The correct answer was a triangle...

      TL;DR: We're not smart.

      i've only passed abyss, just because one point in the game's story hooks you like crazy

        Abyss hooks you in really well. Though short haired emo Luke I got sick of quickly.

          spoiler tags because spoilery

          i just liked that i reaaaaally hated luke as the main character at the start of the game, and i wondered why people hung around him, but then they basically realise how much of a dick he is, and just leave him, it was some pretty good character developement in my opinion and actually made me sympathise with luke.

            I think it was good, I only don't like his musings when he's wake up. He's all "omg I killed all these people" x10. I like terrible people though so even bratty Luke wasn't too awful for me. I also couldn't stand Natalia. If it weren't for her healing I would've tied her to some train tracks and left her there.

            I actually had the opposite reaction. All the people he was hanging out with were absolute dicks to the guy. Sure, he had his issues, but in the middle where everyone is like "oh you're actually a clone? Fuck you then"...

              as i said, i didn't take it as them leaving him because he was a clone (although i will admit it was part of the reason for some) i just thought the clone thing was the catalyst of them realising how dickish he really is, and it forces look to rethink his lfe. didn't he have a huge spat with them as well just before or after the clone revelation? it's been a while since i beat the game.

                Well it was the whole destroying city thing and his blind obsession with Van. Him unable to acknowledge his mistakes and decisions made people lose faith in him. I kinda saw it both your way and Neg's way. But I was annoyed by the way the "good friend" characters (Natalia and Guy) just left him high and dry. When Guy regretted his decision and went back to help, it was a good touch. Natalia on the other hand was completely insufferable on how "He's not even the real Luke"

              Most of the time it was Natalia bitching imho. Of course young Luke was just Asche (and Asche is a badass) but I felt Natalia's reaction was a real mood killer. In terms of people who should care, Natalia and Guy would've been the people who have been with him from the start. Guy was like "eh I secretly hate you but fuck it, I kinda care about you" and Natalia was like "ugh who cares about this loser". But I think the event was really good in defining Luke as the privileged brat rather than all the ones where they're always noble kind people.

              I was playing the JP version and Natalia's attitude pissed me off like craaaazyyy. I know different localisations/voices = different interpretations and sometimes gives a very different impression overall. But with such well done characters like Luke & Tear, Natalia was the least memorable character.

              RANT OVER.

                I beat the game last year and I forgot most of these things :/

    @mrbs - got my Anarchy Reigns today! Hopefully you get yours soon.

      which console did you guys get it on?

      because i'm pretty certain i can still play other peeps with my japanese version (thats if you got it on ps3)

        No idea about mrbs and @Shiggyninty seems like an Xbox kinda guy, but I got it on PS3.

        EDIT: Do you have Bayonetta? Is she paid DLC for Japan? I know in Murka it was a pre-order bonus but I'm pretty sure all UK versions are Limited and come with her.

        Last edited 17/01/13 7:11 pm

          i think she was actually kinda the "online pass" for japan, as in unless you bought the game new, you didn't get her.

          or i just got a copy of a pre-order version of the game, but i defs got her.

    Why don't charities seem to just accept donations any more? "I want to donate $20. Here."

    Seriously. These Cerebal Palsay guys have been here for a few days now and maybe got 1 person to sign up. Seems like they'd end up with far more if they just took people's spare change as they went by.

      I will take your twenty dollars. My cult needs some change for pizza night.

    I feel like I've been kind of annoying today. I apologize!

      You weren't annoying and you don't need to apologise.

      *takes your apology and throws it back at you*


      As punishment, you will be taken to WhiteNoise, and forced to remain there and refresh constantly. For the rest of the hour. I hope you learn your lesson :P

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